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Thread: The Cafe
24/07/2009 09:31:33
I didn't hear about the donation to charity.  Excellent!
And if United can learn something from this then so much the better.  Actually,  if they can't learn from it they don't deserve to remain in business!
24/07/2009 00:29:04
Peter - Did you see,  United have finally given the guy compensation to pay for his guitar repairs. 
And in the meantime they've received enough negative publicity to last them a lifetime!
Thread: BMFA news
24/07/2009 00:09:11
BB - I whole-heartedly agree with your concern.  I was quite surprised to read in the previous BMFA News that this was going to be their future approach. 
The majority of the obituaries I read in the past were for people I'd never heard of - but that is not the point.  It could be argued that the obituaries are most relevant to our more senior members - as it is more likely to be their acquaintances being honoured.  And arguably it is these more senior members who are less likely to have internet access - or if they do, to restrict themselves to a little emailing and not much more.  (OK - a sweeping generalisation, I agree!) But it is precisely for such people that the obituaries should remain in the printed copy.  IMHO.
Thread: 'Subscriber only' content
23/07/2009 22:52:05
Posted by David Ashby - RCME moderator on 23/07/2009 22:20:19:
'No Dave'.....I sounded like HAL there for a second
You mean like this?
23/07/2009 19:02:09
That's what I wondered Simon.  I ticked a "keep me logged-on forever" or similar box somewhere on the forum - maybe it doesn't work the same for the rest of the site.
23/07/2009 18:13:00
Simon - yes that works for me too.  A bit quicker/easier than removing then re-adding the subs number in My Details!
Thread: How much thought should we give?
23/07/2009 14:28:43
Posted by Barry Wetherell on 23/07/2009 14:04:09:

We all must remmber as they where doing what they wre told to do , just like us... or else be shot............ Barry

Edited By Barry Wetherell on 23/07/2009 14:06:01

I've seen a few TV progs in recent years where pilots who fought on opposing sides have been introduced to each other many years afterwards.  It's quite heartening to see that they appear to bear no grudge towards the other, but recognise what they have in common - that they were skilled airmen who just happened to be on opposite sides at the time.
Thread: 'Subscriber only' content
22/07/2009 23:46:06
Garry - if you want an example of subs. only content (and the only one I've noticed so far!) click on Events in the menu very near the top of any page.  Then near the bottom of the events page click on "Show all events."  One of the items you then see (the 3D helis) is marked "subscriber only" - click on that link and you may, or may not, be able to view the event details.
Thread: Just wanted to introduce myself, I appear to be
22/07/2009 22:31:39
Posted by Myron Beaumont on 22/07/2009 22:17:40:
What ? & run down my battery power ?

 Funny,  I could have sworn we had mains leccy when I lived up there 30 years ago.

Thread: How much thought should we give?
22/07/2009 22:23:40
Posted by Martin Harris on 21/07/2009 23:59:29:
Our club is twinned with a German club ....
The big no no over there is the swastika - still illegal to display one over there, apparently.
I hadn't realised the extent of the swastika ban in Germany until I saw some scale models being unloaded from the back of a van at Wroughton a few years ago.  The models were WW II German fighters and the van had German reg. plates.  The swastikas on the tail fins of the models had insulating tape added to make a box pattern - and the pilot was carefully removing the tape prior to assembling and later flying the models.  Presumably in Germany he lies with the tape applied...
Thread: 'Subscriber only' content
22/07/2009 22:10:42
I'm getting a similar problem.
I already had my subscriber info in my details but when I tried to view the 3D heli event info I got the "Subscriber only" message.  I went back to my details,  deleted the 8-digit number, saved, pasted the number back, saved - and then I could view the event details.  That was this afternoon.  Now I've just tried again (not logged out in the meantime) and get the "subscriber only" message again.  Methinks there's a little bug there still!
Thread: The Cafe
22/07/2009 22:04:22
Posted by Peter Miller on 22/07/2009 18:42:32:
Somehow I doubt if the CAA site is out of date. Oh Dear!
Not too sure about that Peter...  I'm sure I've seen info on there in the past that's seemed a little out of date.  Maybe it uses an extract from the live database - and perhaps doesn't get updated too frequently?
Ken - where were you flying at the mouth of the Tyne?  I'm originally from W/Bay and pop back from time to time.  I've never seen anyone flying anywhere along the coast, though I know one of your club members slope soars at Colywell Bay.
Thread: Just wanted to introduce myself, I appear to be
22/07/2009 21:57:54
Sun went down about 40 mins ago down here.  It seems to do that most days...
I'd suggest turning the lights on now.
Thread: The Cafe
22/07/2009 15:52:40
Posted by Stephen Grigg on 22/07/2009 11:45:56:
So Im packing up at the field Monday night and I take a couple of Photos to show you the site
When this flies over
Well, if I've not mis-read the reg from the photos,  G-MVZE is a THRUSTER T300 microlight, powered by a ROTAX 532-2V.  So  the CAA website says anyway.  I guess (hope!) the site is a little "behind the times" as it also says the aircraft was de-registered in May 2005!
Thread: Just wanted to introduce myself, I appear to be
21/07/2009 22:17:18
Posted by Myron Beaumont on 21/07/2009 21:54:09:
I'm typing in the dark / How do I charge up my laptop off a car battery ?
Why are you in the dark Myron?
Do you need another shilling for the meter? 
Thread: Shopping list
21/07/2009 00:35:26
Posted by Myron Beaumont on 05/07/2009 04:39:52:

The shop is Gladstones in North Shields as recommended by Ken . Only wished I'd known about what they stocked earlier . AND I got 10 % off for being a club member !
Will now be a regular haunt of mine

 That's a new name to me - I'll look out for them when I'm up for a few days in August.  Mind, I'm a bit "out of touch" with the NE shops.  Every time I go looking for one that I know it seems to have shut down...

Thread: Clouds
21/07/2009 00:26:40
Thanks Pete. 
And a very nice sunset shot.  I'd forgotten what sunsets are supposed to look like... Recently the grey clouds just turn a darker shade of grey and then it's night-time.
Thread: Dead DX7
21/07/2009 00:21:46
Posted by Terry Whiting on 20/07/2009 06:46:41:
 I personally have made it a habit never to charge with the battery in situ with either   transmitter or model.
If the batteries are LiPos then I agree - not a good idea to charge in-situ. 
But if they're NiCds or MiMHs aren't you going to get more problems from wear and tear on the battery leads and connectors from constant removing/replacing and plugging/unplugging than any tiny risk of problems from iin-situ charging?
Thread: Find The Model
21/07/2009 00:14:44
Posted by Ross Clarkson on 20/07/2009 14:07:53:
Posted by Stephen Grigg on 19/07/2009 16:47:09:
Hi Ross Im near Basingstoke in Ham
 pshire ,know what you mean Eric Where we fly you could fall out of a tree and not be found for weeks,I dont climb trees

 Oh so close! Could have come and helped you from the air but one county too far!!

 Hmm,  I have heard that the navigation equipment on those police helis isn't always 100% accurate...  
I mean,  easy mistake to make...  I'm sure Benson is around here somewhere....   Waddya mean we're in Hants now?
Thread: The Cafe
20/07/2009 10:30:15
Posted by Phil Wood - Moderator on 20/07/2009 02:45:11:
I'll bet there were a few colourful adjectives whatever language it was.
Well my German is limited to ;
"Eine bier bitte" and "Zwei bier bitte."   (If I need more than two beers I have to return to the bar a second time...  )
However towards the end of the video there are certainly words (or one word repeated) that even I recognise!
I would imagine the pilot would have at least had throttle hold set on his tx that would have brought the engine to a fast idle - but in the impact either the throttle linkage detached or got bent.
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