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Thread: Binders
28/06/2016 23:10:50
My better half and I are sorting the spare room out and all of my RCM&E magazines are to be relocated into the shed, so I find myself in need of a storage solution and am drawn to the idea of the official binders.

How many issues can they hold?
Thread: FPV/Recording
19/05/2016 20:43:35
Posted by Dave Bran on 19/05/2016 19:40:28:

And if you want to test the equipment in any way within the UK, recording FPV video for any later use makes the craft/operator need to comply with article 167.

Something I will need to bear in mind if this all goes ahead, as I don't want to go to Germany and then have it not work.

19/05/2016 20:42:46
Posted by Dave Hopkin on 19/05/2016 19:33:59:

Personally I would recommend contacting the organisers in Germany for advice

Also be careful of the "not for financial gain" clause as that will include payment in kind etc over and above a cash payment - might be best to contact the BMFA (if its BMFA insurance) and tell the in detail about whatever arrangement you have including any travel costs if it is subsidised in any way by the event

Hi Dave,

The organisers are in the UK - the event is taking place in Germany.

I know I am being a little 'ambiguous' about it, but there is a good reason for that, and not one which will bring the hobby into disrepute.

The Insurance is not BMFA, and I am planning to have a long chat with the lead organiser tomorrow, again, as I don't think he is fully aware or has thought the possible issues through. If I need to I will use my 'influence' over the event and prevent the use of any R/C based equipment for this purpose. The Insurance in place would be adequate and appropriate I think, but again I'm afraid falls into the disclosure of info issue with an open forum.

19/05/2016 20:38:25
Posted by ken anderson. on 19/05/2016 16:47:13:

take care olly...they seem to be having re-thinks about everything also....

ken international dept.

Thanks Ken,

This is about a month away so before any changes that might be coming in.

19/05/2016 15:55:50

Thanks Andy.

So in essence on the aircraft I'll need:

1) Camera (obviously) for FPV.

2) Video Transmitter

3) Power Supply

On the ground I'll need:

1) Video Rx

2) Goggles or screen.

To record I'll need either a second recording camera, a camera which can record or a recorder on the ground.

19/05/2016 14:56:27

No - one of the reasons for the post!

It is an area I need to get checked out, especially as the event is in a very particular patch which has special rules over and above the German standard ones....

I have a feeling this will become a not going to happen quite quickly, but it has tickled my interest in FPV generally so I quite fancy seeing what the costs are....

19/05/2016 14:42:22

Hello all,

I've been asked if I have the ability to do some 'drone' camera work for a private event I'm attending.

1) no commercial gain or pay for it

2) insurance for those concerned is covered

3) it's in Germany.....

After correcting the asker on the terminology of "Drone," I said I'd see what i can do.

I have a fixed wing powered glider (similar to the Bixler), which I think would suit an FPV set up, but am also tempted to try a Quad for FPV.

Any ideas/comments/suggestions for what I could use - on a budget!

Thread: 3D printing - a home production revolution?
05/04/2016 22:29:31
Posted by Ian Jones on 01/03/2016 00:26:31:

I'll be buying a 3D printer sometime this year, there's no end to the uses I hope to use it for, though it will be quite small scale stuff.

As for the future, they will be as common as TVs and microwaves. Instead of warehouses full of physical objects there will be data warehouses frull of 3D plans. When you need something new or to replace a broken part you will donload the data and print it. Of course there will probably still be a cost in the down load but it's an attractive business model.


Ian - I missed this one, if you want anything doing upto about 150 mm x 150 mm x 200 mm give me a shout, but won't be quick turn around!

My print volume should go up when I sort some niggles with the machine set up....

05/04/2016 22:25:21

John, There are about half a dozen '3D printing' techniques out there.

The one we seem to be talking about is what is called 'Fused Deposition Modelling' (FDM).

It's really very simple, a thin 'bead' of solid plastic is pulled into the print head, heated up until it melts, and is pushed out of a small hole by plastic coming in at the back. This is smeared onto a print surface (known as a print bed) to make a shape by moving the nozzle about. The prnt head then lifts a bit and the process repeats, building up lots of layers that stick together.

Another way of thing about it is to imagine printing something with a normal printer. now put the paper in again and print more ink on it, and keep going. now instead of ink add layers of plastic 0.1-0.4mm thick. There you have FDM in simple terms.

04/04/2016 10:33:39


Try Auto-cads 123D program, believe it works on Vista - I'm on W7 and W10 so can't guarantee.


Thread: Chainsaw on a drone......
03/04/2016 20:45:41

Reference weapons on drones - surely for a firearm, the biggest issue is going to be the recoil?

Thread: 3D printing - a home production revolution?
01/04/2016 14:50:24

I managed to spend some time last night seting this up (in the kitchen, so it'll have to move tonight). Printed a little stress test to see what the capabilities are and fine tune. next I need to print some upgrade parts for the printer itself as I think it could be a lot better with some minor tweeks and bits, then models and parts for them here we come!

I might even use this as the bass to make a bigger printer as I'd love a larger print envelope.

06/03/2016 19:17:45
I now have a 3D printer on it's way. Second hand and a bargain.

Anyone really interested in 3D printing as it stands and the pitential future should read *3D printing: The next Industrial Revolution, second edition"
Thread: Help needed domestic plumber
29/02/2016 14:49:12

Any chance of a pic?

Could it be a torq key?


Thread: C17 Globemaster III - 1/15th Scale for PSS
29/02/2016 13:46:46

Andy - I've used a variety of CAD programs, and love Solidworks, but can't afford the pricetag!

Thread: 3D printing - a home production revolution?
29/02/2016 13:34:21
Posted by Olly P on 18/06/2013 09:43:10:

OK, resurrecting an old thread, but this place reckons they can make them for $297 US.

I know they are only at kickstarter at the moment, but very, very tempting, resolution of 0.2mm, that is pretty good - how easy would it be to print a detailed scale pilot??

Maybe once they are into production 'properly' I will invest.....

LINK to kickstarter page

Edited By Olly P on 18/06/2013 09:43:36

I'm Quoting myself here, but thought I would let people know that this KS project has not delivered, and a large number of backers are looking for there money back. I nearly invested, and am quite glad I held back.

Thread: C17 Globemaster III - 1/15th Scale for PSS
29/02/2016 13:20:14

Andy - you mention 3D printing some of the parts - is this a machine you have at home or one you have access to elsewhere?

I'm looking at investing in a printer when/if my bonus comes through this year, any suggestions around the £400 mark?


Thread: RCM&E Vector March 2016 free plan
29/02/2016 10:58:39

Thanks Pete.

Did you draw this up using CAD at all? If so can I be cheeky and ask for a copy of the file to turn it into a 3D printable version? I'm looking at spliting it down into sections that can be 3D printed on most 3D printers and haveing simple 'pin and socket' glue joints where needed.

If not then I'll draw it up, but in the interest of saving time having the base file would be very useful.

This is still going to be a 'slow burn' project, as I need to purchase a 3D printer yet, but would be nice to get somewhere with it.

Obviously I'll not re-sell or use the cad for any commercial purpose, and send you the adapted file back for your control.

Thread: Preparing to move house
24/02/2016 14:50:51

ED - Freecycle tends to only get those interested and who will turn up responding. never had a no-show.

I don't think they mind for the boats - they are up in the garage roof space. one of my old boats went to a friends son when he wanted to try it.

The gear? my dad uses it!

24/02/2016 12:49:31

Erf - fro things like body-boards and kayaks, stick them up on freecycle for collection. someone will be able to use them and it beats them being thrown away.

All my kayaks and gear are at my parents, haven't touched it in ages.

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