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Thread: Ebay sellers...
13/12/2018 00:51:15
Posted by Simon Feather on 11/12/2018 10:11:32:

Here's a bargain for you: a new AR610 for only £76.87. Postage is free though.

Did you notice the seller's name? - "100_percent_premium"

And he's certainly living up to it, and more. That receiver (from a quick google) sells elsewhere for £36. Adding a "100% premium" would take it up to £74, so at £76.87 it slightly more than a 100% premium!

Thread: BMFA club finder
12/12/2018 22:00:32

Andy - some "ammunition" for you... I'm not sure what this proves, but it should give a clue to somebody at azolve. I hope!

I've just tried connecting via a VPN and can get about a 50:50 split of two scenarios.

  1. Connected via my regular PlusNet connection with no VPN, going to the clubfinder link, initially I get a brief partly-zoomed-in view of roughly the north of England and south of Scotland, then it quickly zooms out to N.W. Europe and displays all the clubs with red pins. I get the same with some VPN choices - connecting via Canada, Iceland, or the UK using, or
  2. Otherwise, as before I get an initial partly-zoomed-in view, it then zooms in much closer to the Scottish Borders around Moffat. But when I zoom out there are no clubs shown. This happened with a VPN connection via Norway, also in the UK using and

Hopefully that info might help point somebody in the right direction!

11/12/2018 23:33:39
Posted by Kim Taylor on 11/12/2018 22:11:45:
Posted by John Privett on 11/12/2018 21:32:26:

Kim - I'm using Chrome and get a view remarkably similar to what Dick posted.

And in case there's any confusion with the old club map, this is a link to the map Dick and I are viewing.

Edited By John Privett on 11/12/2018 21:34:51

If I click on that link, the nearest large town is Dumfries - it's a long way from TW11

Don't you just love tech??


Sorry - when I said it was a link to the map Dick and I were seeing, I just meant to the initial view of the correct map site - ie. not the old one (if it still exists.) So that link I posted takes me to a map of Europe, with the UK having loads of 'pins' stuck in it.

It's odd that PeterF sees no clubs. Equally odd that my club seems to have disappeared from the map.

11/12/2018 21:32:26

Hmm, that's a bit strange. We (Epsom Downs Model Aircraft Club) were certainly on the map shortly after GoMembership started.

I know, I put us there! And I got the little flag to be right on the strip. thumbs up

(It's OK, we have nothing on site that any low-life could steal, so can safely ignore the advice to be cautious about identifying where valuable stuff might be found!)

But now, we seem to have disappeared off the map. I'm sure Andy S will be along shortly to tell us what a bunch of numpties we are and we've done something wrong! teeth 2

Kim - I'm using Chrome and get a view remarkably similar to what Dick posted.  

And in case there's any confusion with the old club map,  this is a link to the map Dick and I are viewing.

Edited By John Privett on 11/12/2018 21:34:51

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
05/12/2018 22:25:41
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 05/12/2018 21:31:15:

Oh - and I'll be ready....wink 2teeth 2


Excellent! smile d

05/12/2018 21:03:05

Oh, and in case there's any doubt, I'm intending to continue next year, hopefully the rest of you are too? I have a score to settle! teeth 2

05/12/2018 21:00:18

We initially used badger, starting (here at least) back in 2013.

Then in 2017 badger spun-off the game to a site of its own - That's what we've been using since then. Essentially the same game, just under a different name.

And now the original badger site is being retired but is continuing.

Thread: William Layton
05/12/2018 20:32:50
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 05/12/2018 11:44:29:

I'm not sure how knowing my bank account number/sort code is going to help anyone steal my money. After all, those details are on every cheque I write - admittedly those are very few these days but the account details aren't secret and not useful except to help someone pay in to it.

Not only are you handing over your account details Geoff, you're also giving them a specimen of your signature whenever you give somebody a cheque. Not I think that's really a huge problem, just saying...

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
25/11/2018 21:11:33

Ah, Theakstons OP. Now you're talking!

25/11/2018 21:03:28

Hey Pete - thanks, it's been fun! thumbs up

Rose water??? I think you can do better than that! cocktailbeercocktailbeer

Unless you sneaked out to Abu Dhabi to watch the race there... In which case, what flavour of Rose water would Sir like? smile p

25/11/2018 19:22:16
Posted by John Tee on 25/11/2018 19:10:42:

Down side I have just seen on the Fantasygp site that they want £5 to join next year as an individual, not sure how that affects leagues.

I saw that too and I hope it's just them pushing Pro membership for next year. That was also available as an option this year for £5 for the year - I think it just got those who opted for it some extra stats and a few other perks like being able to be in an unlimited number of leagues.

Two members of another league I'm in (work-based) took Pro membership - I see one of them occasionally in the office. I'll ask him what he got for his fiver this year - apart from being beaten into 2nd place by me in that league!

25/11/2018 18:36:13

In the end only two place changes on the day;

Chris moved up a place to 7th pushing Charles down to 8th, whilst Pete and I swapped places at the top.

Pos Gain/Loss Team Manager Pts
1 +1 Revers Racing Pete B 2971
2 -1 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 2968
3 0 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 2874
4 0 iqon racing iqon racing 2820
5 0 PSS Power Flyer 2791
6 0 VBT Racing Yorik 2759
7 +1 GASTON Formula Chris McG 2749
8 -1 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 2716
9 0 Pitts Specials john stones 2704
10 0 Mannschaft Carl Brotherton 2687
11 0 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 2641
12 0 Essex Racing Tony Clark 2612
13 0 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 2368
14 0 teewrex John Tee 2355

Well that was close! I had my spell at the top, but in the end it wasn't to be. So once again congratualtions to Pete - it was a good battle, and a very close result. (At least I held my top place in the other 2 leagues I'm in!)

So I hope you've all enjoyed taking part again, and will be back for more next year. I think it's going to interesting to see how the new regs shake things up (or not?) and I guess Red Bull could be vying with Mercedes and Ferrari.

And with 17th March 2019 in mind...

Don't forget your predictions!

25/11/2018 18:28:22

So today's scores are as follows;

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Revers Racing Pete B 161
2 GASTON Formula Chris McG 158
3 VBT Racing Yorik 144
4 Mannschaft Carl Brotherton 143
5 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 142
6 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 142
7 Pitts Specials john stones 136
8 PSS Power Flyer 136
9 Essex Racing Tony Clark 131
10 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 125
11 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 118
12 teewrex John Tee 115
13 iqon racing iqon racing 113
14 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 109

Pete took top score today with 161 points. Chris was second on 158 and Yorik third with 144. Well done!

25/11/2018 18:25:31

OK Folks... The scores are published.

And by a margin of 3 points it's...

Well done Pete! beer

Details to follow.

25/11/2018 16:07:41

I predicted none, and that was certainly wrong!

I think there were two, weren't there? One when Hulkenburg crashed and one when Kimi parked on the start-finish straight.

25/11/2018 16:03:47

I'm with you there Pete - only 2 predictions for me too! (I bet they were the same ones - winner and pole?)

I think you'll outscore me today, but by how much?

Nail-biting stuff! smile o

25/11/2018 14:44:09

And another prediction bites the dust (only 15 still running) Bye bye Pierre.

25/11/2018 14:03:44

More (potential/unlikely!) points out the window... Bye bye Marcus.

25/11/2018 13:29:02

And there goes my 3rd place prediction out the window... Bye bye Kimi

25/11/2018 13:22:30

Oo-err... Glad to see Hulkenburg is ok after that roll. But it's one prediction gone for me!

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