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Thread: Electrifying a BH Chipmunk
07/01/2012 17:19:11
Brilliant idea.
Now why does your mount look so much cleaner than mine….!
Some more pics..

07/01/2012 17:02:20
Danny, bad luck re the Chipmunk flight but better that than the alternative!
As promised a shot of my improvised motor mounting...

The dowel is 6mm and I even managed to drill the holes in the firewall in the right place!!
07/01/2012 16:44:54
Hi Danny,
What a lovely shot. It's the kind of plane that just makes me smile it's got such a lot of character. (An ex RAF cadet I used to fly in these….. a lot of years ago!).
Mine's the 64" span version so a little smaller than yours. You're right it really shouldn't have too much power to give it the same feel as the real thing. I can still remember my first stall turns, rolls off the top and loops, hanging in my straps and looking at the fields below. The most exciting day's flying was when my pilot, god bless 'im, took us through the up-draught of one of Drax power stations cooling towers. I did think that the wings might just get ripped off. It was like being in an elevator!!
Thread: Mosquito build blog
07/01/2012 16:29:52
Good to see Ady.
I looked at the GAD planes some time ago but found the site horrible to use and navigate around. That plus the never fulfilled promise of a supersized Starfighter and I totally gave up on them. Having seen yours I may just pop back.
Can't wait to see some video.
PS Just been to the GAD site now the Electric Jet Centre and clicked on ARTF kits and….nothing…..
I see they still haven't sorted their website!!! 

Edited By TonyS on 07/01/2012 16:35:56

Thread: Electrifying a BH Chipmunk
07/01/2012 16:14:09
Thanks Tim.
I've been fiddling along with this build very slowly due to a house sale which was made all the more interesting as it involved the french….an odd lot! Anyway, they probably say the same about us so...
Back to the Chippy so to speak.
I've not really anything to add re the fitting of the wings, control surfaces and control horns etc save to say that you do have to do a bit of trimming to the plastic fittings supplied or they won't fit properly. There will be many who won't like the large plastic washer type affairs that will do a great job but do look very obvious. I've just run with the kit as is.
The bit that has tested me is the motor mount. Nowhere in the destructions does it mention the side-thrust or up/down thrust settings. I'm coming to the conclusion that maybe the firewall is already set to give the right thrust offset but I can't see it. On this basis I'm making a straight motor mount and will slip washers behind the motor mounting plate if necessary post the trial flight (if there's enough left of the plane )
The spinner supplied doesn't fit over the 8mm prop adapter so I guess I'll be reaming that out as well as the prop.
I'm never comfortable with glue-only joints on things like motor mounts so I've given the mount some mechanical joining as well. Pics to follow...
Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
07/01/2012 16:04:07
My vote's to go ply/spruce as it looks fairly straightforward and I can probably knock up all the bits. The only question I'd have is the hinge in the middle - is this more of a 'rocker' and, if so, how did you make that please?
07/01/2012 10:05:07
Tom / Rich,
Glad that you've kissed and made up. Let's get on with the build thread and don't worry about giving us safety lessons etc along the way. As I guess that we're all model fliers we've pretty much got that one covered (even I can work out that loose whirly things could be dangerous).
05/01/2012 18:05:07
Promise I won't be a drop-out (well, in this anyway!)
Look forward to the materials list.
05/01/2012 13:20:16
Hi Tom,
Looks like a straightforward build. I'm looking forward to joining in but I'll wait until I know what the complete materials list is as I'd like to get it all in one go to save postage (which mounts up if you buy in bits and bobs). Sadly I don't have a massive parts bin..! So far I've got spruce spars, liteply, and the u/c. From reading the posts I think I'm going to need some carbon and I'm sure I'll need something to complete the rotor linkages….
Thread: Jet engine question..
02/01/2012 20:11:12
I think I can shed a bit more light on the matter…. I did the diagram. It was supposed to be a simplified version of all the various diagrams I'd seen of jet / jet turbines.
Myron/Martin, I'm not an engineer, I look after older people, now there are some gas issues to deal with but they don't come under engineering , so you'll have to forgive my scribblings.
Phil, thanks for your contribution. I think in my mind I was focussing all my attention on the surge issue because by my thinking the hole needed to get all that compressed air into the combustion chamber quickly would need to be fairly big and hence leaving the engine open to 'blow-back' for want of a better word.
Thread: Crane Fly Trainer Autogyro
02/01/2012 11:31:53
Plans will not be neede…! Sounds interesting. Provided I can source the necessary bits with relative ease and fly electric I'd be very happy to have a pop.
Thread: Jet engine question..
02/01/2012 11:26:35
I know this is going to sound really stupid and it'll probably be due to size of inlet/outlet or something but I'm puzzling over how a jet engine works.
I get the basic principle but it seems to me that without a valve to stop the blast back there are some incredible inefficiencies to overcome.
If the picture below shows a basic jet engine with the airflow running left to right….

surely when the fuel is ignited in the combustion chamber the pressure both ways (the orange arrows) is equal i.e. forwards and backwards. The pressure forwards, if nothing else, would operate to slow or stop the impellers driving the air into the combustion chamber?
Thread: Show us your workshop!
02/01/2012 08:06:52
Well Bruce,
Here's a great thought to start your year. Just browsing the site on the iPad in bed and my miss us saw the pics of your workshop over my shoulder.... Apparently she's never going to complain about me again
I think I owe you a debt of gratitude my friend...
Thread: Happy New Year!
31/12/2011 17:15:52
Hope it brings health and happiness in abundance ( and good flying of course!!)
Unlikely to be online or capable of typing later so I thought I'd drop you all my best wishes now.
Thanks to everyone for the help in the past year and I look forward to sharing tales in 2012
Thread: Electrifying a BH Chipmunk
31/12/2011 12:07:22
Don't know how other people ensure their decals are in the same spot but I use tracing paper.
First trace around the decal and some obvious marking points. In this case the edge of the red paint and the back of the wing before the aileron...

Then cut around the decal (only need to do one side)

Then flip the paper over and fix to the opposite wing...

Now position the decal to the edge of the tracing paper...

Nice and easy… Notice how the white is nice and white!!
31/12/2011 11:44:22
Aaaah, got it!
The side thrust is more a function of prop pitch (and I guess a little to do with prop size)...
31/12/2011 11:38:01
Thanks Timbo.
So does the prop size affect it ? Just not sure what the force is that side / down thrust is compensating for. Let's face it, a rotating prop should logically apply force equally in every direction and if the plane is built straight and balanced then why would you need side thrust?
I'll have a dig around on the web….
31/12/2011 11:19:06
Thanks again Bob.
Do electric motors need the same down/side thrust as ic engines or is it nothing to do with the actual power source just the rotation of the prop. If it's the prop will it be different for a thin electric compared with an ic equivalent? Questions, questions…..
On a wholly different note, NEVER apply self adhesive decals with white in them onto a coloured surface. In this case, the RAF roundels when stuck onto the red wingtips will not show white but an off reddish-white colour as the white is semi-transparent. I always roughly cut out the roundel (or tail flag) , stick it onto white solartrim THEN cut it out properly for sticking to the plane. This way the white is white (and all the other colours are true. The difference in thickness is negligible.

Edited By TonyS on 31/12/2011 11:19:23

Thread: How untidy is your workshop?
31/12/2011 08:54:07
As they said on the Newsquiz a few weeks ago....
Woman's Hour! What's that all about? How are women supposed to concentrate for a whole hour?......
Thread: Show us your workshop!
31/12/2011 08:50:29
Hi Tom,
I suffer from periodic bouts of manic tidying. It just happens that I just went through a tidying phase. I do like to clear up between projects too as I tend to get all the bits mixed up otherwise!
Well spotted. I'm just in the process of converting a BH Chipmunk (64") to electric as my latest project. There's a kind of thread running - mainly me asking lots of dumb questions and Bob C and others being polite
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