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Thread: Fuse
22/03/2019 19:57:17

I suggest you look at what the local clubs do - you will get an idea of whether a glider or perhaps a motor glider might suit you. Gliders with a small electric motor are popular now.

If free flight is your thing then it's worth finding out what people do nowadays - I think fuses are thought to be a fire risk and some sort of timers are used now instead. Free flight is a specialist thing and quite rare now but there are a few real enthusiasts somewhere. Look at the BMFA website for info.

I think that even free flight gliders would be covered by the laws that prevent flying within 5 k of airfields so you need to be careful where you fly and also have insurance.

22/03/2019 12:44:53

Of course what Bob and Pat describe is for free flight and not needed if using Radio Control. There are still a few people flying free flight now but it needs plenty of space and that's not easy to find. So most use RC.

The next question is do you want to make such a small glider for RC or make something which is easier to see?

David maybe you should ask the question " which is the best glider for a beginner to build from plans "

Thread: Does your club prohibit the use of after-market receivers?
22/03/2019 11:05:44

Some clubs have completely different types of flying sites to others. Any club in an urban area flying in a public park with houses all around and roads alongside will need to be much more careful to avoid problems than a club flying miles from houses and surrounded only by fields. Hence the rules may need to be different.

It's so easy to import a Rx direct from China which may have been tried and found OK or it might be completely unproven in UK.   You probably cannot afford to experiment to see if mixed makes cause any problems if you are a club in an urban environment. But in a club flying miles from any member of the public you might be able to experiment safely with an untried combination of Rx and Tx.



Edited By kc on 22/03/2019 11:06:47

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
18/03/2019 10:54:56

Re the problem of F1 not being live on free TV.

Pete B comment about watching RTE in German and listening to BBC 5 Live is interesting and a possibility if I buy a new satellite Rx etc.

However I found that Virgin Media offer Broadband with Sky F1 + BT Sport+Eurosport, for a price only slightly ( £4 month) higher than I am paying BT for Broadband+ landline + BT Sport. Sounds the way to go until I realised I might lose the e-mail addresses I have which are all @btinternet. So has anbody switched from BT and mananged to keep receiving e-mails sent to the old BTinternet e-mail address?

15/03/2019 19:38:46

It is very disappointing to find that this year F1 is not live on free TV in UK. It's such a pain to avoid news programmes for hours to avoid hearing the results before it's broadcast free. I wonder whether forum members have found any cheap ways to watch live?

Thread: David Boddington RM Trainer
15/03/2019 18:07:56

Well the control movements are in the October 1984 Radio Modeller........

Elevator five sixteenths to three eighths of an inch up and just one quarter inch down ( diiferential is desirable but not essential )

Rudder five eighths to three quarters left and right ( measured at the position of the tailplane )

Ailerons three sixteenths up and down ( differential is again desirable )

The rest of the article states the usual checks before flying - CG, controls in the correct direction, range check, check of all linkages etc etc. Sufficient rubber bands are also needed - usually six strong bands. Note the aileron wing has to be built with the reduced dihedral wing joiner.

15/03/2019 09:55:22

DB Sport & Scale are not the people who sell the RM Trainer! David Boddington sold DB Sport & Scale when he became Radio Modeller editor and produced the RM Trainer.

I started with an RM Trainer back in 1984 and the article certainly had the control movements specified. However you should get your instructor to decide what control movements he wants - so set the maximum and then the instructor can reduce them on the rates on any modern TX

Edited By kc on 15/03/2019 09:56:43

Thread: 4 max motors
14/03/2019 19:24:54

When a supplier is contactable by phone it makes sense to phone and discuss the situation and see if an alternative item is available or whether a partial shipment is acceptable.

If there is a special reason as there seems to be in this case then maybe 4 Max can do something special to help.

Thread: Boeing 737 Max 8
14/03/2019 10:54:33

Let's spare a thought for the technicians who work on passenger planes ( and some of those are on the forum it seems) - awesome responsibility!

Why did they need to find the 'Black' Box? Surely these brand new aircraft should be transmitting the data all the time after the MH370 fiasco....... or has the World learnt nothing?

Thread: Thanks for everybody’s time to reply
10/03/2019 20:18:52

Well if we are talking about contributions to the forum then it is the combined talent, experience and knowledge of a whole lot of the "usual suspects' who answer any question that appears.

Probably the contribution of Ron Moulton to aeromodelling publications should be acknowledged.

And surely it is Aeromodeller that is the magazine that has survived longer than RCME etc. Aeromodeller is still published and that is possibly due to Ron Moulton's influence on those such as Tony Dowdeswell, both Boddingtons etc. that ensured it survived. Peter Holland for design and particularly clear drawings which explained everything modelling. Norman Butcher deserves mention for Radio Modeller. Vic Smeed was contributor to modelling publishing in Model Maker, Model Boats and aeromodelling. One lady who should be noted is Mimi Dowdeswell whose name appears on AMI and Model Flyer.

Thread: Field Box
10/03/2019 19:13:31

A few years ago the BMFA reported a terrible accident where someone was badly burnt about the face when opening a sealed plastic tool box that had glow fuel vapours inside which were ignited accidently by the electrics ( I hope i remembered the facts correctly and I hope he recovered OK )

Anyway the advice was not to use sealed flight boxes that contain fuel and electrics ...........

10/03/2019 08:48:25

You will soon be looking for an old golf trolley to mount this on!

Meanwhile fuel proof all the internal joints whilst still accessable and consider fitting a 'drip tray' under the fuel container to catch spills - maybe the cut off part of a another polythene bottle.

Thread: Saab J-21 Build (RCME plan)
10/03/2019 08:41:27

It would be usual to make all the provisions for the servo mounting and servo leads before sheeting wing, then remove servo but leave extension wire before sheeting right over. Then cut aperture for servo. Of course you need to make provision for the servo extension leads at a very early stage in wing construction - usually when cutting the ribs to shape a large hole for paper tubes is cut into some ribs.

Thread: Zipcar - Vehicle Sharing Club
03/03/2019 11:01:38

Let's hope it does not catch on! The idea of having parking places on public roads which only allow parking for these vehicles will badly affect ordinary car owners. Also those driving vehicles they don't own will not care if they damage those vehicles with careless parking or dangerous driving. ( rather like many company car drivers)

If you want to hire a car go to Hertz, Avis etc, if you want a taxi take a taxi - don't clog up the parking spaces with these car club vehicles.

Thread: Plans Catalogue
01/03/2019 14:42:51

Stearman - I have added some extra links since you posted. Maybe the David P Andersen designs will interest you.

01/03/2019 14:18:47

The first few postings here are so old they should be ignored. All Radio Modeller, RCME and Scale Aircraft Quarterly  RCModelWorld /Traplet plans should be available from Sarik now. Just a very few plan numbers were changed a few years back due to errors ( RM Piper Cub was one ) The free pull out plans are mostly available too with " Mag " prefixes.

Almost all RCM ( RC Modeler from USA ) have been re-scanned by enthusiasts and are available free online now from Outerzone and other similar sites. Just a very few have not been re-scanned. Most have the ( excellent) construction article to download. If you fancy buiding one of the RCM plans download them now whilst they are available and save them to a disc etc for future reference - they might disappear like the classic aerobatic plans did a year or so ago!

ADH Publishing ( Doolittle Media ) have a plans catalogue you can download.  This covers AMI, Model Flyer andFlying Scale Models plans.

UKCAA have aerobatic plans links here.

David P Andersen has put his plans for large models mostly warbirds here- some are the RCM plans..  Check out the other articles too.



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Thread: Malcolm Corbin Easy Street
28/02/2019 16:37:24

A Balsacraft/SLEC catalogue listed the Easy Street as a kit at 39.99 back in the era when VAT was 17.5 percent. 40 inch wingspan. So it was a kit but not published as a plan as far as I can tell.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
28/02/2019 13:29:54

If you angle the slots that take the vertical part the wire can be flat and not 'handed'. Angling is done so the wheels come under the LE or whatever suits the design. The flat wire parts are therefore useful for other models too - they outlast the model normally and also make the old model without u/c easier to store.

The slots in the ply need to be staggered by the thickness of the wire to allow the u/c legs to fit alongside each other. I always cut the slots in 1/8 birch ply slightly undersize and cover the slot with a slightly smaller piece of ply- total thickness is then 1/4. Then at final stage run an exact size drill through which gives a slop free fit. Easier than trying to drill an angled hole through 1/4 ply!

Thread: Warped wings
26/02/2019 19:13:00

Hello Tim. Nobody seems to have answered your question yet! Very strange that the forum experts have not replied yet.....

I don't use tissue and dope on small built up wings so I cannot give a useful answer, but I think people do pin them down with spacers whilst the dope dries. No doubt someone else will help a bit more.

Most of us use iron on film for moderate size wings - the film from HobbyKing is a favourite now that Solarfilm is no longer made.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
26/02/2019 19:03:11

I reckon a ply doubler will be even more important if you mount the u/c on the fuselage. Maybe reduce the height of the ply though, perhaps just draw a straight line from F1 to the end behind the wing - a long thin tapered triangle shaped doubler which would almost halve the ply and glue needed. Of course extend it to the new F1 if you move F1 forward. Would be sufficient for electric. A ply doubler usually means a plane stays resonably straight, intact and repairable after a crash or hard landing. Worth fitting.

Consider a torque rod u/c as used on many of Peter Millers recent models also Boddington designs etc.etc.

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