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Thread: RCM&E Vol.63 No2 February 2020
25/01/2020 12:25:46

Regrettably, I've just phoned MTM and cancelled my subscription to the magazine. I just can't justify the cost any more and although I think that KC will do his very best for the magazine, sadly I believe he's batting on an ever increasingly sticky wicket. I'll buy a copy from Sainsbury's now and again but at £5.75 a shot it'll only be when there's a plan or project that really piques my interest. Another big wheeled foamy test, precision aerobatics (already fully covered in BMFA news), a fuel article, old radios and slope soaring are subjects that don't really encourage me to read them closely.

Not critical of the journalism but it's not for me on a regular basis any more. Coupled with that is the BMFA News that's raising it's game fairly well now after much criticism and is to all intents and purposes FOC. However, glad that others are happy with it and I hope RCM&E continues to be around for the casual purchaser.



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Thread: Hobbyking site development.
25/01/2020 09:48:53
Posted by paul d on 24/01/2020 19:01:29:

I honestly don't understand why chaps bother with these people, support your local shop, lets be honest all they sell is cheap Chinese carp.....

A notion that may of us would like to support but the reality of the situation is that the old local model shop that could be found in most fairly large towns is now mostly a thing of the past. I'm lucky, I have two shops that I still use, A1 in Colchester that is nearby and Balsa Cabin in Maldon that's an hour's round trip. However, with the best will in the world they are unable to cater for everything that I need so I use the national network of 'local' modelshops i.e. those that have a big web based presence and with a bit of shopping around from site to site I can normally have what I need on my doorstep within 24 hours or a couple of days at most.

Hobbyking are rapidly becoming a spent force after their meteoric rise of a few years ago, but are still a good source for certain items - Banggood as well. The 'Chinese freshwater fish' jibe is amusing......don't forget that the huge majority of our gear comes from China, much of it packaged and marketed by the big distributors at a very advantageous (to them) mark up and sometimes of quite 'fishy' quality despite bearing a so called top brand name.

Thread: London Model Engineering Exhibition Alexandra Palace
20/01/2020 01:19:33

Can't see how that would work as I'd expect those who sell model engineering widgets etc and probably pay handsomely for the privilege, would not be best pleased. Sad to say it but many of these sorts of exhibitions are living on borrowed time because of the lack of new blood, young or otherwise and despite the BMFA 's best efforts to talk things up on their Facebook pages. 

I mentioned motorcycling and my renewed interest after quite a lay off, the three shows I've been to at NEC, EXCEL, and National Motorcycle Museum within the last year have been jam packed with visitors and the enthusiasm and vibrancy is really brilliant. A huge industry compared with aero modelling, but boy, if only we could distil a fraction of whatever it is that attracts enthusiasts of all ages from young teens and old geezers to bikes, to modelling, it'd solve a lot of problems. I'm afraid that modelling exhibitions and most flying shows don't do much for me now, but I do remain an enthusiastic modeller/flyer and will continue to amuse myself within the hobby for as long as I'm able. I don't think that I'm unique with that view when talking to flying mates.


Edited By Cuban8 on 20/01/2020 01:25:52

19/01/2020 09:27:41

I spent my early childhood living near Ally Pally so know the area and palace grounds very well. I went to the show last year, 120 mile round trip now, and I'd not consider going again for a while because of the horrible journey resulting in a slow and tortuous  three hour trip home that sort of took the fun out of the day.  It's a lovely venue, but with how North London has turned into almost total gridlock during most of the day, you couldn't find a worse place for a major exhibition site. Luckily, I'm a fit 62 years old and the hill doesn't give me any problems whatsoever, but that's not the case for others. The shuttle bus that is supposed to be running, I've never seen. Many don't seem to mind though, but it's not for me especially since the ridiculous decision to not have foamie flying behind a net - considered too hazardous for some reason - worried about damage to the fabric of the building, apparently. I like the NEC and went to the motorcycle show there a few months back. It can get busy on the surrounding roads but the venue is huge and parking so much easier, I'd much prefer a model show there and on coming out of the bike exhibition I noticed a large model railway exhibition being held.



Edited By Cuban8 on 19/01/2020 09:34:53

Thread: Synthetic instead of caster oil?
16/01/2020 01:34:01
Posted by John Wagg on 15/01/2020 22:40:38:

Thank's all for the input.

I will still use up my oldish fuel but will be using the Laser on my 4 strokes to start with. Hopefully the weather will improve soon so I can quickly get rid of the caster stuff.

Best used a first class weedkiller or bonfire starter........only kidding!

Thread: Selling vintage kits question
11/01/2020 17:08:19

How about listing the kits here? I'm sure we could suggest what would be a reasonable/realistic value for them and possibly identify something rare or unusual? Where they eventually get sold will be up to the vendor.

Thread: South Yorkshire Model Supplies
11/01/2020 16:43:13

I still have one of their building jigs from over thirty years ago, very robust and still in regular use. I also had their Slingsby Firefly that I built from the kit. Nice model but watch the weight especially at the back to avoid too much nose ballast  but use what's needed to put the CG 10 mm forward of the recommended setting for the first flights. Keep elevator movement to a minimum. Lost mine years ago after flicking out of a high loop and into a perfect true flat spin. Caught me out and couldn't recover. Not that much damage because of the quite slow impact speed. Repaired and sold on...... don't be put off though, I reckon it'd have been fine if a pound or so  lighter and with a more forward cg. Good luck.

SYMS went out of business years ago, unfortunately. 



Edited By Cuban8 on 11/01/2020 16:53:01

Thread: BMFA
07/01/2020 13:56:05

Out of almost 100 renewals that I put through the portal, only one member requested and paid the small extra for a card. Is that a representative example of other clubs I wonder?

07/01/2020 13:47:11

When I was at college in the early 80s we had electronic soldering exercises that comprised partly of constructing small cubes and pyramids from sections of tinned copper wire. Got us used to handling small components and use of tools as well as actually how to solder correctly. Too much heat would cause the workpiece to fall to bits and too little would make dry joints. The point is practice and more practice until you can make a well flowed joint without really thinking about it. A decent 50W iron, various sizes of bits, clean joints and quality fluxed solder in different sizes. (I still find lead free solder inferior to standard 60:40) is a good place to start. Good luck - decent soldering is regarded as a black art (it's not) but rather like flying a model, the more you do (usually!) the better one gets.

Thread: Epoxy
01/01/2020 11:59:36

I can't give a definitive answer as to the 'rubbery epoxy' problem, caused presumably by the two components not chemically reacting correctly or fully together. - it's only happened to me on one occasion and that was with Araldite a very long time ago. If the material is mixed correctly then I suppose the only things to check for are possible contamination (unlikely) or maybe the particular brand that's being used has a shelf life that's been exceeded. I have a feeling that's what happened with my soggy Araldite.. Possibly poor storage in a humid environment without proper sealing of the containers? Very odd that Keith says he's had a problem from the same batch - some good some not.

My advice would be to use a new fresh 'modelling grade' epoxy (I've been using Bob Smith products with no problems for ages) and mix up a trial amount at room temperature and see how it goes. Mixing up quite large amounts in a pot will require careful and thorough mixing to avoid incomplete combination of the components. Less likely with a small dab mixed on an old credit card?

Edited By Cuban8 on 01/01/2020 12:10:40

Thread: Canards
31/12/2019 11:41:16

This is a fascinating subject worthy of some historical reading and research if one's interested. For me, the Wright Brothers have a lot to answer for by sticking to a forward mounted pitch control surface for much too long, until their Model B around 1910 that carried the elevator at the rear - although still very much a 'dead end' design.. Personally, I think Mr Bleriot got it pretty much right all along apart from a few early oddities. Must have been exciting times.

Edited By Cuban8 on 31/12/2019 11:42:37

Thread: Hobbyking
29/12/2019 10:30:22

OzFlyer makes some good points, but I fear that a resurgence of 'bricks and mortar' model shops much loved of our youth, will remain a nice thought but not a solid business proposition - with or without the likes of HK etc.What would a smallish shop be best to specialise in? or whether to specialise at all? Consider the huge amount of stock needed to be maintained to satisfy the walk-in customer who might be a heli, drone, model car, model aeroplane, plastic kit or boat enthusiast or scratch builder.

We've been here before....... even prior to the internet when I clearly recall many model shops that I used, diversifying into all sorts of non-modelling products to maintain cash flow. Depending on the current craze there were attempts at selling skate boards, bikes, air weapons, CB equipment and even one shop IIRC that split itself 50:50 modelling and baby clothes!

One particular shop in Loughton, Essex,near the main war memorial, was squeezed into a gap between two other shops, and was so tiny it wasn't much bigger than a few large cupboards and was chock full of trains, boats and 'planes that never seemed to change. The old chap running it (probably only in his 50s but seemed ancient to my young eyes at the time) always had a tweed sports type jacket, collar and tie and smart trousers! No capacity to alter much and only had room for a couple of customers at a time - elbow to elbow! It had been around for many years but closed during the early 90's if I remember correctly. I guess he just ran it for something to do. Anyone else recall it?

And naturally, we have a change in the modern customer profile that wouldn't really find much pleasure in simply wandering around a trad shop for the sake of it as was once the case and then leaving empty handed or maybe buying a few clevises 'for stock'. Can you honestly see teenagers or twenty somethings (the future of our hobby) bothering with all that? There is room for the high street model shop, but only as a facade for a vibrant internet mail order business and we should support these enterprises as much as possible, although increasing regulation and a possible marginalising of our hobby to a point well below a level  where it can sustain itself meaningfully,  might do for them anyway. See what's happening in the 'states at this time.  I hope not and many dismiss the worries as rants or scare mongering and even whinging, lets hope they're right.

Like Michael, I don't find HK's service too bad at all - far from perfect it's true, but the only place I get my Lipos from these days, most other stuff coming from larger web based model shops, Ebay suppliers and Balsa Cabin who are within reasonable diving distance for me for my wood and materials.



Edited By Cuban8 on 29/12/2019 11:00:19

27/12/2019 09:54:28

Markets never remain static for very long and our hobby has undergone both positive and not so positive upheavals during the last twenty years. Hobbyking were in the right place at the right time when they first got going as practical electric flight was becoming a reality but still expensive. HK offered reasonable quality electric flight equipment at a fraction of the cost of model shop prices and we all (most of us anyway) filled our boots and spent freely with them.

I was spending a couple of hundred quid a year with them in the beginning and I know for sure that several of my club mates spent much, much more. New electric models and conversions would appear on the club field in droves on a weekly basis and people would want to buy in to the deals. Hobbyking made a killing. No way could it last, that sort of growth bubble in what is actually quite a specialised and limited market compared to other sports was always going to burst. Fatigue sets in for the consumer - how many new 'throw together' models do you want? Experiment with drones - get bored.........experiment with helis - get bored......try small foamy models and big foamy models and get bored again. Where to then, except to enjoy the hobby in a much less consumer orientated manner perhaps? I understand that something similar is happening in the wider tech field - just how often do you really need to change your smartphone?

I've seen it within my own clubs, the mass hysteria of cheap models has subsided, spending has been much reduced for many people and this has been also driven by an increasing lack of availability and quite large price rises that tend to turn people off. We all love a bargain. Don't misunderstand me - our hobby is not an expensive one and a lot of fun can still be had for not much money compared to other hobbies and sports. Hobbyking must be able to see this and their bottom line will be telling its own story. Their disastrous web site rehash almost killed them stone dead a while back, and as has been noted by others, the shopping experience with them is not a particularly entertaining one now. HK can blame the surrounding world for much of their woes, but they've shot themselves in the foot quite effectively as well. Can they maintain such a large global organisation with warehouses all over the place and duplicating effort? I doubt it and expect them to contract substantially over the coming few years.

Thread: wont start
23/12/2019 17:37:37
Posted by Denis Watkins on 22/12/2019 16:09:16:

Right Trevor, many recent Rx are DSMX

Which don't work on DSM2

BRCHobbies have a good range of DSM2 Receivers for your DX7

As early DX7 were DSM2 only

All my recently bought dsmx receivers work fine with my DSM2 only early (2012) DX7. They do take a few seconds longer to link though. As I understand things Spektrum Dsmx RXs are backward compatible with old DSM2 TXs but your old DSM2 RXs are useless with DSMX only trannies.

Thread: how to get the plan onto the wood!
20/12/2019 09:37:40
Posted by Tim Ballinger on 19/12/2019 18:28:25:

Personally I photo copy the parts I want on my printer then cut them out and stick to the wood. Then cut or scroll saw round them as appropriate. I do check it is a 1 for 1 copy by placing over the original plan first.

if I have had the full plans copied or enlarged then I get an extra copy and cut that up.

Each to his own !


Having been around this hobby for many, many years and have experimented with all sorts of ways to transfer parts to wood - carbon paper, tracing paper, pin pricking and so on, I have to agree that for most components a domestic printer is the best method for me. Scaling errors have never been a problem but I still check. Bearing in mind a printer & copier combination can be had for under £30, even if you don't have a computer it'll still make a very useful tool. I either cut a copied template from minimum 80 gsm paper and use that directly or prit-stick the print to cornflakes box cardboard for larger parts. Draw round the template or cut directly to the edges, it depends on the bit that's being made, but you can have a complex shape accurately cut out from plan to wood in minutes. I build up a kit of templates that I keep for future use.

Another bonus is making profile gauges/templates for fuselages so that they wind up accurate in cross section as possible when sanding or planing.


Edited By Cuban8 on 20/12/2019 09:43:05

Thread: Your experience of Banggood delivery time?
18/12/2019 14:33:41

Two orders so far and both arrived within ten days - both were modelling electronics items. Paid for the tracked service each time, so just an extra couple of quid to each order. Tracking was accurate and regularly updated right from China - Heathrow - post office delivery via their app on my phone. Maybe I was lucky, but I'd not hesitate to use them again. A shame that some haven't had the same experience.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
12/12/2019 10:54:56
Posted by Don Fry on 12/12/2019 10:46:57:

As the old phrase goes, the law is an ass, and this has all the makings of bad law, bodged and botched.

Steady on Don, like me, you'll be accused of being boring and anti BMFA with such a negative attitude. laugh

05/12/2019 17:44:48

By a potential cessation of our activities, I think being limited to below 400' would pretty much have put an end to a large proportion of club flying - maybe not all, I accept that's too strong, but it'd kill thermal soaring and aerobatics and a lot of general flying for fun with higher performance models. Forget all those lovely big loops! 400' is not much - if you've stood by the London Eye which is just under 450' tall and imagine flying a 60" span sports aerobat below its height, you'd be surprised at how restrictive it would be. I thought just that when visiting London a little while back and was surprised how low 400' is when you have something to gauge the height by.

Not a problem thankfully, we have the exemption at least for the time being, but who knows what might transpire if we just keep quiet - I'm sure the BMFA understands this.

05/12/2019 14:06:37
Posted by john stones 1 on 05/12/2019 13:22:03:

Why don't yous form an association, and get in there and fight it, as you see it ? You could start by building this groundswell.

BMFAs antiquated structures, Why write that ? They trekked through to Donny on a cold Winters night, without us having to ask, it was offered. Presented a where we are, and how we got here, stood and answered all questions, sat and took members through the online test (all passed) all at no cost to us on the night, then had to drive home late at night. Plus they're on here and elsewhere, answering the same questions over and over.

What is the point of these continuous cheap digs ?

What cheap dig? I and virtually all the BMFA members are grateful for what's been done on our behalf to deflect the worst of what could have been an immediate sessation in our activities and make the administering of all the new regs as easy as possible - working on it now, actually.

BMFA's antiquated structures? By that I meant how little involvement an ordinary member is permitted given the power of clubs and the way their votes are weighed, and as a consequence, how us ordinary folk are effectively voiceless. We've been around this particular favourite a number of times, it's not going to change, so enough.

05/12/2019 11:59:56

Amsterdam Drone Week? Quite a nice jolly by the look of it. I understand that the Flat Earth Society and Alien Abduction people can also drum up a few deluded folks as well.wink

Matty, your final paragraph sums it up in a nutshell except that I'd replace your first "if" with a "when". That said I fully accept that we are where we are. However, to remain quiet about what's happened to our hobby and not keep questioning our inclusion and generally holding the legislators' feet to the fire while we wait for the whole rotten registration system to collapse through ineffectiveness (in the UK at least) will be a serious mistake. If nothing else we'll be able to say "we told you so". Our silence would be tantamount to acquiescence.

No more going round in circles, but I wait with interest what the official position will be in the next BMFA Mag.

Edited By Cuban8 on 05/12/2019 12:01:45

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