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Thread: ESM Tigercat - powered by Laser engines
05/12/2019 13:15:48

Yep - years ago a friend transported his Pitts that way too..


Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
04/12/2019 11:24:38

Good tip with the pipe insulation Tim. Bit of a three-handed job isn't it?

27/11/2019 16:04:23

Thnks chaps - I'll carry on pondering.

26/11/2019 17:05:26

Hi all, still busy assembling my JP.

How did you do the elevator linkage(s) - did you follow the plan? Seems a bit tight and fiddly to use wire and soldered on threaded adaptors with normal clevises.

Did you do the 'Y' linkage to both elevators? Was thinking of modifying to link the elevators with a joiner and run a single snake/wire.

What do you think?

Thread: Full size aircraft displays
23/11/2019 17:53:40

Also many years ago, 1977, I was an Officer under Training at Dartmouth Royal Naval College. One quiet afternoon I was involved in an inter-divisional cricket match on the sports field above the college when a pair of Buccaneers came reefing round over the Dart, rolled inverted and blasted above us at less than 100ft, waving through the canopies. Magic.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
22/11/2019 11:40:19

Bert - if you want to sell the 7-77 I have a Flair Stearman kit waiting for itsmiley

21/11/2019 12:42:53

Yes please Jon. I have an unbuilt Top Flite Giant Scale 1/5 Mustang kit in the loft waiting for exactly this engine.

Glow for me - the smell of petrol in the car and workshop makes me feel sick, so I would have to run a petrol engine on Aspen which would negate any fuel cost savings. I don't fly that much anyway, more of a builder than flyer, so fuel costs don't bother me. Never have a problem with any of my glow engines, including the cheap ones, as they're all tuned correctly. Can't remember the last time I had a deadstick, including the twins.

Thread: Best De-humidifier for the workshop?
20/11/2019 14:41:08

I had a damp problem in my workshop caused mostly by a blocked drain outside. Didn't notice for a while as there were bookshelves against the wall on the inside (they're pretty ruined). All fixed now, bought one of these at the beginning of November and it's dried the inside out nicely, seems to work very well.

Price has increased dramatically though - I paid £120, now it's £142

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
15/11/2019 15:54:50
Posted by robert feltham on 15/11/2019 15:37:14:

Reading all of this and looking at all the hoops to jump through now I for one will be selling all my gear and moving to another hobby. I'm just fed up with it all I'm afraid. Flying RC for over 40 years. Hobby ruined by so called drones.

Robert - really? We all wish we didn't have to do this but the hoops are simple and easy, the cost is trivial in comparison to what we spend on models, and the hobby will carry on pretty much the same, it's definitely not "ruined". It would be a shame to give it all up after 40 years.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
15/11/2019 08:52:23

Mr Nijhuis's build article in the mag suggested 1/15 scale. Sean at Realmodelpilots offered 1950's pilot busts with goggles in any scale so I ordered them in 1/15. They look about right I think.

13/11/2019 08:14:08

Excellent Steve. I'm plodding along with the Provost, but various parts of the family are creating dramas that are keeping me away from the workshop.

Thread: Slec/Apache Chipmunk kit advice.
12/11/2019 10:41:32

Hi Steve,

I can't remember how I set the tank height initially. I think I set it as low as I easily could, but knew it was slightly high in relation to the Laser carb. First few flights, the engine ran fine on the ground, and for the first few circuits, then it would die back to idle and not throttle up.

After lots of headscratching and communication with Jon at Laser, I carried out some surgery to the front and lowerd the tank as much as I could - about a further 20mm from memory. The engine runs perfectly now and I think the centre line of the tank is pretty much level with the carb spraybar.

I used the top of the landing gear, fitted as plan, but cut off to stubs, with home-brewed oleos clamped to them. They seem to hold up OK, but it flies so nicely down to almost walking speed with flaps that it's easy to do greaser landings (almost) every time.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
05/11/2019 16:24:39

From the CAA's document "The Drone and Model Aircraft Code"

Aircraft covered by this Code:

  • Drones
  • Model aeroplanes
  • Model gliders
  • Model helicopters I don't need to bother about my autogyros then wink

Thread: How many flyable aircraft do you have ?
05/11/2019 16:17:19

9 fixed wing, 3 helicopters and 2 autogyros, mostly glow powered

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
01/11/2019 12:10:20

There's an ad on the BMFA classifieds where someone's taking a £750 hit selling his new unbuilt jet kit because he doesn't want to pay £9 a year.


Thread: SLEC Chipmunk build blog
30/10/2019 13:55:30

Thanks Tim - hope you have as much fun with your Chipmunk as I have with mine.

30/10/2019 10:42:52

Yes but it's worth it for the smug feeling when all around are congratulating you on the finish smile

My SLEC Chipmunk, one of the first kits they made after they took over the Apache Aviation business. Laser 150 powered - perfect.



Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
30/10/2019 10:35:37

That's what I was getting at Cliff.

Geoff - it doesn't make any difference whether the wind is in front of or behind the aircraft. What you are seeing is the difference in groundspeed. If the aircraft is flying at 40mph through the air (airspeed) and the wind is 20mph, then to you on the ground it will appear to be flying at 20mph upwind and 60mph downwind. It's speed relative to the block of air around it is always 40mph though, so the air pressure on the ailerons is the same assuming the airspeed is kept the same.

29/10/2019 17:05:23

Geoff - not sure what you mean by 'ailerons blowing back', and what difference would it make whether it was flying downwind or upwind?

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
28/10/2019 13:03:50

So is the CoG not where the plan says Steve? Just building mine at the moment.

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