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Thread: Tony Nijhuis 50" Vulcan EDF version
19/09/2020 11:06:21


you’ve made my day.
Last night I tried what was my last idea and that was a proprietary 4 into 1 hoping it was my soldering that’s was defective. No joy, in fact, one of the retracts stopped working. This supports your idea that the current from only one ESC isn’t enough to drive signals to 4 motors and power three retracts and three servos.

I’ll be buying some of those beauties and will update later....

thanks again.


Thread: To stabilise or not to stabilise - the gyro question
12/09/2020 17:24:43

I wish I hadn't used paddle shifts as the example - it seems that raises one or two people's blood pressure!!

One other on-point topic perhaps is that models are becoming heavier faster, more sophisticated and therefore technology becomes integral now where perhaps someone with a crystal set Tx and a high wing balsa, tissue and dope early RC plane could easily handle everything with a simple up/down, left/right + throttle set up. Life moves on...

Anyway, I have taken the plunge and will fit it to the Gloster. If nothing else it may make me less reluctant to get it airborne.

12/09/2020 08:18:42

I’d go one further Ron and add that full size aircraft make full use of all manner of gyro stabilisation, indeed some won’t actually fly without assistance (Harrier etc) and so why would we RC pilots decry the use.

Isnt that a bit like a Ford Pop driver poo-pooing a paddle shift gearbox and saying that anything other than double de-clutching isn’t really proper driving but is cheating?

Thread: Tony Nijhuis 50" Vulcan EDF version
11/09/2020 12:15:50

Thanks again Peter - I'll dig into the manual over the weekend yes

11/09/2020 11:31:08


Thanks very much for that, it makes a lot of sense and I'd be over the moon to use two Y leads and two of the Rx channels which might well work, however the setting up of this is way beyond me at the minute ( I feel pretty good with myself if I manage to find the Delta wing setting on my Tx let alone mixing channels).

Also I have a Spektrum Dx7 Tx which may or may not be able to handle channel mixing, I'd have to do some research.

All worth doing though if I'm ever to get this thing to fly. I guess I'll add learning a bit about the proper use of my Tx to the list of processes needed to get this one finished..

Thanks again for the input.


11/09/2020 07:27:51

Hi Craig,

the simple answer is no but hopefully soon.
I never did work out why I couldn’t get all 4 motors to function but by a process of elimination it all seemed to come back to my 4 into 1 lead from the esc’s. I remade it but with no better results. I’ve now ordered one off eBay which is making its way from China as I type. Hopefully this will sort it out, if not, I’m at a complete loss and can’t proceed to finish the plane until I’m sure what the fix is.
fingers crossed and thanks for asking.

Thread: To stabilise or not to stabilise - the gyro question
10/09/2020 21:13:02

Sounds like the consensus is :

  1. a gyro isn’t a replacement for flying skills
  2. why not use assistance where it helps
  3. Set the plane up properly without the gyro first

gyro ordered

Thanks everyone.

08/09/2020 21:50:20

I guess there’s a bit of a purist in me. Gyros didn’t exist when I started flying and I’ve always thought that it’s a cop out from actually learning how to properly fly a plane but........

I’ve found myself wondering on a couple of occasions recently whether a gyro might not make sense in certain circumstances.

The first situation - hand launching an edf. I had an unfortunate experience recently when hand launching a plane when I wasn’t quite quick enough back onto the controls after throwing it and a gust of wind tipped the thing sideways before it had enough speed to be able to recover. I suspect that a gyro would have quickly compensated and kept it level until I’d both thumbs back where they needed to be.

The second is me being a whimp. I’be built a pretty quick balsa Gloster G40 from a kit, spent a lot of time getting it looking right and everyone that’s seen it has made a point of noting that it’s a heavy model with a thin wing profile running on 8S. Basically it’s going to be very very quick. I’m wondering whether I shouldn’t install a gyro as I feel I should take advantage of all the help I can get, if nothing else but to give me the confidence to actually maiden it!

what does everyone else think?

Am I just a dinosaur for thinking gyros are cheating?

Thread: Power loss
07/09/2020 20:50:07

That 6s version can really shift!

placed an order for the Turnigy Heavy Duty 4s 2200 today but have just been refunded as they’d made a mistake with stock levels and are out of stock. Oh well, I guess it’ll be parked gathering dust a while longer.....

07/09/2020 07:28:25

Awesome. Great advice as always so thanks all.

I do find that the nose leg on this collapses easily - the slightest knock and so I tend to take off on my driveway which is tarmac but very narrow so little room for rudder error. The lawn is like a bowling green so I might try hitting that and see what happens.
(I live on a farm in case any of you are wondering if I’ve lost my marbles).
Will report back when I’ve got hold of a new battery!

Thanks again.

06/09/2020 21:43:56

Thanks Peter,

cant see any 4s 2200’s in that brand. Back in the day I used Overlander extremes and they were good for anything. Only 30c but seemed up to most challenges.

Will keep looking.


06/09/2020 21:31:16

Thanks all.

more new batteries😫

What does everyone here recommend for high C rated batteries?

06/09/2020 20:36:17

Thanks Mike,

I’m using the highest rated batteries I can find - Turnigy Nano Tec 2200 4s 90c. If that isn’t enough I’m lost....!

06/09/2020 20:09:03

Hi everyone,

probably been covered before somewhere but....

I took my old Vampire foamy out today to give it an airing but only remembered why it’s been sitting unused for years...

it has retracts and therefore takes off from the ground rather than being hand launched. Several times I put it down powered up then increased to full throttle only for the motor to ‘die’ as the throttle lever hit the max.

Needless to say it never got off the ground.

i have flown this before so not sure what’s going on. I tried a second battery but had exactly the same result so I doubt it’s the batteries (unless they;re both knackered in the same way).

basically the power curve seems to increase until the throttle hits c 75-80% of travel after which it starts to drop off.

could I have inadvertently messed up the settings on my DX7 TX?

could it be an issue with the ESC?

anything else?

Answers on a postcard (or in this thread) please.......

Thread: Tony Nijhuis 50" Vulcan EDF version
31/08/2020 22:14:09

Thanks chaps.

some food for thought. First I’ll check the throttle settings then I think I’ll jury rig a cross connection to see if it’s an arming issue. I’ll tease out the live wires from three ESC connections but to be honest I can’t see that having any impact given the way it’s wired.


31/08/2020 13:36:07
Posted by Craig Carr on 31/08/2020 08:32:01:

Hello Tony,

im the same as Peter, can’t think of anything offhand, if you’ve done it as described it will work. Did you remove the 3 x red wires directly from the escs rather than any servo y leads?

Edited By Craig Carr on 31/08/2020 08:55:58

No Craig I excluded the ‘live’ from the 4 into 1 on three of the sockets - same effect I’d have thought.

31/08/2020 11:04:10

OK. So the fans, batteries and esc's are wired as per the diagram. Things to note.

  1. Battery 1 powers the inside fans, Battery 2 the outside fans
  2. All cables from the ESCs are intact. The 4 into one only carries the positive from ESC wire 3 to the Rx
  3. Battery 1 is connected first to give Rx power

It doesn't work

When I power up only two fans ever work. Is this something to do with the arming sequence for the motors? Is it because having plugged the Rx in and this having 'set' the ESC's for the two motors powered by Battery 1, when I then connect Battery 2 the Rx isn't then shaking hands with the two additional ESC's?

wiring diagram.jpeg

31/08/2020 08:26:13

Thanks Peter,

I have a funny feeling that today is going to be one of those painstaking step-by-step testing days!

still, I can think of worse things on a dull BH Monday. 😀

31/08/2020 08:26:12

Thanks Peter,

I have a funny feeling that today is going to be one of those painstaking step-by-step testing days!

still, I can think of worse things on a dull BH Monday. 😀

30/08/2020 22:10:50


I’m now completely stumped.

I've created a 4 into 1 cable for my ESC leads with the red wire removed from three so the Rx only receives power from one.
So, two batteries. One battery powers the middle fans and the other the outside fans. Only one ESC is powering the Rx so the battery to that motor gets connected first. (This battery powers the outside motors). All the usual bleeps and I have control of retracts, rudder (for the nose-wheel) and elevrons. I then connect the second battery. I then have power to the inside motors (from the second battery) but no power to the outside motors.
no matter what I do I don’t seem to be able to get power to the outside two motors.

All suggestions welcome.


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