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Thread: Best Beginner Heli
08/02/2015 14:00:27

08/02/2015 13:41:20

Try the V912 or the Heliguy Firefly.

Both a little bigger than the V911 making them that much more stable, but you are then getting close to the indoor/outdoor divide line unless you have a reasonable sized lounge.

I have the V912 and to be honest, one of the best models I have ever been bought. For the price, it is superb quality and flies beautifully for what is considered a cheap Chinese alternative. It has increased my technique hugely to the point now that I am looking for a 450 sized Heli.

I fly it both indoors, delicately (Don't want to hit too much with the rotor head speed) and on calm days in my garden which it handles with ease.

Hope that helps.

Edited By Ross Clarkson on 08/02/2015 13:42:21

Thread: How to do the perfect wing-over?
21/01/2015 18:03:11

There was a brilliant article written in RCME about how to do Wingover's and Stall Turn's. I will try and find it but sitting down and reading it a few times really made the differences click in my head and improve my manoeuvres immensely.

Thread: Hanger 9 Inverza 62
21/01/2015 17:56:01

Nope, not bored. Just waiting patiently!! wink

Thread: In the weeds
03/01/2015 18:28:53

Excellent, can't wait until my little ones are old enough to use as an excuse for RC toys!

Thread: The Hummel Aviation Hummelbird
22/12/2014 10:47:54

Wow, I'm with Robert on this one. Is that clip a model or real thing? If it's a model then it is flown beautifully.

What a great subject, good luck with this Peter.

Thread: Clouds
20/12/2014 08:58:06

Edited By Ross Clarkson on 20/12/2014 08:58:36

Thread: Help needed for Christmas present
15/12/2014 08:13:49

Lots of possibles to be honest Rebecca.

Will depend greatly on so many things such as his ability, size, experience, where he flies, whether he likes traditionally built models or modern ones, what kinds of models/equipment he already owns, electric or fuel etc.....

Do you know if he means a modern Typhoon like a jet or an older era Typhoon from WWII as a starting point?

Does he fly at a club, are his models large scale already, does he like propellers or jets?

Here are a couple of suggestions anyhow but I should imagine you will be thinking about much cheaper ideas in your mind as these are more advanced serious models.

Jet type:


Older WWII type:


Hope this at least starts us working out exactly what he wants.

Thread: Should models be available from certain types of sellers?
12/12/2014 18:54:34

Yes, but the point being made by the OP was that of should Costco be allowed to sell such models rather than the usual suppliers.

Well yes, why not.

That day will come when the awful thing occurs, if it hasn't somewhere in the world already, but that doesn't mean the correct legislation or rules are not in place now. I think the balance is perfect as it is and pretty clear to be honest.

We always want to promote our hobby and get many more people into it so creating more legislation, more requirements, and reducing suppliers etc.. may be a a case of 'Be careful what you wish for'

Edited By Ross Clarkson on 12/12/2014 18:55:16

12/12/2014 15:24:02

In fact, I'm pretty sure I could buy a serious model at high cost from the 'For Sale ad's' on here without too many questions being asked about legality and competence.

12/12/2014 14:53:26

I've just visited a well known Model website we all know very well, clicked on Jet Turbines because I'm a rich kid who loves boys toys.

Found a Flying Legends Hawker Hunter worth £2,400.

Got to the payment page which only requires paying by paypal or a credit/debit card. 'Daddy, I would like that so i can fly it from our garden??' Ok son, here are the payment details or I will buy it for you.

There is no mention of ANO, no mention it is not a toy, no age limit on it, it produces 80-120 newton' of thrust and weighs 13kg. There are no restrictions recorded anywhere.

I really do not see what the difference is.

12/12/2014 14:42:54
Posted by Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services on 12/12/2014 13:35:46:

Actually, Model and Hobby World in Lancaster are very good at this iqon, so i can say there is one responsible shop out there, they recommend clubs, talk to the buyer and recommend the right equipment and model they need, I have witnessed this on several occasions, they want the customer to return, and for the right reasons, not because "the plane must be faulty, it crashed" scenario

Ross, online I presume the fact you are using a card to pay for items that you are at least 18 years old?

Nice one Graham

Exactly, you are assuming I am 18.

12/12/2014 12:44:24
Posted by Dylan Reynolds LaserCraft Services on 12/12/2014 10:40:23:

The difference Cuban with power tools there are age restrictions on them, as there is with hand tools with blades or even glues, although this is not a restriction I would expect or want to be placed on models of any kind.

I've never had to prove my age when buying various high powered equipment online, especially when I ordered my petrol powered lawnmower. That could do me serious harm.

12/12/2014 08:07:01

Surely this is a parenting issue and not a model flying issue/retailer issue.

If a 14+ year old not only feels they could purchase it on their own and have that amount of money available to them then that's the fundamental problem. After all, I'm sure some of the rotary models available for prices such as £50 could seriously harm people also but would you let kids plays with them.

I have plenty of equipment, machinery, tools, various items throughout the house and garage that my son could deem a toy and cause serious harm to himself but I don't give him the opportunity too so he knows what he can and can't have.

A 14+ year old could walk into various shops and buy all manner of things that could end in disaster if used incorrectly.

Edited By Ross Clarkson on 12/12/2014 08:07:52

Thread: Christmas wishes
12/12/2014 07:41:25

Thanks Ken.

Merry Xmas to all too, hope it goes smooth and everybody has a great time.

Thread: Warbird engine start-ups
05/12/2014 20:23:50

Best video iv'e seen in years. Could watch/listen to that 24/7.

Thread: What would you like from Santa. .?
01/12/2014 14:21:18

I have hinted, and when i say hinted i mean pretty much done everything apart from tattoo it on my body , that i wouldn't mind my next model to be one of the following:

H9 Piper Pawnee

H9 J3 Cub

H9 P-47

Surely one of them is not too much to ask for!!!!! ha ha. Leaving the laptop open on a specific website by accident is becoming a little tedious. cheeky

Thread: Low cost video camera for Radian glider?
30/11/2014 18:51:33

No probs, Mobius does look good. Have fun.

Thread: Shopping Woe. Looking for new YAK ish thing
30/11/2014 18:17:06

Not sure what Yak you already had and whether you actually want another Yak but this is well worth the money, gorgeous well built model.


Thread: Low cost video camera for Radian glider?
30/11/2014 18:06:31

I use this one:


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