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Thread: Anet A8
07/08/2018 12:59:10

Hi Martian, I have Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and it says it is up to date with no updates available. When I open the instructions .pdf file on the SD card I get 'There was an error while reading a stream'. If I page down I just get blank pages with an error 'There was an error processing a page. There was a problem reading this document (135)'

I think I've found alternative instructions by Googling round the web so should be OK.

07/08/2018 11:03:51

The files on my SD card don't read properly into Adobe - anyone else had this problem and how do you fix it?

06/08/2018 22:43:18

Yep, mine arrived a couple of weeks ago, but family stuff (weddings) and changing my car have got in the way. Should be on it this week.

06/08/2018 21:23:36

Chris - thank you so much for that, I can continue to use them in my new model with some confidence.

06/08/2018 18:39:58
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 05/08/2018 20:11:58:

Chris - I have a couple of this type - do they output at 20ms for standard servos from a Frsky RX 9ms input? The documentation I have tracked down isn't very clear or informative. (I tried the Frsky decoders and fried a servo or two!)

Thanks, David

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
01/08/2018 12:27:00

I have been a big Mondeo estate fan for years, and owned a succession of them, all diesel automatics. Now properly retired my annual mileage has dropped to around 5000 so diesel makes less sense, and the diesel backlash seems to be gathering pace.

There are hardly any automatic petrol engined large-ish estates for sale second hand, so I have kept putting off a change, but then I spotted a nice spec Mercedes C200 estate and traded up.

I love it, a proper gentleman's carriage. Load bay not quite as long as the Mondeo, and narrower between the wheelarches, but I can fit in everything I need and waft my way to the field.

Thread: Old Warden Aerodrome - July 2018
25/07/2018 20:36:28

Jamie - I'm also lining up the DH89a for this winter's build. Info I could find was that the Jerry Bates plan (the old Swietzer plan) built into quite a heavy model. I was thinking of 70fs engines - do you know how heavy yours is? 52s would be easier as I already have a nice pair in a Seagull Dual Ace.

I have the Jerry Bates/Sweitzer plan as a .pdf - it was available on Outerzone for while but seems to have been removed since. I have another plan, same size, from the old Nexus plans service which looks simpler and lighter, but it has far less detail and information - only a step or two up from a 3-view. It states that it needs OS40fs! I'll probably sort of combine the two.

Thread: Looping Hercules
21/07/2018 11:56:26

Some years ago I worked at an airfield in Northamptonshire where one of the aircraft I maintained was a Stearman owned by John Jordan of Jordans Breakfast cereals etc. He had brought it over to the UK after the war. It was fitted with the big 450hp Pratt&Whitney and he had used it for crop spraying as well as barnstorming airshow stuff.

Anyway, it seems he had flown for the ATA in the war, transporting all kinds of aircraft around. One day a documentary crew turned up at the airfield to film an interview with him and his old pal from the ATA (name escapes me). They reminisced about how bored they had been sometimes on delivery flights that they dared each other to do aerobatics. They claimed they often barrel rolled Lancasters (but then, as BEB says, a correctly executed Barrel Roll is a 1G manoevre)

Thread: Anet A8
05/07/2018 18:26:48

Well I've fallen for it too - Flash sale on Gearbest, £116 plus £4 shipping. It's the EU plug version - shouldn't be a problem I hope. The UK plug version was £149.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/07/2018 18:01:45


Inspired by one of the other threads on the Forum, and having a couple of used SC52fs engines on the shelf, I fancied a go with a twin, so bought a Seagull Dual Ace. I also decided it would be the first model on my new Taranis/Open TX - interesting learning curve, but I'm a convert. The ease with which I could set up the throttles on separate channels, each with its own curve, with a switch to hold either engine at idle while I sort out starting the other was a revelation.Using the curves the engines are synched pretty much exactly throughout the rev range.

Fitted the battery as far back as I could to get the balance right (or so I thought - with hindsight I think I convinced myself it was 'near enough' the forward limit to be OK as I didn't want to add weight to the tail). I also mistakenly had the 'aerobatic' throws on the ailerons rather than the 'normal' throws. All caused by rushing to finish it before going flying on Wednesday.

First flight was exciting - raced along the ground, very reluctant to leave it until full up got it into a very gentle climb out. Full uptrim dialed in and still holding up to maintain height. Aileron response was 'lively'! Of course I ran out of elevator trying to flare for landing, but no damage done.

Put it on the Vanessa rig last night and balanced it properly to the middle of the recommended range - 50g in the tail - and sorted out the control throws and rates properly. A different aircraft today, flies very nicely indeed, and sounds absolutely fantastic. Even the leccy fliers were impressed.

Thread: Seagull Dual Ace Laser Build
05/07/2018 17:39:22

Thanks to all the useful info on this thread I have just maidened my Dual Ace. I incorporated several recommendations from here including a closed loop rudder and a Fults nosewheel. It has a pair of used SC52fs engines.


First flight was a bit hairy but after sorting the CofG and control throws properly it flies nicely and sounds fantastic. My first model using Taranis/OpenTX so a bit of a learning curve, but dead simple to setup each throttle on a separate channel, with a separate curve for each, so pretty much perfectly synchronised throughout the rev range.

Thanks to all who provided such useful information on this thread.

Thread: Compton Abbas takeoff
02/07/2018 12:50:16

Looks great Paul, but if that was one of my models I'd be reaching for the blade balancer wink

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
18/06/2018 10:22:47

I live in a valley on the Shropshire/Wales border. the village is about 600ftASL and the hills either side go up a further 600ft or so. The valley runs east/west and there are others north and south of us. The RAF (and USAF and others) use these valleys as low level transit routes to the mid-Wales Tactical Maneuvering Area, Mach Loop, etc.. They seem to use them in rotation so each valley only gets them for a day or two every week or two. The jets are probably about 250ftAGL (the Typhoons are LOUD), but the Chinooks are treetop height and the Hercules not much higher.

I drink in the local pub with lots of the local farmers - mostly sheep and/or cattle farmers. Almost all of them have bought themselves multicopter drones - many of them in the Maplins sale. They're not all really sure what to do with them, but one or two bought them and it spread.

I have tried to explain the Drone Code, ANO, etc, etc but the answer is always "who cares up here", "who's going to catch us" and so on - the same attitude they take to drinking and driving by the way. We can probably go for a whole year without seeing a policeman, the nearest police station is probably 15 miles away..

When I point out the military low flying they say "We'll hear them coming and get out of the way". The problem is, particularly with the fast jets, you only hear them when they're almost overhead. They also seem to think the jets will see their drone on their radar and swerve round it.

I'm sure this sort of thing is not just limited to my little valley.

Thread: Servo extension leads
05/06/2018 09:08:27
The Hobbyking crimpers work well and are only ?11 or so. Don't seem to be able to post a link on this cheap phone.
Thread: Model & Hobby World North West......
02/06/2018 18:43:39
On Google street view 22 Albert Road is a shuttered up shop called Joy's Toys. No idea when the pictures were taken of course.

Edited By David P Williams on 02/06/2018 18:44:27

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
30/05/2018 12:07:46

The BBC Website also unhelpfully states that

"There were 89 accidents involving aircraft and drones in the UK in 2017 - a 25% increase on the previous year."

Surely they mean "incidents" don't they?

Thread: The Atom Special
16/05/2018 14:58:22

Yes there wasn't the normal pull-out plan, the parts were printed on the magazine pages. I made an electric powered one to the plan and article (and extensive thread on here), and then enlarged the plan by 10% and built second powered by an OS15. Both fly well.


Thread: Oracover(profilm), solarfilm & HK Film
11/05/2018 21:19:00


Thread: Seagull DH-98 Mosquito engine choice
09/05/2018 22:15:32

Sorry Danny, being a bit naughty probing. I'm a long time Spektrum user (with never a glitch) and I get a bit tired of the seemingly constant 'only get signal loss with Spektrum, and everything else is bombproof' posts. Whilst commiserating with you for your misfortune, it is a little comforting that it does happen with other radios.

09/05/2018 19:45:52

Signal loss Danny? Was that the Taranis or the Jeti?

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