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Thread: Electrifying Top Flite Stinson Reliant
06/11/2018 15:18:29

I'm about to start a Flair Stearman Eric - I think it's 89 inch rather than 65, but thanks for giving me a heads up on what a handful it is!

Edited By David P Williams on 06/11/2018 15:18:49

Thread: IC Models-Should we be worried?
04/11/2018 18:35:45

Simon - I don't think you need to worry too much about identifying your location. I have been casting around for a potential new club, and even those who are cagy about location and just state 'near xxxx town or village' or 'in the xxxx area' I have been able to locate pretty easily by spending 5 mins on Google maps satellite view. Most mown patches stand out distinctly, especially when there is a club hut and often cars and models visible in a sea of farmer's fields.

I'm only doing this to work out drive time rather than intending to just turn up and fly there of course.

03/11/2018 15:32:49

Geoff, by soulless I meant that each of my i/c engines has its own character, I've had to get to know their individual idiosynchrasies to get the best out of them. Maybe that is true also of electric in the bigger sizes, but the few electric models I have or have had just seem to be plug it in and it whizzes round. There is no right or wrong, better or worse - they're just different and appeal to different people in different ways.

I'm old enough that I will probably be able to see out my modelling life using i/c, but I agree that it is and will continue to be in decline.

03/11/2018 14:23:09

Each to their own, Dave. If electric suits you then that's fine. Because electric "just works" I find it boring and soulless and much less of a challenge. I'll stick with i/c as long as I can, although my club site is about to be moved to another part of the old airfield by the farmer landlord and we will be much nearer civilisation, so I expect that electrification is coming.

p.s. I can't remember the last time I had a deadstick. Install correctly, particularly tank height, set up properly and i/c is just as reliable as electric. I fly an i/c twin too and it has been totally reliable.

Thread: Ooops!
31/10/2018 10:36:40

It's more likely to be a dumb journalist garbling the info they have been given.

Thread: RAF's Finest Biplane? Hawker Fury MkI
27/10/2018 12:25:40

OK thanks to the above prodding by Chris I have dragged myself into the 21st century and scanned the articles and merged into a PDF.

If you want a copy, PM me with your email address.

27/10/2018 11:31:54

I was just worrying a bit about copyright Chris.

27/10/2018 10:47:25


I am not joining in your Fury build, but following and admiring all your efforts.

I'm having a workshop clearout in advance of my winter building, and I have just been sorting through a pile of model mags to rip out anything interesting/useful before they go into the recycle bin. I came across copies of RC Scale International from May/June, July/August and September/October 2004, which have a three part build and flying article for the Bryant Fury.

I know that Danny already has these articles, but if any others of you would like them I am happy to post to the first to PM me with a name and address.



Edited By David P Williams on 27/10/2018 10:47:56

Thread: Navigation Lights
24/10/2018 20:16:55

Eric - your Stinson Reliant would not have had strobes originally, just red port, green starboard and white tail navigation lights. A restored or currently flying one MAY have had strobes retro fitted in addition to the nav lights but I think it unlikely.

A while ago, before the advent of high power LEDs, you could obtain real miniature neon tube type strobe lights. These were prone to causing radio problems. I think if you want to fit one of the modern LED strobe or rotating beacon simulators, then as long as you keep their driver circuitry away from your RX and servo wiring all will be well.

Thread: 1/8 scale Westland Wessex
04/10/2018 13:23:37

Fantastic Martin - brought back some memories. That was me shivering in the dinghy in 1977, wet winching drill in the Solent with a Wessex from HMS Daedalus.

Thread: Laser Engines - Technical questions
29/09/2018 11:16:37

I also have the SLEC/Apache Aviation Chipmunk. I used it as a test bed to learn scale detailing like overlapping panels, inspection hatches, rivets, rib tapes and stitching etc., so it's a bit porky!

It flies absolutely fine on a Laser 150 - not overpowered, but will loop from level flight and pull up into good scale-like stall turns, so a 180 will be great.

Thread: Anet A8
22/09/2018 16:50:48

Well after assembling my A8 from Gearbest, and printing various test bits and upgrade parts, it was time to design and print model bits.

When I built my Chipmunk last year, one of the tricky bits was replicating the bakelite nav light holders -


I didn't have the printer then, but I do have a lathe, so spent ages making these, out of chemiwood as it happens, not ideal but it's what I had to hand.


These have been fine, until a landing overrun into the tall grass caused damage to a wingtip and broke the nav light. So, after downloading Fusion 360 (the Hobbyist/Startup Business free version), and spending an afternoon with the tutorials learning the basics (I already use Autocad for 2D stuff), I drew up a nav light holder and printed it on the A8


Not too bad for a first attempt I think - a bit of tweaking and it will be fine.

Next challenge is parts for my next project, a Dragon Rapide.

Thread: Autogyro project
16/09/2018 22:22:12

Yes the full size MTOSports have a degree or two 'sidethrust' on the engine, plus the rudder is setup with an offset with the pedals at neutral.

16/09/2018 19:12:26

Hi Roy - you probably already know, but the UK agents for AutoGyro are, based at Halfpenny Green (sorry, Wolverhampton Business Airport as it now calls itself).

I used to work for them when they were Rotorsport UK based near the Long Mynd - that part of the operation is now the compliance/licensing/continued airworthiness unit.

They're nice chaps - if you're anywhere near Halfpenny Green I'm sure they would be happy for you to photo, measure, etc. If not they may be able to supply pictures, drawings and relevant info.

Edited By David P Williams on 16/09/2018 19:12:56

Thread: Gone Boating (just occasionally)
11/09/2018 12:50:05

There appears to be one just like this one here

Thread: Government Consultation on Drone Flying in the UK.
29/08/2018 09:01:15

The BMFA did email club secretaries with a link to BMFA Club Bulletin 237 asking them to circulate to members, as my club secretary did. Unfortunately, this is not a nice tidy link to either the survey or the suggested responses, but to a list of all bulletins. If you then find the correct bulletin and load it it starts with two pages headed "To all full council members" followed by two pages of Agenda for a full council meeting, at which point I suspect most of our club members decided 'nothing of interest here', 'typical dry boring BMFA committee stuff', and didn't read the rest of the bulletin.

Even if they did, the link provided in it just leads to the Government survey home page. You have to do a bit of rummaging to get to the BMFA info sheet.

It could have been done in a much clearer fashion in order to motivate the average club member.

Thread: Tony Nijhuis 72 Mosquito Build Log
23/08/2018 16:51:54

The Pilots Notes I found states :

Flaps control and indicator
Operation of the flaps is controlled by the lever (29)
marked F to the right of the undercarriage selector lever.
A safety catch must be pushed to the right before flaps
DOWN can be selected. The selector lever should return
automatically to neutral on completion of a full opera-
tion. Any flap angle up to 45 ° can be obtained by return-
ing the lever to neutral when the desired angle is reached
according to the position indicator (37). The maximum
flap angle is 45° although the gauge is marked up to 70°.
It also states flaps up or 15 deg for takeoff and up to 45deg for landing.
Thread: Slec apache super chipmunk
17/08/2018 17:07:47

Grahame - from my plan it's 120mm from LE at the root. Mine flies fine at that (Laser 150)

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
08/08/2018 11:19:56

I wanted a Sportbrake but they are diesel only (apart from the new model, but £40K is way out of my price bracket). That's why I ended up with the petrol Merc.

Thread: Anet A8
07/08/2018 14:21:53

Thanks Martian but I've found plenty of documents and videos out on the interweb so should be OK

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