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Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
13/02/2019 20:43:40

Hi Robin - welcome back!

There's 8 of us now lined up ready for the start of the season, and plenty of room for more.

John S - I think you're mistaken... When I look it shows me in top position. smile p

And then I see the note at the top of the table, "Rankings are random until after Australia" Oh well, we can all dream...

12/02/2019 22:44:38

OK folks! I've "reactivated" the Modelflying Forumites league, and found Chris and Iqon had already "signed-up" for it even before I got there. teeth 2

So that's three of us already - let's get the rest back in and we can look forward to the start of the season in Melbourne in just over a month from now.

Those of us who were in last year, just head over to and login. Your details are kept from last year, including your team name - though you can change the name if you want. Go to "Leagues" and you can re-enter our league, and any others you were also in, with a quick click of the mouse.

Anybody else is most welcome to join too, the code you will need for the league is 8397165.

I haven't looked through the rules this year to see what has changed in the game, there's usually something given a slight tweak! Nor have I chosen my team yet, so I have a (sadly only virtual!) £75 million burning a hole in my pocket... smile d

Let's see what the upcoming test sessions reveal (or not?) about the 2019 cars.

11/02/2019 21:57:15

Yep - I have a score to settle with a certain Mr. B... wink 2

Thread: Another scam? Sinister this time
07/02/2019 21:00:22
Posted by Ray Dunn on 06/02/2019 14:47:40:

Thanks for those, Ray.

I'd already seen the first, but not the second. Excellent!

05/02/2019 20:15:00
Posted by Nigel R on 05/02/2019 15:50:09:

You lot have far too much time on your hands!

I won't even give these clowns time of day.

If I'm not busy at the time I quite enjoying wasting the time of the "wirus on your computer, sir" scammers. At least whilst I'm annoying them they're not scamming somebody else, who might fall for the scam!

Best I've managed is 30 minutes. By the time you've got them to repeat everything three times - because you're frightfully sorry, but you're struggling to understand them with their heavy accent. And the difficulty in knowing what "dub-ya, dub-ya, dub-ya" means (well why didn't you just say 'www'?) it's amazing how time flies...

You can waste a few more minutes when they ask you to turn your computer on - because it's a laptop, and, ah no! It's in the boot of the car, parked outside. And when I "return" from getting it I realise I left the power supply there too - now don't go away!

And it's amazing how the postman always knocks to deliver a parcel whilst you're in the middle of a call... and if it's not the postman it's a neighbour...

And, well after 30 minutes I ran out of ideas and told the scammer I knew exactly what he was up to. He disagreed of course, repeatedly. Then reallised he was getting nowhere, swore at me and hung-up! teeth 2

02/02/2019 17:55:06
Posted by Peter Miller on 01/02/2019 12:43:37:

I have a bit of fun these days.I answer the call in Spanish. THis also has the advantage that I can swear at them fluently in Spanish.

Well, it amuses me!!!

I used to occasionally get a call with a recording implying that I had "won" a free holiday in Florida and I should press 1 for further details. At the time the 'free' holiday was a common scam where the accommodation was indeed free, but you had to buy the flights from them - at a highly-inflated price.

One day I pressed 1 to see where it would lead. An American lady answered and proceded to work her way through a list of questions. I answered each one in French.

She seemed a little confused, but carried on for 3 or 4 more questions before declaring, "I'm really sorry, I don't speak Spanish!"

I almost gave her a very rude Anglo-Saxon response - I know my French isn't brilliant, but mistaking it for Spanish... REALLY? Instead I told her, in French, "What a shame" and hung up.

I never received another call from them after that!

01/02/2019 01:43:25
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 01/02/2019 01:07:34:

Apparently 020 are normally London area but 0203 ... can be bought to charge callers but I don't know if there's a maximum.

020 is just the code for London.

Initially all 020 numbers continued with a 7 as the first digit of the rest of the number if it had previously been an 'inner London' 071 number, or an 8 if it had been an 'outer London' 081 number. Now 3 is also allocated as the next digit of some London numbers.

I can't see a way that any 020 number could be charged at a different rate to other 020 numbers.

Thread: Eternally optimistic
26/01/2019 10:15:14

I suspect this is a seller who sells a lot of this product and has temporarily run out of stock.

I believe it is cheaper, in terms of eBay fees, to have a listing running permanently (that you can tweak the details of) than to be constantly adding and removing the listing as stock arrives and is sold out.

So in this case when the supplier runs out of stock he simply bumps up the price to a level where no sane person would actually buy one. And when stock arrives he puts the price back to its normal level. And I guess if somebody was mad enough to pay the £30k then the supplier would move heaven and earth to fulil the order!

Or maybe not? dont know

Thread: Heated Lipo Bag?
26/01/2019 10:06:33

I bought a heated bag from HK a few years ago. It's cheap 'n' cheerful, but does a reasonable job. Warm batteries certainly perform much better than cold ones. Last weekend my batteries were actually colder after a flight (unless I was flying in "hooligan" mode!) than when I took them out of the bag. Maybe I need to reduce the cooling on that model in the winter...

When in use I usually put the bag inside the (now empty) rucksack that I carried my transmitter case to the field in. That reduces heat losses. I power it with a "retired" 3S LiPo - though I do need to keep an eye on the charge state of that LiPo. A low-voltage cutout would be a handy feature to add.

This looks like the one I bought.

Thread: Winters Here Who's Been Flying ?
20/01/2019 18:25:17

A chilly weekend down here in Surrey, but I flew both days.

Saturday was calm, but grey with a hint of drizzle in the air. And cloudbase was reported at Redhill as 600 feet, but we're a bit higher then they are, and I reckon cloudbase was nearer 400 feet here. Two flights were enough, then time to go home.

Today was much more pleasant. Still chilly, but blue skies and sunshine. A gentle breeze directly across the strip, but a decent turnout (only 2 of us yesterday!) We flew until sunset and on the way home my car reminded me it was only 2 °C. At least it was a positive number. My daughter is in Ontario at the moment, where the temperature today is due to get up to -15 °C!

Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
20/01/2019 13:36:50
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 20/01/2019 13:17:18:

This report seems to confirm that it's not just kids who are being a menace.

Let's not jump to conclusions - remember that poor couple near Gatwick who were hung, drawn and quartered by the Daily Mail and others, and hopefully have a big legal claim under way against the press...

But, should this person be found guilty, then I hope the biggest possible fine and maximum publicity will result, "pour décourager les autres."

20/01/2019 13:13:03
Posted by Nigel Heather on 20/01/2019 11:49:54:

I may be misunderstanding. But I thought that was the current regulation is that you can’t fly a ‘drone’ within 1km of an aerodrome boundary and that after the recent fun and games at Gatwick and Heathrow this is going to be extended to 3km. This is relating to the aerodrome boundary not just the runway.

My thinking is that well organised clubs that have been operating without problem for years my suddenly find that they can no longer operate legally in their current location. My concern is that the legislation is really aimed at individuals up to no good or flying irresponsibly near major airports but the blanket regulations will cover many more aerodromes and therefore, could impact well run, long established and organised model clubs..

The current 1 km limit allows 'drones' to be flown with permission from ATC.

And for the new proposed wider limit the text on page 12 at section 2.6, just underneath the diagram that Steve reposted above, says;

"Drone fliers will continue to be able to apply for permission from air traffic control to fly within this zone"

So that appears to enable clubs to apply to fly in the new 4.6 km zone.

20/01/2019 11:49:52
Posted by Steve J on 20/01/2019 10:33:08:

I am not sure where you are getting 3km from. It's the ATZ and rectangular extensions 5km from the ends of the runway(s).


Yes - currently the restriction (for < 7 kg) is 1 km from the airfield unless ATC permission is given.

The amendment is to extend that to the ATZ - defined as 2 nautical miles, or 4.6 km. Plus the extra 5 km x 1 km extension at the end of each runway.

See pages 11 and 12 here.

20/01/2019 10:37:51

The list is here.

After a little re-formatting...

Aberdeen/Dyce - EGPD
Alderney - EGJA
Andrewsfield - EGSL
Barra - EGPR
Barrow/Walney Island - EGNL
Bedford - EGBF
Belfast/Aldergrove - EGAA
Belfast/City - EGAC
Benbecula - EGPL
Biggin Hill - EGKB
Birmingham - EGBB
Blackbushe - EGLK
Blackpool - EGNH
Bournemouth - EGHH
Bristol - EGGD
Caernarfon - EGCK
Cambridge - EGSC
Campbeltown - EGEC
Cardiff - EGFF
Carlisle - EGNC
Chalgrove - EGLJ
Chichester/Goodwood - EGHR
Coll - EGEL
Colonsay - EGEY
Compton Abbas - EGHA
Coventry - EGBE
Cranfield - EGTC
Cumbernauld - EGPG
Denham - EGLD
Derby - EGBD
Doncaster Sheffield - EGCN
Dundee - EGPN
Dunkeswell - EGTU
Durham Tees Valley - EGNV
Duxford - EGSU
Earls Colne - EGSR
East Midlands - EGNX
Eday - EGED
Edinburgh - EGPH
Elstree - EGTR
Enniskillen/St Angelo - EGAB
Exeter - EGTE
Fair Isle - EGEF
Fairoaks - EGTF
Farnborough - EGLF
Fenland - EGCL
Glasgow - EGPF
Gloucestershire - EGBJ
Guernsey - EGJB
Haverfordwest - EGFE
Hawarden - EGNR
Humberside - EGNJ
Inverness - EGPE
Islay - EGPI
Isle of Man - EGNS
Jersey - EGJJ
Kemble - EGBP
Kirkwall - EGPA
Lands End - EGHC
Lashenden/Headcorn - EGKH
Leeds Bradford - EGNM
Leeds East - EGCM
Lee-on-Solent - EGHF
Leicester - EGBG
Lerwick/Tingwall - EGET
Liverpool - EGGP
London/City - EGLC
London Gatwick - EGKK
London Heathrow - EGLL
London Luton - EGGW
London Stansted - EGSS
Londonderry/Eglinton - EGAE
Lydd - EGMD
Manchester - EGCC
Manchester/Barton - EGCB
Netherthorpe - EGNF
Newcastle - EGNT
Newquay - EGHQ
Newtownards - EGAD
Northampton/Sywell - EGBK
Northolt - EGWU
North Ronaldsay - EGEN
Norwich - EGSH
Nottingham - EGBN
Oban - EGEO
Old Buckenham - EGSV
Old Sarum - EGLS
Old Warden - EGTH
Oxford - EGTK
Papa Westray - EGEP
Pembrey - EGFP
Perth/Scone - EGPT
Peterborough/Conington - EGSF
Prestwick - EGPK
Redhill - EGKR
Retford/Gamston - EGNE
Rochester - EGTO
Sanday - EGES
Sandtoft - EGCF
Scatsta - EGPM
Scilly Isles/St Mary’s - EGHE
Sherburn-in-Elmet - EGCJ
Shobdon - EGBS
Shoreham - EGKA
Sleap - EGCV
Southampton - EGHI
Southend - EGMC
Stapleford - EGSG
Stornoway - EGPO
Stronsay - EGER
Sumburgh - EGPB
Swansea - EGFH
Tatenhill - EGBM
Thruxton - EGHO
Tiree - EGPU
Warton - EGNO
Wellesbourne Mountford - EGBW
Welshpool - EGCW
Westray - EGEW
West Wales/Aberporth - EGFA
White Waltham - EGLM
Wick - EGPC
Wickenby - EGNW
Wolverhampton/Halfpenny Green - EGBO
Wycombe Air Park/Booker - EGTB
Yeovil/Westland - EGHG

Edited By John Privett on 20/01/2019 10:42:14

20/01/2019 10:31:40

There was a list of airports that the restriction applied to somewhere in the information put out by the CAA. Let me see if I can find it!

Thread: Scam alert
18/01/2019 01:04:16
Posted by Trevor Searle on 16/01/2019 22:51:50: I would ask anyone who has received it to report it to them.

Thanks Trevor - Done!

John - treasurer at Epsom Downs MAC.

Thread: Trouble with squirrels
15/01/2019 20:11:15

Eh? What?

Have I missed something?

Thread: Scam alert
14/01/2019 21:15:56
Posted by John Privett on 24/12/2018 22:35:46:

I've reported it to the abuse address at AOL. I won't hold my breath though...

Just a quick update... The report to the abuse address has proved as utterly useless as I'd expected. I have today received a second, identically-worded email, also "from"

So, whilst I'm sure the vast majority of us would never fall for this, be aware that these scammers are still at it.

Thread: full-size electric-powered flying anyone?
12/01/2019 17:20:47

That looks interesting, Andy!

I wonder if it would run on one of my 3S 2200 LiPos? Or perhaps something a little bigger... smile

Thread: Famous model flyers
11/01/2019 21:31:31
Posted by Kevin Fairgrieve on 10/01/2019 21:17:05:

Mike Brewer.

He of "Wheeler Dealers" fame.

I haven't seen him for a long time (15 years?) but we knew him as a heli-flyer who had dabbled in a little-known TV show that most of us had only vaguely heard of. I guess Wheeler Dealers has a higher profile these days!

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