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Thread: CAA ID number discussion
22/02/2020 09:50:55
Posted by i12fly on 21/02/2020 22:36:27:

My OP came through at 19.33 hrs, must be on overtime.....

Like Peter Jenkins above, it has got the "making use of a CAA general exemption" clause, so it looks like they caught up this afternoon.

The last of my "no-email" members has just received their notification via the club email account. Dated Saturday 22 Feb at 08:46. Are we sure Doris and her mates aren't behind this? And working w/end overtime?

And his does mention the CAA general exception. As did another one that came via the club yeseterday at 6pm. But not the third one (arrived Monday) or mine (yesterday morning.) Ho hum...

Thread: Winter is here....who's been flying?
21/02/2020 21:51:36
Posted by Martin Harris on 21/02/2020 17:46:42:

You'll be pleased to know that the pampered and privileged South has had its share of wet and windy weather since the New Year but we've managed to fly on a weekly basis with suitable models.

And in my part of the pampered and privileged South I haven't flown since the 8th Feb. That was the weekend of Storm Ciara, but Saturday was only dreary and dismal so I got a couple of flights, unlike the following day which was wet and windy.

The next weekend (Storm Dennis) was wet and WINDY both days, so no flying. This coming weekend (22/23 Feb) looks like being windy tomorrow (23mph, gustng to 41 at noon) and slightly worse with possible rain on Sunday.

I guess I did fly a fair bit in January!

Edited By John Privett on 21/02/2020 21:52:27

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
21/02/2020 21:44:58

Mine arrived at 11:44 today, and also has no mention of the exemption in the paragraph about Flyer IDs, even though I qualify for it. I guess Doris and her mates (from page 2!) must be randomly sending two different versions of the email...

Most of us who qualify for the Flyer ID exemption will already know about it, so it's not too much of an issue. But it hardly inspires confidence in the CAA that they actually halted the issue of IDs to correct the error in the email, yet afterwards still managed to send out the wrong version to some of us.

Meanwhile my Vectis card arrived today too, so that's good.

21/02/2020 13:16:52

Mine's arrived in the last hour. thumbs up

I'm slightly surprised that in the mixed alphas and numerics my ID includes a 'Z' which when quickly looked at in 3mm-high lettering could easily be read as a '2', and also a 'Q' which could be mistaken for 'O' or '0'.

Still, with over 78 billion possible numbers, even if somebody reported my number, mis-quoting the Z and Q, it would be an amazing coincidence if that matched somebody else's number.

But I think my number would get a lot of points in a scrabble game... nerd

20/02/2020 19:29:44
Posted by Scott Edwards 2 on 20/02/2020 15:45:21:

Here's the truth - under their glossy veneer, all IT systems are held together with sticky tape and bits of string, and bodged up by fat idiots like me.

Hey, don't knock it, Scott - it keeps some of us in a job!

And I was wrong about the envelope I saw via my security camera. There's always tomorrow..; wink 2

20/02/2020 13:37:13

Thanks for the update Andy!

I do hope you're right about Doris. It's just that the slow 'drip-feed' of IDs being sent out strongly suggests to many of us that Doris and her mates really are busily typing away, rather than a quick batch upload being run with emails being generated and automatically sent.

Still, with the latest exemption until the end of June it matters rather less now. Even if some are left wondering if we even needed to send our £9 last year if we're now unconditionally exempt until July.

I can however see, via my security camera, an envelope with what appears to be a BMFA logo on the floor in my porch - so maybe my membership card has arrived.

Keep up the good work Andy - we do appreciate it, even if we do moan and grumble a bit, especially when the weather is bad... wink 2

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
18/02/2020 08:50:57
Posted by Kevin 216 on 18/02/2020 07:15:31:

Has anyone received theirs yet? They were apparently posted on the 11th Feb - must be coming by shankes's pony express.

Nothing yet...

Thread: CAA ID number discussion
17/02/2020 21:01:18

OK, I now realise what (I believe) is happening.

Being an IT person, I erroneously assumed the CAA would just be doing a bulk upload into their registration system of the data from the BMFA.

They'd then issue the operator ids by email - which would have been quick and - having got the validation errors sorted out at the beginning of the month would have meant we'd all get our emails at about the same time.

But then I found that one or two people got their email last week. (So where is mine?) A couple more got theirs earlier today. And I now know that one of our club members got his today too. He's one of the handful who has no email and has been allocated a special 'club' email address just for this prupose. The other three or four club members using a similar arrangement have got nothing yet, and neither have I.

So, would I be right in thinking the CAA actually just have a team of temps copying and pasting (or, worse, retyping!) the BMFA data into the registration system? And that's why we're all getting our emails at different times, and why it's taking so long? Suddenly the 23 Feb deadline (which a month ago seemed overly generous) makes sense!

And the latest exemption... Is that only effective if we have paid our £9 and applied for the ids? Or does it mean we don't even need the ids now until June.

I guess it will all make sense in the end. Maybe.

17/02/2020 13:27:00
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 13/02/2020 23:36:24:

We have an exemption until 23rd Feb as regards having and displaying our CAA numbers on our models. It is now the 13th Feb. Has anyone, who has registered through the BMFA, been sent their CAA numbers by the CAA yet? We need our numbers first before we can display them!

Returning to this question...

It is now less than a week until our 23 Feb deadline expires. I have still not received my operator number from the CAA - nor have the handful of club members who are having to use a "club" email address.

Is it just me? Are others (how many?) still waiting for theirs too? I saw a couple of reports last week of people saying they had got their numbers, but nothing since then.

Are the CAA intending to send them out at the very last minute, or what? Should I be calling the CAA to see what is going on there?



Edited By John Privett on 17/02/2020 13:28:02

14/02/2020 00:06:02

Peter - I've seen a couple of people mention - one on this forum, one on another - that they received their ids early this afternoon (13 Feb.)

I've not received mine yet, nor have the 3 or 4 of our club members who lack a personal email address and had to be given email addresses that will come back to the club email account. Does this mean the CAA are sending them out in batches? I have no idea!

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
13/02/2020 22:00:41
Posted by john stones 1 on 13/02/2020 21:42:46:

Sorted now, I think. wink

Yep - safely onboard! thumbs up

13/02/2020 21:29:07

OK, we've got Robin and Ade (Flyer) onboard again now. Welcome back guys!

Not sure what's happened to John S! Maybe he's entered a stealth team? wink 2

Pos League
Team Manager Pts
Rankings are random until after Australia
1 00 2020 Vision johnpflyrc 0
2 00 PSS Power Flyer 0
3 00 GASTON Formula Chris McG 0
4 00 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 0
5 00 Iqonic racing iqon 0
6 00 Essex Racing Tony ClarkPRO 0
7 00 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 0
8 00 Revers Racing Pete B 0
9 00 Roos Racers rk295 0
12/02/2020 22:39:37

I don't see it yet, John.

Kev, Pete and Tony have joined since I published the list earlier.

Pos League
Team Manager Pts
Rankings are random until after Australia
1 00 2020 Vision johnpflyrc 0
2 00 Essex Racing Tony ClarkPRO 0
3 00 GASTON Formula Chris McG 0
4 00 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 0
5 00 Iqonic racing iqon 0
6 00 Revers Racing Pete B 0
7 00 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 0

Edited By John Privett on 12/02/2020 22:40:36

12/02/2020 22:23:35

OK guys, solution found. I have discovered I can cancel my Pro membership, and have just done so.

Normality restored?

12/02/2020 22:20:51

Chris, I understand your point.

And yes, this is just for fun with forum colleagues. Which is why I will not use any privileges Pro membership gives - other than maybe not seeing any adverts on their site (if that's one of the 'perks'.)

Again, if I do well (or not!) in the league I want it to be on my own merits, not through using extra budget, or whatever. A bit like cheating at golf - it's pathetic, because you know you only got a decent score by kicking the ball out of the rough, not by playing well.

Sorry, I made a mistake when I renewed my FantasyGP membership in January, thinking they had changed the membership setup. I now see that wasn't the case, but I have ended up (inadvertently) with Pro membership which most of the others in the league do not have.

12/02/2020 21:51:57

Chris - I rejoined FantasyGP in early Jan. I'm not sure if I misread something on the email from them, but it seemed at that time that I had to go for the minimum 'Pro' level to rejoin. A mistake it seems...

But that's where I am.

Once I understand what the 'benefits' of Pro membership are, then I undertake not to use them here.

I think Pro membership allows a higher budget - that I will not use for my team here. But I might enter a second team with a higher budget in another league at work.

If Pro membership gives privileged access to look at other teams, or whatever, then that is something I will not be using. At all. Wheter I do well or badly in our league, I want it to be through my own efforts, not through buying additional information.

I hope this clarifies the issue.

12/02/2020 20:42:40

I guess we all got the email last night from FantasyGP prompting us to get ourselves setup for the 2020 season.

I've renamed my team "2020 Vision" and fully expect to demonstrate a total lack of such vision in selecting my team and making my predictions in the year ahead.

I also seem to have set myself up a Pro account last month - must have been a surplus of good-will towards FantasyGP in the aftermath of Christmas!

However, once I figure out what advantages they give Pro members, I will not use those for my team in this league - though I might enter a second 'Pro' team in a different league that my work colleagues run.

Anyway, we already have 4 members up and running in the league;

Pos League
Team Manager Pts
Rankings are random until after Australia
1 00 2020 Vision johnpflyrcPRO 0
2 00 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 0
3 00 Iqonic racing iqon 0
4 00 GASTON Formula Chris McG 0

I think those who were in last year automatically appear in the league when they reactivate themselves.

For new entrants - just search for the league name: MODELFLYING FORUMITES and enter the Access Code: 8397165

We have to wait - if I read it corectly - until after Winter Testing for the prices to be set, and then we can pick our cars and drivers.

So, just over a month to go! thumbs up

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
12/02/2020 14:46:22

Thanks for the prompt response Andy.

It's reassuring to know where we're up to, and a gentle nudge to them in your meeting might not be a bad idea... smile d

12/02/2020 13:43:07

On a closely related note...

I assume we're all still waiting for the CAA to send out our operator ids - those of us who paid our £9 via the BMFA that is?

I know we're exempt from displaying them until 23 Feb, but the clock is ticking, we're 12 days in to February and only 11 days to the deadline.

Anybody (Andy?) know any more on expected timescales? I expect some of my club members to start chasing me soon, asking me what I did with their nine pounds!

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
11/02/2020 21:36:38

Ha ha... ok, you asked for it!

Since the full thing (half lap!) runs for over 3 minutes, I speeded it up x5.

Even that doesn't fully negate the effect of the 30 km/h speed limit, several "Arrêt" signs and the fact that I had a Hyundai Tucson rental car instead of a Ferrari.

But here it is anyway!

For comparison, here is how Sebastian Vettel handled the same section of track in around 30 secs compared to the 40-odd seconds of my speeded-up attempt!
OK, so Formula One Management don't want you to watch it embedded here.  You'll have to click the link to view it on youtube where they can play adverts at you as well.  Ho hum. "My bit" of the track starts ten seconds into Seb's lap.
And I'm still trying to figure out what 'inside information' I can take from this... nerd


Edited By John Privett on 11/02/2020 21:45:41

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