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Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
17/12/2019 06:07:05
Posted by Andy Meade on 16/12/2019 09:24:12:

Edit to add - Shona and I will cook bacon sarnies and supply hot coffee from the motorhome for those with sore heads (yes I'm looking at you Mr Gilder!)

Thought I could feel your eyes burning into my skull.

Thread: Jet Provost 1.5metre Andy Blackburn PSS Plan
22/08/2019 23:47:13

So is it finished yet Peter?

I have started gluing sheets together for the wing skins.

Not going to bother with a blog for mine as I always forget to take pics and update them.

22/08/2019 13:40:20
Posted by Andy Meade on 22/08/2019 13:17:22:

No one jumped on any colour schemes yet? I'm still fairly undecided.

Not yet. I think though we should all copy Phil's and go orange! At least they are visible in the "Sea Mist" so you don't need to land!

22/08/2019 12:29:16

Following for guidance!

My extra wood arrives tomorrow so hope to get building soon.

Thread: CAA registration consulation
29/04/2019 10:36:16

Just spent 15 minutes writing one heck of a response on the consultation and the damn CAA page dumped me off!
angry 2

I'd only completed the first part also!


Thread: Tornado GR4 (150%)
04/04/2019 22:51:55

They look great Ade.

Cant wait to sit one on top of the model soon.

I will update the blog soon as things have moved on quite a bit since the last update.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
02/01/2019 01:54:26

Just logged in for first visit of the year and been hit with this terribly sad news.

My thoughts and condolences to Dave's family and friends.

I got to know Dave initially like many through this amazing forum in his role as Admin, offering some of his apparently limitless knowledge and guidance to us mere mortals.

I also read his articles in the magazine and despite my then much lesser knowledge, I was able to understand them fully. Dave had a way of writing things so that anyone could understand them, even if you didn't know all the technical jargon!

It was in 2010 that I conversed with Dave as we drew up plans and launched the 2011 Webbit Mass Build. Little did we know then the Mass Build would not only continue annually, but would spread also into other disciplines such as the PSS Glider Guiders!

I only met Dave in person a handful of times, at Steve Webbs in Frodsham and at Greenacres, but a lasting impression was made of such a kind hearted and gentle soul.

I am sure everyone would agree that the world of RCM&E and model flying in general has lost one of its great contributors.

I shall raise my glass to you Dave.

Fly High In Heaven.

Save a space in the pits for us all!


Edited By David Gilder on 02/01/2019 01:55:41

Thread: Tornado GR4 (150%)
08/11/2018 21:52:35

Another week gone and time for another update...

Well, It seems the build bug is firmly in control at the moment with things coming together!

I am pleased to say also that the 2nd Tornado (being built by Warren) is finally underway. I'm not sure if Warren is planning on doing a build blog or not though!

Anyway, where were we....... Oh yes..!

So the rear top decking has gone on over the rear top stringers and the control rod is connected to the AMT axle.

The 2nd air intake is under construction also so these parts will be ready to be added later in the build!

I'm not going to bore you with pics of those bits though as there is much more interesting stuff to update!

Yesterday the doorbell rang.... There was a delivery in the form of a large cardboard box!


That's right. The wings arrived from cloud models!


So 2 sets of wings (one for me and one for Warren).

A quick inspection showed the quality and finish of these to be at a very high standard.

I just had to lay a set out to see!


But that just led to the obvious thing happening.... A full mock up!


Oooooooohhh Yeaaaaah!!!!

Now we really are getting somewhere! You will see the rear deck in the above picture also!

Okay. So, These wings are not swing wings and will be joined permanently in the fully forward position, but I just couldn't help seeing what it would look like if the were swept back!

What do you think!!?


Pretty cool.... Maybe a future model will have swing wings.. Who knows!

So to the wings then. Considering they only arrived yesterday, the following has been completed:

Servo position calculated.. I plan to have the wing fuel tanks on this so the position of these pylons had to be calculated to the scale and the servo positioned outboard of these!
Once this was worked out and the positions transferred on to the undersides of the wings, these were cut out!


I hadn't asked for Cloud Models to do this for me as I wasn't sure exactly where I wanted them so needless to say, there were no servo wire holes either, so these also have been done with some heated wire pushed carefully through at the required place so the exited into the servo bays!


Again, other measurements had to be calculated so as not to route them where the wing joining braces would be placed!

The positions of the joining braces were then drawn onto the wings and cut out on the fretsaw with each wing half supported in their foam halves (if that makes sense!)

The braces are made from 8mm ply so will provide a good solid link!

That was all yesterday..

So today, The leading edges and false Trailing Edges were glued on and once dry the sanding down has started to ensure nice smooth transitions. (This is nearly finished but had to make tea and walk the dogs!)

So just one last pic showing the wings together with the braces in position. (These will be sanded down flush once the wings are joined for good!)


So that's it for now!

I will be doing more sanding tomorrow as long as the weather allows, as there is nothing worse than sanding in the workshop with no moving air and balsa dust filling the air (and lungs)!

As always, comments and questions are very welcome!

Thread: PSS A-10 Thunderbolt II - build blog
07/11/2018 10:38:35

6 yrs.jpg

Thread: Tornado GR4 (150%)
01/11/2018 20:47:45

Sounds great Ade, I have faith in your ability.... Sure it will fit the model just fine!

Thanks Tim. Yes, Shes quite a good size.. To be honest, I'm glad I didn't go to 200% plan. Would have struggled to build and then store!

Looking forward to the wings arriving and then I can get a real size feel for her!

Will update when there is more to show!

01/11/2018 16:04:52

Neither Andy.

Will be looking to inlay spars myself, just like the A4 build.

01/11/2018 15:52:03

Small update time...

Inbetween work and a family long weekend away visiting sick relative, I have managed to do a little more on the build!

The axle for the AMT has also been made up and a metal horn spot welded to the axle. This will allow the clevis to link up solidly as this whole area in time will be sealed up!

Unlike the original plan, I have decided to move the AMT Servo into the rear part of he central under-wing bay in case any issues and it was to need replacing in the future!

From here, the rear sides where checked for fit and then fitted along with the rear formers and the AMT axle.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any pics of this stage!

3 wide stringers lay into the rear formers from F6 to F8. This provides the stability and stiffness to the rear end and as such has to be glued in whilst keeping the whole airframe centralised and steady. As the plans are being used for a 2nd build, I was unable to do this over them, so some accurate guide lines were drawn on to the build bench and the model pinned down to it!

Once this was all set and the rear end stable, the model could be removed again from the build board without risk of any misalignments later on.

I couldn't resist a mock up!


Definitely a Tornado shape there now!

The cockpit area has been lined all around and F4 (which provides the spread out of the rear sides up to the air intakes.


So what else...

I decided to work on getting the intakes sorted (well one of them for now!)

These are made up of black foam, veneered in balsa!


And this is how it should look on the model!


So that's about it for now...

Oh, I have ordered my wings from Cloud Models and they should be here in the next few weeks!

Wings will be as plan, no alterations to size or profile.

The only planned change on these will be to have a servo mounted in each wing with direct link to each aileron instead of a centrally mounted single servo running torque rods.

Will update again where there is more to tell!

Thread: Phoenix Sim?
24/10/2018 19:29:00

Wow surprise

Didn't expect that!

Wonder if adverts will now include the word "rare"!!

At least you can still download v5.5 however without the lead to connect to Tx, its no good!

Thread: Tornado GR4 (150%)
05/10/2018 15:03:39

Thanks Mark

Going to leave it with Ade for now and if needs be will look at making one myself! ( I have faith in Ade's abilities! )

04/10/2018 19:48:47


Looks good.

I measure mine at 416mm. Would suggest extending rear end by 3mm... Can always reduce to fit then!


01/10/2018 12:15:24

Cheers Peter & Andy.

I have had an offer from Ade (Flyer!) to make the canopy as he is also looking at building a 150% Tornado sometime.

So, Ade is going to have a go and failing that, I may have a go at making the plug myself. If that fails, I may have to speak to Mr Jones!

Haven't been able to do anything on the build for the last 2 days but should get some more done on Wednesday evening!



Edited By David Gilder on 01/10/2018 12:15:50

28/09/2018 15:45:34

Yeah, Yeah, I know..... Its taking some time to build!!!

Unfortunately, due to work and family commitments including a 1500 mile touring caravan holiday around Scotland, The Tonka had to take a back seat for a few months however I am now back at it!

So how is it progressing.... Well.... It actually took a step backwards initially..... Yes you did read that right......
It became apparent that the formers just were not strong enough to support the build so a considerable upsize was required in the thickness. New formers from F1 - F6 were cut and the old ones carefully removed. The holes where the formers lock into the fuselage sides and floor were widened accordingly to accept the new formers and these were then glued in.
I'm pleased to report that the structure is now very strong and will no doubt be ale to take a few knocks now!!
(The old ones broke if you looked at them the wrong way!!!)

Anyway..... Moving on.... The front of the fuselage sides were soaked in water and the taped up around F1 and allowed to dry. Once dry, they were released and held shape well so glue was added and they were retaped and left to dry in position,


At this point I turned my attention to something which would have been easier to do beforehand but hey ho....
Battery Box!

This was made from 2.4mm Ply and fits between F2 and F3 so under the cockpit!
I decided (probably unnecessarily) to make the box lightly tapered from back to front.
This will allow for a little weight to be added if needed for balancing and a good area for the battery to assist balancing. The box is open at the rear to allow battery removal as required.



The eagle eyed among you will notice the box is supported half way along underneath. This was just to prevent flexing and was made of some scrap balsa glued in.

Once the box was in and glued, blocks were added to the forward bottom and sanded roughly to shape. (viewable in the above pics!)

Next, the blocks and top sheet were added to the area between F1 and F2 ready to form the area in front of the cockpit. (In time the forward part of the canopy will be seated here!)

Once this was dry, Nose parts were created to fill out the nose ready for sanding.
As I have opted to do a GR4 and had had to create a different nose from the plan, I wasn't able to use the parts sheet for these!

A template was made up to assist with shape and this was then marked up on the glued in blocks.


Only one thing left to do now......
Out with the Permagrit blocks and get sanding!!




Still quite a bit of shaping to do but its well underway and you can see a nose in there now!!!

Again, the eagle eyed people will have noticed a green bucket with lots of wood parts in it in the last pic!
These are Warrens Tornado parts waiting to be started! I'm sure Warren will create a blog for his first full from plan build so I wont say anything more about that!

I am determined to get this model ready to fly for next years events so as long as I can now keep the momentum there shouldn't be any problems......... (can anyone make canopy plugs??!!!! laugh)

Thread: Government Consultation on Drone Flying in the UK.
22/08/2018 22:51:54

I'm just sat wondering where the police officers are going to come from in order to track, locate and enforce these regulations / laws!?

I'm all for the "idiot users" to be grounded and dealt with accordingly, but fail to actually see how this will be enforced!

Police forces are already stretched almost to breaking point!

Thread: PSS Models FOR SALE or WANTED
13/06/2018 21:02:40
Mirage F1 SOLD.
13/06/2018 16:51:12

The below models will be going to Weston Park with me tomorrow for the Swap Meet (unless anyone wants to make a sensible offer on any of them!)

Can still bring to Weston for collection!



Posted by David Gilder on 14/11/2017 15:11:06:

Having a clear through to make room for future projects.....

Collection from Hyde, Manchester.




English Electric Lightning. Aileron / Elevator. Requires recovering!





Mirage F1. Just add Rx and Battery!





Mirage 2000. Unknown kit origin. Glass fus, Foam wings and fin. Originally for i/c but I have filled the exhaust cut-out. Just not going to ever get around to building it!!!


That's all for now.




Edited By David Gilder on 13/06/2018 16:53:23

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