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Thread: Voltage low on 1 cell, x 2 batteries!
12/07/2015 19:24:28

They charged fine and I checked the voltage on all cells before taking them off charge. All were 4.19v.

12/07/2015 18:43:41

So, i've just been flying. Charged 2 x 3S batteries which didn't need much charge before flying and then had two flights each of about 8mins which is less than normal if anything.

No signs of any problems and flights as expected, if not very windy. The batteries are identical batteries bought at the same time and used the same amount of times.

On trying to re-charge them now, both won't balance charge and the middle cell on both is showing about 1.25v.

What's caused this and is there a fix??

Thread: planes for sale
07/07/2015 12:45:14

Is the Hurricane still for sale Chris?

Can you let me know what size it is, whether the wing is one piece or splits and do you have anymore pics of it?

Thread: Aircraft graveyard
27/05/2015 10:32:14

Great video, thanks for sharing.

Thread: Three gliders circling in close formation !
25/05/2015 08:56:00

Brilliant. yes

Thread: Hobbyking Cri-Cri build 1778mm
14/05/2015 09:41:00

Superb choice in model and build looks fantastic. Can't wait to see the finished article.

Thread: First Collective pitch Helicopter.
12/05/2015 08:10:57

Just wanted to say thanks for all your help guys. Had the 180cfx maidened and put a few batteries through her since. 6 channel flybarless systems are certainly a step up aren't they!! Love it.

Extremely sensitive and still getting used to not cutting the throttle when in trouble and also having to counter act any input.

Brilliant, thanks.

17/04/2015 16:18:45

Thanks for all your help guys, got it binded and been testing with the blades off.

Wow, it spools up impressively!

Ok, so am i right in what i am doing?

I connect the battery with throttle hold activated, test the movement on the servos etc and then deactivate throttle hold.

Its the next bit I'm not sure on.

Will it lift off in normal flight mode or once spooled up in normal flight mode, do i need to switch to flight mode 1 for it to get airborne?

I'm assuming i do as if i throttle down to much on normal flight mode there is a distinctive spooling down of the rotors at a certain point which takes quite a while to spool up again.

15/04/2015 09:07:22

Brilliant David, thank you so much. Really appreciate your help.

14/04/2015 11:21:55

Thanks guys.

Thats the problem David, the manual says 1 Servo 90 for the plain DX7 (which i have) but I don't have that option to choose.

I only have 1 Servo NORM which is as per the manual says, for a DX7s.

So, 1 Servo NORM should be fine?

Also, I see that on some of the EXPO recommended settings is says INH, I dont seem to have that option too, I only have LIN or + - numerical values.

14/04/2015 09:14:41

Thanks Allan, that's great.

I have 3 servos, 2 that control the front of the swash and 1 right in the middle at the back.

Should i use 3 Servo 90 or 3 Servo 120? By what you have said, I'm assuming 3 Servos 120.

13/04/2015 20:31:12

Its an older DX7 with no S or SE. Just standard DX7.

So, I should use 3 Servos 90?

So I learn from this, can you explain the difference between them?

13/04/2015 12:33:09

Thanks Cuban, thats brilliant, really appreciate it.

Not sure what Heli you have but the Blade 180 CFX manual states to set the model up with a DX7 as:

Swash Type: 1 Servo 90

My DX7 only gives me these options:

1 Servo NORM

2 Servos 180

3 Servos 120

3 Servos 90

Would you know which one i should be picking?

Thread: 180 CFX with DX7
13/04/2015 10:37:52

Thanks Frank.

The manual says 0% or INH on Expo. Do you fly with Expo and recommend dialing some in?

Edited By Ross Clarkson on 13/04/2015 10:41:02

Thread: First Collective pitch Helicopter.
13/04/2015 10:33:35


So in my model memory on the DX7, Throttle Hold says:

Hold Pos. 50.0%


What value should I be looking at and is the GEAR switch the best to use?

13/04/2015 10:11:56

Iv'e got my first ever Collective Pitch Helicopter and I'm just trying to work out the advanced settings.

I would like to ask what I'm sure is a simple question but I just cant work it out in my head at the minute.

What settings do I need to look at on my Tx that can assure me that when I connect the battery the rotors will not spin?

Thread: 180 CFX with DX7
13/04/2015 10:08:44

Does anybody on here fly the Blade 180 CFX with a DX7?

Having a couple of issues setting up, common problems I believe, and just want to get them right before I try and start it up.

Can I bind before I set the advanced settings on the Tx or do they need doing first?

Thread: What's the largest Model You've Been Able To Get Into Your Smallest Car?
18/02/2015 10:29:36

This was my first ever model in my Aygo. I was so protective of it at the time that i thought this was a squeeze, could probably get 3 more in there now!

Thread: What does this mean
12/02/2015 10:55:50

I understood AUW to mean just that, the All Up Weight including everything just before you commit to flight, so fuel inclusive.

Thread: Throttle and Elevator settings.
12/02/2015 10:44:20


Just recently my Phoenix Sim is not behaving how it used to.

I practically need full power and full up elevator trim to keep the models flying. I am using a DX7 and have calibrated several times.

Anybody have any idea why its doing this, cant for the life of me work this out?

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