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Thread: DB Sport and Scale
03/10/2019 13:56:06

As you can see on the Outerzone plan it does show interplane struts on the Tinker but they are not structural so are optional. Does look nicer with struts!

Thread: Binding DX6i to AR6200
03/10/2019 13:34:07

I wonder if it's possible the Rx has actually been bound all along! To check what actually happens - it's a year or two since I last did Spektrum- I went through the process as per the manual with a DX6i and the AR610Rx did flash after binding but eventully it worked OK when a servo was plugged in. The ESC played up a bit and confused the situation - didnt play the right tune until I operated the throttle up and down sequence a couple of times.

My DX6i is the later type ( post 2015 ) which is DSMX only but it still shows DSM2 as an option under Modulation Type in the Setup menu- but it wont work as DSM2- it's obviously been crippled in the software but not changed in the menus. So looking on the menu won't tell anyone whether it works on DSM2 !

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Thread: DB Sport and Scale
03/10/2019 13:09:58

Have you looked at Outerzone? Plenty of plans to download there and worth looking at some even if you have no intention of building - you will learn a lot. Look for some of Peter Millers plans there.  The Tinker bipe is there on Outerzone but it's better/nicer to buy the plan with precut ribs from DB Sport& Scale.    You can view online in Adobe Acrobat and if you want download to a memory stick and take to a local copyshop to print  at full size .

Cheapest and easiest is to get last months RCME and consider building the plan there ( Miss Deameanour I think ) but it's not a bipe. The plan is free with the mag and back issues are available for a few months and the issue with the Ohmen plan may still be available. Best of all there are build blogs here on the forum and Peter himself may even comment if you have a problem. ( otherwise the rest of us will advise as best we can)

A simple model built and completed is better than a half built scale model

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Thread: Binding DX6i to AR6200
02/10/2019 19:12:02

The chart above shows settings you should use. It does not allow for the late type UK/EU spec DX6i etc which are DSMX only if imported after Jan 1 2015

02/10/2019 19:07:13


Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
02/10/2019 12:07:13

That's quite a neat bit of panel beating on that cowl........there may be others interested in how you did it.

Thread: DB Sport and Scale
02/10/2019 10:29:15

Are you looking at the kits or the Plan/Packs?

There is so much more work on a biplane compared to a monoplane that for a first build a monoplane would be easier and quicker. Maybe the Ghost Rider or the larger version Skyrider from the Plan Packs could be considered. Plan Packs are just the plan and if you want the wing ribs and u/c etc. Buying wing ribs precut makes a first build much easier.

If you must build a bipe then the Tinker or Tinker Major must be one of the easiest biplanes to build - no cabane struts or interplane struts. There is a feature here on the forum about Tinker if you search. Tinker is now available as a kit or as a Plan Pack

Thread: Balsa skin on wing
01/10/2019 19:54:41

Pro -Skin does indeed seem a good idea. It is twice the price of 1/16 balsa and a little more than1/32 ply but a third the price of 1/64 ply. And presumably does not need covering material as balsa would.

The other items on the page Martin linked are well worth looking at - hard to get tiny screws, fake rivets, all sorts of unusual fittings and loads of other stuff. A must see and bookmark page!

Thread: Piano wire
01/10/2019 15:42:15

There are plenty of online conversion tables for SWG to inches or millimetres such as this one

which will show what Peter meant

Also note that american plans show AWG which is one size different to SWG

I would also suggest Balsa Cabin as a supplier of good piano wire.

Thread: Think I've been spammed!
01/10/2019 12:27:26

All these things are getting worse because the punishment is too lenient even if the fraudster is caught. But it's all made possible because everyone is too often afraid to publish the name and address of culprits.

Thread: Balsa skin on wing
01/10/2019 12:18:28

I cannot remember any 70 inch model being skinned in .8mm ply but the Mike Wittard Miles Hawk was skinned in .4mm ( 1/64 ) ply and might be a comparable model. But 1/64 ply now costs over 7 pounds a square foot! Could be that you might save weight and cost in covering material though.

Presumably a model skinned in .8mm could have the wing structure minimised to take account of the extra strength of the ply. All depends on whether the .8mm ply would bend nicely to the rib shape.

Thread: Balsacraft Limbo Dancer IC
30/09/2019 20:13:38

I would expect the Enya 40SS would be a very good engine for this model - my 40SS have proved very powerful even though they are the plain bearing version ( they were used in various .40 size models not a Limbo ) quite lightweight too. I would rate them better than the OS LA 40 which is not in the same league!

Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
30/09/2019 17:50:39

I had a motor lead unsolder itself because the gold 3.5 mm connector was slightly loose in the socket and the heat created by sparking was enough to melt solder! The motor stopped in flight and even when landed and the hatch removed to look at the wires it was far too hot to touch,

But I am going to suggest that Simon's problem may have been the poor quality joint passed enough current normally but that under maximum load ( all the servos working at once?) it was not sufficient.

Thread: Balsacraft Limbo Dancer IC
30/09/2019 16:22:45

Whilst a lightweight powerful engine seems a good idea if it's an old used model it might be worth checking whether it would need some weight to get the CG right. If it does need weight then not so much point in getting a lightweight engine. So maybe the Enya 46 after all ( is that a 4 stroke?)

If anybody has built an electric Limbo Dancer then I would be interested to know how you got access to the Lipo. I have the electric kit to build but the instructions are not very helpful. it seem the wing has to be removed, so I wonder if anyone has put a hatch ( for connecting) on top in front of the wing.

Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
30/09/2019 12:35:34

Personally I would suspect the ESC ( if it is used to power the Rx too)

I had a similar sort of incident with a new model on first flight and brand new ESC. Everything worked perfectly, then everything failed, hit the long grass with minimal damage ( lucky) Afterwards everything worked! A 'soak' test on the bench revealed a momentary failure of power which suggested ESC faulty. It just glitched once for a moment, wouldn't do it again. Replaced ESC and it's never happened since. I cut the leads off the old ESC so it cannot be used! That was a model with Futaba FAAST radio.

My view is to never trust any of the radio gear unless you find a definite fault and rectify. A very good reason for not buying expensive Tx that could not be scrapped!

Edited By kc on 30/09/2019 12:49:48

Thread: Taurus retro aerobatic build
29/09/2019 17:18:32

I notice that a set of Taurus wing ribs and other parts are available from a different source, doesn't include the plan or canopy and perhaps not the fuselage sides etc but much cheaper at 47 pounds inc postage. Lots of other wing rib sets from iGull too

Bubble canopies are available from Vortex Vacform for about 9 pounds

Plan and original article are on Outerzone

also on that Outerzone site are some details of shortening ( !)  the fuselage for proportional RC and changes to the CG position which may be of more interest.

There is also a 60 inch span version for electric power on Outerzone



Edited By kc on 29/09/2019 17:39:56

Thread: indestructible slow flyer....
28/09/2019 19:20:27

Quite a few kits around still - look at


DB Sport & Scale

Bill Kits

Mick Reeves Models

Belair kits

Chris Foss ( not just the ARTF but the balsa kits)

Sarik Hobbies for plans and some pre cut parts

The most economical way to build is from the 'free' plans in RCME most months - the latest has 7 plans.

Edited By kc on 28/09/2019 19:25:26

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Thread: A newbie trying to save some money
28/09/2019 17:58:00

I am a Mode 1 pilot because that was the mode at my local clubs and I flew there for 24 years. When I moved house and joined the local club I found it was Mode 2 except for one other person. Obviously I wouldn't change my way of flying so thats the way it is Mode 1 flier in a Mode 2 club.

However 1 incident illustrates the problem. I was at the field with just one other member who was flying his biplane - suddenly his phone rang and he said " take it will you " I was expecting to be handed his mobile phone and was busy thinking ' should I say to the caller "hold on a moment he is flying his toy plane " or is it better to say " he' s driving hold on" when he thrust the Transmitter in my hands not the phone! As you can guess he was a Mode 2 pilot and I was caught somewhat unaware! My instinct was to close the throttle a bit - but of course thats UP elevator on his mode and entirely wrong which made me realise instantly it was the wrong mode.  Steering around the sky is the same so I just managed to overcome my instincts and do the opposite to normal with throttle and elevator for long enough to give it back to him when he finished his phone call! The model - a Puppeteer - slow flying and easy to fly lived to fly another day!

So I have good reason to say fly your clubs mode. Having said that there are those who can fly both modes well. But I wouldnt try it again except in an emergency - reason is instinct saves your model when things go wrong.

Edited By kc on 28/09/2019 18:05:27

28/09/2019 16:44:15

Obviously one should learn the same Mode as your club and instructor. This means any member could grab your Tx in an emergency etc, but it also means you might get invited to have a go with someone elses model when you are good enough. This is very useful for experience.

It is interesting that Mode 1 always uses both hands while Mode 2 fliers can sometimes use one hand only if they want ( elevator & ailerons being the controls used almost all the time on fast models)

If the experts who consider that different sides of the brain operate left hand and right hands are correct then it may be easier and theoretically better to fly Mode 1 because its using both sides of the brain!

Thread: Buying cheap new or (slightly) cheaper s/h?
28/09/2019 10:29:42

People seem to have misunderstood the situation - only Spektrum Tx imported into UK before 2015 will work on both DSM2 and DSMX, after that it was illegal to import and Tx only work on DSMX. Not talking about Rx just TX.

So it's irrelevant whether the Rx are Orange or genuine Spektrum. But if the Rx are not DSMX they wont work with post 2015 UK transmitters..

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