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Thread: 1/4 Scale Bristol Brownie Plans
11/07/2019 19:45:53

I suggest you send a Private Message to kevin b or Alan Gorham.

There are 2 copies of the magazine for sale here if you don't have that Glenn. They will ship to Australia.

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
10/07/2019 11:06:44

It would seem that the once most popular .40 size glow motors are now completely unobtainable new! You could still buy a .46 or a .36 just about but not an actual .40 new. If newcomers don't start on glow then they are less likely to eventually move on to the larger glow motors.........

Hopefully the demise of the cheaper makers will make the survival of the expensive brands more likely.

Thread: BFW M23c - Golden Age German Racer.
08/07/2019 12:45:15

Does that mean an RCME plan is likely?

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
07/07/2019 18:03:14

Well it would seem not many people reckon we should be looking to see more MDS production!

So what ic engines are still being made? Thunder Tiger? Magnum? PAW? MVVS? K&B?

A look at the MECOA website ( K&B, HB, Veco etc ) suggests a selection of sizes is available so presumably we could buy direct from USA. A look at their secondhand stock might be worthwhile too - for some years they did a trade in any engine arrangement - and has some unbelievable stuff like a vintage Ohlsson & Rice 60 for 12 dollars! Maybe a misprint or a useless one but engine collectors might be interested.....

05/07/2019 20:32:11

MDS seem to have something in common with Marmite.

05/07/2019 15:21:40

Thats a serious engine collection Paul ...

Can someone explain why there are lots of i.c engine collectors but nobody collects old electric motors?

Thread: DH84 Dragon
05/07/2019 14:53:48

It's always worth waiting for the best test pilot for a really nice scale model.

Just noticed your interesting staple method for retaining the wings - my thought was what happens when the balsa wears a bit - will the staple drop out? Have you ever thought of putting a magnet to ensure the staple cannot ever drop out?

I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing the plan in RCME if that's any incentive for you to draw the plan......

Thread: The demise of. ASP/SC
05/07/2019 14:43:58

If there is a market for cheap glow engines maybe we will see Russian engines again.........

Thread: 50 years on and a Balsacraft Bristol Blenheim
05/07/2019 12:39:46

Most clubs have someone who would jump at the chance to fly someone elses model.........but you need to ascertain whether they are the most competent! You need to ask who is the best test pilot for a new scale model like the Blenheim -chances are it will not be someone who pushes himself forward. Make sure your RC gear is still OK if it was bought some years ago and be very wary of old nicads.

Build whatever you feel is worthwhile such as the Blenheim but also build something that will help your own flying progress. Maybe that will be a trainer or a vintage model or maybe the next step up like a Wot4. Make sure it's a model that is big enough to see easily too.

Thread: Hi there
04/07/2019 20:03:25

Clubs vary and it may depend on whether you were unlucky enough to only speak to the worst club member!

If you state your approx location maybe a forum member will suggest his club and suggest a good time to visit.

Thread: Local Model Shops
03/07/2019 12:49:24

The point is that hobby shop owners & staff are more enthusiasts than salesmen, so they are not like the commission salesmen who will do anything for a sale (e.g double glazing salesmen)

Thread: Thread in the head
02/07/2019 09:50:34

Didn't Brian Winch - Wizard of Oz- do an RCME article on this in recent years? Probably gave the thread size there.

Thread: Local club attendance
01/07/2019 18:30:22

There was a time when everyone had to wait to 'get the peg' which used to be the reason for limiting numbers. A thing of the past now with 2.4 ghz and electric power.

Thread: Help needed with film covering
28/06/2019 16:48:09

The Solarfilm wrappers and almost certainly the DVD show a method of determining the iron temperature by allowing a small sample of film to wrinkle up on the face of the iron. Modern film is probably able to withstand a higher temp so should be no problem, however check your iron the old fashioned way.

27/06/2019 19:44:37

The Solarfilm DVD is THE definitive work and the man in the video is the late great Derek Hardman himself I believe. ( inventor of Solarfilm etc) His main advice is to start at a low heat and gradually increase heat as needed. Also check heat to start with by the test offcut as he shows.

As Cuban8 says leave a bit of spare all round and especially at the wingtips. Film covering is an art or knack - to get a perfect job is difficult but to get a airworthy job is not too difficult.

Any problems - post a picture to get advice. But better still join a local club and you should get plenty of advice and maybe someone to show you how.

Thread: ASP etc gone
26/06/2019 13:36:14

Getting fuel delivered will probably be the main problem in future.

As for glow plugs I am sure I read that they were, at one time, made by hand by someone in Britain in a small maybe one man business. if the demand exists it shouldn't be a problem -getting the material for them ( is it platinum? ) might be the snag.

Edited By kc on 26/06/2019 13:44:19

Thread: RCME June 1994.
26/06/2019 12:10:34

A flat ply plate could go right across the dihedral by just recessing the middle ribs or foam  a little and building up a balsa filler bit on the outside - with cutouts for the clamps. Much easier than tapering ply in thickness!

Edited By kc on 26/06/2019 12:11:09

26/06/2019 09:01:05

Actually what I was trying to describe was just having the vertical supports joining each other in the centre. However what you have now drawn seems very good instead.  But wouldn't it be useful to have the plate in one piece to form a dihedral brace too. then only 1 double groove u/c clamp could be used.  ( allowing for dihedral in some way)   It's debateable whether the ply needs to extend out as far as the wheel but only needs to go just beyond the u/c clamp to be just as effective. Extra width of the ply plate may be better than length.

I also suggest that the clamps are most effective if they are almost at the end of the wire and the others as near as possible to the bend.


Edited By kc on 26/06/2019 09:05:57

25/06/2019 19:44:09

Nice reply Bob. Fortunately CG is well within limits. I will get a spell cast on me if SWMBO reads this!

Jon there is a theory that it's lighter & stronger if the 2 vertical blocks etc meet in the middle or are common. Possibly needs u/c legs to be longer in the horizontal plane but worth considering. But it means the vertical part is well within the fibrglass bandage and if damage does occur it's hidden in the fuselage so no visible scar.

24/06/2019 19:27:45

Bob, if I cut the end off SWMBO's broomstick will she still be able to fly with it?

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