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Thread: Dog harassment while flying!
10/01/2020 19:44:18

I have had this type of situation before too. I tend to shout, when flying, to owners with uncontrollable dogs coming my way that if my plane (60cc) hits the animal it will sadly kill it. That usually provokes the right reaction.

Thread: BMFA
14/12/2019 10:50:46

Yes thumbs up to the BMFA yes I avoided all the long speculative threads (life's too short, for me anyway!) and just put my faith in the BMFA to do its stuff.

Thread: My jolly video of Santa flying his biplane!
14/12/2019 10:48:04

Loved it, Cliff! Well done teeth 2

Thread: Thumbs Up For Probuild UK
06/12/2019 19:53:11

If memory serves I recall in the past some criticism of Probuild UK. However, my very recent experience this past week I have nothing but praise for them and in particular front man Andy.

Probuild has some reductions recently on some of the larger scale Extreme Flight kits. It seems they are clearing the decks for the arrival of new stock as I understand it. Following my initial phone call to establish stock availability I took the plunge. Andy did say that the 3 boxes would quite likely arrive over two days (the largest being last). They were duly sent via DHL 24 hours. That's where it went rather pear shaped. The two smaller boxes arrived on time and I waited for the third one on the next day. Didn't arrive! In fact it sat at the depot for 3 days before I got fidgety. The tracking information I had access to was rather vague an just indicated "at the sortation facility" . I phoned Andy a couple of times to see, as a business client of DHL if he could access any further info. He came back and confirmed it was at the DHL/UKMail Ipswich depot. I tried unsuccessfully to call Customer Service three times. What laugh that was - no answer - at 7p a minute over a period of 30 minutes. Back to Andy who agreed with me that as the depot is 40 minutes away from me may be a visit to see what was going on was called for.

This I did and to cut a long story short apparently the driver couldn't get the box in his van and there it just sat in a delivery bay. The girl on reception went and searched for it after phoning the driver twice (who was out on deliveries) to see where the box was. Eventually she found it in the wrong bay. I said I'll take it with me right now to save them a job! I was just glad to liberate it from the depot! teeth 2.

Anyway, thanks to Andy in always being available when I phoned to help with the situation.thumbs up

Edited By Adrian Smith 1 on 06/12/2019 19:53:51

Thread: Glen's Models 35% Extra 330 electrification
29/11/2019 17:39:04

I agree Gary, but to fit from the top would have been a major rebuild which I sort of didn't want to do.

Yes Bob, but I did let rip back at the work shop I can tell you.

29/11/2019 17:36:46

First the pros.

The CoG at the main wing spar seemed to work ok and indeed I didn't have to undertake any trim inputs. She wallows at little though, but I think that says more about her AUW, but I may be wrong. Whilst the motor comfortably pulled her round I think a little more increase in timing may be on order. It is only +5%. The roll and loop, which were the only things I tried were less than sparkling and I need a bit more throw here and there. Landing was interesting and I needed to watch carefully given 10 mph crosswind. All I needed to do was fly her in with a reasonable 1/4 of throttle.the two aileron servos per wing worked well too.


Had I known the hatch was underneath I wouldn't have selected the plane as it is too much of a faff to set up at the field. I understand why Glen designed it this way, for IC use, but it is clearly not ideal for an electric conversion. It would have been nice to have better accessories that are actually usable with the plane and indeed a more generous specification of fittings. But I realise you get what you pay for. What to do next? I think I probably realised that electrIfying this plane was going to be problematic, but Hey! when has realism got in the way? I need to think about that one and I am certainly not put off by the experience. An Extreme Flight airframe is still a fantasy of mine. Oh dear!

Anyone fancy and airframe used once with cowl damage for IC use? Answers on a postcard ...........!

Edited By Adrian Smith 1 on 29/11/2019 17:40:04

29/11/2019 17:18:06

Bit of a disappointing day after a promising start! sad lovely sparkling day albeit with a stiffish crosswind on the strip so decided to do a bit of testing at the field. Started well enough as all loaded up.


Started to deteriorate after that. Down at the field I inverted the plane on the cradle to get to the equipment compartment to fit the batteries. Well, because of the limited room in the fuze it took me the best part of 10 minutes to do that little job. I am sure I didn't have that trouble on the workbench. Hey Ho! That done fitted the wings and plugged in the ailerons. In the process of turning her upright I cracked the cowl angry.


Well at that point I started to take the fatalistic approach and fitted the prop to test the motor live. I did a ground test and taxi test and all seemed ok (you will see from the video link here of my travails) . Steered her back to me only to notice the tail wheel assembly had pulled out. Grrrr. In hindsight there is a good reason for that. Firstly the ply plate at the rear of the fuze is too short for the tail wheel assembly supplied therefore the I screwed it into a less that secure part of the fuze.


Nice C/F tail wheel assemble - shame it doesn't fit properly I which I acknowledge is my fault for not spotting it. By this time come what may (where have I heard that before?) I was going to get her into the air.


The best bits are the take off and landing! I only had a very short flight as I didn't want to push my luck. Something that would not have occured had I been at a club field. Out in the middle of nowhere I decided to give it a go.

The flight report and conclusions follow in the next post.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
22/11/2019 19:32:37

Interestingly, I attended a meeting with the Safer Neighbourhood Police Team for Mid Suffolk this morning as part of my role as a councillor and I asked how the policing of the new CAA regs would be handled. The comments I received were as follows:-

The police are aware of the the new laws, but no direction from higher management as to how to deal with it at local level has been forthcoming. Therefore not a priority at the moment. The comment from the inspector was that as far as drones are concerned that as sometimes the operator and drone are too far away from each other to apprehend the culprit, law enforcement can't be upheld. The exception is if it occurs near a forbidden zone such as airports. The police are more likely to be reactive rather than proactive.

Furthermore, there is a long list of police priorities ahead of this issue at the moment such as county lines drugs, seasonal thieving with cash, goods, tools all a target in particular, as there are no bank branches these days and consequently cash availability is limited unless it is from shop premises. That's before drunken/drug driving, contraband fags, booze and toys, vehicle speeding are included. Therefore anytime soon this issue it's not on the police radar.

This is just snapshot of Suffolk's response, but it tells you all you need to know for the moment.

Thread: Hobby king delivery charges
22/11/2019 14:13:39

Ordered 5 servos from HK UK warehouse Wednesday, (dispatched Thursday) sent by ParcelForce 48hr all for FREE, received today (Friday)! What's not like? smileyyes

Thread: Servo voltage question
17/11/2019 11:23:30

Thanks, Cymaz. The only one that comes close is the Hitec 5955 TG at 24 kg.cms. The manual for the a/c in question recommends MKS HV -777A or HBL-380X8, but I don't have the budget for those assuming I can even get hold of them. The recommendations are +30kg.cms as can be seen from the servos' spec and there's a good reason for that suggestion from my experience.

17/11/2019 09:26:42

To cut a long story short C8 the reasons for wanting this type of servo are twofold.

I was using 5 Magregor HV servos (31.5kg.cms) in a 60cc airframe, using a 3.6A 2S lipo for RX power only, given the the HV Futaba RXs I have can cope with it easily. The performance was sparkling using servos with this power. I had used some HV Savox 20kg.cms servos in this aircraft previously, but performance was underwhelming. Recently I used the original Macgregor servos for another project therefore I wish to replace them at less expense in the original airframe. The problem as I stated is the disparity in voltage rating on the Turnigy servos compared to the separate RX batteries (2S lipos) I now use. I have had Turnigy equipment before and have no issues with it.

Hence asking the rather basic original question. I rather expected the substance of answers I received here and it just confirmed my thoughts.

16/11/2019 18:12:56

Yes, Simon I realise I committed a typo on the 2S lipo voltage.

C8, as you realise I am looking to avoid a 6V nimh battery and indeed I guessed the higher voltage lipo would be inappropriate and you have confirmed that thanks. Basically I want adopt a simple answer such as this -


Unless you guys know better!

16/11/2019 16:56:26

Looking at some servos rates 4.8v - 6v on HK


Now if I wanted to drive then using a 7.2v 2S lipo would I need to buy a voltage regulator? Not tried this before to it may sound like a dumb question blush

Thread: Looking at a new supplier
16/11/2019 16:53:10

That sounds fairly conclusive!! Thanks.

16/11/2019 14:21:18

Thinking of buying some bits from:-


Anybody had some experience with these guys.



Thread: Glen's Models 35% Extra 330 electrification
12/11/2019 16:28:51

I decided, having retested the motor, to reprogramme the ESC's "start up force" from the low setting of 2 (from 7) to 6 purely because when opening throttle the pick up felt a bit "spongy". I will rejudge it after first flights. The higher the value, the larger the start up force.

While I was at it I altered the throttle response time. The higher the value the slower the response so I adjusted the setting to 1 out of 5. Same applies.


Edited By Adrian Smith 1 on 12/11/2019 16:29:39

12/11/2019 16:22:52

Made a cradle "dolly" today such that I can pull//push along a ramp onto my trailer. I found a few odd bits of wood, just had to by some pipe insulation and 4 trolley wheels with brakes - all under £20.



Not too bad and I glued the pipe lagging using Gorilla glue.


06/11/2019 18:39:31

Glen didn’t provide any numbers for throws Rich, and also very little by way in instructions. All my settings are basically guesswork based on the percentages I use for my 60 cc aircraft. Time will tell if that is the right set up. Old habits die hard and I do settings from the TX, but yes I have heard the alternative method. Computer radios are so sophisticated these days that I don’t see too much of a problem of doing the setup from the TX.


Edited By Adrian Smith 1 on 06/11/2019 18:40:14

06/11/2019 16:40:44

Managed to get the elevators set up this afternoon. The Futaba RX I am using is the R7008SB with CH2 & 7 the elevator CHs (AILEVATOR setting). I used the SUB TRIM to centre the servos and made sure the push rods are of equal length - in this case 70 mm. The 100% throw looked pretty fierce for first flights so I reduced this to 70%. This equates to 25 degrees +/-. Hopefully that will be okay to start with. Just little jobs left with the cowl to be refitted now I have put heat shrink on the motor connections to the ESC. I have tidied up the internal wiring for safety. Just waiting for the decal set from Glen's Models then on to the new cradle building work..........

05/11/2019 20:10:28

Cheers, Rich. Having used Pacer Canopy Glue for the first time for years & years on this I still don't rate it. It's messy and too thin and takes ages to dry under the masking tape. That's really why I used screws while the glue was still wet and hope the glue has stuck the threads in the process.

Also I need to get wiggle on and make a new cradle for transporting to the field as the one I made a while earlier for my 60cc jobs is too small. So until I have done that there will be no maiden. Still got a few little jobs to do on the plane left too.

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