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Thread: Swann Morton blades
25/07/2020 10:40:53

Only aeromodellers could make two pages about choosing scalpel blades! However the advice is good as always .

i still recommend you buy the Swann Morton Retractaway handle for the 10A blades.....very little dearer than the standard holder but safer with no drawbacks. ( except perhaps in medical use )

Thread: Any recommendations of a Ben Buckle dihedral alternative.
25/07/2020 08:36:57

That page is about 10 years old now and some models are not available. Prices seem to have gone up by 25 percent too.

Thread: Mini Super from plans
24/07/2020 16:07:58

Nigel, your last photo seems to show that the Lipo will go right behind the motor, but how does the nosewheel leg fit now?

Thread: So what's happened to the August issue?
24/07/2020 12:26:09

But the advert for subscriptions ( top of this page ) still says 13 per year!

24/07/2020 12:12:49

The link at the top of this page still says 13 issues per year, I wonder if that will still happen.

Thread: Any recommendations of a Ben Buckle dihedral alternative.
24/07/2020 11:14:52

You could also consider the Barnstormer 63 ( or 72 , 52  on Outerzone or Mighty 89) as a scale looking alternative rudder , elevator, throttle design.

Edited By kc on 24/07/2020 11:24:36

24/07/2020 08:42:11

I suggest the 63 inch span Super 60 which is available as a plan on Outerzone or a kit from Ben Buckle . The Tyro Major at 57 inch span might also suit. Plan and ribs etc from DB Sport or free plan download from Outerzone.

Thread: back issues
23/07/2020 13:43:04

Ronald has not replied yet but it's possible he was seeking the plan from the June 07 RCME. The plan for Bushwhacker ( note exact spelling) is available from Sarik.

All these popular free plans seem to sell out quickly.

Thread: Phoenix 2000
23/07/2020 12:02:20

I think the Phoenix 2000 is like the 1600 in that it needs a motor with a shaft that protrudes through the backplate - that is the backplate goes at the nose of the plane. Most of the 4 Max motors are like that, so the usual comment of " ask George at 4 Max" for advice on which motor should apply here too.

Thread: An intruder on our strip
23/07/2020 08:59:01

It seems you should report any suspicious aircraft movements. My club used to fly on a small private airstrip with just a couple of light aircraft which flew very occasionally. )Last year my club had a visit from the Border Control 'police' - a car arrived and 4 armed and tough looking officers got out , asked questions about aircraft then asked us to report any suspicous landings and gave out a leaflet with a phone number to report anything................

Thread: back issues
22/07/2020 16:16:36

You will have to wait 5 years to get Aug 2025 !!!! But if you want aug 2005 you could buy it from Magazine Exchange here but June 07 seems unavailable at present.

Thread: Best modern fillers.
21/07/2020 13:54:15

I hardly ever use filler, but prefer to put a drop of water onto any dents in the balsa ( they come out like magic!) or if too deep I insert a bit of balsa and sand down.

Thread: Mini Super from plans
21/07/2020 10:48:58

Have you considered a one piece elevator with a glued on tailplane instead of rubber bands? Saves the weight of piano wire joiner, rubber bands and dowels. And could also have the elevator pushrod right down the fuselage centre for simple positve control. No elevator trim changes due to change of alignment caused by rubber band fixing.

21/07/2020 08:57:19

The increased rudder seems a good idea for 3 channel RC.

That elevator looks as though it may be bigger than the AMI/Outerzone plan which measures 3/4 inch at middle tapering to 1/2 inch at tip.

20/07/2020 19:50:45

I will be interesting to know if Nigels model flys well with the tiny elevator and small rudder ( even if the trim tab area is used for rudder ) assuming they are the same size as the AMI /Outerzone plan.

It took me a while to work out what the hole in the tailplane TE was for - looks like the hole takes the rubber band for banded on tailplane. People now don't like banded on tails on RC vintage models due to variations in elevator trim, so again it will be interesting to know if Nigel's model has this and it works well.

20/07/2020 16:55:58

Jeff, glad to see that you can build lighter than the average modeller.

David Boddington explained the the Mini Super was a reduced version of Ernie Websters Super Sixty hence the credit. The article in AMI goes on to say Keil Kraft accepted Boddos reduced plan and paid him 15 shillings but redesigned it with wider fuselage and tricycle u/c. Boddo said the AMI plan ( Outerzone one at the moment) is the original form taken from the original tracings but the elevator extension is shown.

The article states the wingspan as 45 inches, but the plan states 48 inch while the free pull out plan from AMI Nov96 actually measures 46.875 inches with 3.125inch fuselage. Did the printed Outerzone plan measure the same? ( span includes centre section of course so each wing half is 21.875 inch )

20/07/2020 13:56:46

Nigel, very nice model & that is remarkably light at 2 & 1/2 pounds all up weight. The Lipo seems further back than i expected too. Must be that built up structure at the tail that accounts for it. Presumably F2 takes the nosewheel and is therefore needed there.

20/07/2020 13:01:21

A further consideration is the electric motor type - some have the shaft at front and the backplate at back while others - such as 4Max- have it the other way round and the shaft sticks out thro the backplate. 4 Max type could be fitted to a strengthened nose ring if ply and securely fastened to the bearers. That could leave the whole top behind nosering as a hatch if F2 was cut away at top.

20/07/2020 12:51:26

Jeff, do you think that those 1250 mah Lipos will be enough? Most people use 2200 mah 3S in 48 inch span / 4 pound weight models and even then flight times are not long - typically 6 minutes depending on flying style. 1250 mah might give 3 minutes at full power depending on motor and prop etc and flying style.

If you cut F2 away so that a 2200 mah Lipo can fit through it it would be better. My 2200 are 25 to 30mm by 35mm getting a little puffed out when used hard for a time, so that's the minimum space I would recommend. F3 should also have a lipo size hole to allow the lip to fit further back if required.

Unless you intend to revert to ic power at some time the engine bearers are not really needed. A liteply battery tray and ply or veneer doublers would provide enough strength instead. Saving all the fiddly square holes in F2 and F3 and giving maximum space for the Lipo plus wires, plugs etc.

Note that the wing dowel hole needs ply reinforcement ( its unnoticeable below the windscreen and longeron )

Anyway that's just my idea of how I would build this model ( it's on my list .......) but it's your model!

Thread: Swann Morton blades
20/07/2020 11:32:06

Use 10A and shop around as the price varies a lot.

Get the Retractaway handle ( for 10A etc) as it's safer but just as rigid yet very little dearer. Again price varies a lot. Local art shops sell 10A and Retractaway.

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