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Thread: Former cuts
17/08/2018 15:43:00

Use a coping saw. Use coping saws with teeth pointing to handle ( i.e. as a pull saw ) for accuracy.

Or drill a 6mm hole after sawing sides then file away the corners.


You could consider whether slots are necessary as you could cut former undersize and just glue the stringers on outside on most of the formers.

Edited By kc on 17/08/2018 15:46:33

Thread: Ancestry. com.
16/08/2018 19:39:31

Genealogy seems to be a time consuming hobby - if you want to find out about your ancestors and still have plenty of time for aeromodelling the best thing is get someone else interested in the history of your family and leave it to them!

Thread: Some advice required please :)
14/08/2018 20:04:55

I think it's worth saying that you should visit all the clubs in your area to see which suits you best. It's not just flying times or how near to you but what the members are like - some clubs are full of wealthy people anxious to show how much they can squander on their hobby. others are full of DIY types who build their own planes for very little cash. Some clubs have both types and everything in between. What should affect your choice is what the members are like who fly at your times - i.e. weekends or weekdays. And of course if an instructor is available at your flying times. Also if you have already flown then check what the club Mode is because you don't want to change and it's better to fly the same Mode as everyone else.

Finally remember that BMFA fees and club fees normally run January 1st to Dec 31st so joining late in the year is less worthwhile.

Thread: Stolen airliner
13/08/2018 12:52:13

It would be interesting to know who's insurance pays out for the destroyed aircraft........the airline's or the man's employer.

Think about it......if the garage mechanic takes your car for a joyride whilst you left it for servicing ( or the airport car park firm employee as happened recently ) would you expect to have to claim on your own insurance when it's crashed? Presumably there are precedents already set.

Anyway it may force airport baggage handling firms to vet their staff a bit more carefully in future.

Edited By kc on 13/08/2018 12:53:36

Thread: Bluebird 2018
13/08/2018 12:36:32

It is of course the same argument as the restoration and flying of historic aircraft or cars that have previously crashed fatally. I think most people want to see them run again but not take too much risk.

Thread: STOL mk2
13/08/2018 12:22:33

It's very interesting that you built a model from the old plan because if you look at the various STOL threads you will see that people who bought a recent plan said the wingspan was more than the quoted 48 inches ( they said 55 inches I think ) Nobody had a plan that was 48 inch span!

So what is the span of yours? Of course this makes a difference ( possibly) to the size of electric motor needed.

Thread: Hangar monkey plans wanted
12/08/2018 17:55:03

The explanation for the name is in the original article and in case Ken didnt get the magazine it refers to this 'historical' event.

08/08/2018 09:53:40

Hangar Monkey was in RCME October 2016. Normally all old plans are available from Sarik Hobbies but this one is not listed so maybe an e-mail to Sarik would help. More recent back issues of RCME are available from MagsUK but only from 2017 it seems. Old RCME are available from Magazine Exchange but this issue is out of stock at the moment.

I don't want to part with my copy of this plan as it is high on my list of future projects ........but you might find someone who will part with this plan if you offer an exchange of some kind.

Thread: Vintage Rc small Piper Cherokee lookalike - Plans?
07/08/2018 17:42:32

Possibly the Jack Headley plan from RCME 1969. It is now on Outerzone and you can download the plan here

Theoretically it should still be available from Sarik who have all the RCME etc plans now.

Thread: Thinking of changing my car
31/07/2018 14:18:48

Consider a hybrid. My Toyota Auris Touring Sports hybrid ( auto) uses about half the petrol my old Toyota Carina auto did on the same journeys. The Touring sports version has about a foot more room in the boot than the saloon - useful for models.

Beware 1 year old cars of any make that have done about 13000 miles - very likely to be ex hire cars even if they seem to have belonged to the manufacturer - they were most likely leased by the hire firm from the manufacturer.. Buy new via Carwow at best price instead.

Edited By kc on 31/07/2018 14:21:30

Thread: Where to put the lead
30/07/2018 10:44:35

I may be stating the obvious - but so far nobody else seems to have mentioned it..........

.......if it needs so much lead in the tail then are you sure you have calculated the CG correctly? ( bearing in mind it's an own design ) Maybe you extended the nose too much! But as it's an Acrowot based design does it have the same taper to the wing? The Acrowot itself has REAR taper and I think a slight LE taper too. Does the 'clone' have an exactly similar taper?

Give the wing dimension and especially the taper of your own design and no doubt someone here will do the CG calculations and you could compare with your own.

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
25/07/2018 16:25:47

They pounced on the innocent club fliers who were going to be limited to 400 feet. But they should have pounced on the people who buzzed airliners and we are sure they are not club fliers.

25/07/2018 16:10:10

Again Martin you have got it wrong! I want the same laws to apply to everyone not just BMFA/LMA/SAA members. What has made club flying safer is the ( mostly ) accepted rule that to fly solo you need a BMFA A cert ( or equivalent) or a supervising qualified model pilot. This is what has made club flying safer.

Clearly the lawmakers either wanted to make airliners safe from buzzing by drones or they wanted to clear the sky for commercial drones. But they pounced on the innocent club fliers and failed to deal with the actual troublemakers who are probably youths with drones and no knowledge or insurance.  

If the BMFA/LMA/SAA/FPV group had had persuaded the CAA that training to A cert level & insurance should be mandatory to fly solo then we could say that something has been achieved.  Instead months of negotions have just got us  back where we were  a year ago except that if you are caught flying over 400 ft under 7 kilo you get away with it if you are a BMFA etc member or can be prosecuted if you failed to join.   

Edited By kc on 25/07/2018 16:22:09

25/07/2018 15:51:50

The 4 organisations should have said to the CAA that insurance and a certain amount of training and knowledge of the laws are necessary in order to fly solo. That's what the legislation should be about.

25/07/2018 15:49:05

Martin that's exactly my point -- the British Racing Drivers Club is a closed club which you and I cannot join ( only the top racing drivers and a few of the aristocracy are invited to join) Why should responsible and insured pilots be forced to join BMFA etc in order to not be breaking the law if they fly over 400 ft?

25/07/2018 15:35:03

There are uninsured drone pilots who have no knowledge of the safe ways to fly in most parks and open spaces. Nothing has been achieved to stop irresponsible flying by those people - yet we all believe they are the people who buzzed airliners because we know it's not us.

People are congratulating the BMFA. LMA SAA etc yet they seem to have failed to get the CAA to realise that it's the uninsured and untrained who are the danger! 

Edited By kc on 25/07/2018 15:42:03

25/07/2018 15:24:58

No, don't close the thread - we have only just got to the nitty gritty! The real point is we have failed to get legislation that prevents the uninsured and untrained from flying and therefore there is no improvement in safety. And we have given a monopoly to associations at least one of which is not democratic ( i.e. one member one vote)

As I said before if you could only drive on motorways if an AA or Rac member but not if you had breakdown cover through Green Flag or Brittania it would be a similar situation.

Edited By kc on 25/07/2018 15:27:24

Edited By kc on 25/07/2018 15:31:25

25/07/2018 14:21:01

All this has achieved nothing - we BMFA members are back where we started as regards height, registration etc and yet the menace of irresponsible, uninsured and untrained pilots flying drones in public places will not be curbed by this.

If the changes to the law had been to force drone pilots to be insured and have some flight training and knowledge of the rules before flying it may have achieved something. With all and sundry able to operate a drone the problem of drones buzzing airliners will not be solved - if they fly above 400 ft it will be illegal but as they are untrained they won't know about the height restriction!

Edited By kc on 25/07/2018 14:24:11

25/07/2018 13:44:01

I didn't moan about the cost of BMFA subs even though they are almost 7 times the cost they were in 1984 when I first joined! What i don't agree with is giving any organisation ( or group of them ) a monopoly. It's a bad principle. It's rather like saying you can drive on the ordinary roads but you must be a member of the AA or RAC to drive on motorways!

25/07/2018 13:11:24

Andy, you know that means in practice we are forced to be members of one of these 4 organisations because no individual could afford the £1800 fee.

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