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Thread: Radio
24/05/2020 13:25:52

Paul did ask a reasonable question and got lots of advice. The discussion then demonstrated that there are those who want to get really involved in Tx stuff and those who just want to fly RC........

If you just want to fly then don't trust the old batteries in your old set -buy a new Futaba or Spektrum. If you enjoy talking about Tx stuff then buy Taranis etc. Same with motoring - if you just want to get from A to B everytime buy a Toyota or Mazda etc, if you want to discuss the stuff under the bonnet buy a Morgan or classic MGB etc.

Thread: I said goodbye to an old friend last Wednesday...
24/05/2020 10:27:58

One of my clubmembers put down 2 large white sheets at 2 edges of the field and then flew a plane with tiny video camera over the field. By examining the video on his laptop the distance from the white markers indicated the lost models position. Trouble is when retreived it wasn't the model he was looking for but a model that was lost earlier! But the principle worked.....

Thread: Wire Gauges and how to measure them.
23/05/2020 13:15:33

AWG is not the same as SWG.

AWG ( American Wire Gage) is different to SWG ( Standard Wire Gauge) so 6 AWG is about the same as 8 SWG.      8 AWG is about 10 SWG Very important if you are making undercarriage for an American plan and need to buy piano wire ( music wire ) which is usually sold in Britain in SWG.

Edited By kc on 23/05/2020 13:28:00

Thread: Das Liddle Stik
23/05/2020 11:52:44

Good to hear that it was fine.

The comment about ailerons should be taken in context with the date - 52 years ago in 1968 was in the early days of RC models with ailerons and they probably didnt have trims or rate switches like we have now. Adjustable Expo would have been just a dream then.

Thread: Radio
23/05/2020 11:37:25

Tx selction is just like cars - everyone says the one they own is the best ever and wouldn't buy anything else or the one they bought is the worst ever and will never buy again!

But why anybody would want to buy a Tx that could be updated online and therefore possibly change something you don't know about is beyond me! If it ain't broke don't fix it.

Thread: Peter Russell's Models. Anybody know what happened to them?
22/05/2020 10:42:28

I think Stu is right- PR said in his column that they were numbers of models he built over the years. The numbers don't relate to engine size or span etc.

Thread: Looking for RC Model World back issue
22/05/2020 10:31:06

Chris, I have sent the info by PM to give you a chance to buy the copy before anyone else. However I notice that the plan number is not really consistent with the date and it dosn't agree with your " after July 94" comment either. So it could be the Plans Handbook is wrong although it's the same in 2 different issues. Thats the best info I can give you. Maybe somebody else knows?

Edited By kc on 22/05/2020 10:33:10

22/05/2020 10:15:10

Chris that is easily solved - I will send you a PM with the info.

Thread: Das Liddle Stik
21/05/2020 17:29:56

Very nice model Geoff.

If you do use that prop drawing 30 amps it is a bit risky with a 30 amp ESC! Not much margin for safety. If the new APC 10x6 draws only 25 amp it will be safer. .

Thread: Looking for a back copy of Radio Control Scale Aircraft Quarterly
21/05/2020 10:31:56

Ryno, I have sent you a Personal Message with info where you can buy a copy of the magazine for a reasonable price.

Plan and huge canopy are available from Sarik

Edited By kc on 21/05/2020 10:34:37

Thread: Peter Russell's Models. Anybody know what happened to them?
20/05/2020 08:39:26

The STOL is all the same size plan in MK1 and Mk2 versions (wing changes only ) it's just that somehow later printings ended up at 55 inch span while all the original were 48 inch! It's not known as to how the size increased but it's presumably due to computerising plans. Unfortunately Peter Russell was not alive when this occurred. Note that the Outerzone plan has 48 inch clearly printed top left.

Anyway as long as you build a wing to fit fuselage all will be well. Obviously most would use servos not bellcranks but it's best to note plan errors ( originally noted By Peter R himself in Straight & Level) so nobody is confused..

19/05/2020 11:34:05

John, if you have researched the STOL I expect you have seen the Mass Build thread on this forum. You will see there was a discussion about the wingspan and most people were convinced it was 52 or something wingspan because that's what the plan they bought recently measured. Nobody could find an original plan to measure it but the Plans Handbook stated 48 inch span. I thought the Plans Handbook was probably right and that somehow the recent plans sold had been computerised and increased the whole plane size. Now the Outerzone plan appears to be an original and clearly shows in wriiting that it is 48 inch span. So modern plans are a slightly enlarged version while Outerzone seems to have the original.

So beware before you build a new wing that you are building one from a plan that matches your fuselage!

Note also that the Outerzone plan is the first type with undercambered airfoil not the Mark2 version shown in RCME OCT 83 which is flat bottomed airfoil with a better construction and ailerons and flaps shown. ( Compare the article drawing with plan)  Also has an obvious error in the flap bellcrank handing which are drawn as aileron would be!

Edited By kc on 19/05/2020 11:51:11

Edited By kc on 19/05/2020 12:00:17

Thread: Does anybody know how to fix this?
18/05/2020 16:07:24

It's probably too late now as it happened over a year ago but if it was a genuine accident then perhaps it would have been covered by your household insurance if you had accidental damage cover? Be interesting to know if anyone has found their household insurance any use when accidental damage occurred to such items - was the 'excess' so high it wasnt worth claiming or was the item specifically excluded from cover?

Thread: 6EXP 35MHz Upgrade Options
18/05/2020 15:59:30

I expect one of the technical experts will comment soon and tell you whether it's practical or not. But if its not even working on 35 mhz then perhaps its probably not worth bothering. But why isnt it working? Removed the crystal perhaps?

Thread: Does anybody know how to fix this?
18/05/2020 12:51:31

I wonder whether the parts used now could be similar to those used in older 35 mhz ones. Loads of 35 mhz Futaba are sitting around unused & more or less scrap, maybe a part could be utilised?

However my view is that it's not worth paying to repair TX or Rx as the cost is usually high and reliability is everyting in radios so I wouldn't fly anything that had been tinkered about with inside!

Thread: Smoking....
17/05/2020 18:49:48

Martin, this was in the City of London in the era when secretaries were considered essential and the more attractive the better.

My wife remembers the same indian file of BT men in her office too, it was normal.

It's a forgotten thing now but Telex used to be an essential thing to international trade. Completely superceded by e- mail now I suppose. As old fashioned as a typing pool.

17/05/2020 17:56:15

All the BT people will know this but for anyone else it's worth reading about Tommy Flowers here. Or just read the last line and note that all the companies mentioned are foreign owned which explains a lot about Britain.

17/05/2020 17:44:24

Very interesting thread even if it veered off track.

I must be the only aeromodeller who has never worked for BT - most of my clubmates did.

From the publics point of view BT was visibly hopelessly inefficient in the 70's and 80's. It was legendary that BT engineers came in 3 or 4's for the simplest job. The sight of 3 or 4 BT men walking in indian file down the office was so common people still talk about it. The first man carried a small leather pouch, the second a spare phone, the third carried a larger toolbag and the fourth probably carried a telex machine or perhaps the lunch. Not the mens fault I suppose and the spare men may have been trainees, but it looked inefficient. As a potential customer the cost of installing a phone line to my first house was so expensive I couldn't consider it. My parents had to put up with a 'party line' for years - shared with next door because BT couldn't provide enough lines in the area. Now every child insists on having their own mobile phone. From one extreme to the other. Now when they see their home phone bill many people now question whether there is any need for a hard wired phone line to their home. I am sitting looking at the dangling wire from a telephone pole to my house wondering whether that is really necessary- why isn't it underground? The most modern and essential ( especially in lockdown ) means of communication relies on victorian telephone poles!

However lets remember if it wasnt forTommy Flowers of Bletchley Park fame ( Dollis Hill actually and lack of fame really) we wouldn't be here on our computers and the internet. And we wouldn't have all the modern micro electronic stuff that enables RC to be available. So we do appreciate BT engineers really!

Edited By kc on 17/05/2020 17:51:39

Thread: Looking for fine control snakes
17/05/2020 13:20:12

I see what your idea is. Maybe a balsa pushrod perhaps with a bit of carbon fibre?

17/05/2020 12:53:21

I know that what I suggested is a complication, so why not use a couple of tiny servos with a tiny Lemon Rx? Weight is less than 28 grams and cost is less than 20 pounds, works with any SpektrumTX.

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