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Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
29/09/2019 21:41:23
Posted by john stones 1 on 29/09/2019 21:32:30:

...if/when we leave E.U will Chris be chucked out. wink

Nah... hopefully sanity will prevail, but even if we do leave I'll just declare Chris to be an "honourary Brit"!

Besides, Pete is resident 'en France', and I have half an idea that there are others in the league living beyond these shores. And why not!

29/09/2019 19:22:45

After Russia the league table has three place-swaps;




Team Manager Pts
1 - GASTON Formula Chris McG 2443
2 +1 Pitts Specials john stones 2316
3 -1 PSS Power Flyer 2296
4 - Roos Racers rk295ELITE 2293
5 - iqon racing iqon 2258
6 - Revers Racing Pete B 2232
7 - Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 2090
8 - AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 2068
9 - Essex Racing Tony Clark 1993
10 - Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 1956
11 - Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 1928
12 +1 Torque of the devil Stu 1863
13 -1 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 1841
14 +1 teewrex John Tee 1812
15 -1 AeroArrows Bondaero 1789

Chris remains in top place, but 2nd and 3rd swap hands with John S moving up and Ade moving down.

All then remains unchanged down to the bottom four. Here Stu moves up to 12th ahead of Simon, and John Tee's win today moves him up a place to 14th at the expense of Bondaero.

So September's manic 4-race spell is at an end, and next up is Japan in 2 weeks time, and early starts for both qualifying and the race.

29/09/2019 19:20:23

The chequered flag has just fallen on the race on channel4, so lets see who did what in our league today;

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 teewrex John Tee 172
2 Revers Racing Pete B 163
3 Pitts Specials john stones 160
4 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 159
5 GASTON Formula Chris McG 158
6 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 143
7 iqon racing iqon 139
8 PSS Power Flyer 138
9 Torque of the devil Stu 132
10 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 131
11 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 126
12 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 120
13 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 94
14 AeroArrows Bondaero 91
15 Essex Racing Tony Clark 90

Top place today goes to John Tee with 172 points. Well done John!

Second today is Pete with 163 and John S is third on 160 points.

Well done to our top three today.

'Honourable mentions' can perhaps go to myself and Chris for being 1 point and 2 points respectively short of 3rd place.

Up next - how has that changed our league table?

27/09/2019 20:13:53

Right then... for the FOURTH time this month; smile d

Don't forget your predictions!

Russia this weekend and qualifying is at 1pm UK time with the race at 12:10.

Verstappen was fastest in FP2 after Leclerc headed FP1. Mercedes seem to be down-playing their chances for the remaining races. But what is the truth? I guess FP3 tomorrow may give a clue (or not!) and I'm really not too sure what I should predict.

Chris - hope you find some more wifi. And at least you got to your holiday destination, you'll get back one way or another! I know somebody who was due to depart on a Thomas Cook holiday 2 hours after the announcement. She's now in Birmingham rather than somewhere in the Med. crying 2

Anyway, predictions!

22/09/2019 20:51:00

A few changes today, so first let's see how the table looks tonight;

Pos Place gain/loss Team Manager Pts
1 - GASTON Formula Chris McG 2285
2 +2 PSS Power Flyer 2158
3 -1 Pitts Specials john stones 2156
4 -1 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 2150
5 - iqon racing iqon 2119
6 - Revers Racing Pete B 2069
7 - Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 1970
8 - AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 1909
9 +1 Essex Racing Tony Clark 1903
10 -1 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 1825
11 +1 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 1802
12 -1 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 1747
13 - Torque of the devil Stu 1731
14 - AeroArrows Bondaero 1698
15 - teewrex John Tee 1640

So top place remains unchanged, but Ade's strong performance today moves him up 2 places to second. John S drops a place to third, but only 2 points behind Ade. Robin drops a place to third, but only 6 points behind John.

There's a couple of place swaps further down the table, Tony moves up a place to 9th, displacing Gary to 10th, and Charles (even with his lack of correct predictions!) moves up to 11th ahead of Simon.

So next weekend it's Russia. Can Ferrari make it 4 in a row?

22/09/2019 20:41:10

OK then, channel 4's coverage has reached the finishing line, so here are the results for our league today;

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Essex Racing Tony Clark 171
2 PSS Power Flyer 153
3 iqon racing iqon 152
4 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 138
5 GASTON Formula Chris McG 133
6 Torque of the devil Stu 132
7 Revers Racing Pete B 128
8 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 116
9 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 112
10 teewrex John Tee 109
11 AeroArrows Bondaero 108
12 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 106
13 Pitts Specials john stones 90
14 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 82
15 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 73

Top score today was 171 points from Tony. Second was Ade with 153 and only a single point back on 152 was Iqon in third today.

Well done to them!

Up next, how does this change the overall table...

22/09/2019 19:18:10

Yep - the race is on Channel 4 at the moment. I'll post the results on here later once their coverage is over.

20/09/2019 19:18:15

Friday evening, and time for the traditional reminder;

Don't forget your predictions!

The 3rd GP of September (have we ever had a calendar month with 4 before?) is in Singapore and Verstappen has headed-up P1 with Hamilton leading P2.

Qualifying is at 2pm UK time tomorrow with the race an hour early at 1:10pm. P3 is from 11-12 in case you wnat to change your predictions...

Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
16/09/2019 00:32:55

Well if this weekend is meant to be Autumn, please let us have Autumn all year round!

Two great flying days at my club with probably the best turnout (on both days) that I've seen this year. Saturday was almost flat calm, sunny and warm. Sunday was a repeat but with a gentle breeze blowing - for the most part - straight down the strip.

One oddity we noted on Saturday, and the same again last weekend - flocks of Canada geese (in huge numbers) at around sunset flying in their usual V-formations. But rather than high in the sky where you normally see them, these were at times only just above head-height! I don't recall seeing that before - any ideas?

Thread: Southern Model Show 2019
09/09/2019 20:49:42
Posted by Bill Reed on 09/09/2019 08:31:42:

I went once after the move from hop farm and never since. With the lack of replies I wonder if others feel the same?

I went twice after the move from the Hop Farm, but the weather was poor on both occasions.

Having been to probably all but one of the Hop Farm shows they always seemed to manage to get good weather for that. And I attended the 2010(?) Hop Farm show as a helper for one of the display teams, so that plus the weather meant the Hop Farm was going to be a tough act to follow.

That meant the poor weather at Headcorn didn't exactly help my impression of the 'new' show. To be honest I'd forgotten it was even on last weekend (and it's a fairly local show for me) until a few club members on Sunday mentioned that they'd been on Saturday. They all enjoyed it, so I reckon I need to make an effort and get along there next year!

Thread: Horus X10 transmitter voltage low warning level
08/09/2019 21:57:00

Geoff - mine's set to 6.5v.

I honestly don't recall if I changed it or if that is the default. It's never given me an alert whilst flying and I charge the tx 'every now and again' - usually when it gets down to about 2 bars. It's showing 6.8v and 2 bars right now after a couple of lengthy slope sessions and a few power-model sessions since last charged. I'll pop it on charge now!

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
08/09/2019 21:42:24
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 08/09/2019 21:30:42:

Good race, nearly dideven better but got the first three - in the wrong orderface 22

I also got the first three - and in the wrong order. It's almost the only thing I did get (nearly) right!

But I enjoyed the race, Leclerc is certainly going to be a force to be reckoned with in the future, and I don't see Vettel hanging on much longer. I think he was lucky to get away with only the 10-second penalty that he got for his return to the track, and it was another unforced error that put him off the track in the first place...

08/09/2019 21:30:03

I thought it was you looking over my shoulder!

Whatever, we both clearly need to find somebody else's shoulder to look over... wink 2

08/09/2019 21:05:25

The table after Monza now looks like this;

Pos Gain/loss Team Manager Pts
1 - GASTON Formula Chris McG 2152
2 - Pitts Specials john stones 2066
3 - Roos Racers rk295ELITE 2044
4 +1 PSS Power Flyer 2005
5 -1 iqon racing iqon 1967
6 - Revers Racing Pete B 1941
7 - Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 1854
8 - AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 1797
9 - Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 1752
10 - Essex Racing Tony Clark 1732
11 +1 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 1665
12 -1 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 1664
13 +1 Torque of the devil Stu 1599
14 -1 AeroArrows Bondaero 1590
15 - teewrex John Tee 1531


No changes in the top three, Chris retains his lead.

Ade's win today moves him up a place to 4th and the expense of Iqon.

Lower down, Simon moves up a place to 11th, displacing Charles to 12th and Stu moves ahead of Bondaero to take 13th.

Two weeks now until Singapore, with qualifying being at the normal time for European races - as it's a night race - and the race itself an hour earlier at 1:10pm UK time.

I'm off now to give my team a good talking to! Though, to be fair, the chap who did my predictions did a pretty poor job! embarrassed

Edited By John Privett on 08/09/2019 21:05:53

08/09/2019 20:57:09

I'm sure the channel4 coverage must be winding up by now, so here are our scores from Monza;

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 PSS Power Flyer 196
2 Revers Racing Pete B 167
3 teewrex John Tee 167
4 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 157
5 Pitts Specials john stones 155
6 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 153
7 GASTON Formula Chris McG 152
8 Torque of the devil Stu 152
9 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 143
10 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 142
11 Essex Racing Tony Clark 142
12 AeroArrows Bondaero 125
13 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 119
14 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 111
15 iqon racing iqon 111

Top scorer today was Ade with an impressive 196 points - top score in the whole of the fantasygp league was 221.

Second equal are Pete and John Tee with 167.

At the other end, Iqon and I tie for last place on 111 points...

Next - the overall table.

06/09/2019 17:33:05

Just a very quick reminder before I leave the office, in case I don't get a chance to post until much later this evening...

Don't forget your predictions!

It's looking close with Leclerc first in P2, though only 0.068 seconds quicker than Hamilton with Vettel a furtehr 0.2 seconds behind.

01/09/2019 20:52:40

3 places swaps today, so first let's see the table;




Team Manager Pts
1 - GASTON Formula Chris McG 2000
2 +1 Pitts Specials john stones 1911
3 -1 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 1901
4 - iqon racing iqon 1856
5 - PSS Power Flyer 1809
6 - Revers Racing Pete B 1774
7 +1 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 1701
8 -1 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 1686
9 - Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 1633
10 - Essex Racing Tony Clark 1590
11 +1 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 1557
12 -1 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 1523
13 - AeroArrows Bondaero 1465
14 - Torque of the devil Stu 1447
15 - teewrex John Tee 1364

Chris remains top after today, but John S moves up a place to second, pushing Robin down to 3rd.

In mid-table, Kev's good result today moves him up to 7th at my expense!

A little further down Charles moves ahead of Simon to take 11th.

Next up is Monza next weekend with Singapore 2 weeks later and Russia the following weekend - September is a busy month! Don't forget your predictions!

01/09/2019 20:43:39

OK, I can see over on channel 4 they're talking to Charles Leclerc, so clearly their race coverage has finished. So without further delay, here are the scores in our league for today.

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Pitts Specials john stones 197
2 GASTON Formula Chris McG 195
3 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 168
4 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 159
5 Revers Racing Pete B 156
6 Essex Racing Tony Clark 155
7 teewrex John Tee 151
8 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 147
9 iqon racing iqon 145
10 PSS Power Flyer 143
11 Torque of the devil Stu 128
12 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 123
13 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 123
14 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 122
15 AeroArrows Bondaero 98

John Stones, despite his concerns on the predictions, heads our table for Spa, with Chris in 2nd for his home race only 2 points behind John - their points being 197 and 195. A little further back on 168 is Kev.

Well done all three!

Up next, the overall table!

01/09/2019 14:16:40

Oh no...that poor octopus. I'm calling the RSPCA wink 2

Mind you, if it didn't perform...

01/09/2019 12:41:22

John, I don't see that you've been 'deducted 10 points'.

I do understand your frustration, but I don't see any other way around it. Whilst I know no more than the rest of us what the exact problem was, it was clearly something outside the control of fantasygp - I suspect an issue with the hosting service they use.

Given that there was a problem that prevented many people making their predictions, or adjusting ones they'd already made earlier, the solution they have given is - I believe - the only realistic one they could have made.

Predictions are now open for people to change - the side-effect is that the first prediction is effectively nullified as we all know the answer to that one now! Tecnically I'm sure they don't have the ability to 'switch on/off' the ability to change individual predictions, but not others. I'm sure their system could be changed to permit that, but that would require their software developers to specify, design, code, test and deploy. Not something you can do in an hour or so on Saturday morning!

So, I'm sorry you have lost the advantage of gaining ten points as everybody else now has those ten points too. But really I don't see what else they could have done that wouldn't have caused a lot more problems.

Let's get on and look forward to a race under rather different weather conditions to those we've seen in practice and qualifying - that may stir things up a bit!

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