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Thread: Buying cheap new or (slightly) cheaper s/h?
27/09/2019 19:12:33

This has nothing to do with whether the Rx are Orange brand or not. Both Orange and Spektrum made Rx for DSM2 and DSMX.

All the older Rx would have worked with all the Spektrum Tx if the EU had not stopped DSM2 transmitters being imported into EU. It is just a question of whether Martin's older Rx are DSMX or not . If they are NOT DSMX they won't work with Tx imported after Jan 2015.

The seller of a post 2015 Tx will not be able to assure you if he does not know what your Rx are.   



Edited By kc on 27/09/2019 19:17:01

27/09/2019 17:22:24

No i don't claim to know that much about radio but I am just stating what it says elswhere! Its a confusing situation so let's hope Peter Christie and other experts can confirm or deny what I say so that forum members are aware of accurate info.

The problem is the Tx curently sold in UK won't work with DSM2 Rx.   So a secondhand Tx may or may not work depending on when it was imported.    Currently sold Rx on the other hand will work. 

Edited By kc on 27/09/2019 17:43:36

27/09/2019 17:05:40

Piers- sorry to argue with you but it's not a question of whether the latest Rx is compatible its a question of whether latest EU /UK spec DSMX only TX will work with older NON DSMX Rx - they won't. Check out Hobby King where they sell an Orange Transmitter to EU spec (DSMX only ) and an International version DSM2 & DSMX ( illegal to import into EU - maybe Boris can change this for England)


Edited By kc on 27/09/2019 17:08:55

27/09/2019 16:36:14

My DX6i is of the later DSMX only type and won't work with the old DSM2 Rx if I understand the situation correctly. I expected that this may be the same with certain ages of DX7 - that is older TX would work OK with DSM2 Rx but that later Tx sold in UK & EU would not work with DSM2 Rx so needed a DSMX Rx. For a while there were certain models of Orange Rx being sold quite cheaply and I assume that was because they would not work with the latest DSMX only Tx.

Basically very old Spektrum TX will work with any Spektrum Rx but later UK & EU spec Spektrum Tx will only work with DSMX Rx   ( EU regs that came into force 1st Jan a couple of years back)   I don't think this has anything to do with being Orange or genuine Spektrum - its the same situation.  DSMX RECEIVERS are backwards compatible while late type DSMX only type Tx are not.

.If I have got this wrong then no doubt someone will tell us!



Edited By kc on 27/09/2019 16:44:31

27/09/2019 13:38:58

I don't know much about DX7 as i am a DX6i user ( later type which is DSMX only ) so I may be complicating things but.......

It occurs to me that nobody so far has mentioned to check whether the DX7 is DSMX only or is DSM2 & DSMX. Same with the RX.

Thread: A newbie trying to save some money
26/09/2019 12:56:28

Buying secondhand stuff from swopmeets or Ebay etc is for those who know enough about the equipment and not for beginners! The sort of bargains Paul mentioned are rare anyway.

It is common for clubs to find a newcomer has bought equip that is quite unsuitable and therefore wasted money. Often the models are too small - most clubs like 50 to 60 inch wingspan for visibility at height- or the radio is unsuitable for the clubs instructors to connect their buddy lead.

So the advice to visit a club and see what is required is correct. Ask whether the club can provide tuition,  flys both glow and electric, are there better hours for electric, and what Mode the club teaches ( Mode 1 throttle right or Mode 2 throttle left ) Most equipment sold now is Mode 2 but some clubs are Mode 1. You don't want to learn one mode and then change to another. It's also not very handy to be a mode1 flyer in a Mode 2 club or vice versa. I am a Mode 1 flier in a Mode 2 club and it means nobody can grab my Tx if something happens ( dirt in eye, stung by a wasp or heart attack etc!) and be certain of saving the plane.

It is quite likely the club will suggest a Spektrum DX6 as a good start - beware the cheaper Spektrums which come complete with models but which don't have all the features you may want. Some clubs are mostly Spektrum, some mostly Futaba but are rarely Taranis. If you buy some unusual make you may need to buy a second transmitter to use for a buddy system as the instructor will probably use Spektrum or Futaba.

Edited By kc on 26/09/2019 12:59:01

Thread: Collapse of Thomas Cook
25/09/2019 12:52:45

2 things now seem inevitable-

1. credit card companies will charge a greater percentage fee on holiday bookings ( which we will pay if we are sensible and pay by credit card - this week has proved that to be worthwhile)

2. Hotels will put something in their small print on the form we sign at check in that makes the guest responsible for the charges if the tour operator fails to pay. And the small print is likely to be in a foreign language too and we may not notice it until too late!

25/09/2019 12:41:51

Reports in the last few days suggest Travel companies only pay the hotels some weeks after than the actual holiday ( hence the problems the unfortunate holidaymakers have at the moment with hotels trying to charge them for what they have already paid ) but.........everyone pays for their holiday in advance - sometimes months in advance. So with this business model how could they fail?

Thread: The Repair Shop
25/09/2019 09:16:41

Who will be the first aeromodeller to take their crashed plane into the Repair Shop and ask THEM to repair it!

Frankly it would be a much better programme if it concentrated on repairing the items which really should be repaired - computers, mobile phones, TV's, video recorders of all types, washing machines, fridges etc - rather than being dumped and replaced by new. But of course that would need real skill unlike mending Teddy bears!

Thread: Complete newbie.
24/09/2019 13:34:32

Most if not all clubs will allow non members to visit and see what it's all about. Most clubs prefer that you visit and see what the most suitable models and radio are BEFORE you buy the wrong stuff. In particular it's best to have the radio make that is used by the club for instruction.

Thread: Collapse of Thomas Cook
24/09/2019 11:31:41

Some people might worry about their lives being a little shorter due to pollution by planes and cars etc. Hwever within that (shorter?) lifespan we can at the moment see and do so much more than previous generations. Many ordinary people have seen more of USA than explorers Like Lewis and Clark, more of Africa than David Livingstone and seen more than Capt Cook.........

Thread: DB Corben Baby Ace for electric power
23/09/2019 17:48:54

Well it would appear that is the way it's shown on the Wot4 electric modification! But the cable ties would seem to go out at an angle and a large gap would be available to get cutters in without touching the Lipo. ( ply plate is wider than lipo and it is notched to take cable ties ) But Erfolg is right to warn about any possibility of cutting into a Lipo and causing a short circuit which would be dangerous.

However all my own models are fixed with both Velcro patches and Velcro ties ( 2 for a 4S3000 ) which has worked well when mounted above the ply ( the method for Wot4 and possibly the Corben Super needs the Lipo to 'hang' underneath the ply which might mean cables ties are more secure)

Thread: Collapse of Thomas Cook
23/09/2019 13:05:02

Don said " The reward package paid to the board members is commensurate with the rare skills they bring to the company " .....................

Paying them the Minimum Wage seems over generous to me!

23/09/2019 12:46:54

Directors of companies that go bankrupt should surely have to pay back anything they have received over the Minimum Wage!

Thread: DB Corben Baby Ace for electric power
23/09/2019 12:34:47

The two possibieways of fixing the Lipos to ply are

cable ties and cutting away each time and replacing.( might be more secure and cable ties are cheap ) Or use a separate ply plate for each Lipo.

Velcro on battery and on ply together with velcro strap right around - belt and braces. Ply should be treated with a coating of epoxy etc and left to harden before using self adhesive Velcro. ( Self adhesive easily pulls off if the surface is not smooth)

22/09/2019 17:34:33

Well nobody has replied yet....... ........ One idea you might consider is one that has been used by many people on different models ( Wot4, SLEC FUN FLY etc) is to use a removeable ply plate with a tongue that slots into motor bulkhead and a bolt at the other end to secure into a captive nut.  Battery is held to this removeable ply carrier plate with velcro straps. Ply plate goes in at an angle from underneath, so the access hatch is underneath. It might mean connecting up when model is inverted - maybe needing a simple stand - but it saves hacking the cowl around.  This method is shown on Chriss Foss'  website and maybe he originated the method.


Edited By kc on 22/09/2019 17:40:05

Thread: Mark’s Peggy Sue 2 Build
22/09/2019 08:11:55

When making this type of u/c mounting I always saw the slot slightly undersize and then run a drill of the exact size through afterwards.

Thread: Werewolf free plan
20/09/2019 11:44:45

Actually the link I gave yesterday does allow access to the original article!

20/09/2019 10:08:28

It's a bit unfair to those of us who buy RCME at WH Smith etc - maybe David Ashby could change this one item? Because if we don't buy from WH Smith but subscribe then RCME won't get the exposure to newcomers who look in newsagents! Result less subscribers in the long run?

20/09/2019 09:56:15

The problem with using 1/16 Liteply for a fus doubler could be that it won't bend in at the front. However in this model the doubler is straight up to F1 and actually should stop there as the top view shows it tapered away at the cowl. So Liteply would be fine and stops at F1. ( fuselage side view shows doubler extends to nosering but this seems incorrect/ unnecessary )   But 1/16th Liteply does not seem to be stocked by SLEC or Balsa Cabin so 3/32 /2mm is the thinnest available.  2mm might be hard to bend for other models but would be quite OK for Werewolf as it does not need to bend - could be a little heavier though.  

Edited By kc on 20/09/2019 10:04:00

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