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Thread: Trendsetters and Iconic Models over the Years?
17/01/2020 19:44:24

Don - Smog Hog plan on Outerzone

Thread: Hi from me and my KK Fairey Gannet build
17/01/2020 19:31:04

Jim, a Fairey Gannet plan and article to 1/8th scale - 81 inches- was published in Flying Scale Models some years ago. If the article would help you I will send you a scanned copy of the article. This described the folding wings etc. Maybe it's much more complex than your plan but it might help.

As always on this forum we don't put e-mail addresses on the forum but exchange them by Private Message ( " message member" at the bottom of this posting ) so if you want to get the scanned copy you need to contact me that way. I have already scanned the article for someone else a while back so the files are still on my computer and it's no problem to send them.

Thread: London Model Engineering Exhibition Alexandra Palace
17/01/2020 18:42:41

Of course the public would be mainly retired people with grey hair on a weekday out of school holidays, hopefully some younger people will go at the weekend.

The engineering show at Sandown was THE Model Engineer exhibition run by the publishers who were also RCME publishers. There were awards for model aircraft too and also trophies I think. One could meet and talk to the RCME etc editors - Bill Burkinshaw, David Boddington etc . Such a shame this petered out.

The current Alexandra Palace show is the London Model ENGINEERING exhibition and was previously at Picketts Lock and always in mid January. Never had competitions or model aircraft except on club stands. But somehow the BMFA got a stand there but I wonder whether it is worthwhile......

17/01/2020 11:32:57

Tom is right - and the bus goes from Alexandra Park station too.

It does not seem many forum members will be going. If the show had a balsa suppliers stand and someone selling plane kits motors engines and radios etc then perhaps many aeromodellers would turn up. Lacking those suppliers in the winter plane building season is not good!

In the good old days of The Model Engineer exhibition ( different organisers) at Alexandra, Wembly, Olympia etc during the post Christmas school holidays it was common to see fathers taking sons and introducing the next generation to creative hobbies. Plenty of stalls selling balsa and everything we needed and inspiration in the form of plenty of model aircraft of all types. Not now.......

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
17/01/2020 11:17:06

I think it is fair enough to mention Linux & Ubuntu etc as a possible alternative to upgrading Windows but if anyone wants to discuss Linux at length then perhaps start a new thread?

There is very little difference between Win 7 and Win 10 in basic operation so don't let that put you off upgrading. Frankly if you try to upgrade and it all goes horribly wrong the worst that can happen is you need to buy a new computer and don't have your old data- and thats the same as buying new anyway.

I reckon that the problem with free online storage is that when they get enough of your valuable files they will charge you to access your own files! Best avoided?

Thread: London Model Engineering Exhibition Alexandra Palace
16/01/2020 17:34:02

Is anybody going?

16/01/2020 11:15:34

The London Model Engineering Exhibition is on tomorrow -Friday and this weekend. Details are here.

There is a BMFA stand but not much else aeromodelling usually, but interesting if you are also a model engineer or boat modeller. Normally there is indoor flying on the BMFA stand.

The walk up the hill from the station is only for those who are fit! Others take the free bus or use your bus pass on the regular buses. Same for the car park it is steep uphill except for the few spaces near the hall.

Don't forget the big snooker event is on at the same time - don't join the wrong queue - the one you want is the one with mostly grey haired people with backpacks!

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
15/01/2020 19:38:51

When Win 10 started a few years ago it seemed slower than Win 7, but recent updates have made it much faster. The computer I updated on sunday now works much faster on Win 10 than it did last week on Win 7. Probably the automatic cleaning of old files whilst installing Win 10 did something good.

Actually that computer doesn't work as well as my own Win 10 computer that has a slightly lesser spec, so thats my reason for thinking about an extra SSD to have a clean install without losing the old files.

15/01/2020 19:14:00

Actually updating from the web link shown is dead easy - you just click on a few options as they come up and then you need to be patient as it might go on for an hour or two.   Nothing to it anyone could do it!

The theory is you need a system that has security updates so that is why you should update to Win 10

Edited By kc on 15/01/2020 19:39:51

Thread: 7 Day challenge Nigel Hawes 30" Tucano...............
14/01/2020 15:56:52

For the purpose of the contest you should define read - does that just mean the title or first page or entire book!

A fake canopy could be made in very few little time by sanding a block of white foam to shape with new coarse glasspaper and then covering with brown paper & PVA or just film. But maybe Vortex will come up with the canopy and cockpit interior in time or perhaps your friend has the remains of his crashed one saved up from years back......

Edited By kc on 14/01/2020 15:58:02

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
14/01/2020 11:49:37

I started this thread so that perhaps someone else could update their old computer without making the (almost) richest man in the world even richer. Actually it's not just the money but the principle which motivated me - dumping working equipment just because it's been deliberately crippled to sell new stuff offends me.

This thread has proved that the forum has so many people with a wide range of useful knowledge on subjects other than aeromodelling! Thanks chaps. Recently I also used the knowledge of the forum members about boiler replacement. The inside knowledge from heating engineers, computer people and all the other professions is so useful. It shows that aeromodelling attracts a wide range of interesting people and thats also what makes a trip to the flying field so worthwhile. It's not just flying your own plane and watching others it's the between flying chatter that is such a part of club flying. If only the weather was good enough to fly at the moment...........but we have the forum to keep our interest between flying sessions!

13/01/2020 18:37:31

Chris, I have not looked inside yet ( because it's my wife's machine and one needs permission!) but the spec that comes up on startup says SATA IDE Serial ATA support and also the Crucial website suggests their MX 500 or BX500 for upgrades on this Dell Inspiron 530. So I suppose SATA would be correct

13/01/2020 16:42:08

Many thanks Jon thats the info I needed.

13/01/2020 16:12:22

I think I will order a 120GB SSD to put in this desktop, but it's not clear what mounting parts and cables should be ordered too. Any ideas what cable is likely needed to put this in as an extra disk in a desktop?

13/01/2020 12:46:13

Jon's comment " You can pick up a 120 gig SSD for as little as £15 " got me thinking that that would be a worthwhile thing to do and in effect do a clean install yet keep the old data on the old disk. Indeed it seems it's possible to buy a known brand like Crucial or Kingston 120gb for 17 to 19 pounds. Well worth while but it's a matter of knowing what type of disk would fit - this is a Dell Inspiron 530 desktop - and the Crucial website suggests a MX500 or the much cheaper BX500 so that seems OK. It's just a matter of knowing what cables and adaptors to order as well.

Of course i would be happy to take my own computer to pieces and play around inserting new bits knowing that if it all goes badly wrong well all I have lost is an old computer. But the computer needing updating is my wife's and if I foul that up I will never hear the last of it!

13/01/2020 10:37:05

To Brokenenglish and others.......The Which? link that I gave gives exact instructions so it's very handy if you can have this open on another computer at the same time ( perhaps via a phone call to a friend?) but it's not really necessary as the process gives instructions as you go. I kept all the existing data but I checked first that nothing essential would have been lost if the worst happened - but it was all there afterwards anyway. Easy but an hour or so time - dependant on broadband connection etc.

A 'clean' install would perhaps have been better.

12/01/2020 17:58:53

Now that Windows 7 will no longer be supported by Microsoft users of Windows 7 may be tempted to buy a new computer rather than pay for Windows 10.......but it's still possible to upgrade free as I did today for my wifes Windows 7 desktop by following the procedure suggested by Which? / Consumers Association website. The link is here as it doesn't seem to come up on their main website menu and you don't need to be a Which? member to read the advice.

Of course you need a computer with a good enough spec to cope but even if your computer is below the ideal spec it's worth trying.

Which suggest it doesn't always work as a free upgrade but it worked for me today so it's worth a try! Saves spending £119 or so to buy a full copy of Win 10 or much more by buying a new computer ( what a waste of good hardware just because Microsoft outdate your software!)

Thread: Can Superphatic glue go off?
12/01/2020 13:09:14

The real way to know if any glue is any good is to try test pieces of scrap wood and then test to destruction- i.e. pull it apart and see if the wood fibres give way before the glue parts. With a good PVA such as Resin W ( now called Evostik wood glue ) the wood fibres give way first-even beech or any softwood, most hardwoods certainly balsa. Of course allow sufficient drying time (24 hours or more) and use clean dry wood and clamping. Do several small samples whilst you are at it and try tight clamping, loose clamping or not clamped to see what the effect is. If you have any cheap PVA such as sold at supermarkets try that too and you will likely see the glue fails and it's best to throw away before it catches you out. Resin W has never failed my tests and the wood fibres always part before the glue itself.

Whilst testing Superphatic and PVA it would be good to try identical samples also with cyano, balsa cement,epoxy or 5 min epoxy to see how they compare.

Thread: Selling vintage kits question
10/01/2020 20:09:48

of course modern kits of vintage designs are still being made & sold so there may be little resale value, but old kits of unobtainable designs are what people pay money for. Look out for old model engines as the rare types are collectors items worth money.

Beware dealers who may want to buy them and pay you very little then resell at huge profit.....

You could consider taking them to Old Warden when they have a model show and allow car boot sellers ( pre booked only) but only if you know their value first. Modelair website is here and the fee for car boot traders is 25 pounds per day but includes 2 adult entries so not much more than being a spectator. Next event is May 9th & 10th

Thread: Miss Deeds or 1/4 semi scale Cassutt
10/01/2020 18:49:02

It doesn't seem you can even buy the plan from Sarik. I wonder why? The back issue of RCME Oct 19 with 'free' plan seems sold out too.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to buy just a set of wing ribs at a reasonable price for all these RCME designs? Most of us don't need the whole kit of lasercut parts but just the wing ribs would suit me.

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