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Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
22/11/2019 15:27:04

If a candidate in the election knocks on your door ask him what his politcal party is going to do to get rid of this unwanted legislation!

Thread: How do you attached to those solid inners on snakes?
22/11/2019 12:07:42

To screw those SLEC brass adaptors into the inner of SLEC 'snakes' I use a little gadget shown here on the tailplane -its an opened out clevis ( to give something to hold ) with another threaded piece screwed in behind to 'locknut' the brass adaptor. The locking part has a soldered on part to use when unscrewing. When the adaptor is screwed into the snake inner far enough the locking part is unscrewed and the whole clevis part spins off easily. Saves fiddling with holding the adaptor with pliers etc and mangling the thread.



Edited By kc on 22/11/2019 12:10:22

Thread: Solar powered shed
21/11/2019 19:38:45

It would be worth checking on the cost of installing a mains cable ( armoured etc ) compared to installing solar panels. Considering that shed is likely to be used a lot in the dismal winter months you might find solar works when you don't need it and not when you do!

Thread: Stampe SR7 building blog
21/11/2019 19:23:17

The Stampe looks really nice and I hope it's an RCME plan soon.......

Interesting to compare the Stampe with Fanlight Fanny - a semi scale Sipa 12 - which looks a bit similar and was Peter's design in RC Model Flyer May 2014. Fanlight Fanny was 53 inch span 500 sq ins and 65 ounces at 18.75oz sq ft for a 29 to 35 twostroke. Very similar wing loading etc. Peter reported that it " flies like a dream" so we can expect the Stampe to be just as good.

Thread: Any clock experts here?
21/11/2019 17:55:36

People seem to pay stupid money for anything bakelite or old clocks, so it's not worth harming it to get it working! Accurate modern quartz clocks are really cheap.........

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
18/11/2019 18:34:39

You could always set up an e-mail address for anyone without one using your computer and eventually give them the details in case they want to have their own computer or phone. (obviously tell them to change the password to something else at that stage )

Thread: Stampe SR7 building blog
18/11/2019 10:35:44

Skyway Models advertised the Stampe Monitor in their 1995 catalogue - so it is a more recent kit than thought. 55 inch span for a .40 and based on their 'Classic' Hawk series so may not be very scale.

Thread: Svenson Mini Boy
16/11/2019 17:33:14

A Google search reveals a few adverts on e-bay etc and a reference to it being a smaller version of the FlyBoy. There is a Fly Boy plan on Outerzone. I have often wondered why planes are named with Boy at the end - HiBoy, Lowboy etc - must be some connection I suppose.

Thread: Scratch built Wot 4
15/11/2019 18:10:06

That slight dihedral would be only on the tapered wing version surely? Original Wot 4 had straight wings and the instructions say 3/4 inch dihedral under EACH wing tip for aileron trainer only - otherwise no dihedral. The Colin Usher Devil Dancer has both wings shown.

Edited By kc on 15/11/2019 18:10:53

Thread: My RF4
15/11/2019 17:52:09

This seems to be the RF4 from the free plan supposedly in RCME July 2011. I say supposedly because actually that issue contained 2 fuselage plans and no wing plan! The correct plan was actually printed again in RCME August 2011 and the missing former F2 was availble to download from this forum. For anyone interested there is a copy of RCME August 2011 for sale at 1.90 here although it says free plan included it doesnt say BOTH free plans ( AgriTug was that months free plan too) are actually there. Worth a try as it's a cheap way to get the plan....... The construction article was in the July 2011 issue though.

Plan No RC 2085 and canopy are available from Sarik.

I believe that Peter's  O Four 9ER is also a semi scale RF4 and the plan is available here as Mag15.

Edited By kc on 15/11/2019 17:58:47

Thread: Scratch built Wot 4
14/11/2019 17:48:28

There is a very similar ( copy?) called the Devil Dancer from Colin Usher /Hip Pocket aero which you could download from here.

I would suggest you also consider the Rival by Mike Delacole which was /is an RCME plan but it's available on Outerzone together with the original article. Slightly bigger span & slightly simpler build.

Thread: Gangster 63 Lite Build - Parts Left Over
13/11/2019 12:31:01

I would suggest a phoe call to Mick Reeves Models would clarify this especially if you suspect the duplicates may be there instead of something that is missing.. The phone number and an e-mail address are on their website.

Thread: Maricardo build
13/11/2019 08:17:53

You might consider ordering 1/32 birch ply for the doubler instead of 1/16. Most models of this size use 1/32 which is also easier to cut -use a Stanley knife with new blade.

Thread: Non parallel wing ribs - Terminology?
12/11/2019 12:44:11

There must be various ways of plotting the airfoil for diagonal use but whats the best? Or is it easiest to just use 90 degree ribs with plain diagonal pieces ( or sand the oversize plain bits to match the ribs )

12/11/2019 12:33:53

Wikipedia says the R100 used geodetic construction ( R100 was Barnes Wallace and successful while R101 was not )

Thread: Catapult Build for Ducted Fan Models
10/11/2019 20:08:46

Nigel Hawes article in RCME March 2003 gave a plan. The magazine is available here

Thread: Maricardo build
10/11/2019 20:02:00

Piers is right. A couple of drawing pins with the points just projecting enough to grip the balsa will make the ply template easier to use.

Balsa for this size model usually costs about 25 to 40 pounds from Balsa Cabin or SLEC plus 5 to 10 pounds for the ply. Buy some spare balsa because postage is expensive if you need more!

Some people have the plan photo copied so they have a spare copy to cut up to mark the balsa. Fix to the balsa with tiny bits of double sided sellotape. Cut right thro the paper into the balsa. Or use tracing paper or prick the shape through with a pin in the traditional way.

Nowadays people often use plasterboard as building board as it takes pins easily.

Cutting the slots in the main spar could be done by taping 3 standard hacksaw blades together to cut a 3/32 slot. ( 1 blade cuts 1/32 depending on whether it's new or used -trial and error) A simple jig will ensure a cut at 90 degrees and to the right depth.

10/11/2019 17:41:52

The article on modernising this design is here on the forum. The original plan and article can be downloaded from Outerzone. The Sarik cut parts will be from the later plan which is slightly different to the original so not so worthwhile if you have the original plan. Wing ribs from iGull seem to be the 'eggcrate' style which are quite hard to cut accurately with such a large slot for the spar - I am not certain but I think the revised later plan had different spar slots which are easier to cut by hand.   

Edited By kc on 10/11/2019 17:48:20

Thread: Avicraft Panic
09/11/2019 19:27:10

Avicraft advertised the Panic in RCME April 1981 but it wasn't mentioned in their very comprhensive advert in April79 so somewhere between those dates for the kit I reckon. Possibly they were flying it as a prototype a bit earlier.

Thread: RCM&E Dec 1992 - anyone have a copy?
09/11/2019 12:27:56

There is a copy for sale at Magazine Exchange for 2 pounds if you want to buy your own copy

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