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Thread: Another thread closed
21/05/2019 19:00:26

Surely the worst closure was the thread on the most important subject ever about aeromodelling - the new regulations facing aeromodellers. Closing that thread has prevented aeromodellers putting their point of view and even worse has stopped the general public and MP's reading our views.

Thread: What a sick world we live in
20/05/2019 17:29:51

Model railway people are probably not as experienced at repairing damage as we aeromodellers are........ perhaps we should offer advice based on our experiences? First of all it's never quite as bad as it seems and most things are repairable so don't scrap anything at first. Second gather all the bits up even the tiniest. Third just start with the cyano and amaze yourself at the invisible repairs you can make. Easy to say these things but most of us have proved that this system works!

Thread: Nostalgia trip - Reading Models "Red Admiral"
20/05/2019 16:21:37

Percy, if you read the advert shown above you will see it says " UM products are now stocked by model shops " so Phillip's memory of buying from a shop would seem correct. However they were mostly sold direct at shows or by mail from Skyways.

VAT started in 1973 and was 10 percent - so half todays rate! This was possibly a reduction compared to the Purchase tax which applied previoulsy at a high rate but only on luxury goods not everything( almost ) like VAT.

Thread: What a sick world we live in
20/05/2019 13:07:35

It's banning caning in schools and now even smacking which has caused this general lack of respect for others. A little pain and lots of disgrace would help a lot to bring back 1950's standards at no cost.......

Thread: Nostalgia trip - Reading Models "Red Admiral"
20/05/2019 12:57:13

A very similar advert appears in Radio Modeller for March 1975 but does not say they are available from model shops. Same prices - if only we had all stocked up with a set of foam wings and plan for 6 pounds with a glassfibre cowl for 1.50 extra! ( note that it says it's essential for the Red Admiral so make sure you get that too if you do find a kit )

RM cost 25 pence in 1975........but of course a 4 channel Futaba radio with 4 servos cost 145 pounds then so the hobby is really cheaper today.

Edited By kc on 20/05/2019 13:00:23

19/05/2019 19:53:22

The 1991 catalogue says it has been re-introduced, and I don't remember it being in the range when i first encountered Skyways at shows in 1984 to 90. However previously Skyways was called Unique Models and maybe had other names and proprietors too. So it could have been sold through model shops in an earlier era.

As for making a new model it may be worth considering a proper but simple scale model if you don't really need a trainer. Plans for simple scale jobs like Aeronca Tandem, Piper Cub and Taylorcraft are on Outerzone etc, There are precut kits available from Belair etc.

If you really must build a Red Admiral make a phone call to Masons Models ( successors to Skyways) and see if they have the plan and would be willing to sell you a copy. If you need foam wings cut then there are still people like Bill Kits who cut them to your templates.


Edited By kc on 19/05/2019 19:55:01

17/05/2019 16:59:44

I eventually found a Skyways catalogue from 1991/2 with the Red Admiral. A very poor photo in the catalogue which won't show you much detail but the wording gives some info. Price was 50.50pounds then. By 1997 the catalogue omits this model.

This model should not be confused with the Aeromodeller plan of the same name which is a low wing free flight model 32 inch span for rubber power.


16/05/2019 13:54:46

My memory says Red Admiral was a Skyways kit and therefore it would be Masons Models nowadays, maybe I am wrong!

As Masons don't seem to do that design at the moment you might consider something similar like the DB Tyro Major which looks fine in a US livery.   ( buy the plan and a set of wing ribs for an economy build ) Lots of similar trainers that could be made to look a bit scale.

Edited By kc on 16/05/2019 14:14:49

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
14/05/2019 13:29:16

Is anybody else using a NowTV Smart Stick to watch SkyF! ? if so is it possible to record from the Now stick? Having decided that I must watch F1 and Indy 500 live I acquired a Now TV stick but it uses an HDMI socket and there is no spare socket on my Hard Disk recorder. So is it actually possible to record from it or have they prevented recording?

Thread: Fuel Soaked ply
10/05/2019 20:21:09

Thixofix is still available but now says its improved.

Glue film is used in marquetry and veneering and is a thin film of heat sensitive glue on a backing sheet.

Thread: Paid-for flying lessons
10/05/2019 17:18:25

The trick is actually Denis's and seems a good idea.

10/05/2019 12:38:54

I have watched many people learning to fly over the years I came to the conclusion that one of the vital things is to get flight after flight on the same day. The first flight of the day you get nowhere, the second you get back to where you were last week and the third you might progress a bit. Having a fourth or fifth flight the same day you might progress well. That was my own experience too. So make sure your equip is up to the requirements - engine that start easily or sufficient batteries and your own buddy Tx ready to go the moment an instructor is free.

One other thing became apparent - some people couldn't keep concentration for 10 or 15 minutes- time after time instructors would say " he was doing OK but then just lost it" and in each case it seemed to be at the same length of flight. This lapse of concentration then loss of control probably caused a loss of confidence which set te pupil further back. So knowing how long you can concentrate for is important - tell your instructor if you cannot fly for a full 10 or 15 min flight.

Be interesting to know whether my views seem relevant to Tony.

Thread: Fuel Soaked ply
10/05/2019 11:19:21

That's a very neat bit of work! Of course keep a template in case of any further 'incidence' is a good idea. Same as when starting a kit - drawing around every component onto paper and noting material is a good insurance.

I looked up the component shapes ( actual photo copies ) of a Wots Wot kit and its very different to Phil's model which must have been a later kit or a Ready Built model.

Ply manufacturers deny that there is any release agent used but it's the heat glazed the surface.   I have never had a problem with ply doubler to balsa joints, but then I always used Thixofix or sometimes Glue Film.  Perhaps that's why instructions usually say use contact adhesive rather than PVA etc for doublers  -the rubbery type of contact adhesives sticks well to ply without any preparation.

Edited By kc on 10/05/2019 11:24:46

09/05/2019 19:20:09

Perhaps I should explain a bit more about making a master template. I once had a fuselage that had an even worse affliction than oil soakage - it had woodworm! Fortunately only the fuselage was affected and wings and tailplane were OK. Lacking the plan I used a balsa sheet that fitted onto the tailplane and then was located along the top fuselage edge, then the wing seat cut out was carefully drawn onto the balsa and bulkheads positions marked. Then this balsa was shaped to the wing seat and used as a template to produce two identical new fuselage sides. All the old wormy bits were then cut away and new fuselage produced from the template instead of a plan. Replicating the structure was not quite as important as getting the wing acurately located in relation to tailplane. With a biplane getting it also located in relation to the top wing would be important too..

09/05/2019 17:57:01

If it's not too late measure the downthrust and sidethrust used. Making a master template in cheap 3mm ply with both wing seats and cabane and engine bulkhead in correct alignment would help a lot now. Geting the cut outs in doubler is less important. Paper templates especially those with cutouts are too easily distorted, so ply is better than paper or cardboard.

Edited By kc on 09/05/2019 18:00:23

Thread: Zippy by Sean Bannister
09/05/2019 17:16:57

Nigel I have sent a new message with better info

09/05/2019 17:10:45

So it was on the cover of Radio Modeller but published in the rival RCME !

Nigel -cancel that message i sent it's just the magazine with the photo not the RCME you need - that's not available.

09/05/2019 16:15:36

It would be worth a phone call to Sarik to see if they can locate the plan as lots of errors have been made in the listings over the years and the plan may be there but not obvious.

Nigel see my PM to you about the RM mag.

Thread: Holding screws in
22/04/2019 09:52:52

Any sort of rubbery adhesive works well to lock screws. I used Evostik impact or Thixofix to hold silencer screws in - never came loose until needed to unscrew.

Of course shakeproof washers as found on lots of electrical items ( dozens in an old washing machine ) could be used in this instance if they are small enough sizes.

Thread: Chilli Breeze from Sarik Plan, Electric Conversion.
20/04/2019 19:28:15

Such a shame to get a nice plane damaged so early on. Getting the glue out & starting repairs straight away is the only thing to do.

Frankly i have never liked the idea of mounting a motor out on metal frame without any diagonals. Peoplle often mount on threaded rod and say it works well but there are no diagonals there either. Vibration is the problem no doubt. i much prefer to extend the ply bulkhead forward during the early stages - by extending the balsa sides and ply doubler. Once the model has been built its rather too late to extend the fus sides, but mounting the motor on a 6mm ply box and using the standard cross type motor back mount might be better than re-using the metal motor mount that caused trouble.

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