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Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
05/09/2018 16:27:53

Really an awesome sailplane Roo with a great history. Very photogenic model, although I had to spin one pic around to save my poor neck cheeky


Thread: Much Marcle LMA Show
04/09/2018 02:00:37

Very nice pics and vid cymaz - really enjoyed them.

I came across this album recently posted by a chap on FB: **LINK**

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
30/08/2018 10:12:43

You are making a splendid job of my favourite plane Greg - really looking great.

Thread: Design & Build Dornier Do 24
21/08/2018 06:41:49

We did discuss this in another thread somewhere, but I can't remember where. What actually happened was that the Do was doing a touch and go and hit a submerged object at high speed on the starboard side which caused the a/c to momentarily swing to the right. The pilot instinctively feed in a heap of left rudder which, due to the twin rudders and the relatively high water speed, caused the violent swing to the left. Took on some water, but was able to limp in to shore.





Thread: Anyone Speak Russian?
11/08/2018 05:58:25

To bring up the YT translation the path is:



Russian (auto-generated)

Sub-titles (again)



Edited By KiwiKid on 11/08/2018 06:02:34

10/08/2018 21:13:52

The vid:

Thread: Is epoxy the same as mustard?
06/08/2018 21:33:08

Polyurethane glue in a canister will often give the appearance of having gone off from exposure to air, but there is usually a core of soft stuff left in the middle. Getting at it is the tricky bit. I use a hack saw to break through the mantle and have the building job handy to apply the oozing poly to. Once finished, bandage up the cut with masking tape till next time.

Thread: Well, I never thought that would never happen !
05/08/2018 03:51:50

1 in 10000 odds aren't very good when it comes to the plethora of RC activities.laugh

I was spotting for a friend one day at our club. He was using a JR 3810 radio which has the battery compartment hatch secured by a plastic catch. The battery used is a "button" type that has terminals like you get on small 9v batteries. The connection is just maintained by a slight bending of the terminals inside the battery bay when the battery is inserted. When the TX is held horizontally the battery compartment hatch forms a trap door and the battery hangs precariously above it, held in place by friction.

So, he was flying along calmly, when all of a sudden there was a nasty "click", the battery hatch pops open and the battery drops out on to the ground at our feet. The model went into failsafe, which had been set up as a gentle circular turn and I made a grab for the battery. My friend held out the transmitter and I inserted the battery back in the bay and held it in place while he made a very hurried landing.

He now secures the hatch with electrical tape!




Edited By KiwiKid on 05/08/2018 03:59:13

Thread: P38 Lightning
04/08/2018 06:07:54
Posted by Martian on 29/07/2018 12:23:01:

A 3d printed plane will deform if left in hot sun or a closed car in the sun .

Sure will, I have seen some moderate examples at the club field - these two are a bit more extremesurprise

3d corsair.jpg

3d corsair2.jpg

The build is going well Martian - keep at it!

Thread: Nice and gentle
30/07/2018 08:05:43

I think it is a case of horses for courses when it comes to slopin' as the conditions will usually change markedly during the day with the wind usually picking up in the afternoon so it is fun to have a light wind model for some early morning sessions, but you need to know it's abilities and limitations. I often haul along 8 or 9 models to the slope and work through them as the conditions change.


I love models like the Leprechaun and Sinbad as they have a lot of character, but do have their limitations. There are some similarly shaped "updated" kits around with reduced dihedral and ailerons that are also a lot of fun. One I like (available from Pichler) is the MotorSpatz which is a 2.5m powered model that performs well as a sloper and parkflyer.


Here's a vid of mine doing a bit of slopin' in 12 kts - not a patch on the house of Woodfield's masterpiece I'm afraid as I was flying alone, so it is a "nutcam" effort.

28/07/2018 22:39:56
Posted by PatMc on 28/07/2018 15:44:53:

Just out of interest have you any idea of the location ?

The vid was shot at Perranporth, Cornwall by John's long suffering and very talented wife. She does the editing too.perranporth, cornwall.jpg

Thread: Log in problems
22/07/2018 12:12:29

A few weeks back this site went from http to https, so this may be causing some issues for a few users.

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
22/07/2018 12:02:29

Great write up and pics Phil, really enjoyed them. Love the heading pic too - neat to see some WAGS along to support their slope warriors.

Thread: Durafly (Hobbyking)new Canadian Vampire compared to old Vampire
17/07/2018 13:51:13

Yip makes a great PSS glider.

I have three of these models, one standard and two kits. One kit got the twelve blade EDF treatment (4S 3300 battery) and the other was built (in two hours) as a PSS glider. Great bang for a buck.

hk vampire pss.jpg

Edited By KiwiKid on 17/07/2018 13:52:19

Thread: Do servos have a use by date?
14/07/2018 04:52:37

I have several models that (despite my best efforts) are getting, shall we say, a bit long in the tooth, the most elderly being over ten years old. It's an EDF Skyhawk and clips along at a pretty good rate, so any glitches would put her in the dirt pretty quick - vid below. It is on it's second motor and third fan unit, but still has the original servos. They seem to be chugging on fine, but I was just wondering what others experiences are with elderly servos.

Thread: Cosford this weekend
10/07/2018 06:01:41

Posted by Gavin Mack on 09/07/2018 13:09:32:

Sunday nights bbc midlands today had a piece about the show including interviews with some of the pilots and planes flying

Repeated on FB here: **LINK**

Thread: David Hart's awesome albums on Flickr
03/07/2018 15:36:59

If you are taking a tea and bikkies break from the building board and would like to take a wander through some excellent pics of awesome models, check out David's albums on Flickr. I have been following him for several years and really appreciate the quality and sheer volume of his work.


Edited By KiwiKid on 03/07/2018 15:37:43

Thread: fav model of all time
29/06/2018 02:25:05

My favourite model actually turned out to be a bit of a surprise as it was just a wackjob experiment I thought of one night lying in bed. I have always been keen on flying wings. Although just a small part of my modelling interests I do get a bit carried away with them - **LINK**

So, I was thinking of making something scalish, but getting scratch built flying wings performing well is quite a challenge, so I decided to see if I could mod an existing design. I added some winglets (inspired by the B&V designs) to an X-8 FPV ship and came up with this 2.8m w/s brute that I call the B&V 219.

bv11.jpg flyby4.jpg

It is a great park and club flyer, sloper and, on account of a fairly low wing loading, thermaller.

Thread: New 78" Vulcan for twin 90mm DF
25/06/2018 02:52:37

Very nice work Greg - really starting to look Vulcanish now.

I have been enjoying a very detailed account of the development of the Vulcan in this book by Tony Blackman. So much (like powered control surfaces etc) was new to them at the time and seeing how they overcame problems is very engaging. For example, the cranked wing l/e was introduced to combat buffeting at high mach numbers which threatened to scupper the whole programme.


Thread: Tx modes
24/06/2018 12:22:37

I have been meaning to give that Mode 3 thing a try, but it looks a bit awkward.


And Mode 4 is nuts.

taranis upside down.jpg

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