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Thread: Drawing up the QED Gee Bee
02/04/2020 17:56:03

Drawing on a drawing board is superior for our purposes - quicker and cheaper. With the added advantage it's full size and therefore you can place actual components on the drawing to ensure they fit.

I see that there is a pretty good QED plan on Outerzone which has the sections all worked out. Not really cheating just to enlarge them to your required size - at least it would look right. But perhaps the fun of working this out for yourself is the real buzz that you want......

Thread: Will we continue to get the magazine (RCM&E)?
02/04/2020 13:23:09

Whilst some people subscribe there must be plenty who normally buy at the newsagents but won't whilst isolating. So I looked to see how to just buy 1 issue, and frankly MagsUK will not state what just 1 issue posted would cost - unless you actually buy! A request for estimate of shipping does not work for UK ! I gave up - if they cannot tell me the cost before I put all my info in I won't buy. It's things like this that cause loss of sales in my opinion. Needs sorting.

As an alternative one could subscribe but the info is out of date - it still says you get 13 issue a year which we now know is not correct!

Thread: First Warbird?
02/04/2020 12:36:23

LA7 - have you seen the David P Andersen free plans? Lots of good stuff on this website.

Thread: Gardening help needed
02/04/2020 11:40:25

That garden looks fine. The covered seat looks a good idea - do you have netting draped at the front to keep birds and animals out?

Thread: Old Model for old modeller
01/04/2020 18:29:31

Victor, I hope you have got the right engine for the T240 because I notice that SLEC say the T240 " T-240 will fly very happily on a standard (10cc) 2 stroke " but of course .91 cu inch is not 10cc .......... 10cc is a .61 cu inch. I wonder which is the right engine for this model? Of course one could argue that either would fly the model but which is the 'correct' one ( just the right amount of power to fly nicely as a trainer)? No doubt someone here on the forum will know.......

01/04/2020 16:37:26

Rebuilding an old model is well worth while. Put a photo here and get the experts opinions as to how to rebuild.

Another thread on the T180 says the Telemaster is pretty similar. Plans for the Telemaster are on Outerzone where you can download plans free for that and many different models together with instructions. Once downloaded plans can be printed off in sections on an A4 printer or much better put onto a memory stick and taken to a copy shop for printing full size.

Thread: Flat Car Battery from non-use of car
01/04/2020 13:25:15

Buy a pair of jump leads now before everyone realises they have the same problem in a couple of weeks.....

Then if you are a glow/petrol flyer then use your 12 volt model starter battery to start the car. Or if an electric flyer keep your car battery charged with your lipo charger set to lead acid. But if you are just a glider pilot bad luck - on your bike!

Seriously our little 12 volt batteries will start a car. Years ago at a show the seller of those cheap ex standby equip 12 volt 7 ah gel cells   ( Proops i think ) said he used one of these cheap batteries to start his E type - I didn't really believe it but later found he was correct. They will start a car.   However take all the precautions we used to take when running old cars in the 1960's in the 62/63 freeze. Free up the engine first by rocking the car in gear ignition off as the oil will be sticking a bit ( obviously we used a starting handle then! Younger people ask your grandfather what they are) Then keep your foot off the 'gas' and turn it over twice. Leave a minute try again. Repeat until it starts ensuring you dont touch the accelorator, if you have then keep the throttle wide open and turn the engine over with throttle wide open then leave a few minutes.Try again. If all else fails then its a push start - try using 3rd gear not 1st and get the car really moving before dropping the clutch. My car eventually started every day in the 62/63 freeze even though it was an old 1950 A40 Devon with ancient battery.

Edited By kc on 01/04/2020 13:48:15

Thread: Reagle Eagle from the ashes.
29/03/2020 19:37:08

Trivial Pursuit is here on Outerzone.

29/03/2020 19:18:23

The rumour at the time was that the Regal Eagle was based on an enlargement of a Peter Miller design called Tequila Sunrise which was a Radio Modeller plan and also a RC Modeler USA plan. You might compare your design with that plan for similarities or to overcome any missing sections. Of course construction was completely different. Peter later produced his own slightly enlarged design as Miss Lizzie for an RCME plan. All reputed to be excellent flyers.

Thread: Clevis, Thead, Crimp, Glue or Solder
29/03/2020 12:20:58

The front wheels on Penny Farthings probably used 800mm spokes!

Threads on rods are often rolled not cut with a die, so the rod may well be less diameter than the thread that is formed on it.( somehow the rod is squeezed out to form thread rather than cut into the rod)

Edited By kc on 29/03/2020 12:21:21

Thread: Hello from Oxfordshire-first build project advice please
28/03/2020 12:35:38

Dee, we are not too worried that you crash & wreck your plane - it's whether a crash causes injury or even death or just property damage that concerns us. It seems that people think of planes as toys that won't harm anyone. In my time in RC aeromodelling I can think of about 5 deaths reported from people being struck by out of control planes! In particular I remember the two very young kids - maybe about 7 or 8 years - who got hit in the head and died. Freak accidents but young heads seem particularly vulnerable. To put that in context thats 5 in over thirty years, not that much considering 5 people get killed in road accidents every day in UK. But enough to make sure flying is done in the safest way possible.

So that's why we advise flying in a club environment with an instructor. In a club spectators will be kept well back from planes and planes flown in a safe area. The instructor should grab control if the trainee looks like losing it. Saves the plane but more importantly saves hitting somebody or something.  Instructors also inspect planes before flight to ensure everything is OK - almost every first timer finds he got something completly wrong!  In addition clubs can advise about safety in the pits- props can start up instantly and chop into fingers - see the horrific cuts in various posts reported here on the forum from experienced aeromodellers......

A great hobby but only if done safely. And really only for youngsters under the strictest instruction. Far safer than lots of things like cycling etc etc.

Edited By kc on 28/03/2020 12:38:36

27/03/2020 12:19:48

I don't think we should be encouraging " wham bam crash" ! We need to get the message around that aeromodelling is a serious hobby and needs to be undertaken in the same manner as driving - it's a responsibility. That's why club have instructors.

It's also worth saying that you cannot just fly anywhere - it needs the landowners permission. Flying sites are hard to come by.

It's also necessary to ensure that Tx and Rx are 'full range' if flying outdoors, and cheap stuff might not be suitable for planes.

27/03/2020 11:28:35

Of course anything over 250 grams weight is subject to the laws about registering as an Operator with the CAA and taking the test. In addition all sensible pilots make sure they are insured and most of us join BMFA to get insurance.

Thread: Peter Miller asks what next?
26/03/2020 12:20:11

That GB looks like it was the inspiration for Peter Miller's Miss Lizzie from some years back. Even the colour scheme seems similar. Miss Lizzie was just a bit slimmer and shorter perhaps.

Edited By kc on 26/03/2020 12:22:53

Thread: 2 or 3 questions please, need some wise advice
24/03/2020 15:03:55

Some points about wing bands whilst we are talking about them

special wing bands are best as they are wider than ordinary ones - obtain from SLEC etc and they are best used diagonally. Must be quite tight when stretched on wing. Usually people use at least 6. In use watch out as they perish in air and sunlight so spare ones should be stored sealed in polythene bags. Any weird things the plane does, maybe in a dive is a probable indicator of failing bands. You need spare ones to hand.

I believe some clubs have rules on what colour wing bands you can use ( No it's not April 1st) and I think it's white. Those clubs say you have to pick up any that fall off as cattle eat them and get sick......

Edited By kc on 24/03/2020 15:05:03

Thread: I never thought it would come to this....
23/03/2020 12:00:59

I looked back in the forum to find the thread started by David Mellor which covered his innovative simple foam etc designs similar to Nutball but all I could find were deleted items showing " former member" and all the info missing. If it's all been deleted it's a huge loss of all that good info. Anybody know what happened to the thread?

23/03/2020 11:42:10

With all those trees around something like the Nutball with rounded wings and low aspect ratio might be less susceptible to catching in the treetops....

Lots of Nutball and similar designs online of course.

Thread: New model required: comments?
23/03/2020 11:37:44

Of course that is free flight scale and rubber powered = a specialist section of our hobby which needs lots of space to fly. Fine if you have the experience and space............

Going back to the wing rib or laser cut ideas, check out iGull for wing ribs only or Belair for laser cut part sets. In both cases you can download the plans free on Outerzone for most designs. For thing like the Southerner with tapered wings it's worth buying the ribs laser cut but for non tapered wings it's an expensive way to build.

I advise building a model that will be the next in line to advance your flying. rather than someting that looks pretty..

22/03/2020 19:32:34

Wing ribs ( except tapered wings) are best cut by making a 1/32 birch ply template - cut with knife or scissors, sanded to perfect shape. A couple of drawing pins just poking thro will hold it onto balsa whilst you run a scalpel around. Last cut out spar cut outs. Template can be fitted onto balsa to minimise balsa wastage.

Alternative nis to cut balsa rectangles or oversize ribs, drill 2 holes thro to take a couple of pieces of threaded rod to make a sandwich of all ribs between 2 ply templaes, sand the block to shape and finally cut spar notches whilst still in a pack.

Thread: RCM&E April 2020 issue chat
22/03/2020 11:15:19

Is the April issue in the shops now? The preview here on the forum still shows the March issue.......

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