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Thread: Tornado GR4 (150%)
23/05/2018 16:51:00

Next little steps done on the Tonka!

A quick trip to Webbies yesterday saw the purchase of the wing bolts etc...
M6 seems to be the largest I could obtain which I am sure would be adequate with the 2 on the plan.... however I decided to go belt and braces and spread the loading across 4!

The fuselage sides were lined up, marked with the correct locations and drilled accordingly!

Load spreaders were then glued to the outside of the fuselage sides where the bolt carriers sit and left to dry overnight!


The eagle eyed will spot a lack of nuts on the bolts currently...... (I forget to get some!)

Anyway... This afternoon, the jig was set up and the fuselage sides where glued up and set into place and the jig tightened! This wont be released until tomorrow!


So that's all for now!

I was just a quick update on the latest little bits completed!


18/05/2018 19:12:47

Well I think its about time I updated the build blog as there has been a little progress since the last update!

Now we all know that cutting out parts is a long tedious process for any model.. This one is no exception.
(If only there was a short kit for a 150% Tornado!)

Anyway.... All the main parts have now been cut out and the build is underway!


Here's some of the formers cut out with a 30cm rule to give some scale!


I did find one issue from the plans which was the fillets for underneath the air intakes..
Cut exactly to the parts sheet, it resulted in having 2 different sized fillets!surprise

img_20180413_144058.jpgYou can see the difference above where they are stacked!

No worries.... A lay over over the plans soon showed that the larger one was in-fact too big and it was reduced to match the smaller one! Panic Over!!!


First job of the actual build then was to join all the forward fuselage section base parts to create the fuselage floor and then glue a spine down the centreline onto which all the forward formers and nose are placed!


Now the plan as drawn is for the F3 Tornado and I am building the GR4 variation which calls for a different shaped nose!

After some careful drawing and scaling I had a nose outline I was happy with and cut this out of 5mm Ply.


This is where I was upto yesterday and today, following a quick trip to a shop for some 3mm ply, I was able to cut and fit the wing seat strengtheners onto which the wing retaining system will later be bolted... (need to buy the parts for that soon!)


So here we see the sides dry fitted... Starting to take shape!!

Oh, The bench there is 140cm long and the fuselage upto now is 115cm long! She's quite a size!

Current weight is 220g as seen above and I am hoping to keep the weight as close to 1.8kg as possible finished (although a little over isn't going to worry me at all!)

Will update in time when there is more to tell!



Edited By David Gilder on 18/05/2018 19:14:00

29/03/2018 21:20:30
Posted by Peter Garsden on 29/03/2018 19:27:26:

I know you have cut the plan up now Andy but I always make a copy of the plan via Mail Box then you have one to destroy on the bench and another to refer to whilst you are building. Just a little tip!

Evening Peter. Firstly... Who is Andy? I think a little confusion has sunk in here!!! wink Andy supplied the plans for Me and Warren!

So in relation to the "plan", its only the Parts sheet that has been cut up... Not the 3 view plan. That is in one piece ready to be built over!

29/03/2018 00:27:21

Thanks Andy but I think we will go with Cloud Models on this one. Once time, fuel & materials etc have been factored in its about the same cost and will allow us to continue with other parts of the build / keeping SWMBO happy!

Managed to get started on the accrual build a build a bit and will update sometime soon.

Away with the Caravan this weekend and then got to get some models ready for the following weekend at the Orme!

See you soon!

28/03/2018 03:07:36

Hi Ade,

Glad to have you aboard.

Foam or built up? The plan calls for a foam core wing and in keeping with the plan, this is what we will be going for.
I have already approached cloud models for a quote (veneered cores only) as we already have L.E. & T. E. from the wood order!

We had looked at trying to cut cores ourselves but really don't have the skill or equipment to do them!

27/03/2018 17:37:51

Hi Peter,

I'm not planning to glass mine at all but Warren did mention glassing his!

Wings! Absolutely.. Decided to stick with the plan wing.. although not a scale wing, It will allow a more favourable range of winds to be flown in! (Can always ballast up!)

I did discuss wing section with Phil Cooke but decided the difference was not sufficient enough to change it from the plan to the more recently sported SD6060 profiled wings!

So that will give the models a wingspan of 72 inches (6ft) or 181cm for the new age people! and a fuselage length of around 5.5ft.

As for the show you mention...... I think that may be before my time!!!!cheeky

27/03/2018 15:41:57

Back again as promised!

Time for some pictures!

First is the arrival of the wood!


and once unpacked.....


That's quite a lot of wood there! The left had pack is all 6 inch wide and 5 ft long! Tx for scale!


And the wood lay over the parts plan sheet...

Amazing isnt it how all that wood suddenly disappears over plans........ Well actually that's only half of the wood...

To quote S.R.Hadden in the film Contact... " First rule of Government spending, Why have 1, when you can have 2 for twice the price!"

Yes..... That's right.... There are 2x 150% Tornados being built! The second is to be built by Warren Phillips who I will try and encourage to do a blog about his (as he is doing the F Variation)

So all that wood split into 2 nice piles... 1 pile per model!


But we only have 1 set of plans and parts sheet! No problem...

Having cut out the individual sheets from the parts plan, these were then glued to one set of wood.
Once each part has been cut out, it is then traced around onto the second set of wood in order for Warren to cut his parts out!



So there we go.... The parts process is underway!

Stay tuned.... More to follow!!!

Andy, Might be looking for some nice printed exhausts! wink

26/03/2018 23:36:56

Will no doubt be using some of your great pictures for reference Phil.

The big job of cutting out all the parts has begun and I will update with some pictures and words tomorrow.

In the mean time.. Back to work!!

26/03/2018 23:33:11
Posted by Chris Barlow on 26/03/2018 23:18:44:

Swing wing with rotating hard points too Dave?



Hmmm. Think it will be done on the KISS principle... (Keep It Simple Stupid!)

Fixed wing but I may look at droppable wing tanks for use on bombing comps!

26/03/2018 23:08:12

Good Evening Chaps and Chapessessssss!

Okay, the cat jumped out of the bag officially recently that I am going to be building a larger version of the Andy Conway Tornado.

The initial plan was for a massive 200% scaled plan but the cost of the plan and parts printing alone made this prohibitively expensive.

So after a chat with fellow PSS'er Andrew Meade, A 150% print arrived via Phil Cooke at a much more reasonable price!

This all took place around October 2017.. So with Christmas now well into the past, out came the plans and the special wood order went in to SLEC.

Standard plans are cut from 4inch wide balsa sheet... So a simple calculation showed I would need 6 inch wide sheet! Luckily SLEC were able to accommodate this and before long a parcel of wood arrived!

Now I do have some pictures but I'm not currently at my home computer so unable to put them up yet... I will add some pictures tomorrow!

So here we go..... Its BIG TONKA TIME!!

Thread: PSSA visit to the Avro Heritage Museum
06/03/2018 14:45:57

Cheers Phil,

If I make it, I wont be joining for lunch as will need to get home to bed again!

Fingers crossed I get to come!

06/03/2018 09:37:34


How long is the visit likely to last?

I am on night shifts, so wondering if worth forgoing sleep for a while!

Be a shame to miss out on such a local event!

Thread: WOT4 Becomes Racing Car
09/02/2018 22:16:30

Probably a long shot but I have experienced this when flying gliders.....

Downdraft like a Microburst.

This wouldn't need to be excessively strong for a model aircraft but would prevent it lifting!


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
06/01/2018 23:32:44

Cheers Phil.

A quick look shows me attending a massive 1 event (April) ! crying

Looks like a very grounded year for me!!! Oh well. Maybe use it for building!!! wink 2

Thread: PSS Models FOR SALE or WANTED
30/11/2017 19:00:54

Just a light jibe as you have sold a few recently!!! I would love to own one but no room currently!!!!

30/11/2017 17:43:57

lol.. Nowhere to store a U2 currently!!! Wait till I have sold all the above models!!!! (Then I probably still wont have space, what with the 50% Tonka build!!!!)cheeky

30/11/2017 14:07:31

Are you getting a commission for highlighting all these models for sale on Ebay Mr Meade!!!!??wink 2

You not selling anymore of yours..... Like that non aerobatic black thing named after a brilliant band!!!??wink 2

18/11/2017 12:44:45

PRICES REDUCED!! They wont go lower!!

Posted by David Gilder on 14/11/2017 15:11:06:

Having a clear through to make room for future projects.....

Collection from Hyde, Manchester.



English Electric Lightning. Aileron / Elevator. Requires recovering!

£50 Reduced to £45



Mirage F1. Just add Rx and Battery!

£80 reduced to £65




Mirage 2000. Unknown kit origin. Glass fus, Foam wings and fin. Originally for i/c but I have filled the exhaust cut-out. Just not going to ever get around to building it!!!

£80 Reduced to £75


14/11/2017 15:11:06

Having a clear through to make room for future projects.....

Collection from Hyde, Manchester.



English Electric Lightning. Aileron / Elevator. Requires recovering!




Mirage F1. Just add Rx and Battery! £80




Mirage 2000. Unknown kit origin. Glass fus, Foam wings and fin. Originally for i/c but I have filled the exhaust cut-out. Just not going to ever get around to building it!!!

That's all for now.


Thread: PSS A-10 Thunderbolt II - build blog
22/10/2017 23:45:42

Looking good Phil. Glad to see things moving along again with the Hog! yes

Chris, Buy 5 meters and get it for less than buying 4 meters!!! cheeky

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