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Thread: New scam alert!
06/01/2021 21:31:07
Posted by buster prop on 06/01/2021 17:29:11:

... both were from numbers starting 0014 followed by 9 digits. Which country has an 0014 code?

That is most likely a US number. The country code for USA is '1' and their numbers have a 3-digit area code followed by a 7-digit number.

So the '14' you quoted is likely to be the US country code (1) and the first digit of the area code (4) - the remaining 9 digits being the last 2 digits of the area code plus the local number.

Thread: Drone rules printed in todays Press
05/01/2021 00:29:16

Mine's the same, Martin. I spotted it about 20 mins ago and wondered about it too...

But as it's valid for another 13.5 months I won't be rushing to renew mine in 7 months time - unless anyone can convince me otherwise!

Back on-topic, I just did the rcc test (on a "belt and braces" basis, as I already have A and B tests from before Dec 2020.) I assume it will at some point appear on my BMFA membership profile - or would I need to redo the test if I wanted a replacement certificate? (Yes, I know... I should have saved a pdf copy of it and kept that somewhere!)

Thread: Import tax/VAT from europe.
01/01/2021 22:39:55
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 01/01/2021 17:46:31:

Am I right in recalling that Parcelforce used to add about £14 handling charge to imports which were subject to Duty, no matter how little the duty was? It's been a while since I had deliveries to the UK, so my memory might be a bit hazy....

I got stung by that one several years ago. Parcelforce demanded a total of £21 to pay a tax/duty bill of £7 on an item I had bought from Hong Kong or Singapore.

I commented to the man on the counter at the pickup office that an extra "admin" charge that was double the amount of duty they were collecting was absurd. The man responded by simply standing and grinning like an idiot - which, as I've mentioned before - he did very convincingly!

The problem is, of course, that very rarely do we - buying goods from overseas - get to choose which courier handles the import and delivery at this end.

Thread: would you volunteer ?
01/01/2021 22:27:31

A heli?

If it's a 'simple' one, like an R22, then keeping the thing going in straight and level flight is probably not too much of a problem. I had a flight in one at Shoreham, heck... must be twenty+ years ago!

In level flight it flew in a similar manner to the fixed-wing full-size aircraft that I've occasionally been handed the controls of - Cessna 152, Piper Cub, Cirrus SR22, Jet Provost... ok, the JP had a few extra buttons and knobs for the noisy fan thing behind us that I didn't get to touch!

I was talked through the descent into Shoreham in the R22, down to about 20 feet where the instructor took over. He then landed the heli, then demonstrated the hover and gave me one control at a time in the hover. He then got me to try the hover using all controls. That was DIFFICULT! Twenty years later I can still hear the instructors voice (reassuringly) belting out several times, "I HAVE CONTROL..." as he took control back before I progressed from being hopelessly out of shape to dangerously so. I have the evidence on video somewhere too!

So, back to J D 8's question - I reckon I could get the heli back to the field, and at least I could then crash it in front of the airport fire & rescue crew!

A couple of years ago I had another heli flight - strictly sight-seeing only - in the Canadian Rockies, in a Bell Long Ranger. There were only my daughter and I as passengers, plus the pilot. I sat up front, and was surprised to see the dual-controls had been removed on the heli. Probably safer that way!

Thread: Nationwide Building Society
21/12/2020 17:13:56
Posted by Peter Christy on 21/12/2020 10:36:36:

Just rang Lloyds this morning, and they are not accepting new "Treasurers Accounts" at present. Grrr!

Next stop HSBC...

Worth trying, but note that - as I mentioned earlier - the following message is currently displayed on the HSBC Business Accounts website;

Due to unprecedented demand we are not currently accepting applications for new business bank accounts, except for Kinetic Accounts. You can register your interest for when they are open again. If you have a Relationship Manager talk to them to discuss your options.

Chris mentioned he was trying them too - fingers crossed for both of you!

Thread: Model flying on Countryfile
20/12/2020 22:28:30

It's now available (though probably only for UK viewers) on BBC iplayer - the relevant bit starts at around 54:15 into the 1-hour programme.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
20/12/2020 19:20:51
Posted by McG 6969 on 20/12/2020 16:02:23:

If you don't mind I prefer a 'trophy' 🏆... as far as I can keep my Honorary British Citizenship as well... wink

Yes, of course, the "Checo at RB prediction" trophy is yours! 🏆

And naturally you retain your Honorary British Citizenship as well - you earnt that!

20/12/2020 15:04:17
Posted by McG 6969 on 18/12/2020 21:21:29:

... well, I thought the Mods (plse, note the absence of apostrophe) had more emoticons at their disposal...

... but, thx, Pete

heart heart heart heart heart...


beer beer beer beer beer


OK, I'm keeping quiet about apostrophes for the moment... smile d

But I wonder if the ordinary 'windows' emoticons work here? Let's try to give Chris a medal - 🥇 or maybe a trophy - 🏆

Thread: Ban in The New Forest?
20/12/2020 14:49:37

I can't find the original report, but some years ago I read an account of a model flying club who were forced to relocate due to rare birds.

I think this happened somewhere in mainland Europe, possibly Germany? Some rare birds were discovered close to the flying site of this club and the local 'twitchers' got very excited. Clearly, the model flyers had to 'go', as obviously their presence must be harmful to the birds. Fortunately an alternative site was found, not too far away, for the model flyers, and they relocated there.

Some time later the rare birds were found to have moved on from the first site and taken up residence close to the new site of the model club! It turned out that it was the short grass of the runways that was actually attracting those particular birds...

Thread: Nationwide Building Society
19/12/2020 23:17:02

I'm a club treasurer, and we started with a Nationwide passbook-based account which increasingly over time failed to meet our (my!) needs;

  • Having to queue in the branch to pay-in cheques (and later limited to only up to 10 at a time) was a pain. This was back in the days when the majority of members paid their subs by cheque, so I had about 200 to deposit over the course of late December to mid-January.
  • Having to queue to get a 'bank cheque' to send to the BMFA, or anybody else we needed to pay was another pain.
  • Finally, whilst the account could receive BACS payments there was no way of seeing either the source or the reference that somebody used, so all I knew was that somebody had paid us some money. Useless for getting payments from lots of people!

We switched to an HSBC account - they do a Business account for charities and 'community-based' organisations - like clubs and societies. This addresses all the issues above - and recently added the ability to deposit cheques (I still get a few from the 'more traditional' members!) via the phone app.

The vast majority of members, this year at least, are paying by bank transfer which I can see via internet banking or the phone app. Similarly I can make online payments direct to the BMFA etc. and we still have a cheque book for the rare occasions it's needed - the "deposit" for the AGM hall hire is about the only instance I can think of for that - and we didn't need that this year...

The only issue however for any other club intending to open such an account is this notice currently displayed on the HSBC Business Banking internet pages;

Due to unprecedented demand we are not currently accepting applications for new business bank accounts, except for Kinetic Accounts. You can register your interest for when they are open again. If you have a Relationship Manager talk to them to discuss your options.

I have no idea what a "Kinetic Account" is, the account we have has no fees (unless I do something really stupid!) but I suspect the Kinetic account probably has.

Thread: New mod's
17/12/2020 23:29:52
Posted by Martin Harris on 17/12/2020 18:42:49:

Posted by John Privett on 17/12/2020 18:32:30:

[EDIT - as an afterthought, could I request one of the mods to remove the "greengrocer's apostrophe" from this thread title please? smile o]

It's a pet hate of mine too but might not the apostrophe signify missing characters in the word "moderators"?

Edited By Martin Harris on 17/12/2020 18:46:50

Hmmm... you know what? You might just be right!

It kind of backs-up what I said earlier about your posts! teeth 2

17/12/2020 18:32:30

Welcome, both!

I've always appreciated Martin's posts - factual, sensible, and it's very rare that I see anything from him that I significantly disagree with.

As for John S... well, I know him mainly through the Formula 1 thread - hmm... Not so sure! smile p Only kidding, John!

Well done to both of you!

[EDIT - as an afterthought,  could I request one of the mods to remove the "greengrocer's apostrophe" from this thread title please? smile o]

Edited By John Privett on 17/12/2020 18:35:08

Thread: What's flying over your house
17/12/2020 18:24:28

Thanks Ken & Jim for the info.

And Christmas greetings to you both, and to Pat, and others up in NE-land...

John P. - 'I've not been up to NE26 for quite a while!' dept.

17/12/2020 09:44:18

Interesting, Pat! Any idea what it was doing at Newcastle?

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
14/12/2020 22:54:56
Posted by Flyer on 14/12/2020 07:40:51:

And thanks to all for taking part, it makes for a little bit of fun.

I can only echo Ade's comment - thank you all for taking part. I certainly enjoy running this for us, but it's all of us taking part that makes it interesting.

And thanks, Charles, for pointing out the 2020-review on fantasygp - I hadn't spotted that! I can't match your 40th place, best I managed was 63rd in Austria - the first race of the season. I've gone downhill ever since then... smile o

13/12/2020 20:50:09

Well, as he scored higher than Chris today and had a sizeable lead anyway, yes!

Pos Gain/Loss Team Manager Pts
1 - Revers Racing Pete B 2457
2 - GASTON Formula Chris McG 2322
3 +1 PSS Power Flyer 2290
4 -1 Pitts Specials john stones 2276
5 +1 Crashtestdummies Brake Test 2269
6 -1 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 2266
7 - 2020 Vision johnpflyrc 2232
8 - Essex Racing Tony Clark 2189
9 - Torque of the devil Stu 2189
10 - Roos Racers rk295 2112
11 - Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 2104
12 - Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 1970
13 - Iqonic racing iqon 1945
14 - The improved Webby Racing team Simon Webb 1872
15 - teewrex John Tee 1620
16 - AeroArrows Bondaero 1336

Well done to Pete holding on to first place, and adding another title to his belt.

Well done Chris for taking second place and also to Ade who slipped past John S to take 3rd place at the last minute.

The only other place changes today were Don and Gary swapping places to take 5th and 6th respectively.

Not, I think, the most entertaining race (on the track) to end the season with. But given where we were back in March, when the F1 looked like not happening at all, I think all concerned did well to get 17 races run.

I think this is the latest that the F1 season has finished, and it will be a shorter than normal winter break. I don't know how likely it is that 2021 will start as planned, if it does then that's Melbourne on March 21st.

Now a message for you all, but especially for me;

Don't forget your predictions!!! embarrassed

13/12/2020 20:36:01

Right then - Channel 4 have caught me out today, by having their coverage a little earlier than usual... So that's well and truly over by now, and here are the results of out league today;

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 169
2 Torque of the devil Stu 147
3 PSS Power Flyer 125
4 Essex Racing Tony Clark 123
5 Revers Racing Pete B 116
6 Crashtestdummies Brake Test 112
7 Roos Racers rk295 107
8 GASTON Formula Chris McG 106
9 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 104
10 The improved Webby Racing team Simon Webb 98
11 teewrex John Tee 94
12 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 92
13 Pitts Specials john stones 82
14 AeroArrows Bondaero 79
15 Iqonic racing iqon 77
16 2020 Vision johnpflyrc 76

Top place today goes to Charles with an impressive 169 points.

Second today was Stu, with 147 points, and third was Ade on 125 points.

Well done to today's top three!

And a special mention for today's 'wooden spoon' winner, me... This is what happens when you select your predictions and then forget to click 'save' embarrassed Not that it would have made a huge difference, I had the podium places, but in the wrong order, and I think that would have been all!

So, how does this affect the overall table? Has Pete held on to top spot? We'll see in a moment...

12/12/2020 01:03:16

So, for the last time this year...

Don't forget your predictions!

It's Abu Dhabi and another dusk-to-night race under the lights. Hamilton is back, and admitting to taking a while to get back into it, finishing P1 down in 5th and P2 second to Bottas. P3 is at 10:00 UK-time with qualifying at 13:00 and the race at 13:10 on Sunday.

07/12/2020 01:27:53
Posted by john stones 1 on 06/12/2020 23:38:32:

He's 125 behind isn't he ?

Just checking you're all awake...

(I failed that test)

Thanks John - of course Chris is 125 points behind Pete embarrassed

06/12/2020 23:35:02

The overall table now looks like this;

Pos Gain/Loss Team Manager Pts
1 - Revers Racing Pete B 2341
2 +1 GASTON Formula Chris McG 2216
3 +1 Pitts Specials john stones 2194
4 +2 PSS Power Flyer 2165
5 - Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 2162
6 +2 Crashtestdummies Brake Test 2157
7 - 5 2020 Vision johnpflyrc 2156
8 - 1 Essex Racing Tony Clark 2066
9 - Torque of the devil Stu 2042
10 - Roos Racers rk295 2005
11 +1 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 1965
12 +1 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 1878
13 - 2 Iqonic racing iqon 1868
14 - The improved Webby Racing team Simon Webb 1774
15 - teewrex John Tee 1526
16 - AeroArrows Bondaero 1257

Quite a few place changes today, mostly due to my 'sub-optimal' score... That's me plummeting 5 places down to 7th, which allows Chris to move up a place to 2nd, John S to move up a place to 3rd, Ade to move up 2 places to 4th and Don to move up 2 places to 6th.

Joining me on a downward trajetory, though on a much smaller scale is Tony, slipping a place to 8th.

Also heading downwards today is Iqon, down 2 places to 13th, meaning that Charles moves up a place to 11th and Kev moves up a place to 12th.

All other places remain unchanged, including Pete who remains in top place but with Chris only 25 points behind.

That leaves it all to play for in Abu Dhabi next weekend!

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