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Thread: Advice - A steady hack
12/07/2020 01:13:47

Well it was suggested that you build The Ohmen or Miss Sizzles etc which can be made to look scale like!

Actually the AcroWot foam E looks quite reasonable when constructed and fitted with stickers, but you are right there are people who just want to fly and looks are not important to them.     It's the equivalent of building a beautiful scale live steam loco and using it to pull carriages with full scale 1 to 1 live people with their legs dangling down.  It looks a bit odd to outsiders but the participants find it fun........

Edited By kc on 12/07/2020 01:20:44

Thread: Skyleader slider servos, max voltage, ok to use or what replacement?
10/07/2020 18:11:01

Nobody mentioned the oldest trick of all - before you pull out the old wire tie a string onto it so you can pull the new lead back in........too easy to forget this trick until a minute after it's too late!

Thread: sky 40 trainer
10/07/2020 18:05:34

There is a copy of the RCME with the article for this plan for sale at 2.50 here. It may have been a free plan with this issue and maybe the issue has the plan in it ( it doesnt say it is missing!) so would be a worthwhile way to get the article and possibly the plan. Worth a try!

Thread: Forum weekend prize draw - just like the good ol' days
10/07/2020 11:58:17

As usual just down to earth with no fancy stuff from me....count me in please

Thread: Slingsby T67 Firefly
09/07/2020 18:18:13

Bill Kits are on Facebook now.

The Firefly seems a reasonable price now at £75

. It seems they also cut foam wings if you need that service.

Thread: Airsail Auster A09 Plans
09/07/2020 13:16:14

There is another AOP9 plan at slightly larger size - 81 inch - available from Sarik. ( was Traplet )

Thread: Slingsby T67 Firefly
09/07/2020 11:42:15

Redex, it would be a good idea to calculate the average wing chord and allow for the sweepback of the LE on your model then calculate the theoretical CG position. Erfolgs model might not be the same kit as yours ( Erfolg mentions both BillKits and Bobs models) or it could have different sweepback of the LE from standard as he didn't build it.

BillKits have a Facebook page so you could ask them what the CG should be. But it should be marked on the plan- if any supplied- if not mentioned in the instructions.

By " retro fit" flaps I presume you would just do this electronically at the TX using different Rx channels for each aileron.

Thread: Martin Baker MB5
08/07/2020 11:33:19

I think it was not Rojair but Flywel Models of Barnstaple who did a kit for the Martin Baker in the 1980's. They also did a Turbulent kit.    Review of the Flywel MB5 in RCModelWorld January 1985.   Model was 62 inch for a .60

Shouldn't somebody do a new design for an MB5 soon?

Edited By kc on 08/07/2020 12:02:20

Thread: Need some help please
07/07/2020 18:32:50

New in box will fetch the best prices because that's what collectors want. Don't turn them over or anything!

I think Gildings have the most well known auctions for model engines and it may well be worth bringing the engines too them if they are collectors items.

Edited By kc on 07/07/2020 18:33:05

07/07/2020 16:16:57

Yes thats right Gildings not Goulding! The most famous model engine auctions I think. Their website shows the possibility of a video valuation which seems a good idea at the present,

Dont forget that 'new in box' puts the price up a lot so ensure the boxes are present.

07/07/2020 14:22:14

As regards model planes, bear in mind that unstarted kits may well be worth quite a lot but the built models won't be worth much unless of super scale museum quality. So kits could go on Ebay, while you might find that selling the built models direct to someone who will fly them and appreciate the work your father put into them is far more satisfying seeing them go to a good home. Taking them one or two at a time to his local club might sell them to good homes. Value of ordinary models is just a bit more than the value of the radio , servos and engines they contain.

07/07/2020 14:08:57

You need sombody expert to check what these engines really are. Somebody trustworthy who won't just buy them cheaply and sell them on! Rare engines sell at very high prices at specialist auctions ( Gouldings comes to mind as the name) That Nano miight well be the sort of thing to auction. On the other hand run of the mill used engines have quite a modest value but as they are not being made in quantity now they may become more worthwhile. So selling the ordinary items individually on E-bay or direct to local aeromodellers might be the best.

Get them sorted into used common engines and those unused like new in boxes or rare.

Thread: Junior 60 Kitset
07/07/2020 11:36:37

Hidden amongst the Outerzone comments on the Junior 60 is a link to a book called The Big Four which contains an article explaining the differences between the Junior 60 and the Super Sixty. Also the Big Four is about Frog Jackdaw, Mercury Galahad, Veron Viscount which might interest those who have replied to this thread. The book is 1960's so much of the radio stuff is out of date but the plane design comments are interesting and relevant now.

I don't want to confuse the situation here but its worth considering whether the Super Sixty would be a more suitable model than the Junior 60. It's horses for courses - the Junior is more a plane for vintage flying pleasure while the Super is a plane to learn to fly with 3 or 4 function RC. Not much in it for construction ease or flying pleasure, but the Super is just that bit more modern. Each plane has it's enthusiasts.

Thread: Motor suggestions
07/07/2020 09:12:43

There was an article In RCME October 2018 about the Coyote. David Ashby built it as a glider but the text mentions the motor that could be used was a 2822 1100kv with a 30 amp ESC and 3s 1300 Lipo with 8 x 6 folding prop. The 4Max site gives their own motor etc here - 5 th item down.

Thread: Junior 60 Kitset
07/07/2020 08:50:36

The plan for the newer Junior60 is here on Outerzone for free download with an article on electric version. The older version is also on Outerzone. Or you could buy just the plan from Ben Buckle. Buying the balsa from SLEC or Balsa Cabin etc would be much cheaper than buying the kit

Edited By kc on 07/07/2020 08:52:21

Thread: Miss Sizzle
06/07/2020 19:08:54

The latest Lipo packs do seem to be a lot thinner than the ones of a year or two ago. It's the same with 4S - they seem to be about 6mm thinner. My older packs are still going the moment.

06/07/2020 13:50:55

This design is high on my build list as it has construction methods that suit me and it's a handy size..

Looking at the plan I noticed that the battery platform only allows 25mm height for the Lipo. That's enought for the specified 4Max Lipo but I measured my 3S2200 and found that many of them measure 30mm or 35mm in height after some use. Consequently I will lower the battery platform a bit but that will involve cutting F2 out a bit more. So I mention this in case anybody else needs to do so too. It's so much easier to do this at an early stage rather than on a completed fuselage! Of course the hatch could be hollowed out a bit at H2 to provide clearance too but i want lots of room for the plugs to go where ever they need to.

06/07/2020 13:36:42

The pull out plan is in the printed version of RCME July 2020 and is plan No RC2221.

It's now called Miss Sizzles and searching the forum for that doesn't find this thread! Perhaps the Mods can adjust that?

Thread: Testing
04/07/2020 13:28:01

Welcome to the forum Pete.

If you intend to test the motor then the model must be securely restrained, but if the test is not the motor then make sure you remove the prop first.

For just testing the controls not the motor it is practical to unplug the ESC and plug a 4.8 volt nicad as used in glow models, gliders etc into the Rx instead. Safer as the motor cannot start unexpectedly.


Edited By kc on 04/07/2020 13:30:25

Thread: 1965!
04/07/2020 13:18:52

Chris , no replies to your questions so far - so I suggest starting a new thread with Horizon mentioned in the title which will bring it to the attention of those who know about it.

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