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Thread: New BMFA club list
05/12/2012 19:57:07

It is obviously WIP - I'll probably be kicked out of the BMFA for publishing it smile p. I think that like the old list they base it on the contact address they have - usually the secretary of the club. It's probably the only info they have.


Edited By Captain Slog on 05/12/2012 19:57:37

05/12/2012 09:20:34

Hi all - as you probably know the club database on the BMFA website hasn't been working for quite a while. I emailed them yesterday asking when it would be fixed, and got this reply:

"We are not sure how long it will take to sort out.

Here is a link to a club map that we have just got up and running it might help you find the clubs you want"

Here's the link

It's much better than the old list - wonder when they're going to officially launch it?


Thread: Are LHS's Doomed??
07/11/2012 11:41:36

I'd love to support my LMS more, but unfortunately my nearest one (which is very good) is an hour and a half drive away sad


Thread: Orange receiver
06/11/2012 17:40:02

The HobbyKing UK warehouse does occasionally have stock - it just sells out almost immediately it comes in. I've bought two from there. I had ticked the 'send me an email when they come in' box. when the email came, they had almost sold out by the time I logged onto the site to order.

I was concerned about range, so I set up a test with a genuine Spektrum AR6200 with satellite (definitely not one of the cheap copies) and an Orange six channel with satellite. Bound both to my DX7 with throttle low as failsafe, connected each throttle channel to a servo with a big cardboard pointer attached, set the tx to throttle high, checked that switching the tx off caused both pointers to drop and then held in the range check button and walked away. Got almost out of sight before the AR6200 went into failsafe first, then the Orange a little further on.

Totally reassured, I fitted the Orange to my HobbyKing Vampire and went flying.......


Thread: Workshop Storage
02/11/2012 21:16:41

Chris - I like the rack on castors ( and your garage looks HUGE smiley), I might pinch that idea. I previously had a rack fixed to the wall, lengths of wood with holes bored in at intervals, dowels pushed into holes, but the idea of a moveable one is great.

Ian - I will be second in the queue for a plan chest as my wife is an artist and that is on her list for her new studio (wants my workshop now she's seen how it's turning out, but I think it will be her who's in a shed in the gardenwink 2


02/11/2012 18:10:44

A quick brag first. I'm finally getting to sort out and set up my dream workshop. Did early retirement and moved to this house 4 years ago, partly because of the old attached garage. Taken til now to do the house renovations to a stage where SWMBO has release me to do the workshop, so it's being insulated and re-wired and boarded out at the moment. It'll be 8m by 3.5m woohoo! Knacky old garage doors replaced by cheap-ish upvc double french doors, existing two windows replaced and increased in size and a third window added, and a sink in the corner.

Now trying to design the layout - aircraft/heli building zone, storage areas, lathe and metal working zone, painting area, picture framing for SWMBO area

I'm looking for ideas for storage arrangements. I'm particularly interested in methods for storing materials - balsa sheet, strip, wire, rod, covering materials, etc - and for components - horns, clevises, hinges, connectors, leads, lipos, etc, etc.

How do you do it? What innovative (and inexpensive) solutions have you found?


Edited By Captain Slog on 02/11/2012 18:11:13

Thread: Durafly EDF Vampire
04/10/2012 10:02:28

My ESC was floating around in the bottom of the fuselage too - I just stuck it back there with a new bit of velcro, doesn't seem to get very warm.

The other gizmo is the BEC, so that lead is the power lead to your Rx, the other lead from the ESC is the throttle channel.

Don't worry about the trailing edges, it flies fine as it is.


Thread: RCM&E Special Issue 2012
03/10/2012 16:47:16

Myron - It is full power at release of brakes (or before if a short field take off) but the throttle is not slammed open. A couple of seconds from idle to full or some full size engines can 'rich cut' or splutter at least.

The 'don't turn downwind' comes from the fact that the engine is stopped and you are 'gliding', nothing to do with a normal downwind turn in the cruise. The height drop in the engine off scenario is significant (full size can easily lose 100ft per 90 deg of turn) so you could be into the ground before you complete the turn (or you try to avoid, let the speed drop, stall, spin and crash). OK if you have enough height, otherwise pick a field straight ahead or within 30deg of heading.


28/09/2012 16:44:01

WRT the Harvard's flying characteristics - I used to work on full size aircraft, mostly vintage types - Austers, Tiger Moths, Stearmans etc. including one Harvard. I was often the 'observer' on CofA or CAA permit test flights, one section of which was stalling in various configurations - clean; take-off flap; landing flap and undercarriage. The Chief Engineer/test pilot was a VERY experienced, unflappable chap (ex-Barnstormer etc, etc) but even he struggled with the vicious wing drop at the stall that almost rolled it on its back.


Thread: Durafly EDF Vampire
28/09/2012 12:36:14

Flew mine for the first time yesterday using GensAce 4S 2200 25C packs that I already had- really pleased with it.

Email from Hobbyking this morning to say they're back in stock - only 48 left! Get your credit cards out.....


Thread: Whites at the Nats
19/09/2012 18:01:51

Let Google be your friend - search for Whites Models gives


Thread: Explain your Username... ?!
05/09/2012 16:36:38

......was once a bit of a Trekkie.....


Thread: Durafly EDF Vampire
30/08/2012 20:55:02

Came back from holiday to find email from HK saying these were back in stock - 40 units. By the time I logged on they had 2 left so bagged the last but one.

£81.34 + £7.80 Parcelforce 24 delivery = £89.14. Select Paypal, it comes up as $143.68, which Paypal translates to £93.65. Had definitely ordered from UK store. Emailed HK customer support and they seem to think this is normal. Is it me??? Did I do something wrong?


Thread: Vulcan 60th Anniversary
30/08/2012 18:22:06

Further to my ATC anecdote, I was at school in Stockport in the '60s, about 3 or 4 miles from Woodford, and we could hear the engines during lessons. My family later moved to a house in Poynton almost backing onto Woodford Aerodrome, but I think the Vulcans had gone by then. Used to fly my Keil Kraft Champ control liner on the unbuilt part of the housing estate close to the boundary fence, and got great views at the annual airshow.


30/08/2012 17:52:21

....and I remember being at an Air Training Corps summer camp in the late '60s (Wyton? Marham? Lindholme? - can't remember) trying to do drill training on a concrete hardstanding close to the runway, with two Vulcans in the circuit doing touch and gos.

The ground was literally shaking under our feet as they put the power on to climb out.....


Thread: Dual servo problem?
17/08/2012 20:12:51

II think I saw on another thread about Spektrum failsafes that if you re-bind the receiver after setup it stops this happening


Thread: Sea King
03/07/2012 20:50:45

I was thinking more 50/600 size..... but thanks anyway

28/06/2012 18:19:05

I too would like to do a SeaKing ( or preferably a Wessex). Had no luck at all finding a Wessex fuselage, but found these SeaKing ones......

500 size so affordable:-


Bit Bigger:-




Thread: Anywhere to fly near to Ludlow, Shropshire?
27/06/2012 15:50:14

Hi Mark - I have the same problem, I'm in Newcastle on Clun, 3 miles west of Clun and 12 west of Craven Arms. Been here nearly 4 years and not found anything closer than the Shropshire club at Montford Bridge (just got back from a couple of hours there - as you say an hour there and an hour back makes it a major expedition).

I have friends and contacts with land hereabouts where I can fly helis, but nothing much for proper fixed wing (i.e. with engines and wheels), although I fly foamies and electric gliders off the village football pitch.

There is a Ludlow Model Heli club (I'm one of the three members!) but it's only really for 450 size electrics and they use the field in front of the rugby club on Sunday mornings, with all the dog walkers and joggers.

When I moved here 4 years ago it looked promising as Mark Leavesley had just opened a model shop in Bishops Castle and was keen to get a club going, but he couldn't make a go of it and he's gone back to full time full size paragliding.

As BG says, the Church Stretton club is at least on 'our' side of Shrewsbury near Condover, but it's a rough old tarmac surface.

Good luck in your search, I would obviously be interested if you come up with anything.

David W

Thread: Members Map
04/05/2012 11:52:20

I'm on in my home village in deepest darkest south west Shropshire. I fly at Forton, Shrewsbury. No flying clubs less than an hour's drive in any direction from home (actually not much at all within an hour's drive).

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