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Thread: Boeing 737 Max 8
23/06/2019 11:59:50

In respect of the "trained pilots", this is an interesting development: **LINK**

Thread: Weston Park 2019
16/06/2019 15:21:15

A regular gripe I have seen people making is the number of bods on the wrong side of t'fence, blocking the view of the paying punters.

weston crowd.jpg

Thread: Good news thread.
15/06/2019 20:59:20
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 15/06/2019 15:17:52:

Good news is, I am sitting in a nice warm house with my nice warm lady instead of sitting in a cold wet tent at Weston Park.

I think you might have made the right call laugh


Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
15/06/2019 04:28:05

Mmmm….. just had this message come up on my TX. Thought I had better check with the assembled inteligencia (and married chaps) - should I be concerned?


Thread: VQ Models
16/05/2019 08:28:34

Some additional comments here Dean:


Thread: Suitable caption?
14/05/2019 15:59:13

I think the poet intended you take the winter garment off before flinging

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events 2019
22/04/2019 14:19:44

Really enjoyed the pics and write-up Phil - thanks for all the hard work you put in so others can share your adventures.

Thread: RC1528 - Avro Vulcan C o G
16/02/2019 22:56:59

Just an update from the previous post on my Vulcan - she has proven to be really a fun sloper (which is what it was designed for) and is a very versatile model. Only problem I had initially was that the model was a bit light, so I built a ballast box on the cg and she now handles stronger winds better, but can revert to a light wind sloper when needed.

xmas 18.jpg

Here's a vid of the maiden slope flight.

Thread: Blotto rip-off
15/01/2019 10:16:34

What really ticks me off is that the bounders sometimes pinch my pics to sell their (often hijacked) plans - has happened to me three times that I am aware of. Ironically, these particular plans are available for free electronic download.


Edited By KiwiKid on 15/01/2019 10:19:27

Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
15/01/2019 10:01:30

For the FB challenged, I have included the item in onetenor's link below. Actually, if you have a particular interest or hobby, FB can be informative and a lot of fun - just avoid the morons posting pics of their breakfast and you will be fine.


Thread: Hobby King Sale Date ?
15/01/2019 02:28:53

What you are probably thinking of is their Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.They are usually held in the last week of November, in 2018 it was the 23rd and 26th from memory. Note that they also have irregular Flash sales when they need to pay some bills (or fines), so it pays to keep your eyes peeled or subscribe to their newsletters.

Thread: Motorcycles and model flying
13/01/2019 23:27:44

I usually just phone a friend smiley

off to the field.jpg

Thread: Famous model flyers
10/01/2019 14:03:28

This subject is quite interesting and has been addressed a few times regarding dead (and not so dead) famous modelers.




Thread: Windrider Scout Bee (somewhat modified)
06/01/2019 08:17:35

Thanks guys - sorry Stephen I forgot to tick the notification box regarding replies so didn't notice your post. I am just using some quite old standard JR servos. What I do is just have them set up on the DR switch with max throws available for rolls flicking back to lower throws (about 50%) for cruising around.

Have had a lot of fun recently sloping the Scout Bee, but have only been out on pretty grotty days. Recently scored a pearler and managed to shoot a bit of headcam vid.

Thread: Vulcan to the Slope
29/12/2018 14:22:39

This model was built from a PSS slope soarer (Benson) plan with a few adjustments - extending the w/s to 1.5m and making the nose a bit more scale. It has a 50% thickness wing, slope airfoil and thinned tail to make it slippery for slopin'. Had it out recently on rather a nice day and managed to snag a bit of head cam vid.


xmas 18.jpg

Thread: epp eagle clone
15/11/2018 13:12:13

Great to see the EPP Eagle still ticking along. I bought one of the original ones 11 years ago and the flippin thing is still going strong. As you might expect, the designer of the original EPP Eagle (who goes by the name of FlyParty) got ripped off by everyone he dealt with - including the guys cutting the kits for him. Here's my one - they were plain white originally and you to had get creative with the paints: **LINK**

I got two sets of wings from FlyParty a few years ago, stitched them together and made a "Condor" using the Eagle's body - flies very well and I will get around to painting the wings one day - LOL.





Edited By KiwiKid on 15/11/2018 13:23:48

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
13/11/2018 13:44:47

Woot woot! Awesome job Greg. Now comes the fun part - putting on the decals.

I have been having endless fun with my parky pusher Vulcan.


Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
13/11/2018 02:20:22
Posted by kooka on 12/11/2018 20:44:22:

While on the PKZ Albatros, here is mine. Still flying after several years. In the markings of Jasta 30, 1917. Based on an illustration in a Windsock magazine.

Can't insert a picture.

Beat it into submission for you kooka. 691018.jpg

Thread: VQ ARTFs at Hobbyking?
28/10/2018 12:30:32

I have had a couple of VQ models and they have flown very well. As alluded to, the sticky backed vinyl used as covering has issues and is also prone to buckling when left in the sun. This can get so bad as to effect flight performance. The covering is OK where it is applied to solid surfaces, but puckers up where it is over larger open surfaces, between wing ribs etc. You can see it happening here on the lightening holes on the vertical stab of that HK Tigger.

hk tigger.jpg

The only real fix is to replace the covering over the open surfaces. I did this on my Motor Spatz (all the white covering is new) and she is flying great.


Thread: Aviation Funnies
17/10/2018 01:42:51

Just something that occurred to me.

invasion stripes2.jpg

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