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Thread: Remember the '384'? (Or what was it called?)
20/08/2009 14:12:30
Page 3   (No sorry, page 3 of PR's article )

20/08/2009 14:06:21

Thread: Advice needed for new modeller
20/08/2009 12:59:52
It's not the same book!  The one I quoted was published in1983 and is 320 pages of very good info like Whiteheads but covers different aspects.
I would not part with Whiteheads book for 30 pounds so it is worth that much.  ( for 330 pounds I might think about it but wouldn't part with it.  I will just tell my executors! )
Thread: Circlips
20/08/2009 12:51:37
You didnt post a warning about suffocation whilst working inside a plastic bag.
Just joking!
We all knew you meant just your hands,  but it is good tip.

Edited By kc on 20/08/2009 12:52:31

Thread: Advice needed for new modeller
20/08/2009 12:39:56
Ernie is right about Gordon's book but he must be looking at the wrong Boddington book, my copy has 320 pages.   It is Scale  Model Aircraft for Radio Control    ISBN 0852428103
30 pounds is very dear for a book but the info is worth the price.

Edited By kc on 20/08/2009 12:40:33

Edited By kc on 20/08/2009 12:43:41

Thread: Remember the '384'? (Or what was it called?)
20/08/2009 12:13:07
Seems OK to me. if I click on the photo it loads and then when I click again it enlarges after a few seconds and is quite readable on my 22 inch monitor.

Edited By kc on 20/08/2009 12:21:56

20/08/2009 12:06:47
First page of Peter Russell's 384E article
20/08/2009 11:35:02
They are scanned as jpeg and reduced to a small file size.  Seems perfectly readable and every photo at the same resolution has worked well on other Modelflying pages.
Can I upload the first page of the plan or article as a trial?
20/08/2009 11:05:20
But I have scanned the pages for John and I would be willing to upload the whole article, plan and later amendments.  As you know the plan is not avail from the  plans service.
Thread: Advice needed for new modeller
20/08/2009 10:53:33
Gordon Whitehead's book is the best for starting scale models and also covers designing models and construction which applies to any model.  But the phenominal price of secondhand copies (£330 )  on Amazon is ludicrous and almost criminal profiteering.  This is knowledge that should be avail to anyone.  Try advertising in the wanted columns to obtain a copy as well as using your library.  Also check the books sold by public libraries, they often sell books that are not read much and this is almost criminal too.
Boddo's book is more about the ultimate scale models and is worth the £12 secondhand in my opinion to keep on hand whenever you need to refer to a book.
You really need both books eventually because they cover different aspects.

Edited By kc on 20/08/2009 10:56:34

Thread: HELP!!! I want to buy a new shed/workshop.Any tips where/what to get?
20/08/2009 10:42:27
The book by Forrest and Jennings covers insulation of sheds in a very practical way.  Must be essential to insulate and line any metal shed and highly desirable on wooden sheds.
Do we know why a wooden shed is not allowed and which council does not allow them?
Thread: Remember the '384'? (Or what was it called?)
20/08/2009 10:35:30
Thanks for the comments John, I am just trying to put something back into aeromodelling.
I wonder if the Moderator would allow the 384E article to be reproduced in Modelflying for the benefit of all.
Thread: Advice needed for new modeller
19/08/2009 19:28:44
The 2 best books on RC scale are probably out of print but obtainable from a library
Scale Aircraft for Everyday Flying by Gordon Whitehead   RM Books 1980
Scale Model Aircraft for Radio Control by David Boddington   Argus Books  
ISBN 0 852428103
Boddingtons book is more advanced,  Whiteheads more suited to a first scale model.  Both are worth reading.
Thread: HELP!!! I want to buy a new shed/workshop.Any tips where/what to get?
19/08/2009 00:04:55
The Screwfix catalogue shows a 9 x 12 metal shed for 489 pounds which is cheaper than their wood ones of comparable size.
18/08/2009 19:50:31
There is a book in the Nexus range about building your own workshop  - Workshop Construction by Jim Forrest & Peter Jennings    and this gives good advice about vapour barriers and insulating floors etc.  Worth reading even if you do not build your own. It is avail on this very site & its buy one get one free at the moment!
Why can't you use wood?  Did you specify anything like storing fuel etc or  workshop  with machinery?  Surely everyone has wooden sheds for private use.

Edited By kc on 18/08/2009 19:54:58

Thread: Remember the '384'? (Or what was it called?)
14/08/2009 17:53:14
I have the article with  plan.  Seems to be tissue covered.
14/08/2009 16:00:42
THe 384E was published in RCME Oct 1996 as a reduced size plan. ( a little over half size -perhaps thats what 'jinxed'  referred to)   
The 383 was published in RCME Nov 1990  and was smaller ( again said to be half size plan )
Note my earlier comment about CG said to be incorrect.
14/08/2009 15:08:31
I think this was the model Peter Russell made to carry around whilst walking in the countryside ( Don't try this at home ! ) and possibly a dimensioned drawing was in Straight & Level.
Tthere is a photo of the 384 in RCME volume 40 issue 11 ( who was the fool who dropped the date off the cover? )which I think is1997  and it says the CG on the "jinxed plan" was incorrect.  It is a conventional model not delta.
Clearly pre-dated this so I will look in my old mags.
( Wouldn't it be nice if Peter could participate in Modelflying threads in the Straight & Level way )

Edited By kc on 14/08/2009 15:09:26

Thread: Much Marcle show cancelled
14/08/2009 10:50:58
Have we got our years right?   There is nearly a years gap in these messages!
Thread: How powerful is it?
10/08/2009 13:01:24
A lot of this is like listening to Professor Stanley Unwin trying to explain things. 
We want the bottom line ......what motors etc will fly what planes?   Where do we get this info?

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