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Thread: Which Sim??
03/05/2009 22:14:44
Thanks for the help on this one, its looking like the Phoenix so far then.........My birthday isn't until September, so she has time to save up!
Thing is, i'm starting to worry now.....We were in town yesterday and of course I had to call in at the model shop (As you do) for a couple of bits and a good look around.
There, in a case behind the counter was an OS 90 FS, used but in mint looking condition. She tells the bloke to wrap it up if it's any good to me, then pays him.   
Ran it up on the test stand today, BEAUTIFUL......!!!!!!
Can't help thinking there's a catch somewhere though!
Must go now, got to find something to build for it. .
Thread: How scale is "Scale"?
03/05/2009 06:40:53
We live in the computer age Gemma, but it's still hard to beat the old "Mk1 Eyeball" it seems! (even though mine need help )
It's true what you say though, I often find it when I'm drawing up a building plan from a 3 view for example, I'll check, double check, then check again, but still notice when I draw the line on paper, even if as you say, it's only a fraction out.
02/05/2009 22:06:25
Yes I agree about the fun aspect, we should all enjoy the hobby as we each see fit.....That of course means that for some, spending ages researching a subject and then getting every single rivet on there and in the right fun!
If we all thought and built our models the same, it would be a very boring hobby!
Thread: Which Sim??
02/05/2009 15:05:48
Hi again all.
This question is really an instruction from my other (better?) half... She's just told me she's wanting to buy me a flight sim for my birthday, but wants me to find out which one is going to be the best for me first.
Not being a computer expert, I thought i'd ask the oppinions of some of you techno wizzards out there, before she parts with her hard earned.
The following may help;
The pc is fairly new and runs windows xp.
My tx is a futaba 6exA.
My flying is all sport and scale ic fixed wing, so heli orientated sims arn't really of much interest, but good graphics and realism would be quite important to me.
Thread: How scale is "Scale"?
02/05/2009 07:17:23
Some good points being made!
As Ernie says, "True Scale" is a dream anyway, since except for the very few exceptions, we all use a totally none scale engine.
With the WW1 types, if you look at a scale drawing or data sheet, it often gives the amount of dihedral, but this was a design spec, quite often when an aircraft reached its operational unit, the more experienced pilots would instruct the riggers to reduce it (The se5/5a being a prime example).
I must agree with you Gemma, there is no excuse for poorly draughted plans, especially where someone is making a healthy proffit from there sale.
As has been mentioned, it's really all down to what the individual is happy with, but it's interesting to see everyones views on the subject.
01/05/2009 04:51:50
After reading various magazines and books over the years, talking to other modellers at club level, and after reading some of the threads here, I thought i'd ask the question "How scale is 'Scale'? Maybe work out a sort of chart to see where the majority are in agreement, ranging from Semi-scale at the one end, to F4C level at the other. A scale of "Scale"!
The idea is not to critisize anyones efforts, but to try and find out what level of scale the majority of us want to include or to strive for within the hobby.
For myself, I want an accurate outline, without stretching the nose or enlarging the tail etc. If it had retracts i'd have them on the model, likewise flaps, and I like to get the finish to look as realistic as I can. Wing sections I like to keep as scale as possible, even if it means it's harder to fly. I like to see a WW1 bipe fly like a WW1 bipe, not an aerobatic stunt plane, and vice versa.
The thread may need refining or fleshing out in places, but just to get a general idea of what level of scale the majority of us settle for, I thought i'd pose the question.
Anyone care to run with it?
Thread: Engine Bits.
30/04/2009 10:53:09
Anyone have a complete needle valve assembly for an OS MAX 40 FP please? Also a carb with the nylon valve nipple that links to the remote needle valve for an OS MAX 46LA?
Thread: Hello all.
27/04/2009 22:48:25
Yeah, thats fine thanks............Us grumpy old gits have got to stick together!
Thread: Bf 110 retract help.
27/04/2009 22:21:31
Hi all. Can anyone offer some advise as to an air up air down retract system for a 1/12 scale Bf 110 project i'm working on please?
I don't want to go any bigger than 1/12, and that gives a span of just under 54". I'm aiming for an A.U.W. of around 6.5-7lbs. A basic system is fine, as I can do much of the detail work myself, it's a mater of size, weight and cost really.
Thread: Hello all.
27/04/2009 21:23:46
Hi to all here.
Sorry Timbo, I forgot this bit...(It's the age!)...
Been around model planes 40+ years now, but new to the site. Love sport and scale, but build and fly for personal pleasure, not the comps.
Oh.......and it has to involve a lovely smelly ic motor  I'm not into the 'leccy stuff, sorry. .
Thread: Lightweight retracts?
20/04/2009 02:38:33
Hi all.
Does anyone know of a lightweight retract system, either air or mechanical?
Weight is going to be the big issue, as I want to keep the plane small (around 48" span) and being scale, I want to avoid a fixed undercart.
Thanks in advance.
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