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Thread: HK Skycat?
11/09/2019 01:17:28

Yes it is! I take it you are referring to the FlyCat. Our very own Dom has done a neat review vid here: **LINK**

The model flies and handles very well - my only real concern is that the EDF unit (being on the cheaper side of things) is very rowdy and will cause a lot of annoyance to local folks if the model is flown in parks. It's fine for club flying, if the other members don't mind the EDF whine (see some of the comments from the vid). The modern commercial EDF units sound like jets and are really cool, so I would be interested if HK brings out an ARF version of the FlyCat sometime.



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Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
10/09/2019 15:12:24

Thanks Andy. Good to know - it was a great build.


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10/09/2019 12:57:28

Thanks for the pics - great stuff. Just wondering if Jez's AW52 has flown yet - she has been ready to go for over a year.


Thread: Gerry Anderson Thunderbird 2
09/09/2019 03:59:26

How are you planning to power it? A couple of scalish EDFs might work.

You will also have to decide how far away from true scale you want to go. At the extreme end is this scratch built sloper that has been extruded to maximise lift and reduce drag.


thunderbird 2.jpg

Thread: Terrysaur
22/08/2019 15:50:12
Posted by Lindsay Todd on 20/08/2019 23:27:40:

Oh I love that, is that a kit?

Hi Lindsay - just received confirmation that it was a scratch build.

21/08/2019 13:10:46
Posted by Lindsay Todd on 20/08/2019 23:27:40:

Oh I love that, is that a kit?

I will try and find out - suspect it was scratch built. Quite a bit of aeronautics going on with that wing. I wouldn't think the tail would be very effective as it is in the turbulence off the large head. Without an elevator it is basically a flying wing operating with elevons.

Here's a fb link to a vid: 




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21/08/2019 02:14:01
Posted by Stephen Jones on 20/08/2019 23:34:40:

Me too.

Just love it . dare i say it, I think it is better than the Funky Chicken.


John Woodfield can even make the Funky Chicken look good smiley

20/08/2019 02:57:22

That's a great achievement Lindsay, particularly for a scratch build - brilliant! I have an idea to build a ptero type glider based on an existing flying wing so will get to it one day.

This archaeopteryx type glider was seen on a slope just last weekend near Millau, France smiley





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Thread: John woodfield soarers
20/08/2019 01:59:00

John's models and videos are a work of art, ably assisted by an awesome slope (generating phenominal lift) that seems to exist in a micro climate of consistently fine weather with on shore breezes. Here's his latest project!



Thread: What is the minimum slope for a slope soarer?...
18/08/2019 11:33:43

Hi Martin - there are quite a few models that will fly well off a small slope. A PSS model is not generally one of them though o/a of the generally high wing loading compared to a dedicated glider. DLGs generally have a 1.5m wingspan, but there are smaller 1m w/s versions that might suit what you have available. There are also small foam flying wings available that are fun. Here's a vid I shot years ago in poor light at a small man made lake, just pottering around with a variety of models - in order of appearance are: home made DLG, Dreamflight Alula wing, home made EPP Eagle, Elegance glider, Bird of Time glider.


Thread: Fieseler Storch
14/08/2019 01:33:23

Good luck with the build Martin.

Here's a link an RCG build: **LINK**

And a summary of the pics in the thread: **LINK**


Thread: Terrysaur
07/08/2019 02:49:01

Very nice build Lindsay - that's a great blend of scale form and functionality. Building a Pteranodon has been an itch I have wanted to scratch for some time. I built an eagle sloper which has been very successful and a lot of fun. Looking forward to the build blog.

Eddie the Eagle

Eddie launch

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Thread: Turning detective, can you help?
18/07/2019 10:36:44

Heinlinger is a German/Austrian surname.

Thread: Who says flying thermal soarers is boring?
17/07/2019 14:32:04

It's a very entertaining part of the hobby to participate in, but for the viewing public - not so much I fear.

Thread: Good news thread.
15/07/2019 14:59:35

We wuz robbed! Seriously though, have to agree - great spectacle and very entertaining.

11/07/2019 03:20:24

I have been immortalised in paint! Well it is on a toilet wall and will probably get graffitied, but it is the thought that counts. I was flying my Radian down at the park when a painter turned up to paint a mural on the toilets. His brief from the Council was to paint a mural reflecting park activities. He wandered around taking photos of various things and asked if he could take a pic of me flying the Radian to be included in the mural - I figured it would be good PR and told him to go ahead. Came out pretty good and gives me a chuckle every time I see it.


Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
08/07/2019 15:33:19

Great pics and write up guys - really enjoyed them.

Thread: Wings and Wheels 2019
30/06/2019 03:38:18

Don't forget the pics! smiley

Thread: hobbyking web site
27/06/2019 02:21:48

They have been tweaking it over the last week to give it a major upgrade - it is running faster now.

Thread: Boeing 737 Max 8
23/06/2019 11:59:50

In respect of the "trained pilots", this is an interesting development: **LINK**

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