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Thread: RCM&E Vector March 2016 free plan
12/02/2016 14:38:55

John - Depends on many variables, how you print it, (grain direction in effect) temperature, cooling period, layer thickness, all sorts.

Not even sure on weight. I have been casting my eye around looking for a nice design to try it out on, and while you can purchase pre-done 3D printing plans for Spitfires etc, I really fancied trying something of my own.

I think I will end up making 2 of these at least - one trad-build, and 1 3D print, but they may not be ready at the same time, and as I say a slow burn on both!

12/02/2016 12:59:45

Thanks guys, nice to know I'm not alone in my little chamber of insanity!

As I say will be a slow build as need to do some sorting out first. Managed to sell some stuff last night, so first bit done and 3D printer part funded!

If I can sell the rest for what I want for it then the 3D printer will be fully funded.

11/02/2016 14:45:11

Just one comment for today - I am hoping to get myself a 3D printer later on this year, dependant upon funds and getting the shed squared away.

This looks like it might be a nice model to 3D print, in sections. I might just have to have a go at drawing up and seeing how it could be done in the print envelope of the machine I am looking at....

Thread: Do you think some sort of registration system would protect the hobby from rogue flyers?
11/02/2016 14:33:37

I used to take part in a hobby which was hit very hard by legislation, hidden within another act.

We had warning it was coming via some of our friends who also took part, and we managed to create a legal defence. This required a formal 'registration' to allow us to purchase equipment.

I set up the first version of the scheme and then handed it onto others.

It has only made it more difficult for those who follow the law, not those who would break it or be unaware of it anyway, while there is a significant impact on the retailers for that hobby, as they have to check for registration before sale, and thus anyone above board will be guided down the right track, it has not stopped those it aimed to prevent. If anything it has made some of the problem worse with market stall/car boot dealers etc.

I think a BMFA led awareness scheme, with support from responsible retailers - and I don't mean traditional modelling outlets, is likely to achieve more.

Staples even sell RTF ROV quadcopters (not drones) now, this is the type of sale that will go to those who don't know the rules.

Thread: RCM&E Vector March 2016 free plan
10/02/2016 11:02:17

Covering - BRC - Solar film, £5.95/roll, I think 2 rolls will be the max for this one - £11.90

Solar trim - I think 2 colours will be preferred here, so 2 rolls, at £4.50 a reoll - £9.

Obviously shipping is on top, but I have not worked it out as I probably won't need everything listed - I think I have some 1/4" sq for example.

I have excluded glues, tools, tapes and things used in construction as these will not be single use items.

There will now be an extended pause while I get the shed usable, figure out what I already have and get the missing bits ordered.

10/02/2016 10:48:50

Next then, covering and sundries:

Sundry part first:

Control horns - BRC, 5 pack £0.95. only 2 needed but worth having some extras.

Snakes, outers and fixings - Pushrod and 'output' end accessories - BRC £1.75 each, 2 needed, £3.50 total.

'input' end parts - 2mm threaded rod and clevis - £1.50 each, 2 needed, £3 total.

Covering to follow

09/02/2016 22:10:31

Think that is enough for tonight - off to bed.

09/02/2016 22:06:31


I have worked through the plan and come up with a list of wood needed. I think I have covered everything, but if I have missed something, someone will shout out I'm sure.

I'm going to try a table for this one, all prices are from SLEC, all sheets are 3" by 36" and all strips are 36", the others are as noted.

Description Hardness Qty Cost Ea Line Cost
1/4 Sheet Medium 9 £ 1.67 £ 15.03
1/4 sq strip 6 £ 0.32 £ 1.92
1/8 sheet Medium 5 £ 1.25 £ 6.25
1/8 sheet hard 3 £ 1.25 £ 3.75
1/8 liteply small 12" Sq 1 £ 1.09 £ 1.09
1/8 Sq LE 2 £ 0.23 £ 0.46
Nose block 1 1/2" x 36" 1 £ 5.47 £ 5.47
1/16 sheet medium 1 £ 0.95 £ 0.95
Total £ 34.92

same caveats as above apply

09/02/2016 21:43:53

OK, now I have got the little one to bed, The cost will break down into 3 main areas as I see it. I will be able to do a large proportion of the model from stock (I hope!). However in the interests of completeness I will do a complete purchasing list and make a note of anything extra I use, and knock off things I don't. I will warn you all though, this is going to be a very slow build. I need to finish sorting the shed out first.

The components as I see it split into 3 main areas:


Covering and sundry hardware


I'm going to start with the last first, Electronics wise you need the power train, the Rx, a battery and 2 servos.

Power train: I have found the required bits on BRC Hobbies: a 1500kV out runner in the 2812 form, and a matching ESC - rated at 20A. £14.80

The Rx - I'm going to leave this alone as everyone will have personal favorites and need to match the Tx.

Battery - Most Electric Fliers will have batteries in the popular 3S 2200mA configuration, I certainly do; but just in case BRC do a reasonable one here for £9.90

Finally you will need a propeller to suit the motor, the recommended one from the plan is a 7x5, a pusher can be found here at BRC, for £2.75

Nearly Forgot - connectors for the ESC/Motor (£3.95) and for the ESC battery leads(£2.50). again both examples are BRC. You will also want some heat shrink tube, but that is easy enough to find.

Servos - 2 servos are needed for this model, And I wil use some of my stock. If I had to buy however I would be tempted by these at £4.95 each.

NOTE none of the pricing is a recommendation about suitability or the supplier. I am just showing people where I am looking and keeping track for my own purposes, there may be cheaper sources, and you should always assess suitability for yourself, not assume it is right because 'some bloke on-line said so'

Next I'll try and work out what wood is needed.....

Edited By Olly P on 09/02/2016 22:08:24

09/02/2016 18:25:04

Hi all,

The mag arrived the other day and while keeping an eye on my 2 year old, I had a quick flick through, and he sat on the sofa next too me.

"what you doing?"

"I'm looking at my new magazine"

I then turned to the page with the view of the Vector:

"Want that aeroplane, whoosh!"

The long and short of it is, despite not wanting any more projects this year, it looks like I've got one.

I'm going to use the thread as a way of making and sharing notes and thoughts as I build. Contributions welcome.

Part 1 then - pricing up....

Thread: Holiday in North Devon
29/01/2016 11:53:57

Cheers all.

Anyone in the area who fancies meeting up for a fly PM me....


Thread: Attaching Foam Wing to Fuselage
29/01/2016 10:45:33

BEB beat me to it!

Photos will really help, but the obvious answer is wing bolts - but we don't know what sizes to recommend if we don't know what sizes it is.


Thread: Holiday in North Devon
29/01/2016 09:30:44

Morning All,

Last night SWMBO and I booked an extra weeks holiday in May. We are off to the north Devon Coast for a week.

Does anyone know of any good flying sites in the Ilfracomb area for soaring? I've been told I can take 1 small aircraft, and there looks like some excellent cliffs to fly off.

thanks all

Thread: New year caption competition!
22/01/2016 12:10:10
Posted by Olly P on 22/01/2016 12:09:52:

Flight: Call the Ball

P51: Roger

P51: ah, mist that a bit....

22/01/2016 12:09:52

Flight: Call the Ball

P51: Roger

P51: ah, misjudged that a bit....

Thread: What certification do you intend to try and obtain in the next 12 months?
21/01/2016 13:28:47

Voted for Slope - A, but likely to look at electric A and possibly FW A, fleet, weather and time/examiners allowing.

Thread: Modellers aspirations
21/01/2016 12:51:22

A shed tidy enough to work in

Some models finished which I have started. Perhaps the one that has been on the go for the best part of 20 years....

Thread: PSSA Chat
21/01/2016 12:46:54

Given I'm looking at using the Canadian display team (Golden Eagles) as the ne colour scheme for the Sabre, I'm thinking of this fellow in the cockpit:


Thread: PSS Models FOR SALE or WANTED
21/01/2016 12:40:33


Can't see the pictures due to work policy not allowing dropbox/fileshare sites.

What sort of prices are you looking for?

Thread: HobbyKing foam board
21/01/2016 12:34:40

Hmm...very intersting. Might just be adding that to the order when I get round to getting the 3D printer.....

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