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Thread: Werewolf free plan
19/09/2019 13:24:51

The build article is here on the forum. And there is also the forum article here.

Peters article on estimating balsa is worth reading as i recall but it's "subscriber ony" not for people who buy RCME from WH Smith !

The way i estimate quickly is to get a sheet of 3 inch and a sheet of 4 inch balsa and try them over the plan components. Put the sheet over ,say, the elevator -move a thumb to the tailplane & elevator end then put over the fin, rudder etc and see if it all comes out of one sheet or needs two. Also checking whether 4 inch or 3 inch is needed. Jotting this down and the grade ( eg light for tailplane parts) Then I do the other 1/4 parts - formers etc to see if they would come out off the sheets too.

Same with the fuselage and wings remembering there are 2 fus sides and wing halves, and top and bottom for wing sheeting. Probably another sheet for fus top and bottom which is easy to forget. Then I get a wing rib shape and see how many times it can be fitted on one sheet so by counting the ribs ( both wing halves!) I know the number of sheets needed. Then it's a matter of looking at the other 1/16th parts to see if they come out of the offcuts or need another sheet. Always over estimating and being generous with material needed.

Then I look around the plan for all the wing spars , TE and smallerparts plus hardware like piano wire jotting it all down. The I have a list and need to add a few sheets for mistakes/ under estimate etc especially if paying for postage and don't want to pay for a second batch.

So I do all the 1/4 parts, then the 1/8. 1/16 etc in turn. Maybe the 1/2 parts need a sheet or maybe they can be laminated from the spare 1/4 sheets. Then its a matter of looking around the plan for any odd size balsa or overlooked parts like 1/32 ply doublers etc. and especially for balsa spars etc.

Somewhere a couple of years ago Peter stated a list of balsa that would make almost any of his designs........ having that material always in stock is a good idea.

Edited By kc on 19/09/2019 13:31:29

Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
15/09/2019 18:50:53

You could disguise the repaired patch with some clever coloured trim on both wings to look as though it was built that way!

Thread: Miss Deeds or 1/4 semi scale Cassutt
15/09/2019 18:43:30

Cheaper too ...sheet balsa is now expensive!

Thread: Irvine .53 / Ugly Stik
14/09/2019 18:11:22

If you really want to resize a model and draw it in CAD there are so many desgns you could start with - but is it realy worth the time if plans such as the Rival are so readily available?

However one design that might be worth drawing to a larger size is New Era 3( the revisited version) - if you read the article on Outerzone you might consider the design is worthy of being larger by maybe a third at 55 to 60 inch. ( note it's only the New Era 3 that has such a good reputation and the Revisited version is slightly modernised )

Thread: Aileron Thickness
13/09/2019 18:56:25

Presumably D.A. Scott was talking about the aileron hinged edge being rounded whilst Don was talking about the TE.

And I also think that Don was talking about the author of the book being an idiot not Capt Kremmen! ,

Edited By kc on 13/09/2019 18:59:46

Thread: Well this could get interesting
13/09/2019 15:45:03

How far out does this jamming work and will it affect legal flying at normal flying sites? Forecast is beautiful flying weather tomorrow, so will we see a spate of unusual crashes at club sites? Maybe 35Mhz might be safer!

Thread: System hook ups
12/09/2019 14:07:29

Some Lipo batteries come with XT60 connectors already fitted so this would be a good thing to standardise on ( XT60 are yellow) Motors often come with bullet connectors already 3.5mm I think- so again a standard thing so just buy the matching 3.5 female parts to solder to the ESC, same with XT60 just buy the matching half -they are marked + and minus. Correct polarity is essential!

The 3 wires from ESC to motor can be inserted any way round - if the motor rotates the wrong way just swop any 2 wires round.

For safety it is essential to get everything done BEFORE fitting prop - far too easy to have an accident otherwise. Even just going into the TX memory to see what settings had been done caused the motor to start up inadvertantly on my workbench - fortunately I was standing behind! You won't believe the instant power of even a small brushless motor until you experience it.....

11/09/2019 20:14:30

Remember that your 40 year old engines might now be fairly valuable as Vintage engines!

Thread: Recommended First Balsa Kit
11/09/2019 19:16:33

You could ( should) buy the Gangster 63 Lite direct from Mick Reeves Models for 95 pounds! Read up about it here and see that it is an improved construction now. No point in paying silly money for an old kit and anyway its already sold on Ebay.

Important to note that the original enquiry here was from a very experienced pilot and the answers are different to those that would have been given to a pilot of lesser experience. So it's quite important to build the model that will advance your flying.

Thread: Analog versus Digital servos
11/09/2019 11:59:34

I am sure Peter is right. Anyone with RC experience would surely have an analogue servo to hand.

But any 35 Mhz system will be quite old now and I would question whether it's worth paying to have it mended, 2.4 systems are so cheap now. Reliabiliity is surely everything in RC planes. If you must continue with 35 Mhz then it's likely that someone would give away a Futuba Rx or Tx that works well. Most of my club members have cupboards full of 35 mhz unused now but working. I would just ask around if there is anything going spare.

Thread: Moon Dancer 2
09/09/2019 14:48:50

It can happen to anybody Peter! I had noticed that your static shot showed some down elevator while the inflight shot showed some up which made me wonder if the elevator was reversed or perhaps jamming.

Thread: Taurus - Model Aeroplane News
09/09/2019 10:44:07

Would it be considered sacrilege, in such a classic design, to suggest changing the LE construction to one using a false LE with separate upper and lower wing skins lapped over it with a front capping piece? To me that would be easier than trying to bend balsa right around the LE.

The original plan and article is on Outerzone if anybody needs it.

Edited By kc on 09/09/2019 10:47:21

Thread: Moon Dancer 2
09/09/2019 10:22:12

In the photo it looks like there is a bit of up elevator?

Thread: Taurus - Model Aeroplane News
08/09/2019 19:46:29

That's a rather large model ! I suggest a 1/12 scale version at 70" might be more economical but if your workshop is big enough for 70 foot........

Seriously, I can see what you mean about the 'scabs' on the plan - they look like sheet joining tabs to me. Tabs underneath to reinforce. No cyano to join sheets in 1963. Nothing in the instructions to explain , but instructions on rolling the sheet suggest it needs very wide sheet.

SLEC used to sell sheet wider than 4 inches.

Phenolic trim bar would appear to be an ancient  ( pre modern radio with trims ) way to trim model.

Edited By kc on 08/09/2019 19:50:34

Thread: Moon Dancer 2
08/09/2019 19:03:58

That's a pity with a new model - we all know the feeling! Doubtless you will have it all sorted out soon.

Thread: RC Model World Miles Hawk ailerons...
04/09/2019 19:19:28

There is a cowl available for this model from Sarik if you need it.

Thread: Scaling up
04/09/2019 17:07:24

There is no article it was just a few lines in Colin Fretwell's column - I have quoted all the relevant info.

Thread: RC Model World Miles Hawk ailerons...
04/09/2019 15:32:43

Martin, I have sent you the copy of the article.

As regards the flying characteristics of Miles Hawks - one of the negative comments was by Phillip Kent in his scale column in RCME Aug 93 - he said "The Sparrowhawk and the Miles Speed Six have presented problems to modellers in the past. The low speed flying characterisics have not been good and a fair number have succombed to tip stalling........... with a thinner wing and some washout I am sure that a new model will lose these viscious faults and become a much sweeeter flying machine"

Of course he was talking about the Sparrowhawk and I notice that the 3 view he showed ( his own and he said more accurate 3 view than others) does not have much of a flat centre section. Also the Sparrowhawk fin looks smaller than the Lockwood Miles M2X in the photos in RCMW article, so maybe you should not worry too much.

Edited By kc on 04/09/2019 15:34:14

Thread: Scaling up
04/09/2019 15:12:28

Mike Delacole has already produced a larger Chilli Wind as a .60 version. I don't recall it ever being published. This larger version was mentioned in RCME August 1993 page 29. Doesn't mention span though.

Also mentioned was the fact that Mike had modified the Chilli Wind 40/45 by increasing the tail moment by 3 inches and nose by 1.5 inches. It said anyone interested in this version could phone Mike - presumably he supplied a new plan, maybe for the .60 version too. I would guess that the 60 version was also increased in tail moment too. RCME published a phone number for Mike but it's unlikely to be the same after 26 years but I will give it to you by a PM if you want to give it a try Alex.

Edited By kc on 04/09/2019 15:13:25

Thread: RC Model World Miles Hawk ailerons...
01/09/2019 19:23:23

I reckon that if you put a ruler on the plan along the aileron hinge line ( in plan view) from where the torque rod enters aileron to the exit point for servo it will show just where the TE is grooved and that it's possible. Also in edge view a line along the aileron hinge line will just come inside the wing lower surface at horns for servo. Thats the way it looks on the tiny plan - it seems possible - just. And the strength will not be affected because of the ply part.

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