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Thread: Dumas Dragon Rapide
18/09/2013 19:48:40

I have one in my 'to build' pile and I might even get round to building it this winter. I've had it a while, and when I bought it I also got all the recommended brushed motors, gearboxes, ESC, lipo, servos, etc, so no excuses, I just need to get on with it. Had a flight in a full size Rapide at Classic Airforce in Newquay a few months ago so have a few photos to help.


Thread: Anywhere to fly near to Ludlow, Shropshire?
17/09/2013 17:39:34

Hi Neil,

Glad to see a potential 3rd member!

Be aware that the Church Stretton club's flying site is near Condover, about 10 miles north of Church Stretton. Used to be a member there, but few members, not a great site, so joined the Forton club instead


Thread: Rates - what is the convention (if there is one)?
08/09/2013 15:46:51

I like to have all switches 'away' from me as the 'normal' setting, so on my DX7 it's full movement on rates at '0' and reduced at '1', gear down is up on the switch and gear up is down on the switch IYSWIM


Thread: Airbrush and compressor suggestions?
06/09/2013 11:15:12

My biggest problem is finding a REASONABLY PRICED compressor that will run a touch up gun sized spraygun for largish model painting, that is also QUIET. I have a Machine Mart compresor that does the job but the whole village can hear it and I have to wear ear defenders.


Thread: Ebay sellers...
31/08/2013 17:57:31
Posted by Daithi O Buitigh on 31/08/2013 15:33:03:

I suppose the NiCad pack here would be worth the 50p (if you don't mind the rest of the stuff coming with it)laugh

Looks like it's already had the 'fusillade' it says it needs...........

Thread: Lateral Balance
27/08/2013 16:00:29

Thanks BEB. I've used screws and washers on other models, but I was trying to keep it looking neat and tidy, plus there doesn't seem to be any 'meat' to drive a screw into. The wing balances fine, it's the weight of the side mounted SC70fs plus exhaust that's the problem.

Need about 10g, which equates to a large M8 repair or penny washer, so I guess I'll have to cut the covering under the wingtip and glue the washer to the inside of the end rib, then patch the covering. Fortunately there is a small piece of matching covering material supplied in the kit.


27/08/2013 15:06:19

Hi all - just finished assembling an ARTF Acrowot, and fitted an SC70fs. Longitudinal CofG set OK, but to balance laterally it needs a fair weight in the left wingtip. The wing end plate or end rib seems to be thin-ish balsa and the chinese covering job is actually very neat and I'm reluctant to disturb it, so how best to add the weight without it being unsightly?

Thanks, David

Thread: Why might I want a Dremel?
10/08/2013 12:04:07

I also need glasses for reading and close work, and find juggling them with safety goggles or overglasses a pain. I've just bought some of these safety reading glasses and I'm really pleased with them. They do safety bifocals too.


Thread: Nats 2013 chat, pics etc...
08/08/2013 18:53:18

I would normally be too far away but the kids and grandkids live in Peterborough, so weekend family duty allows me to slip away for a day and pop up the road to Barkston. Will probably be there Saturday.


Thread: Presbyopia / illuminated magnifiers?
08/08/2013 18:48:01

Well I've got new HF fluorescents and there is one right over my variable speed lathe. The light does register 3000 rpm on my optical tacho as you say, but I can't get my 3 jaw lathe chuck to appear stationary at any speed up to 1000rpm (going faster needs a belt changeover and I can't be bothered). The chuck always looks like a rotating chuck, and in a home workshop like mine rather than a noisy shop floor, you can hear that the thing's running.

This has been debated extensively in other places and the conclusion was that although theoretically it should happen, in practice no-one could reproduce it.


Thread: New airframe for SC52fs
02/08/2013 12:23:56

Thanks for the suggestions chaps - I've spent some time wading through websites and back copies of magazines and I think I've decided on an AcroWot artf with the 70fs. I prefer a tail dragger and I think it looks better than most of the oriental ones.

Thanks again,


01/08/2013 21:04:27

So - lack of flying practice and rusty thumbs lead to the demise of my Kyosho Cap today. It's 'beyond economic repair', ie mostly splinters and matchsticks.

The radio gear appears to have survived, as does the SC52fs. So - what to replace it with? Need something to get me back up to speed after a year or two of little flying, and hopefully lead me to the long-delayed 'B' test.

Would probably normally just build a Wot4, but don't have a lot of time. Can you fit a four stroke to a Wot4 artf? All the ads list it as 2 stroke only. I have an SC70fs as well if necessary. Not looking for 3D capable or something massively overpowered, just sport flying and 'B' schedule stuff.

What do you suggest?



Thread: Nav light configuration
01/08/2013 20:53:13

Austers date from before the introduction of strobes. No flashing lights, just red(port) and green(starboard) nav lights and a steady white tail light. Don't think any had landing lights. Most have very limited electrics, with an airflow powered generator on the wing.


Thread: Water Bombers - A new design please
29/07/2013 18:52:24

The opposition's plan service has a 72" 415. Tr*pl*t plans service no. MW3414. Build article was in October 2009 RCMW


Thread: Suspended workbench
09/07/2013 09:56:00

One of our club members uses these to suspend large models from the ceiling - may be adaptable for you?


Thread: Amerang - recession casualty?
30/06/2013 20:00:11

Yep - saw them all, plus the Graham Bond Organisation

I think we're a long way off topic now.........


30/06/2013 19:07:57

I bow to your seniority!

My time there was Geno Washington every other week, and mostly Motown acts in the in-between weeks, but the occasional appearance by John Mayall and friends.

Parkas and Lambrettas, two-tone suits and suede head haircuts - happy days....


Thread: Scale Outdoor RC Helicopters - Where To Buy?
30/06/2013 17:56:49

How about Sportsmoto


Thread: Amerang - recession casualty?
30/06/2013 17:49:39

I seem to remember the Wheel being on Whitworth St when I used to go there Erfolg.


Thread: Mach Loop Wales
29/06/2013 09:35:52

A lot of them fly down our valley and over my house on the way there and back. From my friend's house up the hill you can often be looking down on C130s. They also often come through in pairs, at 11 or 12 at night, in pitch dark, at seriously low level.

Chinooks too - in fact there was one a couple of days ago that was so low I thought it had just taken off from my neighbour's garden as it was only a hundred yards or so from his house and below his roof viewed from my house.


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