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Thread: Spektrum DX7
18/10/2019 07:29:11
Posted by Trevor Crook on 17/10/2019 22:40:29:

C8, I believe the reason the DX7 charge connector is reverse polarity relative to common convention is that in those days, Spektrum used effectively a JR Tx case, and the two brands shared a lot of technology. For that tranny, Spektrum retained the JR convention. Don't know what JR were thinking though.....

So it's all JR's fault.......laugh

A good presentation from dear old Bruce on Spread Spectrum form 2011. Bruce haters, please ignore wink

Edited By Cuban8 on 18/10/2019 07:31:15

Thread: Latest CAA Update
17/10/2019 20:04:23

Aren't we jumping the gun a bit here? Unless I've missed something, advice is to do nothing at the moment whilst talks continue. Hopeless optimist I know, but I hold out hope for some sensible good news.

17/10/2019 12:12:24

Welcome to all the new guys that have taken the trouble to post here. The clue's in the name..... a FORUM ..noun, meeting or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. Where else is there to be found so much interchange of ideas and opinions around our great hobby? Nowhere. Don't agree with you all and I dare say some don't agree with me. At least our worries and concerns (even if some don't share any worries over what the regulators are doing) are aired - TBH I wish more would register and put their thoughts up for discussion, whether they're badly written or not.

Edited By Cuban8 on 17/10/2019 12:15:23

Thread: Spektrum DX7
17/10/2019 11:24:20
Posted by Nigel R on 17/10/2019 10:20:12:

OP hasn't been here for a while, but, my take is -

* the G2 / black TXs have two transmit paths, a definite plus

* DSM2 is not a very good protocol, at all. DSMX is a proper frequency hopping spread spectrum effort. I don't know if the original DX7 does DSMX?

As to the channel count, all 8 channels can be quickly used up by a warbird type -

1 left aileron 2 right aileron 3 throttle 4 rudder 5 elevator 6 flaps 7 gear 8 the other elevator, or the other flaps, or gear doors, or ignition cut

" BTW, converting the DX7 charging polarity is dead easy, a straightforward wire swap if you can solder. "

I must admit I'd knock up a converter cable, rather than modifying the TX or charger.

Edited By Nigel R on 17/10/2019 10:21:35

The problem with a converter cable is that it'd be so easy to forget to use it and wind up plugging in the wrong charger. A bit like misfuelling your car, no probs for ages and then a distraction and wham!. If it's possible to do it, then you probably will! crying

The polarity change is not really a 'tranny mod' in the best sense of the term - swapping over two wires on the charge jack in the tranny case is very simple and easy to access.  I also wouldn't get too worried about DSM2, I've never had a problem in a busy club environment or when flying at Old Warden. I do agree that  eight channels are quickly used up on a warbird and sometimes requires a bit of a 'work around' to succeed. Quite a lot of extra money for the extra channel - can't really justify it at present.  Whatever works for the individual as always.


Edited By Cuban8 on 17/10/2019 11:33:45

17/10/2019 09:32:42

Still use my DX7 that I bought in 2012 - no problems, original battery (checked regularly)  does most things you'd need for the majority of sport aircraft. DSM2 only, but again, it works with all my new DSMX receivers. Have never found the programming difficult - a doddle compared to my old and defunct 35 Meg Futaba FF7 and FF8 that could be a puzzle at times. The Futaba manual TBH just made things worse, it was written so badly. There was even after market books published to help with those radios, so clearly it wasn't just me. BTW, converting the DX7 charging polarity is dead easy, a straightforward wire swap if you can solder. I just bought the TX and RX so no charger or servos - use my Futaba chargers now rather than bin them. I don't know what Spektrum were thinking of by not sticking to a common wiring standard for their charger. Mark the tranny to say the polarity has been swapped if you return it for servicing.

My DX8 G2 is a good radio, I don't think the sticks are quite as nice as my original JR manufactured DX7 and the battery has an in built charger with external power supply plugged in through a horrible little rubber flap which is weird. No lights to indicate charge activity, which is not great but equally not been a problem. I guess the combined battery/charger would be an arm and a leg to replace, a standard battery will be OK though - I see Overlander do a suitable one for twenty quid or so.

David, if the DX7 does what you need for the models that you have at the moment, I'd stick with it unless you simply fancy spending a few quid to treat yourself. The DX8 is full of stuff that I never use, but the extra channel is very useful. Depends if you really need it.


Edited By Cuban8 on 17/10/2019 09:35:55

Thread: Operator's registration number concession
15/10/2019 18:05:54
Posted by Peter Miller on 15/10/2019 13:45:51:
Posted by Cuban8 on 15/10/2019 09:00:47:


Reality check.

Edited By Cuban8 on 15/10/2019 09:01:35

Dear God! This man does love the sound of his own voice!!!!

Cut through the antipodean bluster and I find little to disagree with Bruce's standpoint. Forget the messenger if he rubs you up the wrong way, the message is bang on IMHO. Bad legislation, badly worded, badly informed, impossible to implement. If I'm wrong, please tell me where all this is going to help secure model flying for future generations - or even just our own generation? We need a get out, and I hope something can be put in place.

15/10/2019 09:00:47

Reality check.

Edited By Cuban8 on 15/10/2019 09:01:35

15/10/2019 08:44:58

Gentlemen, in the real world, none of this nonsense would be happening.

Drone deliveries?............................ still waiting.

Thread: 50 years ago
14/10/2019 08:50:18

In our first house, same as Tom had under his old linoleum, I found a 1938 Daily Mirror that was full of Munich crisis coverage. Fascinating to read the contemporary story rather than from a modem historian's point of view. The adverts are also very much of their time and just as interesting to read. A good one is for 'Yeast Vite' that was sold to counter the stresses and strains of 1938's 'hectic lifestyle'. Constipation seemed to be a particular and widespread worry for everyone then with several unintentionally amusing (to us now) adverts for 'Bile Beans' etc. More hectic stuff to come than perhaps they were expecting a year later. Still have the paper tucked away somewhere.

Serious hoarding is I submit, a fairly recent phenomenon for ordinary people, mainly because those of very modest means in the past had very little to actually hoard. Some people explain away their reluctance to chuck anything away now as they didn't have much in the past, and hanging on to all sorts of junk is worthwhile because 'it might come in handy'. That is true to an extent............ one of my older friends had a shed full of worn car parts going back some fifty years - quite useless, nothing out of the ordinary or valuable ( as can be found in old sheds, but rarely) however there was no way he'd get rid of them 'just in case' despite knowing in his own mind that they'd ultimately wind up in a skip. They were dumped a while back.

I'm amazed at how people will fill their garages with 'stuff', so much so that they can't even get into the place. I saw a chap open the up and over door to his garage fairly recently and there was a solid wall of goodness knows what, right up to the timber door frame. Why??.

My own family came from a very poor background, but never hoarded anything 'just in case' - my mum hated clutter of any description and sadly, many of my much loved (and now quite collectable) toys met their early fate in the dustbincrying. so it did (does) take all sorts.

I don't hoard much myself, I might keep one or two magazines but the incentive to do so as there was, pre- internet is simply not there. I do wish I'd hoarded my old motorbikes from the 1970s though...££££s now.


Edited By Cuban8 on 14/10/2019 09:05:08

Thread: Latest CAA Update
12/10/2019 11:04:24

Pete, I've no axe to grind over how the BMFA is run - rightly or wrongly, most members couldn't give a flying fish one way or the other. It simply occurred to me that there might be a case to answer in future, based on some later change in the associations wider MO brought about by external matters. Not losing sleep over it.

12/10/2019 10:21:13

Agree wholeheartedly with Peter's post 00:05:45. Many of us have voiced the opinion that roping in model aircraft was an absurd position to take, and thankfully, we might wind up with an acceptable compromise. Non-association members will be unhappy if some sort of exemption can be made to work for those of us in BMFA, but if it saves model flying as we understand it from extinction, then the relatively small additional cost of annual membership and its benefits (mainly insurance) to those currently not signed up will surely be worthwhile. Hopefully, politics and 'principles' can be put to one side for the greater good of the hobby.

If this new arrangement does come about, and I fully accept that it might not, but if it does and BMFA becomes effectively, the official major delegated controller of model flying in the UK, then a thorough review of its establishment will surely have to be made. We've had the present historical arrangement where clubs hold sway for some very good reasons in the past, I'm sure, but the status quo will be considered to be unacceptable by many, if individual membership becomes compulsory in order to remain a legal model flyer. We've had this out before about the power of clubs v the individual members, it still rankles with many people and might just surface again in time. An unintended side issue?

Thread: Trouble contacting Laser engines
11/10/2019 20:54:42

According to Companies House, Neil resigned a few weeks ago. **LINK**

Not good.

11/10/2019 20:40:34

Seems to me that the whole shooting match needs to be taken over by someone who really believes in the company, its products and its staff. We are world leaders in shooting ourselves in the foot. Best wishes Jon, I guess so much is simply out of your control.

Thread: Latest CAA Update
11/10/2019 16:11:02

In response to Martin's comments.......... I think that many rank and file model flyers have been instrumental in shifting the opinions of the powers that be and have been very supportive of BMFA's official efforts. Those of us that take time out to post here, I suspect, will have written to their MP (twice in my case) and participated in the other earlier call to action by our national body. We are indeed very fortunate to have this forum to kick around various ideas and opinions and clearly, senior members at BMFA do look in to gauge those opinions. All credit to them for doing that - I don't know how the BMFA would otherwise have its finger on the pulse of its members, given that its own forum was closed down many years ago and BMFA area meetings all struggle to attract attendees from their clubs.

A couple of years back I attended one of the BMFA's presentations regarding the then new membership portal. Afterwards, other subjects were discussed and it was thought that regular meetings of a more general type open to club committee members and others in order to get some extra dialogue going between clubs and officials would be useful and could be arranged. Nothing so far.



Edited By Cuban8 on 11/10/2019 16:17:48

11/10/2019 13:07:18

Page 19, Article 16 in the document seems to echo what we've been banging on for, in the hope that someone will listen. Appears that they perhaps have realised that to conflate 'drone type devices' (their description) with aeromodelling is a basic mistake. We richly deserve a better deal.

Thread: Twin glow motors for warbirds?
11/10/2019 10:04:25
Posted by Tim Flyer on 10/10/2019 22:24:50:

Twin four strokes are the ultimate Warbird power and the sound is marvellous. They are not common I suppose mainly due to cost. If you build one you will certainly get an audience . I must agree that the sound of two decent 4s engines in a Warbird really positively adds to the impression of the model . I’m afraid electric Warbirds are far less impressive to me.

To be fair, electric does have its place in the warbird scene, but in what I call 'convenience models'. Smaller, possibly foamy warbirds that often have an appearance and performance and that will be fine as hack models for a bit of fun. Anything decent needs to be IC in my opinion for all the reasons that we've discussed at length elsewhere. No right or wrong with this, it's what works for the individual and what one is striving for.

Thread: Servo power-up movement
11/10/2019 09:02:21
Posted by David Germany on 10/10/2019 22:33:19:

Fully charged the battery then discharged at 2A as C8 suggests, after 80 minutes battery was down to 5.7V so looks OK. Will try the extended stick stirring with meter attached tomorrow. I'm more & more inclined to think this was a connector / wiring intermittent fault so will replace the switch / harness and connectors and bind connectors with floss to secure. I think we are also going to replace the Rx anyway.

Those results suggest that your battery is in excellent condition. Could conceivably still be a poor connection in the battery, but TBH that's very rare with decent branded packs. In your second post you say that you could replicate the bad servo movement on the ground - I'd monitor the supply voltage at the RX pins (unused connector or a Y lead) with a meter and see what readings you get when the problem occurs. If it remains rock steady when the servos are doing their own thing, then that suggests that switch and wiring to the RX is OK. Very risky to fly it as it is. Stick to a process of elimination for the time being.

Edited By Cuban8 on 11/10/2019 09:04:08

10/10/2019 17:55:52
Posted by David Germany on 10/10/2019 17:07:48:

Receiver was replaced after second crash, so unlikely to be the culprit. I'm thinking it's got to be along the battery / lead / connector / lead / switch / lead / Rx connection route. We checked the battery (2500 mAh 5 cell NIMH) after the crash with a load tester and it showed OK, and it still shows OK after 5 days so I don't think it's that but I will check for voltage drop with all servo's operating. I can't make the switch fail either even with lots of waggling.

As a matter of interest does anyone else get servo movements when switching on the Rx ? with the Tx on obviously.

Start from first principles, check that the battery is functioning correctly before doing anything else. To do this properly, please don't rely on a 'load tester' you've no idea as to what sort of load it might be applying or what voltage it's reading. Sometimes these devices don't put any load on the system at all. You'll need a multimeter, either a dial type or a digital one will do. Each type has its advantages. If you don't have one, it's worth spending a few quid to get one of each type - they're so useful. Cheap as chips on Ebay and although I doubt if they're as accurate as my own professional Fluke and AVO, they're perfectly fine for hobby use. Your 5 cell nimh should be able to maintain 5.5V when under full stretch from the models servos - all surfaces being moved rapidly for a minute or two. Note the battery voltage when the servos go crazy.

If you have a four button lipo charger, use its nimh discharge function at 2A and see how the battery's voltage holds up. You might have one or more dodgy cells. I mentioned that I found a bad cell in a pack recently in another posting - it does happen. Charge the battery normally and then do a 2A discharge cycle (set discharge cut off to 5V) Your fully charged 2500 mA battery should be good for around an hour before dropping to 5V. Much less than that and I'd suspect a bad cell(s). Hope this helps - if nothing else, to eliminate the battery as the problem.

All sounds a bit of a faff, but batteries can fool you easily, and as a result cost a few models before being identified as bad.

Edited By Cuban8 on 10/10/2019 18:00:38

Thread: Twin glow motors for warbirds?
10/10/2019 15:52:26

My club's secretary flys a lovely Black Horse Mosquito with twin ASP fourstrokes, 60s I think, might be a tad bigger. As far as I'm aware he's never suffered an engine out, but then he's very diligent with the setting of them and took particular care with their installation. Sounds beautiful and is not at all noisy.

Thread: Servo power-up movement
10/10/2019 15:46:23

I'm not completely ruling out a radio problem, but it's important to go through a number of initial tests and checks to eliminate essentially simple faults that could, incorrectly, be attributed to a radio issue.

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