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Thread: Russian aircraft over St. Petersburg
23/07/2019 22:33:36

Interesting, Jo - thanks!

That Spitfire seems to UK-based, but a regular visitor to Stavanger, often attending an air show there in June. I believe in the photo you've posted it's painted with Norwegian colours on the rudder, wingtips and spinner.

I see that the incident in Korea today, with alleged incursion of Korean airspace by Russian aircraft, is illustrated on the BBC News website (it's currently the most read story there) with a picture of what they describe as an A-50 very similar to the aircraft in the third of my photos. Wiki explains that the A-50 is based on the Ilyushin Il-76 transport as identified by Richard.

19/07/2019 17:10:10

Two more aviation sightings over the past 2 days have caught me unprepared and unable to get even a half-decent photo!

First, at Skagen, a pair of F-16s from the Danish Air Force flew past at low level over the sea, then rapidly climbed to very high level and remained in the area for a while.

Then today in Stavanger I was surprised to see a Spitfire overfly the city. Too high to have a hope of seeing any identification, other than - from the dreadful photo I did manage to take - it had a 4-bladed prop. I don't think there are currently any airworthy Spitfires based in Norway - or indeed Sweden or Denmark - so I've no idea what it is doing here!

18/07/2019 20:42:49

I knew the details of the yellow heli - I was tracking it on Flightradar24 as it circled the ship prior to landing! teeth 2

I thought its close approach to the ship was a bit odd, but an announcement on the PA system on the ship explained it all!

17/07/2019 20:19:09

Great - thanks for the IDs Richard! thumbs up

I was fairly sure about the TU114, but not the others. If I'd put my brain into gear I'd have probably guessed the Sukhois - though I may have initially guessed them as SU27s that I first saw at Farnborough almost 30 years ago!

17/07/2019 17:13:58

Some photos of aircraft (etc!) that I took in the past few days on a Baltic cruise.

I don't know what the occasion was, but shortly after I came out of the Hermitage Museum shortly before noon on Saturday there was a flypast of various aircraft. The first few shots were taken with the standard lens before I got a chance to get the telephoto zoom out for the rest!

First some contra-rotating helis;


Followed by some fixed-wing of various types - if anyone can identify exactly what they are then please comment! I haven't had a chance to look them up yet - and the slow internet connection here doesn't help!





And then, after leaving St. Petersburg, somewhere west of Kronstadt - ok, not aircraft, but may be of interest to somebody!


And back to aircraft, a very close encounter with a Swedish air ambulance that landed on the ship's helipad to evacuate a sick passenger shortly after leaving Stockholm;



Edited By John Privett on 17/07/2019 17:16:13

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
17/07/2019 08:47:47

Ha ha... thanks for the amusing speculation! The answer - as is so often the case - is a bit more straight-forward.

I'm on a Baltic cruise on the Explorer of the Seas. We were en route to Skaagen in Denmark, then Stavanger as our final points of call before heading back to Southampton. But currently we're sitting about 60 kms off the Swedish coast doing 0.4 knots. Not sure why! No announcements of any kind...

[EDIT: the above was typed 10 hours ago, but as the flaky satellite internet service let me down I could't post it at the time - we are now proceeding again at 21 knots. I still don't know why we sat still for about an hour!]

The last time I travelled on this ship (2005?) we had a minor drama when we were diverted to pick up what was expected to be the body of a jet-skier who had "borrowed" a jet-ski, got lost in the Caribbean and eventually been spotted about 36 hours later by a US coastguard plane. We were the nearest vessel and were diverted to pick him up - amazingly he was still alive.

I thought we'd had the drama for this trip earlier today when this appeared;


... landed on the helipad at the front of the ship and a few minutes later departed with a passenger on board...


We have a day at sea today where I can have another go at trying to master the climbing wall, or the flow-rider - lying, kneeling, I can do ok - standing I can do too... for about 5 seconds! Oh well, there's always the mini-golf instead!

So, who's going to tell Vettel he needs to be replaced?

15/07/2019 16:24:12

OK, Helsinki is now rapidly disappearing behind us, and no, I haven't seen any herring on the menu Charles! Plenty of variety though, but no herrings!

An apartment building in Helsinki that we passed by on the coach this morning was pointed out to us, as apparently a certain Mr. Raikkonen has an apartment on the top floor looking out over the sea, though I don't know how much time he actually gets to spend there!

Whilst I was buying something in the market in Helsinki this morning, a market trader commented on the F1 tee-shirt that I was wearing. Naturally he was disappointed that Bottas had failed to hold on to the lead yesterday. He also offered his opinion - with no prompting from me - that Vettel was now going downhill fast. I didn't disagree!

Back to the race results, and my predictions were a bit mediocre. I had Hamilton for pole as well as the win - 6 thousandths of a second was a bit close, but not close enough. I thought I'd misread the F1 timing screen when Hamilton's fastest lap popped-up, on old, hard tyres... What was Bottas doing to not get fastest lap, on much newer, faster tyres?

Anyway, onwards now to Stockholm. I have some interesting Russian aircraft pics I'll post somewhere when the satellites are favourably aligned, and/or the Telia FI (or other) mobile network is still in range. At least mobile roaming in Europe (including Norway) is included in my domestic tariff! (Fingers crossed as I click 'Add Posting' for the nth time...)

14/07/2019 19:28:23

9pm, in the Baltic Sea, just west of the Kronstadt Naval Base, next stop Helsinki...

Looking first at the results today, some good scores from Simon, Chris and Pete, taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Well done guys!

Looking at the overall table, there's a change at the top - as Chris has already mentioned... smile d

Chris moves up 2 places, which means John S slips one place, and Chris now leads by a single point.

Robin moves up a place to third, but Flyer slips 2 to 4th.

Further down the table, Gary and Kevin trade places, with Gary moving up to 7th, meaning Kev drops to 8th.

At the top of the table we now have the top 5 places covered by less than 40 points. That is close!

So Germany is up next in 2 weeks time - hopefully I'll get to see that one!

14/07/2019 17:23:57

And the overall table;




Team Manager Pts
1 +2 GASTON Formula Chris McG 1485
2 -1 Pitts Specials john stones 1484
3 +1 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 1451
4 -2 PSS Power Flyer 1449
5 - Revers Racing Pete B 1446
6 - iqon racing iqon 1382
7 +1 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 1346
8 -1 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 1330
9 - AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 1324
10 - Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 1243
11 - Essex Racing Tony Clark 1144
12 - AeroArrows Bondaero 1138
13 - Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 1126
14 - Torque of the devil Stu 1124
15 - teewrex John Tee 1012

Comments to follow later!

14/07/2019 17:19:45

With St. Petersburg disappearing into the distance behind the ship, there's just time before dinner to post the tables - comments to follow later!

So here's the results from today;

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 187
2 GASTON Formula Chris McG 180
3 Revers Racing Pete B 179
4 Pitts Specials john stones 164
5 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 154
6 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 144
7 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 137
8 Torque of the devil Stu 137
9 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 134
10 PSS Power Flyer 131
11 teewrex John Tee 126
12 iqon racing iqon 118
13 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 116
14 AeroArrows Bondaero 104
15 Essex Racing Tony Clark 95
14/07/2019 15:59:33

Today I have learnt 3 things;

  1. My surname translated into Cyrilic script and with the final t removed means 'hello' in Russian. So I can say 'Privet iz Sankt-Peterburga' (or Привет из Санкт-Петербург ) which means "Hello from Saint Petersburg!"
  2. The satellite comms internet service is nowhere near fast enough to stream the channel 4 Live coverage from Silverstone today.
  3. It looks from what I can make out from the text commentaries on BBC and like I missed a good race.

I'll be back later this evening (it's nearly 6pm here now) with the fantasygp results as long as they're published at a reasonable hour and the internet comms via satellite or the Finnish celluar network permit!  Fantasygp currently say they'll have the results at about 5pm your time - we'll see!


Edited By John Privett on 14/07/2019 16:16:48

12/07/2019 07:03:06

Greetings all, from somewhere in the middle of the Baltic Sea, en route to Tallinn, Estonia. Thanks to satellite comms I have some internet connectivity though it's a bit flaky at times!

So, though it's a little earlier in the day than normal (9am here) I'll issue the customary reminder...

Don't forget your predictions!

I won't get to see either qualifying or the race this weekend, but hopefully at some point on Sunday evening en route from St. Petersburg to Helsiinki I'll be able to post the results. I think I set some "banker" predictions before we left home - I'll check them this evening and if they need amending in light of P1 and P2...

Thread: Local club attendance
01/07/2019 22:28:31

Similar experience at my club too. We have a large membership - around 200, though that includes the free-flight flyers and, as our subs are quite low, we probably have rather more 'long-distance' members than most clubs. By that I mean people who live 50 miles away or more but have tenuous links to the area and are members so that on the two or three occasions a year they're in the area they can come and fly.

Like many have reported we have some members who you simply don't see from one year to the next. We do fly 7 days a week and in the summer 8 hours each day. But that can be a mixed blessing as it's spreads out membership attendance at the field rather more thinly.

Weather can be an issue too. This weekend it was warm (Saturday was rather hot!) but there was a moderate wind blowing at anything from 45 to 90 degrees across the strip which is a discouragement to those who are not so competent in the landing department. We had only a handful of members flying on each day.

Thread: Fantasy Formula 1
30/06/2019 21:21:03
Posted by Flyer on 30/06/2019 21:10:58:

New octopus worked well.

Better keep that quiet - somebody may try and kidnap it! smile d

30/06/2019 21:19:18

Quite a lot of place changes today;




Team Manager Pts
1 - Pitts Specials john stones 1320
2 +3 PSS Power Flyer 1318
3 - GASTON Formula Chris McG 1305
4 -2 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 1297
5 +1 Revers Racing Pete B 1267
6 -2 iqon racing iqon 1264
7 +1 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 1214
8 -1 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 1212
9 - AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 1187
10 - Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 1056
11 +2 Essex Racing Tony Clark 1049
12 -1 AeroArrows Bondaero 1034
13 -1 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 1002
14 - Torque of the devil Stu 987
15 - teewrex John Tee 886

At the top John S holds on to his lead - but only just! Flyer's top position today results in a 3-place gain to second.

Chris remains in third, but Robin slips 2 places to fourth. Pete climbs a place to fifth with Iqon sliding down 2 to sixth.

Below them Kev and Gary swap places moving to 7th and 8th respectively.

Further down the table Tony moves up 2 places to 11th pushing Bondaero and Charles down to 12th and 13th.

So, a rather better race today than the snooze-athon that played out around the Circuit Paul Ricard last weekend. I'm glad that the stewards' decision went the way it did - though it has delayed the first victory for Charles Leclerc.

On to Silverstone in 2 weeks! I'll be in St. Petersburg that weekend with possibly dubious internet access, possibly none at all! I'll post the results if/when I can.

In the meantime - Don't forget your predictions!

30/06/2019 21:07:16

Hopefully the Channel 4 coverage should have wound up by now, and the stewards' verdict has also been given so we can publish today's scores;

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 PSS Power Flyer 174
2 Essex Racing Tony Clark 154
3 GASTON Formula Chris McG 150
4 Torque of the devil Stu 145
5 AeroArrows Bondaero 137
6 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 131
7 Pitts Specials john stones 128
8 teewrex John Tee 127
9 Revers Racing Pete B 124
10 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 115
11 iqon racing iqon 115
12 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 112
13 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 106
14 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 106
15 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 80

Top place today goes to Flyer with 174 points - well done!

A whole twenty points back, on 154, was Tony with Chris only 4 points behind.

The rest of us trail behind those three.

Up next... how does the overall table look after today.

28/06/2019 20:42:14

I must admit I'd forgotten it was W&W this weekend.

I used to go every year, but I don't seem to have been there since 2016. Enjoy your day out Robin, and give us an update on how it was. Maybe I'll get there next year!

28/06/2019 20:12:11

And so, only a week after France, we're in Austria!

Well obviously most of us aren't... But you know what I mean! And P2 sounds to have been a bit eventful, with Bottas and Verstappen both crashing and holding up the session. Vettel sounds like he nearly crashed too, but got away with just 'a big spin'. P1 sounds more typical with Hamilton setting the fastest time there ahead of Vettel, but the 2 Mercedes and 2 Ferraris were only separated by a touch over 0.3 seconds.

So let me just remind you all;

Don't forget your predictions!

(And Chris - that includes you, in Gran Canaria!)

Polish your predictions after P3 if you want, but get some in now, in case you run out of time on Saturday - FP3 finishes at noon.

Qualifying is at 2pm UK-time with the race at 2:10pm on Sunday - the normal times for a European race.

23/06/2019 20:40:30

And now - the overall table;




Team Manager Pts
1 +1 Pitts Specials john stones 1192
2 -1 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 1191
3 +2 GASTON Formula Chris McG 1155
4 -1 iqon racing iqon 1149
5 -1 PSS Power Flyer 1144
6 - Revers Racing Pete B 1143
7 +2 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 1100
8 -1 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 1083
9 -1 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 1072
10 - Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 976
11 - AeroArrows Bondaero 897
12 - Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 896
13 - Essex Racing Tony Clark 895
14 - Torque of the devil Stu 842
15 - teewrex John Tee 759

On top after today, by a single point, is John S, who has gained one place pushing Robin down to second.

Moving up two places to third is Chris (better have another beer!) which means that both Iqon and Flyer slip a place each to 4th and 5th respectively.

Pete remains in 6th, but now only one point behind 5th. Below Pete, Gary has moved up two places to 7th, which means Kev and myself both slip a place to 8th and 9th.

Positions 10 to 15 remain unchanged after today.

So, not the most dynamic of races, with nearly all the action occuring in the final lap and the TV coverage managed to concentrate on the wrong battle.

On to Austria next weekend, don't forget your predictions...

23/06/2019 20:36:48

With the chequered flag having fallen on the Channel 4 coverage it's now time to check today's results;

Pos Team Manager Pts
1 GASTON Formula Chris McG 196
2 Flying Eagles Gary Goodfellow 193
3 Revers Racing Pete B 185
4 iqon racing iqon 159
5 PSS Power Flyer 156
6 Essex Racing Tony Clark 152
7 Team Webby Racing Simon Webb 147
8 Pitts Specials john stones 146
9 Roos Racers rk295ELITE 142
10 Norfolk Flyers Kevin Fairgrieve 135
11 AnyoneSeenBernie johnpflyrc 129
12 Team Charles Picd Charles Pic 128
13 Torque of the devil Stu 121
14 teewrex John Tee 110
15 AeroArrows Bondaero 97

Some impressive scores at the top, against a background of a fantasygp-wide high score of 214, we have 3 scores over 180.

Chris takes top spot today with 196. Hopefully he's found some wifi in Gran Canaria and is sitting studying the results, beer in hand! Well done Chris.

Close on his heels with 193 is Gary, and a little further back Pete's third place on 185 will hopefully make his trek back to the campsite seem more worthwhile.

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