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Thread: Covering - how long does it take you?
26/11/2020 17:50:21
Posted by Doc Marten on 26/11/2020 17:38:15:

Is it just me or does anyone else fit the control surfaces before they cover the model?

No, always cover first and then finally attach surfaces - film covering or glass and paint. Sounds like a nightmare to cover with control surfaces fixed, but whatever works I suppose.

Thread: New Spektrum NX range
25/11/2020 11:12:49

The point is that we're spoilt for choice and whether one wants Opensource to play with or something from the mainstream manufacturers, at least that choice is there at the moment. No right or wrong in my book, and a little research will tell anyone in the market for a new or replacement system, which one will meet their needs. I had a friend give me a walk through his Taranis and yes, it's not hugely difficult at all, but for me I don't need that level of flexibility, but I can understand how it would be an advantage to some. My DX8G2 has all I need and then a load of stuff that I don't.

Thread: The Threat of Overpricing
24/11/2020 13:47:07

£1500 quid Jon? A snip for a carpenter on two hundred squids a day! You're in the wrong trade.

Only kidding, couldn't resistlaugh.

Thread: How do you cut yours?
24/11/2020 13:38:37

I use the scanner / printer method as mentioned above, so easy and accurate. Handy for producing templates from the plan and then mounted on old cornflakes carton when carving / sanding fuselages or pretty much anything else.

Can't say I enjoy Cutting out parts - a labour of love at best and always glad when its done.

A set of Permagrits have been my best investment when it comes to modelling along with my bandsaw.

Thread: WW2 Memories.
24/11/2020 12:37:40

The good old days?? My nan was born into East London Victorian poverty in 1897 and I clearly recall as a kid when I used to spend hours listening to her stories that she would always say "the good old days for some, but we were half starved and lousy".

An amazing woman, now I think back as I get older myself. Dickensian deprivation, squalor, hard work, two world wars, and her final years crippled with arthritis because of back breaking work for a few pennies from menial jobs working for the better off.. Not much of a life really. A mighty atom in her younger days despite everything...........five foot nothing but pulled a drayman off his cart and whipped him for beating his horse...........spent the night in the cells for that onelaugh

Edited By Cuban8 on 24/11/2020 12:42:48

Thread: New Spektrum NX range
24/11/2020 12:12:36

As a returning motorcyclist after far too many years away from a great activity, I can see a lot of similarity in the modern bike world as regards tech to our 'problem' as many might see it. The level of sophistication in even a mid range machine is astonishing and unless one is constantly riding illegally and/or recklessly, is there really a need for traction control, cornering ABS, riding programmes, and quickshifters? I was perfectly able to be in a position to wipe myself out back in the day without all such stuff, and the worry now is that the average rider might be encouraged more easily to go beyond his skill budget because ' the tech will save him'. It won't in the majority of cases.

Radio or motorbike, I think a lot of the tech is there because it can be, and not because the majority of customers would have it as an option if it were offered. Last year's best selling bike? I believe it was  Royal Enfield's Interceptor Retro - as simple as you can get these days, ABS (a good thing) and not much else.

Interestingly, the Open TX thing is mirrored in the bike world by the people that love getting into the programming and mapping of their bike's ECU - predictably with pages and pages of web forums and answers to problems, blown up engines and so on.


Edited By Cuban8 on 24/11/2020 12:20:01

Thread: Haven't any people on YouTube heard of grease?
24/11/2020 11:15:57
Posted by Bill Wood on 24/11/2020 10:23:55:

On the subject of lubrication - Does anyone lubricate lecky outrunner bearings? They seem to keep turning without much attention and doing lots of work as well.

If the bearings are shot then no alternative but to replace them, they'll be sealed for life with no further attention required. Ball and roller bearings can fail due to incorrect type of lubrication and even too much lubrication, so care needs to be taken.

24/11/2020 09:38:37

I don't know about OCD, but worrying about a smear of grease on a model's axle attracting grit and causing havoc is to me, OTT. I doubt if it makes a blind bit of difference, and if the grease was to be contaminated, I should think it'd take ages to have an effect on anything. Not what you want in your car, motorbike or pushbike's bearings I grant you, but in a model's plastic wheel bushes? Nah. So unless you fly in sand dunes.....relax and don't worry.wink

Edited By Cuban8 on 24/11/2020 09:40:19

Thread: The Threat of Overpricing
23/11/2020 12:09:28

£1000 a week for a carpenter? surprise I'll have to tell my retired chippy mate to dust off his tools. How the devil can a grand a week be justified?

23/11/2020 10:16:00
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 22/11/2020 17:48:00:

Don`t `buy` all of this. I recently received a bottle of c.a. from a model shop. The price sticker left on it said £8.49 but I was charged £11.49, albeit less than most at £12.99. You cannot simply blame Brexit, Covid etc on everything. All traders are trying to recoup their losses at our expense and hoping that we will not notice. Only yesterday I was about to buy a bottle of Coke from Sainsburys but it was £2.40 as against the price two days previously of £1.60.

My advice is to buy your CA on Ebay and do your shopping at Lidl/Aldi.

Thread: New Spektrum NX range
23/11/2020 10:04:24
Posted by EvilC57 on 23/11/2020 09:54:52:
Posted by Cuban8 on 23/11/2020 09:49:48:

Makes little sense to me to keep on bringing out new this and that, especially as the hobby's undergoing such radical changes now. I'm not saying that we should stand still, but treating radio equipment as a mobile phone and forever worrying about the latest model stuffed with features that the vast majority of us will never use is mad.

Unfortunately it's the way off all things technical, it's the same with not only mobile phones as you say, but cameras, TVs, audio equipment, cars etc. Adding more bells and whistles than most of us will ever use keeps designers in work I suppose.

Yes, of course that's the way of things - but I think the buying public are altering habits in some areas and maybe we'll see a change in the way manufacturers  go about their products. Then of course there's the whole issue of throw away tech and the huge impact it has on pollution etc. It might be easier to push out a whole new product but it doesn't stop there - new marketing campaigns, packaging, spares, training and so on, all have a cost.

Edited By Cuban8 on 23/11/2020 10:10:17

23/11/2020 09:49:48

Makes little sense to me to keep on bringing out new this and that, especially as the hobby's undergoing such radical changes now. I'm not saying that we should stand still, but treating radio equipment as a mobile phone and forever worrying about the latest model stuffed with features that the vast majority of us will never use is mad.

Futaba FF7 and FF8 through the 1990s and early 2000s. Over to 2.4 with Spekky DX7 and DX8G2 to now. Four trannies in thirty years or so for me. 




Edited By Cuban8 on 23/11/2020 09:57:41

Thread: The Threat of Overpricing
22/11/2020 11:05:59

Our hobby will carry on as it has done in years past when hit by other problems. Usually, it emerges in a different guise and people then adapt accordingly. Pricing is an interesting issue in that our hobby has enjoyed the benefits of falling costs for very many years, certainly since I was a teenager in the early 1970s.

The trouble may be that cheaper manufacturing has led to a huge increase in supply across an equally enormous range of items. Take servos for instance - up to now an unsustainable range of items running into many hundreds of types of all shapes and sizes which when the hobby was really humming a while ago could be supported by the huge global modelling industry. What choice did we have forty years ago? The answer is a fraction of what we've had recently and at a cost that meant that one often saved up for four servos and moved them from model to model back in the day. I bet many of us have got a box of a dozen or more cheap servos that are languishing doing nothing now.

The market will readjust itself, choice will be reduced and prices will rise, but it's an ongoing cycle and will level itself out as time goes on.

Thread: Balsa Cores for Turbine Blades
20/11/2020 22:41:40

Seems to depend on the individual manufacturer's method. Some Youtube vids show balsa in the construction but as far as I've seen the really massive blades are all glass and carbon etc.

Thread: Balsa shortage
19/11/2020 09:11:02

Do a YouTube search for wind turbine blades and you'll find that they're made from a hollow composite structure - the ones I've seen are huge and have nothing to do with balsa. One example here.

Something not ringing true about the balsa shortage?

Edited By Cuban8 on 19/11/2020 09:16:34

Thread: A Shortage Of Balsa And Lipo's, Where Do We Go From Here?
18/11/2020 16:22:06

I remember talking to the Balsa Cabin about wood supplies a year or two ago when I called in. They also supply balsa to other users not only just us, and in particular the film industry where it's used in set construction and special effects. Very effective as an insulator for industrial uses as well, so quite a few others will be worried as well.

Re banning the new sales of IC only cars in 2030 is rediculous, and when cooler and less politically correct heads get to grips with the economic realities of such a barmy move, I think we'll see the plan shelved for a while. Evolution rather than revolution is the way forward, a dictatorial approach will just be a vote loser and then see them change their minds. Want to reduce vehicular co2 and fuel consumption at a stroke? Reduce the national speed limit to 60 and enforce other speed limits effectively.

Thread: BMFA kick backs/discounts for clubs
17/11/2020 11:20:02

MattyB, you make a good point about going paperless in order to better use our increasingly limited resources. I have a feeling that given the shrinking membership of BMFA, the provision of hard copy of BMFA News to all members will soon be a thing of the past. It's a considerable outlay in terms of production and distribution if you look at the figures, and many others have ditched their hard copy magazines in favour of an on-line version. I get on-line publications from various organisations and do tend to look through them as opposed to having them go straight into the recycling bin as junk mail if they were posted. Others, on-line, I read more carefully, for example, Great Ormond Street Hospital, IWM News, Blood Donors, Camping and Caravan Club and a few others.

No, I don't bin my hard copy of BMFA News without reading the parts that I feel are useful to me, probably a third of its content. I actually like reading some articles from its on-line archive that have been previously published, so not having a copy posted wouldn't bother me. Anything that needs to be communicated urgently to clubs and members get emailed out anyway. Worthwhile savings must have been made already, now membership cards and docs are on-line.

Edited By Cuban8 on 17/11/2020 11:23:54

16/11/2020 12:09:42
Posted by Dickw on 16/11/2020 10:42:57:
Posted by Capt Kremen on 16/11/2020 10:24:14:

C8 do you have a link please? Tried searching the BMFA site and all I get is AGM motor info !!!!

If you scroll down the AGM motor adverts you will eventuall come to the 2020 AGM link.

The latest news from the AGM is here.


The article PDF is on the East Anglia region website, I imagine all BMFA regions will be carrying it.


The closest that many of us get to accountancy, is running the family finances and simplistic as it might be compared to running a business or organisation like BMFA one has to cut one's cloth etc  whether that's on weekly shopping bills or larger projects in a business.

Edited By Cuban8 on 16/11/2020 12:24:24

16/11/2020 09:04:37

If you're registered to get the BMFA updates by email you might have seen the notes to clubs that came out yesterday re the AGM.

An operating surplus of a little over £50K is mentioned, so at least we're in the black by a small amount and that subs will remain as is for next year - good so far. Not so encouraging is the fall in numbers by 1324 to 30578 - not sustainable over the next few years, I'd have thought.

The case of the 'missing members' is interesting, by that I mean the CAA has 185000 registrations yet only a fraction of those people can be BMFA members. Are very many of the other 150000 or so really a viable target for membership, and I wonder what proportion of those 'going alone' are uninsured, albeit registered with their nine quids?

Depending on your view of such things, one can spin all this either pot half full or pot half empty - but at least we do have a pot at the moment.wink

Thread: Oily Areas During Model Stripdown
15/11/2020 13:30:26

I've had quite good results by cleaning the fuel soaked area with cellulose thinners and soaking up the residue with kitchen towel - might take quite a bit of solvent and a few rolls of towel and then you'll never get all the contamination out, just do your best. When you've done all you can, give the area a few coats of slightly thinned Clearcoat or the Profilm equivalent now that Solarfilm are no more and get the sealer well into the wood. Note that what you use mustn't be water based sealer, it won't work at all.

Apply heat shrink film as usual and with any luck it'll bond ok.

Re the Profilm sealer - I bought some recently as I was out of Clearcoat and it works very well. Stinks to high heaven similar to the old Evostick glue but has excellent heat sealing properties.

Edited By Cuban8 on 15/11/2020 13:37:26

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