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Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
05/07/2020 20:29:51

Well, well, well... The results are out on and I must confess to being surprised!

Here they are;

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 2020 Vision johnpflyrc 157
2 Pitts Specials john stones 137
3 PSS Power Flyer 136
4 teewrex John Tee 133
5 Revers Racing Pete B 121
6 GASTON Formula Chris McG 117
7 Roos Racers rk295 109
8 Torque of the devil Stu 106
9 Crashtestdummies Brake Test 106
10 Iqonic racing iqon 105
11 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 95
12 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 89
13 Essex Racing Tony Clark 87
14 AeroArrows Bondaero 83
15 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 60
16 The improved Webby Racing team Simon Webb 0

I'm not quite sure how I did that, but I seem to have grabbed top place today. Don't worry, it won't last - there's only one direction I can head! I think I benefited mainly from places gained, as all my drivers finished, in a race with an alarming number of retirements.

So we get to re-run the race all over again next weekend at the same location, under the title "Styrian Grand Prix".

03/07/2020 21:08:49

It's Friday evening and so time for my final reminder (for this race) to all;

Don't forget your predictions!

P1 and P2 have been dominated by Mercedes, with Hamilton ahead of Bottas. A mixture of Red Bull, Ferrari, McLaren and Racing Point in various combinations made up the next places in the two sessions.

It still seems somehow unreal to me that we are where we are, but I guess once we get the first race run we'll adjust to the 'new normal' - for now at least...

30/06/2020 20:46:51

OK folks, I too was getting an alert (from Avast) for, but that was 3 or 4 days ago and it seems fine now. I've just had a look to remind myself what we're supposed to be doing... smile d

Yep - I picked a team (back in March-ish?) and I think we're ready to go!

So it's Austria this weekend and the Austrian Grand Prix. The race is on Sunday 5 July at 14:10 UK time. Before that, qualifying on Saturday is at 14:00 after final practice at 11:00. The first two practice sessions are on Friday at 10:00 and 14:00.

So, what's next? Ah yes, Don't forget your predictions!

21/06/2020 12:21:21

Good to hear you've been keeping busy Chris! I've been doing a bit of cycling in the lockdown - my legitimate "get out of the house once a day for exercise"! I've clocked up almost 2,400 km over the course of 88 rides since late March. It's frightening looking back on Strava to see how slow I was at the start. Losing 10 kgs has helped too!

Fingers crossed we'll be back to F1 soon...

Thread: Radio cases
06/06/2020 17:46:35

Similar to Bob's earlier reply... My last two txs have come with a case supplied - a metal case for the Frsky Taranis and a slightly smaller non-metal case for the FrSky Horus. Both were pre-cut for the specific transmitter and the Horus case has storage for club/BMFA membership cards, etc. as well as giving good protection to the tx when not in use.

Before that I had a small case bought, if I remember correctly, from Woolworths where it was sold as a case for power tools. A chunk of foam inside, cut to the right shape with a modelling knife did a good enough job for my previous Futaba transmitters.

Thread: What's flying over your house
23/04/2020 21:18:03

Here's a curious track I spotted earlier today on FR24 on my phone, whilst it was still in the air.

This screenshot is taken from the 'playback' facility on flightradar24's website;


The aircraft was a PC12 and departed from Exeter at shortly after 09:00 this morning. It then traced the track in my screenshot, flying at 210 to 220 kts initially at 15,000 feet, climbing to 16,000 feet where it circled before going on to the longer tracks. Eventually they headed off to Ostende and landed there at around 13:30.

Google Maps?

21/04/2020 20:45:17

I'm about 15 miles from Heathrow and I'm one of the people who provide data to Flightradar24.

My receiver is currently able to see TWO aircraft in the area. One is at 35,000 feet, the other at 15,000 and climbing so neither are heading from or to LHR or LGW. Normally I'd be seeing around 20 or 30 aircraft at this time of day.

Thread: Benefits of the lockdown
05/04/2020 12:29:54

Whilst we still can, I'm going out for my daily exercise on my bike - and yesterday it almost seemed at times that I could have maintained a 2 km social distancing, rather than just the 2 metres!

This was the M25 at 5pm on Saturday as I crossed over it. The only time I've seen it quieter than that was before it opened!


04/04/2020 09:54:20
Posted by Stephen Smith 14 on 03/04/2020 20:46:45:

8 minutes to work instead of 45


I just timed my new daily commute. I suppose it depends what part of the house I start from, but starting from here - stand up, walk across the landing, into my younger daughter's old bedroom (she's in Canada right now) and sit down, I made that 8 seconds!

Downside to that is that I tend to spend longer at work than when I had to drive 40 minutes there and 40 minutes back again.

One upside to the current situation is my permitted/mandated(?) daily exercise. I blew the dust off my old bicycle that previously had one outing a year, and have gone out for a (socially distanced!) ride after work each day. Last week I clocked nearly 60 km, the week before 46 km. OK, that's nothing, I'm sure, compared to what some people do, but it's a start! I'm also finding roads and paths and my locality that I have never seen before.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
02/04/2020 20:30:51
Posted by Chris Walby on 02/04/2020 14:19:16:

One thing I have noticed while walking the dog at 9pm is how quite it is with no aircraft/car traffic noise.

I'm one of the people who contributes data to flightradar24. I have a USB receiver picking up the ADSB signals on 1090 MHz, plugged into a Raspberry Pi and sending data 24/7 to flightradar24.

I can monitor what my receiver is 'seeing' and view it on my PC, displayed both graphically on a chart and in table form.

Normally at this time of day I'd have 20 or 30, maybe more aircraft displayed. Currently I can see 7. And a few minutes ago it was only 3. One on short final for Heathrow, another on base leg at 4500 feet for Heathrow, the others at much higher altitude heading elsewhere.

Very quiet...

31/03/2020 23:15:41
Posted by Erfolg on 31/03/2020 19:54:07:

Come on, what are the rest of you all doing?

I've been working from home for the past week or two (actually 2 weeks exactly) working longer hours than I normally would as the "commute" at each end of the day is so much shorter!

And then for the last week I've gone out at the end of each working day for a cycle ride of 30 mins to an hour. I'm certainly getting more exercise than I used to - not a bad thing either!

It's very noticeable how many other people there are (all at > 2 metres distance!) also cycling, or running. And nearly all of them, just like me, quite clearly would not normally have been out cycling or running.

Thread: MOT.
25/03/2020 19:15:55

My MOT was actually due on 30 March, the date the 6 month extension starts. I'm not sure if that means I'd have been granted the extra 6 months or not!

It doesn't matter for me though, I had it done last Thursday, so I'm good for another 52 and a half weeks. I'm not at all surprised that the extension has been announced.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
19/03/2020 19:23:48
Posted by iqon on 19/03/2020 17:07:24:

Not looking good.

Indeed, no great surprise really, but Dutch and Spanish "postponed", and Monaco cancelled.

That takes us to the end of May. But surely there will be more cancellations and postponements... sad

More here.

13/03/2020 00:06:47
Posted by McG 6969 on 12/03/2020 20:47:30:

Hi all,

Well john, it's not officially cancelled yet. Announcement to be made tomorrow morning Aussie time before FP1. But then the drivers already voted against it... frown

Well, no surprise, it's now official.

Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
12/03/2020 20:29:10

I can fully understand clubs cancelling/postponing AGMS, indoor meetings, etc.

But surely keeping the field open would make more sense, and allowing members to make their own decisions about the risks of attending in the open air. That's assuming we get any flyable weather this side of Christmas...

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
12/03/2020 20:24:02

Look on the positive side folks... At least we'll all come out of the first GP weekend of the year in equal TOP place.

I do wonder how long we'll remain there though. It may be some time...

At work we've already had an international travel ban in place, and now even travel between our UK offices is only to be permitted in business-critical circumstances. We are being strongly encouraged to work from home where we can. My sister is on a cruise that went through half the Panama Canal today. Panama (the country) refused to allow them to leave the ship so they are now en route to the next port - if they will accept them. Their cruise line announced today they are abandoning all cruises for the next 2 months. The cruise they are on will continue - if it can - to its final port, others are being cut short. We are living in unusual times right now.

08/03/2020 11:31:57

I've also seen this morning that spectators will be barred from the Bahrain GP. Access will be restricted to participants and "the race weekend itself will still go ahead as a televised event."

I saw the news that people in the Lombardy region of Italy will need "special permission to travel" - I hadn't considered any effect that may have on Ferrari though... Perhaps the FIA - who seem to be reverting back to their old role as Ferrari International Assistance - can help plead their case if permission is needed...

It's going to be a bumpy start to the season!

04/03/2020 21:32:34

You're right Chris - John, take a look at the foot of page 140, when I last posted the league.

There are 14 of us listed there, with you in 14th place... smile p

(Though to be fair, it does also say, "Rankings are random until after Australia" )

Just over a week to go... smile d

Edited By John Privett on 04/03/2020 21:32:56

Thread: Servo Voltage
03/03/2020 20:59:21

Good question Roger! That's a bit higher than a 4.8v battery, but not as high as a 5-cell, 6v one.

Looking at the FutabaUSA datasheet they say;

"Using the supply voltage higher than 4.8V or applying high load to the servo will shorten the life."

My take on that is that you may get a shorter life from the servo, but as long as it's not heavily loaded maybe not a problem. I suspect there are people using these servos on 5-cell batteries without even realising that it's advised against.

Let's see what others reckon!

03/03/2020 19:35:01

Roger - 5.0v shouldn't be a problem.

An 'old-style' 4.8v NiMH or NiCd starts at well over 5v when freshly charged - I often get readings on my telemetry of 5.2v in the first few minutes from models equipped with them.

They just mean don't use a 5-cell (6v) NiMH or higher.

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