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Here is a list of all the postings Ross Clarkson has made in our forums. Click on a thread name to jump to the thread.

Thread: Flying a giant RC glider
14/10/2015 13:09:23

Absolutely cracking video and superb model beautifully flown.

Thank you.

Thread: Action Man & Fun Cub
10/10/2015 18:05:58

thumbs upthumbs upthumbs up

Thread: Sensitivity of Blade 180 cfx
16/09/2015 08:29:26

Iv'e had approx 20-30 flights on the 180cfx with only one small incident where I tapped the tail rotor against a brick, thankfully the weak link broke and all that was needed was a new tail rotor shaft.

I can happily fly it, when I say 'mastering' i mean perfecting really. I'm sure i'll want the reactiveness later on when i progress to 3D but for now I am happy with it slightly less twitchy.


10/09/2015 09:00:26
Posted by Dave Bran on 09/09/2015 19:37:06:

Well, don't try any more than basic circuit flying in that trim! (which is not the designed flight envelope for that heli)

I'm still only mastering circuits and piro's to be fair. Thank you very much.

Thread: BA 777 Engine fire at Las Vegas
10/09/2015 08:51:36
Posted by Bill_B on 09/09/2015 20:10:05:

They're actually on the far side of the aircraft.

Ross, when a turbine disc fails and breaches the turbine casing it can come out at any point during a 360° rotation. Had it come out half way up the port side of the engine there wouldn't have been such a catastrophic fire. On the QANTAS A-380 the disc erupted upwards through the wing with relative safety, had it gone inboard at about 45° it would most likely gave penetrated the fuselage with devastating results.

That's exactly what I was trying to get at Bill. I got the impression some were trying to say that the fire originated at the wing root (Internally) and that the engine was not the problem at all.

09/09/2015 19:28:23

Surely the fire would have gone straight up though!

I think that damage is more likely caused by the fire being blown onto it by the direction of the wind and a combination of Trumpton making sure all was extinguished.

Anyway, as we say, we'll wait and see.

Thread: Sensitivity of Blade 180 cfx
09/09/2015 19:23:12

Well before I saw your responses I switched to DR 85% and added 30% expo on Aileron and Elevator and just been flying. The difference is remarkable, an almost uncontrollable Heli becomes a joy to fly.

I will at some point try and set up accordingly as per the manual provided above but in the mean time, thanks for all your help.

09/09/2015 15:03:51

I got told that expo didn't work on the 180 cfx due to the way its set-up. Can someone clarify this?

Thread: BA 777 Engine fire at Las Vegas
09/09/2015 15:01:36

Where and who say's the fire was in the wing root?

Thread: Sensitivity of Blade 180 cfx
09/09/2015 11:34:54


Iv'e been flying the Helicopter above for a while now. Now, i understand how sensitive a flybarless collective pitch Heli is supposed to be but i would like to tone it down a bit, or at least have the option too.

What settings tone the sensitivity down? I have been told due to the way this specific Heli is set up that expo is not an option.

Thread: BA 777 Engine fire at Las Vegas
09/09/2015 11:26:27

Nobody need's their passports and associated bags when they are dead.

Thread: First ever flight
09/09/2015 11:13:57

I'm not being funny but I regularly see experienced modeler's at the field who can just about manage what Dave completed.

Some of the "trained" elders with "years" of experience struggle to keep a model airborne, never mind land them in one piece. It's pretty standard to see a prop flying off, a wheel departing, controls reversed, running out of fuel etc.....

Well done Dave, it's certainly a learning curve but keep it up, keep learning and good luck for the future.

I have a sneaky suspicion I know why you felt it necessary to go early and avoid some particulars! Don't let them put you off, take a deep breath, check and re-check and then fly.

Thread: BA 777 Engine fire at Las Vegas
09/09/2015 11:01:36
Posted by Dave Bran on 09/09/2015 08:59:22:

Some lessons clearly NOT learnt, such as preventing brain dead idiots taking bags from overhead and delaying exit.......................


First thing i noticed too, if they had been stood in front of me and my family i can guarantee who would have been first off!! wink

In different circumstances, collecting your bags could have resulted in the death of many onboard. They don't say it for no reason.

So pleased they all got off ok and well done to ALL the crew.

Thread: Vinyl graphics.
06/08/2015 11:01:19

Thanks guys, I don't think it was either of them but I will make contact with them. Thanks a lot.

25/07/2015 18:33:47

Thanks but it was forum member that did them. Still trying to find him.

25/07/2015 09:34:56

A few years ago, a kind guy produced some Vinyl lettering for me which was used by my mother to stick in her car windows to advertise her business.

I am after the same thing again.

Apologetically, i can not remember his name. Can anybody help identify him for me?

Thread: Voltage low on 1 cell, x 2 batteries!
17/07/2015 11:52:36

Bought a voltmeter and have discovered that it is indeed a faulty charger, batteries and cells are all fine and within 0.02v of each other.

Off to purchase new charger!!

Thread: A fitting Memorial
17/07/2015 11:47:13


Thread: Voltage low on 1 cell, x 2 batteries!
13/07/2015 11:19:17

They charger when first started says 11.55v which is as normal as i worked out this was the safe amount to work with given the time I was airborne.

No, they weren't hot, just slightly warm to touch as per normal.

No Frank, they are Turnigy.

I'm swaying to a charger fault. Will do some testing and get back to you.


Edited By Ross Clarkson on 13/07/2015 11:20:32

12/07/2015 20:39:46

I have always balance charged them and they haven't been used relatively much at all.

When I charge I have my charger set up so it displays each cell and all was fine. Just a bit miffed both have gone exactly at the same time.

So, is it the charger or my batteries? Suppose i will have to get a voltmeter.

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