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Thread: Re: Peter Miller's Don't Bin It, Fix It Article
03/06/2017 06:47:50

This isn't restricted to Balsa models either! I know many traditionalists will shudder as I talk about a foam aircraft surprise but when the A380 nosed in at the Great Orme I was damned if I let that be the end of it!

a380 damage-001.jpg

a380 damage-002.jpg

a380 damage-010.jpg





Thread: PSS A-10 Thunderbolt II - build blog
11/12/2016 10:42:45

Can't help but feel this is aimed at my beautiful ejector seat!


Thread: Show Us Your 3D Prints
23/11/2016 17:48:08

Thanks for the comments Ian / Pete!

Pete, a few of the ZMR 250 designs are actually available on Thingiverse (**LINK**


21/11/2016 18:05:17

Here's a selection of things I've 3D printed over the years...


Most of the items in red (props excluded) are designed and 3D printed by me. They include motor bumpers, Aerial guide, plate spacers, VTX tray and XT-60 holder

Herre's the bumper CAD model:


and here it is in the flesh


The Aerial guides to get the 90° between the wires

aerial right.jpg

The CAD model of the VTX tray for the back of the ZMR250 QuadCopter


And the VTX tray in the real world


Next up are some parts for my Tricopter. The items in Red are again 3D printed


On the right there is a VTX tray which also holds the LiPO voltage checker and the Loc8tor tragging tag. On the left is the FPV camera mount with built in aerial guides and servo mount to enable the FPV camera to be pitch stabilised.


Next is the CAD model of my version of the Super Simple Gimbal designed by a chap who goes by the name of Crezzee on t'other forum (**LINK**


Next up is the CAD models for an ACES II ejection seat from an A-10 Thunderbolt II.


And the 3D Printed model of the seat. Shoudl have made it hollow, it was way too heavy in all it's solid glory!



And finally some scale Tornado GR4 tailpipes for a recent PSS Tornado build project.


painted tailpipe.jpg

(Tornado Tailpipes Photo Credit Phil Cooke)

Been out of reach of a decent 3D printer for a while now... missing it!


Thread: PSS Tornado GR1
03/04/2015 14:20:51

Looking good Phil! Almost there.... yes


Thread: Rez's Jet Provost
28/03/2015 00:14:16

Both panels and both control surfaces have now been re-covered in solarfilm... I just couldn't face tissue and dope and fill and spray again!

photo 27-03-2015 21 10 39.jpg

A couple of roundels and some panel lines and we're good to go!


Thread: Tornado F3/GR1 Catch up
24/03/2015 20:28:01

OMFG! yes

Is that an illuminated cockpit Andy?!? Fantastic idea, really works well!

And I'm chuffed to bits to see another set of my nozzles in use! Great LED afterburner!


Thread: PSS Tornado GR1
02/03/2015 21:32:41

Saw this Phil and thought of you...



Thread: A ZMR250 with extras
26/02/2015 23:15:55

Having dabbled in multirotors first with a secondhand FPVManuals Tricopter I saw a ZMR250 for sale on Facebook for not a lot of money and thought I'd give it a go.

Genuinely the little quad has been rebuilt, stripped and rebuilt more times than actually flown but I hope to rectify this soon now that the final bits and pieces are in place and the weather slowly improves.

The optional extras are all things I'd heard off whilst lurking in discussion groups but which I've designed myself and had printed for me.

So, starting with a couple of whole aircraft shots:-



Now onto the goodies... First up the motor bumpers. Perhaps a little overzealous and heavy but still quite pleased with them.




Next the Aerial guides... a left and a right hand version, these slide over the existing aluminium plate spacers and provide for a perfect 90° arrangement of the 2,4ghz aerial wires.


Next we're looking at doubled up plate spacers... these help by providing a nice big gap between the lower two plates, allowing more air to get to the ESCs and also permit me to be a little slack with my wiring.


And finally the XT-60 plug holder / ZMR plate spacer, designed to securely locate one half of the xt-60 joint whilst I pull on the opposing half when removing the battery.



Time to get the Quanum goggles powered up and take her for an FPV spin! laugh


Thread: PSS Tornado GR1
22/02/2015 00:00:38

The jet nozzles are ready to order folks. The testing was to ensure they printed OK on their printer. The initial model I supplied needed a little fettling, this has been done and the second print is a thing of beauty to behold.

Top Marks to Sean at RMP for working with me on this.


13/02/2015 23:10:04

Right, the files have been sent to Sean at RealModelPilots.

Feel free to order direct through RMP.



13/02/2015 10:12:38

RMP have quoted £15+P&P for a complete set of nozzles and TR mech for one Tornado. If this is of interest then reply to this effect and I will upload the files to RMP and you can order from them direct.

13/02/2015 08:56:13

That's who I've emailed. As soon as I hear anything I'll let you know. Alternatively if any of you know the RMP guys personally then by all means get in touch with them independantly.

13/02/2015 00:20:46

FWIW, I'm making enquiries to see how much it would cost to get them printed. As soon as I have a cost I will get back to you and we can discuss if anyone is interested in getting them printed through this source.


12/02/2015 19:08:01

Andy C,

I've messaged you regarding the files.

Peter G,

Wish I could but I'm struggling to get Phil's done.



11/02/2015 21:04:01

If I may....

Yep, I fancied having a go at modelling the tailpipes and being quite pleased with the results have offered them to Phil.

If anyone wants the file to print their own then let me know and I'll send you the .STL files... I'll even scale them to suit your dimensions.


tailpipe dims2.jpg


Thread: Rez's Jet Provost
08/02/2015 19:38:52

It's confession time... I bolloxed it up! crying

The eagle eyed might spot that (to paraphrase Sesame Street) "one of these wings is not like the other..."

In my infinite wisdom, as I'm building this replacement wing I seem to have had a whole bunch of warning signs that someting wasn't quite right... and somehow I resolved in my mind to work around them and get on with the wing rather than stop, think and investigate WHY things weren't quite right. I won't go into the details but suffice it to say the wing trailing edge angle was all wrong resulting in a tip chord about 5mm too long.

photo 03-02-2015 19 49 08.jpg

Arse! angry

I therefore had a chat with Phil about this and ended up repairing the wing rather than start all over again. First off, trim back the wing to the correct profile and then de-skin the top surface to dig out the torque rod so it could be re-set into the correct position.

photo 04-02-2015 07 48 59.jpg

In the process of getting the epoxy off via Dremel, the sleeves of the torque rod got damaged. These were repaired with heatshrink tubing.

photo 05-02-2015 01 28 13.jpg

Where the aileron sits, since the hard balsa had been cut out I needed to replace it with a set of indivdual sections, carefully sanded to height to make a nice snug infill.

photo 05-02-2015 01 28 23.jpg

New rib TE were cut out of decently wide balsa, glued in and then the whole area was re-skinned and sanded flush.

photo 06-02-2015 00 57 04.jpg

And there we have it, port and starboard wings the same shape at last! Now to move back into the garage for the tissue and dope and spraying.... Eurgh! frown

photo 08-02-2015 09 48 52.jpg

01/02/2015 17:16:08

Almost there!

The new wing has been top sheeted (with washout!), LE applied and shaped and a final test fit before I set about gluing it all together. Wing tip still to be added.... it's still buried in the tip tank!

photo 01-02-2015 17 08 28.jpg

29/01/2015 21:54:36

It's repair time!

After the cartwheel labding which ended my last flight (Really shouldn't have gone up again after the midair which turned my wing to swiss cheese!) it's now time to re-build the wing in anticipation of more PSS fun for 2015.

Step 1: Make up a lower sheet and cut some new ribs... I knew it was a good idea to keep the laser cut sheets!


Step 2,3,4,5 &6: Strengthen wing, add leading edge, cut torque rod slots, fit torque rod, add strngthening plates to R2-4, fit CF spar


Step...whatever: Test fit new wing, mating up the new R2 against the old R2. I'm looking for a good glue joint here, along with the CF spar and I'll probably sink another wing joiner in for good measure then skin the wing.


Oh such fun!

Thread: PSS A-10 Thunderbolt II - another one
18/01/2015 20:26:16


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