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Thread: Gatwick drone incident
21/12/2018 18:36:34

Just my thoughts but whatever we choose to call the person/persons responsible, It seems fairly obvious it's being done for some twisted political reasoning.. Some protest or point they feel justified in making.

It certainly needs stopping but I for one just hope that the Government don't legislate with some knee-jerk reaction. Banning drones won't work, just as banning guns hasn't stopped gun crime.

Like PatMc, I have zero interest in either drones or helicopters but I don't want to see a ban on them. Flying them properly and sensibly is harmless and provides enjoyment to many.

Thread: Comper CLA-7 Swift
21/12/2018 18:06:24
Posted by Bernd Lewerenz on 21/12/2018 17:52:06:

Thanks Richard.All your information are usefull for me.I think, when I build a scalemodel like the comber, backround information are also importent.The comper is with 1,37m quite small.Actually I prefer the reversed way.

The worse the eyes, the bigger the models should bewink 2

Have a nice time

Oh dear. That's me done for then. wink 2 .....If it wasn't for spectacles and an Optivisor I couldn't see to build a full size version! nerdnerd

Thread: Third Time Lucky Or The Bad Penny.
21/12/2018 15:31:44

Thanks for that, kc. My old befuddled brain can understand that logic perfectly. teeth 2

There are already some questions I'm thinking of but I shall ask them in the appropriate areas.

Thread: Comper CLA-7 Swift
21/12/2018 10:55:42

Thanks, Denis. smile

I have a fairly long piece written about his life in my references somewhere but in a nutshell, your details are correct.

I'll try to find what I have and either scan it and send it to you, Bernd or photograph the pages and drop them to you via a PM if that's OK?

Your build is inspiring me to have another go at this delightful little plane but I think I'll start over and redraw my plans a little larger so I come out at around 48" span and it would be electric rather than I/C.

As a build project it falls right into my area of interest, and although it's scale, it's very similar to a vintage sport model.. Ideal for relaxing flying on a lazy summer afternoon......Or is that me just getting all nostalgic in my old age.wink 2

Thread: Third Time Lucky Or The Bad Penny.
20/12/2018 15:51:49
Posted by supertigrefan on 20/12/2018 14:40:18:

Welcome back to RC Richard.

Having seen the detail in some static models your experience should be an advantage, The last static model I built was many years ago. Like you I love the building and the replication but it always nagged me that once you've produced the masterpiece then that was it, nothing more to do, control line and RC added the final 'point' to it, something beautifully and passionately built that actually flies!

I look forward to your builds.

Edited By supertigrefan on 20/12/2018 14:40:54

Your summation of static models mirrors my thoughts exactly.. I do enjoy making them but once they're done, that's it.

Years ago I was all Free Flight. Back in the 70's RC was way beyond my budget and control line didn't agree with me.... I did build the old KK Ranger but a friend's father had to fly it.. I can't turn in circles without being violently sick!.... Couldn't do it as a kid and still can't today....I've been thrown around the sky in different aircraft when I was in the RAF (on jollies, I wasn't flight crew) without feeling ill at all but just two or three turns on the spot and I collapse and throw up!

I used to love the challenge of Free Flight. Putting on as much detail as possible whilst trying to keep the weight down and I'd refuse to enlarge the tail area or add dihedral to aid stability (which was accepted practice).....These days, if you fired up a Mills .75 at the local park you'd be arrested I imagine. dont know

Thread: Comper CLA-7 Swift
20/12/2018 15:04:16

Hello Bernd.

I've just been reading through your build thread with much interest.

About ten years ago I started to build a smaller version of the radial engine "Swift" from my own plans, scaled up from 1/48. That one was around 36" wingspan and designed for a small I/C motor with micro servos. It was almost ready for covering when I took a break from the hobby and I know the wing got destroyed but I think the fuselage might still be in my loft somewhere.

A beautiful little aircraft but such a shame that Nicholas Comper's story is so tragic.

Keep up the good work and a "Merry Christmas" to you and yours. smile

Thread: Third Time Lucky Or The Bad Penny.
20/12/2018 14:28:03

That's one I shall have to remember, Peter.thumbs up

At the moment I'm still researching it all..... Physical size, weight, battery weights, prop sizes....All of it.crook .........From a very basic understanding, pretty much anything is possible and hiding the motor much easier, which opens the door to some interesting possibilities which I'd always discounted with I/C just because I don't like to see half the engine and exhaust poking through the cowling.nerd

20/12/2018 13:34:53

Yes, this will be my third introduction but the last time I logged on was almost 9 years ago.embarrassed

The intervening years have been spent building static display models but that constant itch to be flying has never really gone away.. That said, the flying part is still secondary to building for me. My interest will always be "scale" and if I can get them to fly, it's a bonus.

Being "Old School" I only tend to build from plans (either bought or drawn up myself).....I'm not knocking RTF or ARTF (I still have a Piper Cub in the loft from 10 years ago) but coming from a time of balsa, dope and tissue when I first took up the hobby as a kid, they just don't do it for me.

Still unchanged is my main period of interest...Pioneer and Golden Era aviation....Fixed undercarriage wood & wire types. That's not exclusive but certainly predominates.

What has changed (or will change) for me though is a switch to electric power from I/C. Partly for health reasons, partly due to environmental restrictions, partly because of the mess but also because of the recent advances in the technology. This change will be a very steep learning curve for me. I'm not frightened by the electronics, I just don't understand it all yet. With I/C I can figure out a viable engine and propeller selection for a given model quite easily but not so with electric......Be prepared for some really silly questions to come!face 22

Thread: Are we an ageing hobby?
25/02/2010 20:30:27
Age 48
IC Scale
IC Sport
Keil Kraft scale rubber powered kits at around age 10. Onto IC Sport and Scale free flight.
Break from age 20 to 30, then on and off until last year with a switch to RC. Still IC Scale and Sport models.
Bought plan builds and own plans.
Thread: covering undercambered wings
12/02/2010 20:29:04
Ernie, I havn't tried this, but I know that some modellers sew the covering to the undercamber, as per full size.
I don't know if you fancy trying this method, or even if it's possible on your model........If you give it a go, let us know how it goes mate.
Thread: Clothing
11/02/2010 11:09:42
Was just thinking of other ways a sheep can keep you warm    No Welsh jokes please!
You could try some of our friends in the good old U.S of A Tony, maybe via fleabay. Often see pics of the more mature American gent wearing jackets with Warbirds, wings, stars, bars, Bombardment Group logos, etc all over them..........Have to get the baseball cap too though.
Thread: Hello.........Again!
11/02/2010 10:52:28
Thanks Timbo, I see your point.
10/02/2010 23:32:25
Thanks for that info Ian. Finger trouble at my end (I didn't tick the "Enable Public Profile" box)  Think I got it sorted now!
Thread: Balken Kreuz or German Crosses
10/02/2010 15:52:37
I often have this discussion with modellers (usually plastic modellers) regarding scale colours and markings etc, and I believe you have the right idea. Yes, there were "Rules" set out to regulate markings and correct paint finish, and I have no doubt that these would be followed at the various factories, certainly in the early years of the war.
You don't have to look at too many photographs however, to realise that there were often differences between the "Rules" and real life. Repair shops at unit level would often use whatever paint they had to hand at the time.......Would a unit on the Eastern Front, for example, ground an aircraft because they didn't have any swartsgrun, but they did have some Russian dark green? Would they not put the national insignia on the aircraft simply because they didn't have the correct stencil at the time?
Add to this the effects of weathering, and the optical deviations of scale, and in my personal view, most of the "Correct paint finishes" preached by museums and historians, (and some modellers) go out of the window...... (The WW1, PC10/12 argument goes on and on, as does the WW11, U.S. Olive Drab)
At the end of the day Erfolg, if YOU are happy with YOUR model, and you can justify YOUR chosen finish, then unless anyone can prove you wrong.............
Happy modelling my friend.
Thread: Hello.........Again!
10/02/2010 14:01:36
Thanks to all the above for your kind comments.
 Knowledge and infomation is a two way street, so yes, I'm sure I shall be asking plenty of questions, but I would like to think I can help others on here too. If it's a question about scale types, I.C. engines, and old fasioned "Balsa Bashing", please feel free to ask. If it concerns electric flight, Jelly Flopters or 3D, then I'm out of my depth
Any comments or posts I make regarding plans, builds, etc will be on those specific areas of the forum, not on here, since I don't fancy Timbo giving me a kick in the clangers!
Once again, many thanks to you all for making me welcome, it's like I've never been away.
One last comment.......(Timbo and the other Mods may be able to help highlight this).... If anyone asks me a question on the forum, or via the p.m. service, I may not be able to respond until the weekend, as I work away Monday to Friday Quite often, with no pc access. I think my profile shows my mobile number though, and you could use that if you wish. Just don't want anyone to think i'm being ignorant
Thread: Balken Kreuz or German Crosses
10/02/2010 13:18:29
Hi there Erfolg.
I have the September 2006 issue of "Flying Scale Models" magazine, which has some infomation on British, U.S. and German insignia and lettering styles, WW1, WW11 and present day.
If you can't get the magazine, and still need help, I may be able to scan the pages and email them to you if that would assist?
Please let me know.
Best regards.
Thread: SC12A starting problems
10/02/2010 02:38:22
Just a thought Reg, but what fuel are you using mate? What nitro content? Also is the fuel new, not some that's been sat for a couple of years?
Thread: Hello.........Again!
10/02/2010 01:29:15
Hi all.
I joined this forum about a year ago and found it a friendly place to be. I only made a few posts though, before life got in the way in the form of a new job and a change in personal circumstances, so I thought i'd start again with an introduction and take it from there.
First things first, my name's Richard, as you can see from the profile (And yes, the photo is me too ) but please don't let that put you off!
I started in the hobby as a kid, around 1970/71, I was about 9 or 10 (48 now) by building a few of the small, free flight rubber scale kits. Not the ideal way to start, because of course they never flew!...... They did crash well though, but that didn't matter to me, because then as now, I prefer building to flying.
My late father had no interest in the hobby, but the father of one of my schoolmates had, and he taught me how to build and fly free flight models properly, often taking me along to meetings at Elvington, where we used to fly back then. My first success was with a Kiel Kraft "Senator", and from there I built a couple of "Open Rubber" and "A2" glider models from plans.
This was ok, and the models now flew, but what I wanted was a plane that looked like a plane......Scale.....And I wanted a lovely smelly diesel engine  to provide the go!
My first "Scale" build was actually semi scale. An all sheet Nieuport 11, built from a plan in the old aps range, but I did get it to fly! This was followed by a few more plan builds from the same range, some flew, some didn't, but once again, that didn't matter, it was the building I loved.
I took a long break from the hobby when girls became more interesting  and then of course work and marriage came along, not starting the balsa bashing again until 1989. Once again, I chose free flight scale, with a few general sport type models too, but this time I soon started scratch building from my own plans, and must admit that getting a plane to fly, that I had built from my own plans was a real buzz
Then, in 2004, life took a nose dive in the shape of divorce and all that goes with it, and that stopped my hobby dead (No, it didn't cause the divorce ) It took until 2008 really, before things started to improve, but then I was made redundant, so yet again, the hobby took a back seat.
Last year was a lot better though, work picked up, I started a relationship with a new partner (We're now engaged) and although she has no real interest in the hobby, she gives me every encouragement, so no problems there! When I re-started my interest, I decided the time was right to go radio. The free flight was fun, but I really don't fancy the long walks to fetch the models back any more!
So to finish, I'm hoping to join a club later this year and pass my "A" cert. I have a trainer type plane (Own design) which has flown, and been flown by an experienced flyer, and an ARTF Piper Cub which still has to be put together. My main problem at the moment is lack of building space (Workshop still to be sorted) and time (My employer gets first call) but when I get chance, I get the draughting board out and start drawing up plans for future builds, mostly WW1 types, that being my passion.
Of course, one thing I have amassed over the years, is quite a bit of reference material, if that's of help to others, and also some knowledge of building and trimming etc, so if I can assist anyone on here, i'd be only too happy to.
Thanks to all those who take the time to read this intro, and I look forward to chatting with you soon.
Thread: Engine Cowls
15/05/2009 11:46:19
.........And if you use that method Greg, don't do it in the house if your Good Lady is about. Blue foam crumbs and the stink of thinners tend to upset them a tad (Mine anyway)
It's a great method though, easy and gives good results. Just remember to make the foam "plug" slightly smaller than the finished item, to compensate for the thickness of the glass and filler.
Thread: OS -V- Irvine.
12/05/2009 23:33:53
Hi all.
I have a spare OS 40 FP, and a spare Irvine 40 (Old type, metalic finish, not red). I want to fit one of them into an own design sport model i'm building, but can't decide which will be the better option. True, OS gets all the hype etc, but the Irvine motors are reliable, smooth running motors with a great idle and loads of torque. I don't want to have to change the motor once it's in as that would be a pig of a job (Own design fault ) any advise on which one to fit anyone?
It's a sidewinder instalation if that helps.
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