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Thread: How do you clean your glow engined models after flying?
18/09/2020 09:49:41

50:50 Elbow grease and water does the job as well as any of the 'witches brews' I've tried over the years. Cheap as chips from Poundland and lasts for ages. Similar to the excellent Desolve-it that we used to use in work but much more diluted.

Use Muc-off on my motorbike, good for very heavily oiled models now and again when required, but quite expensive for use after every flight. Usually around a tenner a bottle but sometimes on offer for less than half that. Can be diluted.


Edited By Cuban8 on 18/09/2020 09:55:44

Thread: Nearly that time of year again... AGMs
15/09/2020 08:55:42
Posted by Doctor Chinnery on 15/09/2020 07:51:39:

Our Secretary and Committee members did a straw poll up at field over a couple of weeks in July and pretty well everybody agreed that things were rolling along to their satisfaction - so the Committee and Officers continue as for the last year. As for next year we will all wait and see and, like most clubs, if absolutely necessary an Extraordinary General Meeting could be called.

Also, if our Secretary feels there is something we need to know about he'll send an email round immediately, no need to leave something of importance until the AGM.

As Mr Punch often says....."that's the way to do it" yes

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
12/09/2020 09:36:07

Had my regular news email from Motor Cycle News this morning and their take is that it's perfectly OK for a group of 6 friends to meet up at a venue for a ride out, but no more. Presumably, if another group of 6 also decide to meet up at the same venue but keep away from the original six, then that's OK.

So........can both groups then leave together and ride together? What happens if another rider tacks onto a group of six during the journey? If they're all members of a club does that make a difference as opposed to just social friends.

I think you can see certain similarities to our predicament. All far too variable in an attempt to create a 'one size fits all solution'

For outside activities why not just have 2M socially distanced groups of no more than six and a social distance between those groups of say say 6 metres. Avoid mixing between groups if at all possible. Maximum as before of thirty peeps. Adding caveats and fiddle factors just confuses people so they then ignore any rules anyway.

Something similar in place to the Old Warden drive in airshow concept that I understand was very successful and with the vast majority following the layout.

I fail to see how any else more involved will be better.



Edited By Cuban8 on 12/09/2020 09:39:18

11/09/2020 22:44:36

Nothing new as of this moment on BMFA website.  I suppose they're just as confused as the rest of us. I'm sure that if clubs remind members visting a field to fly to  refrain from forming any close groups when chatting in the pits etc so keep 2M apart at all times, or when flying, keep to say a maximum of three pilots at 2M distance so calls for landing etc can be easily heard, I really don't see how we could be accused of operating irresponsibly. This is what is happening at my clubs. A dozen over the field yesterday at mid-afternoon and everyone was well spread out.

Keep it simple with something that people can understand and usually they'll comply (no body wants to catch the bug after all).

Edited By Cuban8 on 11/09/2020 22:46:40

Thread: Nearly that time of year again... AGMs
11/09/2020 09:59:00

The title refers to our clubs' AGMs and what usually is a scramble to pay subs etc.

With or without any further Covid restrictions and considering that AFAIK all clubs have suspended their usual indoor monthly or whatever meetings, it might be worth having a review of how best it might be to collect monies this year and give those that like to hand over their payments in person for whatever reason, time to change tack.

I have to say that as Membership Sec of my club, I've noticed a declining use of personal cheques and cash over to bank transfers which for me are far more convenient although not totally foolproof. I suppose 1/3 of the one hundred subs I take are in person by cheque or cash at the AGM but this will not be possible this year.

As a rough guess, I reckon for my club it's split equally between postal, bank transfer, and payment in person by cheque or cash.

Edited By Cuban8 on 11/09/2020 10:00:38

Thread: Litter
10/09/2020 10:51:39

Some years ago I spent three weeks on a work course in a delightful little German town called Bad Nauheim. Both it and the neighbouring town Frieburg were 99.9% DEVOID OF LITTER! I have photos of the town and the level of cleanliness stands out. They even had lovely colourful parasols on the park benches that were left out over night and remained totally unmolested. Clearly a completely different mindset.

Now, I'm sure that certain parts of Germany's inner cities are far from perfect as our are, but what I saw in their provincial towns that I visited, puts every single similar town here in the UK to shame. Interestingly, they also had cigarette vending machines everywhere, but not a dogend could be found on the floor or outside a pub. Not a blob of spat out chewing gum either. Compare that to your local watering hole here and the disgusting detritus that's to be found outside nearly all high street pubs and elsewhere.

Thread: Price of Kits
10/09/2020 10:29:52
Posted by ken anderson. on 10/09/2020 09:32:34:

what was the last "uk kit" you bought mine was during lockdown...oowah …from IAD Designs, a laser cut flying wing...…….or did you buy a kit from a foreign manufacturer....supplier.

Ken kit dept.

I suppose it qualifies, but my ongoing project at the moment and the last that I bought last year, is a Dennis Bryant Chipmunk. UK Sarik plans and laser cut bits and pieces. Almost finished but on the back burner at the moment because of important but far less interesting projects around the house!

Thread: Researching the ancient Ripmax Futaba M6
10/09/2020 09:48:33

As a teenager I used to look on in awe at the flyers and boat operators with their Futaba M series radios. It's hard to fathom it today but they really were top of the range gear and expensive for what you got. When I stared to earn reasonable money I eventually saved up for the later 'Gold' system in 1982 - only five channels rather than the very posh seven - the five was almost £200 then so something like £600 now (according to a money website). lasted me for years until the early 90's when I eventually got a computer radio - FF7.

I was in the electronics industry and saw the insides of a lot of gear used in industry and the build quality of the Japanese Futaba radios of the 70s/80s was superb, as good as anything with very high quality and consistent soldering. Don't know how they made any money from them despite their price although they did cheapen things a bit over time but their reputation still remains.

Still have the TX in my workshop.

Thread: Price of Kits
10/09/2020 09:16:02

Flair there is a sad story of a once powerful force in our hobby some thirty years ago that's slid into obscurity. **LINK**

Once Dudley Pattison parted company with the firm it never really recovered IMHO **LINK**

They've been 'restructuring' their business for ages now, with AFAIK no progress as towards boxes in shops (or on-line). We were talking about their products on the field last Sunday and a few of us came up with names from the past. The much lamented Tiger Moth and Brisfit kits along with the Scouts and electric sports planes (Flair Volture if memory serves). Perhaps they should sell their kit rights to someone who can make a go of them? Can you imagine the scramble for a new laser cut Puppeteer kit? I can think of one or two concerns that could make a go of them given the will - I'd be in the market for their products.

BTW, from the depths of memory I mentioned my Flair Dara that was given to me, but TBH I never had the bottle to fly it and passed it on to someone a little more adventurous and more nimble fingered.

09/09/2020 11:27:03
Posted by Tony H on 09/09/2020 11:06:11:

From what I have heard a large part of the price increase is the cost of balsa has gone up and shipping costs due to covid19, coupled with the exchange rate.

Also build kits have also gone up a fair bit due to the above. It costs almost the same to build a kit as it does to buy an ARTF if you take everything required into account......covering, glue, tanks etc....

All very true Tony, in fact I'd say that building from a plan or short kit is considerably more expensive than an ARTF or good quality full kit. Depends on size of the model, the larger ARTFs that are typically sold for £500+ are I think more economical from a materials standpoint, but of course the cost of a decent engine and radio gear does drive the costs up beyond what many of us are able or willing to lavish on our hobby.

Saw my mate's Seagull Bearcat tearing up our club's airspace last Sunday - big quiet engine, one of the most impressive models that I've seen in ages - but well over a grand's worth of gear up there.

Thread: New limit on groups in England from Monday?
09/09/2020 11:10:53
Posted by Ron Gray on 09/09/2020 08:44:08:
Posted by EarlyBird on 09/09/2020 06:43:49:


Yes the usual confusion as the interpretation depends on the press report you read.

PM will issue a statement today clarifying the new rules.

I’m sure that Boris will make it really clear.

Here is the Gov’s document as it currently stands with reference to the 30.

Phew! A nice bit of bedtime reading for insomniacs - good lord, this stuff needs to be presented in a more digestible fashion - I'm used to reading lengthy bumf from my work days, but most people will skip it.

As it applies to model clubs, I suppose this passage is the nearest or best fit for what we do as regards participation.

You are able to play team sport in any number if this is formally organised by a sports club or similar organisation and sports-governing body guidance has been issued. Where there is clear guidance in place, sports can be played in groups larger than 2 households. If you are playing one of these sports informally, such as in the park or a private garden, there should be no more than 30 people involved (including participants, coaches, umpires, spectators).

Thread: Price of Kits
09/09/2020 09:36:13

Tony H's mention of VQ and Blackhorse 'kits' surprised me for a moment and I had to check with both of those manufacturers' websites to see whether they'd actually gone into kit production (as I understand the term ' kit' to mean) and I'd missed something. No, their products are ready builts and yes, I do agree the price of many ARTFs have increased by a substantial amount. It does seem to depend on the model type and I find that smallish foamy models are still quite affordable if you're in the market for some quickly put together fun.

Exchange rate has played a part in rising prices but is by no means the only reason. Increasing labour costs in China and elsewhere are significant, a general contraction in the hobby world-wide has decreased volume sales and our younger people are still attached to the gaming world in the comfort of their homes, so very few sales to what was once a large sector of the market.

Proper kits, I think, will make a comeback (although not to the massive levels that we saw thirty or forty years ago) because in terms of production costs and time, the emergence of CAD coupled with laser and CNC cutting, I suspect that it's considerably cheaper to make a kit of bits with modern techniques and pack them in a box rather than employ staff to stick 'em together and then cover and decorate.

I see that a few of the Goldberg kits are in production again - they need to get their Super Chippy back on the market as my rather tired and well flown example (in its 25th year now and flown again last Sunday) always attracts enquiries and I'm sure their kit would sell very well again.

Room for the bigger companies and the small concerns as well - difficult to be certain with the way our hobby is going, but  just might be the shot in the arm it needs?



Edited By Cuban8 on 09/09/2020 09:45:54

Thread: Be2c woes
03/09/2020 12:24:33
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 03/09/2020 11:13:41:

Matthew is David Boddington's nephew. The current editor of Aeromodeller is Andrew, who is David's son.

Thanks for that Alan. There was one of those antique restoration type programmes on one of the freeview channels the other night that I came across by sheer chance, and it showed one of DB's own Sopwith Tabloid models from the 1970s (apparently his prototype in a bit of a mess that had been bought on Ebay for forty quid or so) being rebuilt and flown again and valued at £4000 by one of the programmes 'experts'.

DB's son was also on the programme , but I couldn't recall his Christian name, must have been Andrew.

03/09/2020 11:11:50

Saw this on FB this morning. A lucky escape, thankfully. BTW is Mathew Dave Boddington's son or nephew?

Thread: NEW POLL - has the covid pandemic deterred you from attending shows and events in 2021?
03/09/2020 11:02:01

This morning returning from an errand in the car, I drove past a large warehouse type business outside of which are signs saying "keep safe - stay two metres apart" etc. In front of the large notices were around twenty of that firm's employees in their hi-viz finery and enjoying their ciggies, bundled together some face to face, while having a laugh and a joke during their break. All in full public view, so an appalling example to set.

This sort of mentality is far from unusual and I suspect it'll also be found at many shows and events of all types, not just aeromodelling, that may well claim to be promoting their safety credentials to attract visitors but will not be able to control Cov-idiocy. Shows and other similar large events remain not for me at this time.



Edited By Cuban8 on 03/09/2020 11:06:46

Thread: Carbon cub s+ -problem
02/09/2020 11:52:43

Lako, just to be absolutely clear in my own mind, when the transmitter is out of range check mode and operating at full power and then taken beyond 30 metres from the model, you get no movement from the 'planes control surfaces?

If that is the case, then I'd suspect that the transmitter's power output is very low and needs attention. Not unknown for receivers to lose range but more than likely to be the transmitter at fault. Do you have access to another known good transmitter that you can use to see whether the fault is with your transmitter or receiver? You can then replace the faulty one. Do you have a club nearby that could assist you? It'd only take a few minutes to see what part was bad if you had another TX/RX to compare.

Obviously, when in the air, radio range at full power is usually beyond normal unaided vision, so many hundreds of metres, but with the model on the ground and TX at full power it will be much less. I've walked over to the other side of my flying field (100 meters) with a model remaining on the ground and still had full control on full power - and with clear line of sight, it would probably gone way beyond that if I'd bothered to walk further.

Such a shame that you find yourself in this position - wonder if the model was faulty when you bought it? Just one other thing, if the radio does start to work correctly, be very wary about flying it as the fault might be intermittent and you could end up with no range and no control during a flight should the problem come up again.


Edited By Cuban8 on 02/09/2020 11:55:30

Thread: Failure to launch..
01/09/2020 10:43:54

Nick, we've all made the mistake of getting a warbird off too early because of not timing the up elevator. I did the same thing myself with my Brian Taylor Spitfire - a moment's inattention and slightly out of wind but thankfully no serious damage - very lucky indeed and all fixed now. Seen so many lovely warbirds wrecked this way, YouTube's full of 'em.

I wouldn't use flaps for take off and I disagree with using expo on the elevator of a warbird - it can lead to all sorts of other unintended problems IMHO but this will be a matter of personal preference.  My advice is to try to squeeze a bit more forward rake to the undercart if at all possible, this might mean making a few changes to the mounting and the u/c geometry might mean that the wheels don't sit in the existing wheel wells, so a bit of mod needed there. It's a sports model for everyday use and it needs to be fettled to make it that way. My Hanger 9 P47 (changed to servoless retracts) has the wheels raked forward so they're almost half showing when looking down on the wing in plan view. Only the slightest touch of up now needed at the start of the take off roll and that can be taken off almost immediately the model's moving.  Not Scale appearance , but doesn't nose over any more. When tucked away, you'll never notice - Needed to take out the wheel l well linings, enlarge the space and reline with balsa to suit. Not a difficult job and she's so much more easy to handle on the deck at take off and in the landing roll out.

Most warbirds are very elevator sensitive, so using rates/expo needs great care as it's so easy to forget whether you're in take off/flying/landing mode even with modern talking radios or hit the wrong setting when in a stressful landing situation e.g windy and dealing with flap setting as as well.

Good luck, all part of the challenge I suppose.





Edited By Cuban8 on 01/09/2020 10:53:19

Thread: Why RC? Why not FF?
29/08/2020 15:21:15


You question whether R/C would be as active as it remains without ARTFs? Without a shadow of a doubt IMHO, R/C would be a dead duck now if it wasn't for ready to fly models (wood construction) appearing at affordable prices twenty or so years ago. Even that has moved on in recent years to give us foam models of all sorts and sizes and to suit a wide variety of tastes and requirements.

As an example - I think that the model that has given me most fun per £ is my Hobbyking EDF foamy Vampire - ages old, dead easy to fly, still going strong and looks brilliant scudding along on a 'Farnborough pass". Not bad for a little over a hundred quid. I've sweated buckets over scale plans and kit builds, spent too much and had my knees knocking when flying some models with a lot of time and money invested. Nice when it all works out, but the attraction of that little Vampire and other similar models is significant. From the two clubs that I belong to, so about a couple of hundred members, those under the age of 40 will tend to go for ARTFs or foamies (high performance EDF is the latest craze) and show little interest in putting a trad kit together of any sort. The older remaining members will be mixed ready to fly and build and those few mainly older chaps TBH, who wouldn't be seen dead with ready to fly of any description. An over simplification of course, but not too far off the mark, I'd guess.

29/08/2020 10:25:57

The 'natural progression' thing is interesting but not necessarily correct. The number of times that people have said to me when they've discovered that "I play with toy planes" is " I bet you'd love to fly real ones"

Well, I dispute that my models are toys in the accepted sense of a child's plaything or the pointless overindulgence of a supercar and I have no hankering for a PPL given the cost, stress and palaver of modern private civil aviation. I also like to look at the aeroplane itself whilst it's in the air - I can look at the ground from a tall building/hill/holiday jet as the fancy takes me.wink

I guess most of us started off with simple pocket money rubber models Sleek Streaks and the like or control line (I've never flown a control line model surprise) but for me since childhood the goal has always been to have radio control - remember the comic character General Jumbo in the 60s? I suppose the problem for FF these days is that anyone interested in flying models of any sort can 'leapfrog' the early stages that we went through and go straight to a simple radio model aircraft/heli/drone coupled with the tech to ease the learning experience and hence be totally unaware of the FF world. It's also rare for the public to come across R/C being flown these days for various reasons, I'd think finding a group flying FF are even far less likely to be encountered. We tend to like to keep a low profile whatever we fly for fear of upsetting someone.

Many people outside of our hobby still find in amazing that we risk maybe  hundreds of pounds and many hours of work on a model  albeit with more or less bullet proof radios these days, so the thought of 'just letting go and leaving a model to itself' must be mind boggling to some. That's the attraction?






Edited By Cuban8 on 29/08/2020 10:42:49

29/08/2020 09:30:35


Hi FF Pete - more than happy to discuss.

Why do people collect stamps and others collect coins or medals? Motor racing?......bikes or cars (bikes for me!).....

It's whatever floats your metaphorical boat IMHO. I like radio controlled aircraft purely for the reason that one has (usually!) control over the aeroplane and the ability to make it do your bidding throughout the flight. To not have real-time control of a model via radio, for me defeats the whole purpose of being on the flying field. Please don't mistake my point of view for criticism or belittling those that prefer FF. Trimming a FF model is a fantastic skill to get right, but I wouldn't get anything like the buzz of putting an aerobatic model through its paces or having a warbird tailchase with a flying mate compared to  FF. I do find free flight interesting and I've had a bit of fun now and again with a simple FF model, but for me the interest to take it any further is just not there.

TBH, no matter which segment of the hobby appeals, we are participating in a slowly declining area of recreation - despite what you say about R/C comps, they are mostly a shadow of their former selves of a few decades ago. Even the drone craze has pretty much run its course despite, mistakenly in my opinion, high hopes for it to inject a mass of new life into clubs.


Edited By Cuban8 on 29/08/2020 09:49:13

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