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Thread: Building board - recommendations please!
23/01/2021 19:24:05

Yes plasterboard is the stuff. it's handy to have loose pieces of varying sizes - some wing sized and some smaller for tailplanes etc. If stored vertically when not used they stay flat.

It's very cheap but builders often throw out pieces that would be big enough for our use. If you buy a sheet it can be cut easily by scoring with a Stanley knife and snapping it over a batten.

I use wooden clips to hold wing spars down to the board - the screws hardly leave any hole after removal so the board is not damaged. Much better than pins as they don't pull out whilst working.

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
22/01/2021 19:45:28

I hear there is a Ken Anderson Fan Club and they meet in a department store somewhere.

21/01/2021 19:58:20

There's 126 pages to this thread and I have just started again from page 1 and they seem even funnier when read again! Ken's jokes don't age a bit.........

If you are feeling a bit down then read the jokes at the beginning - ----

Thread: SLEC Funfly Build
21/01/2021 19:48:47

That's good. Looking at the plan I reckon you might need the instructions & drawings with the part numbers on to see which bit goes where - there's some fiddly little bits that are not obvious.

If you didn't get the instruction & photo sheet it might be worth a phone call to SLEC.

21/01/2021 16:58:03

Geoff, I have an unstarted kit and it does have a full size plan. Would a few measurements as to where the ribs and sheeting are placed help you?

Thread: Radiomaster TX16s Anyone tried one?
21/01/2021 13:39:07

Raymond - you asked for a link to a shop with stock- a Google search gave this one says it has stock and gives a phone number ( says the hours and certain days ) But I know nothing about that shop and my advice would be only to invest money on a Tx system with known record of stocking additional Rx and spares.

21/01/2021 12:32:17

If you buy from a British or EU shop you surely would not need to worry about EU compliance - the importer should be responsible. When I searched for the current price I noticed that most seem to say it's shipped from CN which one assumes means China. This means you import it yourself. It would seem much better to only buy Tx from a British shop especially as buying from EU shops seems uncertain about the VAT situation just at the moment.

Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
20/01/2021 19:17:49

The technique of rounding a fuselage is just a matter of doing it evenly - one stroke off each side and same on the other, moving the plane or sander around in the shape you desire. Dont plane flats on it! However if you make a mess just plane it flat and glue on a slab and start again.

As with all new things make a test piece from scrap and experiment.

I have just received ( 10 minutes ago! ) my 'free gift' Permagrit block which came with my RCME subscription. The offer is in the latest RCME and is valid until 12th Feb. But the gift took 6 weeks to come as there was some delay. A good deal if you want RCME & are not in a hurry. Otherwise just buy the smaller cheaper wedge block. Still expensive but worth it as it cuts so agressively but smoothly. Ideal for reducing birch ply items to exact size,.

Thread: Futaba uk
20/01/2021 18:12:32

Well Alan you could be right and maybe I misunderstood! I just didn't think anyone would even contemplate replacing anything on a 35 Mhz Tx with black wire corrosion!

Edited By kc on 20/01/2021 18:12:58

20/01/2021 17:20:02

Any Futaba switch harness should work with any Futaba Rx surely? So shouldn't be a problem to get one to fit a Challenger but you need to be very sure the black corrosion has not crept into the Rx or Nicad. Switch harness are available from other sources too but beware poor quality switches. Note that some people don't use a swiitch on electric models as they don't use a separate Rx battery. One less thing to go wrong.

I have never used all 6 channels, but I might and so might you if you have flaps and yet still want to have 2 separate channels for 2 aileron servos. So 6 channels might be worthwhile at some time even without retracts.

There is not much between Spektrum and Futaba at the basic 6 channel level but one thing that Spektrum has that I don't think Futaba has caught up on is Model Match. With Spektrum you cannot fly the wrong model even if you select the wrong model memory. Spektrum also has wireless buddy system.

Thread: Brian Winch
20/01/2021 13:54:02

But we are missing the point of this thread revival - Peter wanted to know which RCME issue had the article on exhaust rings for the Saito FA120 .    Lets try to answer that......

Edited by mod due to reference to subsequently removed postings

Edited By Martin Harris - Moderator on 20/01/2021 14:16:23

Thread: Futaba uk
20/01/2021 13:42:14

Buying a secondhand Tx is buying a pig in a poke! For reliability buying new is the only way. One could buy a new FHSS Futaba 6K with Rx for less than £200! And extra 6 channel Rx from £26.

If I were starting today the 6K is what I would buy. But I am happy with my Futaba 6EX as long as it works perfectly and my Spektrum DX6i as long as that is perfect. One glitch and they are out! My TFR8 FASST compatible Rx has done 1750 flights in one model so far........

20/01/2021 13:20:56


Edited By kc on 20/01/2021 13:42:49

Thread: Root729
20/01/2021 13:09:40

The Root729 website is here for anyone who does not know of this supplier of Lemon Rx.

Having bought a Lemon Rx I find it to be tiny and uncased, so what have others done - have you encased it in any way?

I must say the only slightly dearer but genuine Spektrum AR410 seems a better buy than Lemon if one only needs 4 channels.

Thread: Futaba uk
20/01/2021 12:50:06

There is a chart here which shows which Futaba Tx are compatiblble with Futaba Rx. The FHSS ones are not as compatible as I expected! And of course not compatible with FASST Tx except in the most expensive Tx.

Be aware that FASST Tx are only available new at extreme expense so if my 6EX 2.4 goes wrong all my FASST Rx will now be useless as a replacement Tx is excessively expensive. Hence I refused to buy more FASST Rx and switched to Spektrum.

Thread: Answer Smash
20/01/2021 11:31:33

We should all speak standard English - just like the BBC newsreaders used to do.

Thread: Brian Winch
20/01/2021 11:27:29

Peter - welcome to the forum. Many years of RCME backnumbers are available online here to RCME subscribers -probably that article is there but finding which issue will take some effort! I suggest you start a new thread with the subject as Saito FA 120 exhaust rings to catch the eye of Saito users. I expect someone will know and help .

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
19/01/2021 18:46:06

and I thought their newer name was because they were made from melted down army huts..........

Thread: Mystic 64
19/01/2021 17:47:11

Thanks very much for the offer Andy but I have already downloaded all the ones that suit me and keep them on my computer and backed up on CD too. My enquiry was rather theoretical and was prompted by your comment about facebook.

Previously the Trenton NJ site was the home of many aerobatic plans and this disappeared suddenly, so i was worried the same might have happened again here.

Thread: E-Glider new design called RedEagle
19/01/2021 16:23:18

Welcome to the forum Chris.

I would suggest a Permagrit sanding block would remove lots of balsa very easily. Glasspaper block would do the same but creates much more dust and uses more effort. Carving with a scalpel first would help. Permagrit seems expensive but last forever and you really only need the wedge block.

A David plane is also very handy for shaping balsa.


Edited By kc on 19/01/2021 16:32:18

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