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Thread: IC Power to Weight Formula?
26/08/2009 10:00:59
Myron,  in your example the Olly and the ED will be producing the same amount of torque at the same rpm on the ground with the props you were trying - and hence the same power.  It is almost certain that as the rpm increases (by using smaller and smaller props) the torque produced by the ED will reduce at a faster rate than the Olly and so at the higher rpm the Olly will produce more power. as I said earlier, most model engines produce their peak power at a higher rpm than the majority of people will ever use.
Also, when flying there will be less load on the prop and so the revs will increase compared to the revs measured on the ground.  If this moves the revs into the range where the Olly delivers more torque (and more power) than the ED then it will run at a higher rpm than the ED and hence fly faster.
I guess with team racing fuel efficiency would be a consideration in the tuning/propping of the engine.  It might be better to go a little slower if it saves a refuelling stop?
25/08/2009 23:31:29
Back in the days when "proper" engine tests were done and printed in the mags,  they'd print a power/torque/rpm curve.  Often an engine might produce maximum power at a speed of something like 16000 or 17000 rpm, whilst in typical club use it would be propped to run at about 10000 to 12000 rpm. At these lower engine speeds the power would be well down on the maximum. 
So it's likely that nothing like the "claimed" 2bhp is actually realised in normal use of the engine mentioned earlier (or indeed any i/c engine.)
Thread: Hot enough for you!
25/08/2009 13:44:12
Eric - I wouldn't expect to see anything about Firefox in control panel, internet options.  That should really be called internet explorer/outlook options...
Are you saying that Firefox doesn't run at all?  Or that it runs, but won't display any pages? If the latter, does it give any error message?  If the former,  is it possible it's opening, but with a very small window size?  Have a look in Windows Task Manager (Ctl-Alt-Del to display that) and see if Firefox is listed in the Applications tab along with the other programs you are running.
23/08/2009 23:27:37
Spent the day at Shoreham watching the airshow in glorious sunshine.  Great show, but I now have beetroot-coloured arms and legs...   Also had a few flights yesterday afternoon/evening in bright, if slightly breezy at first, conditions.
Ken and Craig - yes talking to parents earlier this evening I gather the weather today was less than brilliant up there.

Edited By John Privett on 23/08/2009 23:28:13

Thread: 2nd Bournemouth air show
22/08/2009 21:49:27
Yep,  from the XH558 twitter page;
Saturday's display times 16:05 Shoreham, 16:35 Bournemouth.
Sunday's times 16:02 Shoreham, 16:38 Bournemouth.
Keep an eye on the twitter page though for progress reports and any changes.
Thread: The Cafe
22/08/2009 16:38:32
Shame you didn't also see a car in Yorkshire with the reg;
Thread: Law - am I breaking bylaws?
21/08/2009 22:56:53
I see the National Trust's logo includes the caption "for ever, for everyone." 
Everyone except power model flyers it appears...
Thread: The Cafe
19/08/2009 23:29:05
Olly - star trekkin - Great,  I hadn't heard that for ages,  and I don't think I ever saw the video. 
There's another version of it on youtube - exactly the same content but better image quality - ;

Thread: Phoenix sim and DX7
19/08/2009 10:16:26
11pm?  That's nothing.  I emailed them with a question at 1am in the early hours of a Saturday morning.  I didn't really expect an answer before Monday morning,  yet I had a reply - with my question answered - within about 10 mins!
Thread: The Cafe
18/08/2009 23:42:25
I started shooting at Uni - mostly .22 prone,  occasionally 3-positions.  A bit of .22 pistol as well.  We did the odd full-bore shoot at Ponteland (Northumberland) with an ancient Lee-Enfield 303 converted to 7.62mm.
I carried on shooting for another 20 years or so after Uni - with the Home Office Rifle Club and later the Stock Exchange Rifle Club.  Again mostly .22 prone with the odd outdoor shoot and the occasional trip to Bisley.
Thread: A Test on Phoenix
18/08/2009 23:31:44
As I said in the session,  the thing I found most difficult there (and this applies to most sims!) is keeping track of exactly where you are relative to the strip!  MUCH easier in real life!
18/08/2009 23:29:26
Hi rActive - maybe next time set up a session as Olly (I think) mentioned earlier;
servername: RCM&E password magazine
Then it keeps "outsiders" from jumping in...
There's nothing really fancy required flying-wise for the A - just sensible, controlled flying.  And any decent examiner should be happy to discuss the test with you beforehand - point out the heights,  distances etc. he expects from you.
Thread: Li-Po connectors
18/08/2009 12:55:21
Posted by Timbo - Moderator on 18/08/2009 12:09:10:
Hi Martin, I have some of the "cloned" deans plugs too, and they all have the polarity markings....but as i say, its darn hard to spot them!
I've just looked at the "Deans" connector I removed from the battery I bought from giantcod recently.  I don't know if it's a genuine Deans or a clone one,  but the polarity markings are there - if you know to look for them! (which I didn't)

Thread: 2nd Bournemouth air show
18/08/2009 09:48:29
One point about the twitter site.  Unless you register and login,  the "message posted" times you see will be 8 hours behind UK time - presumably currently Pacific Daylight Time.
Thread: The Cafe
18/08/2009 09:36:26
Terry, I used to shoot .22 small-bore rifle too.  Mostly with a lever-action BSA rifle, but sometimes with Anschutz bolt-action rifles too.  It took a certain amount of skill/practice to eject the cartridge accurately enough to hit the guy on the next firing point! 
Thread: Phoenix sim and DX7
17/08/2009 23:29:37
Hmm,  I've just had a look on Phoenix,  and for me the Easystar IS setup with the rudder controlled by the aileron stick. 
This is Phoenix v2.5m.
17/08/2009 23:24:21
Whilst Adam's suggestion would work,  wouldn't you then have to switch it back to fly anything else?  I wonder if you can instead edit the Easystar definition to put its rudder on the aileron channel? 
As an aside, my trainer was 3-channel, with rudder on the "aileron" channel just as Tony wants on his Easystar.  Some years later I flew a club member's 3-channel model - having not flown a 3-channel model since my trainer.  On the takeoff run I completely forgot that the "rudder" control was controlling precisely nothing...   Fortunately the model was airborne before it had drifted too far offline!
Adam - that looks like a JP in the background of your avatar.  Am I right?

Thread: Li-Po connectors
17/08/2009 22:34:29
Picture being worth 1000 words etc.....
Heatshrink around the entire female connector and the non-connecting part of the mail connector.  I'd like to say the leads - as suggested by Doug - are different lengths deliberately,  but that was more by luck than judgement here!

For storage and transport I slip the leads either side of the battery held by a laccy band - courtesy of the postie...  I'd also slip a short length of fuel tubing over the exposed connector before transporting the battery anywhere.

I'm not saying this is how it should be done - just the way I do it.  Any comments/suggestions/corrections/improvements welcome!
Thread: 2nd Bournemouth air show
17/08/2009 22:19:54
Not going to Bournemouth, but going to Shoreham the same weekend.  Fingers crossed for XH558.  I saw it last month at Sunderland and it stole the show - awesome. 
Keep an eye on the XH558 twitter page for the latest info on what's going on.  It's normally updated on the morning of a show with the timings for the day,  then updated later with the progress - engines start,  depart,  displaying at XYZ, heading for ABC,  returning to Brize etc.....
Thread: Listen to the RCM&E interview
17/08/2009 22:11:45
Just finished listening to it - good stuff,  it came over well.  And I'd certainly never have guessed it was done over a Skype conference call link!
I'd not heard of ATTF before.  Something else to distract me when I should be doing other things!
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