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Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
30/03/2020 12:44:22

I can think of two remaining small model shops fairly nearby me that haven't ever really got into the mail order side of their business as they should have (hardly ever ever advertise and have poor websites with limited lines). I obviously won't name them but I suspect as they are now closed to personal callers because of the non essential nature of their business and the travel restrictions, an extended period of non trading will surely risk pushing them out of business.

Good luck to those that are trying to hold things together as best as they can given the current restrictions.yes

Edited By Cuban8 on 30/03/2020 12:46:59

Thread: If bored from lockdown
30/03/2020 12:22:22
Posted by flight1 on 29/03/2020 22:24:23:

Just seen this from radiocarbonart have released a coulple of free videos/podcasts of slope soring series to relieve virus lockdown boredom

see this link **LINK**

Excellent video and so refreshing to not have to endure the usual 'big boys playing with their toys' type drivel that is the normal format when modelling is given media coverage. Pity it won't get a wider audience.

Thread: NEW POLL - Has home isolation prompted you to start trad' building?
30/03/2020 12:11:00

Having broken my usual rule of 'only one project at a time' I've allowed myself to rack up three quite lengthy builds that for one reason or another have stalled.

The closest to completion is the Revolver Autogyro that just needs a few final settings to be made before a mate who his expert with these devices will test fly it for me. Next is the 1/3 scale Turbulent from a President kit that I need to make my mind up over an engine. Third, is the one on the bench and being worked on now is the Denis Bryant Chippy plan that has been a right headache, but have got the main bulk of construction complete and awaits covering,detailing and choice of engine.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
24/03/2020 10:21:04

I'm sure there will be something official from BMFA pretty soon, but the problem we face is the fact that unnecessary travel is the one that for the most part will get us. Just popping into the flying field on the way back from essential shopping, either by car or on foot is not going to be acceptable. The instruction is to stay at home - don't draw attention to ourselves. There is so much more at stake....model flying doesn't even register on any level of concern TBH.

In terms of the whole country, my guess is that whilst the many will abide by the rules, others will see themselves as 'special cases', not to be inconvenienced by the restrictions (traffic news this morning reported a five mile queue of traffic on the M1 after a lorry collision) and even tougher restrictions will be put into place if a significant improvement to the infection rate is not seen in the coming weeks.

Edited By Cuban8 on 24/03/2020 10:25:03

24/03/2020 08:46:11

My local club has closed our field as of today and until further notice. A sensible move and one that I agree with. Quite apart from the 'no more than two people' and 'family members only' public health instructions from the government, our site can be seen from the surrounding roads and having a dozen or so blokes hanging about together after travelling against the rules, or even a solitary flyer, will not endear us to the public or authorities - 'Sports Direct style'. Might wind up with other consequences further down the line for our landlord.

The government's instructions are quite clear about leaving one's house and what is permitted and I'm afraid model flying, as wonderful as it is does fall into a non-essential category.  Please abide by the rules. Field maintenance is going to be a problem.


Nothing from my other club at the moment but It'll come.





Edited By Cuban8 on 24/03/2020 09:00:08

Thread: Wing and C of G
23/03/2020 19:22:53
Posted by cymaz on 23/03/2020 19:11:05:
Posted by eflightray on 23/03/2020 18:58:11:

Here's a CG calculator that also takes into account the tail area and the distance between the wing and tail --



+1 yes. I have used it on several planes and it works.

Yes it does indeed. Saved one model with a very tapered wing. I didn't like the look of the plan's CG and it turned out to be a good inch out of whack according to the calculator. Flew well right from the off. Zlin 526.

Thread: Covid 19
23/03/2020 19:15:03
Posted by Gary Manuel on 23/03/2020 19:07:46:
Posted by Peter Miller on 23/03/2020 18:32:31:

The world population has doubled since 1976. This is causing the climate change.

I blame Greta Thunberg for all the trouble in the hope of reducing the population

Adults did not have their own personal transport in 1976, nor did they expect to go on several trips abroad each year. Foods and other products were home grown and seasonal, not flown in from the other side of the world. People would go "down town" (on the bus) to buy a pair of socks or whatever they needed, not order it on line from China, expecting it to be delivered within 3 days to their house.

Multiply this by two for the population growth and there lies the problem. Maybe Greta has a point.

Dunno about 1976.........pre 1956 perhaps.

Well done Miss Cymaz yes

Edited By Cuban8 on 23/03/2020 19:16:45

23/03/2020 19:04:43
Posted by Peter Miller on 23/03/2020 18:32:31:

The world population has doubled since 1976. This is causing the climate change.

I blame Greta Thunberg for all the trouble in the hope of reducing the population

I'm not going to say anything uncharitable about Miss Thunberg, she is but a precocious child who in my opinion is being manipulated by others for their own dubious political ends.

On the virus.... my flying buddie warned me about an official looking email this afternoon which on first glance appeared to come from the local health authority. Total garbage. Get more UV to kill the bugs....bugs don't like temperatures above 50C so drink copious amount of hot tea to kill 'em in your throat........etc etc.

Just what is the matter with the people that put that sort of stuff about?

BTW.....conspiracy theorists had better get a stock of tin foil in PDQ!


Edited By Cuban8 on 23/03/2020 19:09:17

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
23/03/2020 12:15:11
Posted by Cliff 1959 on 23/03/2020 10:16:22:

Cuban8 Most of the care homes around here have been off limits for visitors for at least a week if not two! Very surprised they were allowed in!

My mother-in-law despite being 88 and in failing health, still manages to live independently at home - will never go into care while she has all her marbles, which I fully respect and understand. She gets two phone calls from my wife every day and has good neighbours who look out for her. We're an hour's drive away so not able to respond immediately to an emergency. So foolish to put her at risk for the sake of a couple of hours nattering given all the warnings and horrific news from Italy and other places.

23/03/2020 08:12:05

Two members of my family went to see my wife's 88 years old mother on Mothers' day. Stayed for a couple of hours apparently. They are both educated, professional people, which goes to show (in this case at least) that stupidity is not just the preserve of the plebs. I'm furious about it, because it'll be us (wife and I) who'll be forced to pick up the pieces if the worst happens.

Thread: Hovercraft
21/03/2020 13:03:20

Around about 1967 (when I was ten) I remember saving up my pocket money for a small electric model hovercraft kit that was advertised IIRC in the Valiant boys' paper that I used to get weekly. When it eventually came, as was usually the case back then, it didn't resemble the dynamic picture or description in the advert, but was a just a collection of plain vac formed bits and pieces that needed to be cut out and a really pathetic Mabuchi motor that could be found in most small motorised toys. Probably ran on a couple of 1.5V torch batteries, but I forget now.

Managed to put it together, but what I do clearly recall is how it just sat on the lino floor of our kitchen just whirring and shaking itself along rather than on a cushion of air! Not surprising really.

A long shot, but does anyone remember the model?

Thread: DH Tiger Moth 1400mm
20/03/2020 09:13:07
Posted by Manish Chandrayan on 20/03/2020 08:40:13:

Love that tank work, but please tell us what's that big bulbous thing under slung at the rear left of the tank ?

A drain sump to collect water, I believe.

Thread: great service
19/03/2020 21:47:57

Survival of the fittest I suppose. Those that remained stuck in the past with the attitude that they were doing you a favour by taking your business at their convenience are long gone. Agree, I receive excellent service from all those suppliers mentioned by others. A lot of very good Ebayers as well , those not up to scratch never last long.

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
19/03/2020 10:40:22
Posted by Tony Packe on 18/03/2020 19:36:25:

Went to Asda this morning to get some bog rolls, the panic buyers and hoarders had cleared the shelves in the bog roll aisle. I'm so glad that I managed to buy 480 bog rolls last week before all this panic buying started.wink 2

Probably could do with a notice like the one we had pinned up above the office photocopier................

" Don't waste paper, use both sides of the sheets and recycle" . Yuk!

Thread: Engine Failures
18/03/2020 21:00:36

Had a 'new' ASP 120 FS's crankpin fail after under an hour's running. Cost me a new model after the resulting hard landing from low altitude in the rough outfield - busted paper thin glass fuz!. Also cost me fifty quid in spares (crankshaft and connecting rod) for the engine rebuild because although the engine was to all intents and purposes 'new', I'd had it stored on my bench in its box for a tad over the UK supplier's warranty period (two years from the date on the carton). The model it was intended for took so long to build because of some appallingly bad kit manufacturing, I got fed up with it and put it to one side for a while. Moral? perhaps don't buy your engine too soon if the build's going to take a while or give it a good run on the bench to shake out any bugs within warranty.

My one and only engine to suffer a catastrophic engine failure in over forty years of playing with models!

That was seven or eight years ago and the rebuilt motor has since ran fine with hours of running and gallons of Laser fuel through it in my H9 P47.

Edited By Cuban8 on 18/03/2020 21:04:02

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
14/03/2020 10:04:18

Closing a flying field does seem to me to be an over reaction. I can understand not holding club meetings or any indoor events for a while - seems to be a reasonable precaution given the age Demographic of those who mostly inhabit such places.

Thread: Replacement Charger?
14/03/2020 09:34:18
Posted by Neil67 on 12/03/2020 20:06:53:

I have an Overlander RC 6 Touch charger which has started to reboot every few seconds, making it impossible to charge anything.

Happens with all batteries.

Contacted Overlander but advice was "we won't be able to fix it as it is an old model".

Recommendations for a new charger - do I trust Overlander again?

I have an I max B6 bought from Hobbyking a couple of years back so supposedly not a clone, which works well.

Hobbyking currently showing same charger but now marked as "copy". Are "copies" or ebay Clones safe given the whole risk around charging Lipos?

Any advice welcomed.

Unless the 'repair' is a very simple and obvious fault i.e broken cable, connector fallen of a pcb etc. then I suspect that the 'repair' would be to simply replace the failed unit with a new one, either under warranty or chargeable for a current model out of guarantee. |They are a throw away item. Have a look at the HK Turnigy Accucel chargers, I've had a couple for years (8 cell and 6 cell) and they still perform well.

Edited By Cuban8 on 14/03/2020 09:38:24

Thread: Insanity seems to be setting in
11/03/2020 09:45:01

Edited By Cuban8 on 11/03/2020 09:46:10

09/03/2020 12:26:20

To hell with it, I'm going to live dangerously so I bought a pack of Corona beers from Lidl's this morning, plenty in stock - yes bog rolls in short supply, only half a dozen or so left on the pallet so the idiots have been at work. Think I might panic buy a nice Saito petrol fourstroke, one of the big ARTF warbirds and another set of Permagrits - just in case...............wink

Got bored with politics in the media so they move on to the floods, get bored with that and move on to the Royalty soap opera..........get bored with that and now its Corona for a while. What next? signals from SETI sparks alien invasion terror? Sun to swell to red giant in 5 billion years and will engulf Earth?



Edited By Cuban8 on 09/03/2020 12:34:48

Thread: On TV tonight....
06/03/2020 12:59:00

Watched it this morning. Yes, quite a good programme that followed the usual formula - nothing new in style or content, but it's difficult to know how the subject could be presented in a manner that would keep enthusiasts happy but not bore others to death. However, I suspect that it's mainly aviation fans and in particular WW2 warbird fanciers (hence the title) that will be watching, so personally, I'd concentrate more deeply on the engineering side and the restorers themselves. The recent 'Guy Martin's Spitfire' I thought came pretty close , mixing engineering, history, the human back story etc quite well.

Some good programmes turn up on Smithsonian Channel as well.

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