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Thread: At last! Finally got out for a maiden flight
23/09/2020 19:13:15

The point is Peter, while I could do that and I appreciate your suggestion, my charger only charges up to 6S which is what I use to charge my lipos and wire them up in series as a 12S. Hence my comment about the extra cost of new charger and 8S lipos (which I don't have) , that is of course assuming you can source 8S lipos upwards between 6A to 10A. sad

I know Overlander do them 8S, but they don't match the discharge rate on the 6S  10A lipos that I have

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Thread: Airborne Battery Pack Duration
23/09/2020 12:52:19

Yes Cuban8 you are absolutely right.

Since turning leccy, most of my flying is done at 50% or 75% throttle depending on what I am doing. 100% throttle only gets engaged when entering aerobatic moves such at stall turn, loop etc. As you say set up is everything. I try to make sure the whole shebang is as light as possible from airframe to motor combo selection. On windy days I reduce the timer warning by 10% which has served me well.


Thread: At last! Finally got out for a maiden flight
22/09/2020 21:50:03

An update after 2hours+ of use and trimming show her to be very capable at aerobatics. I have set all working surfaces at 100% with 20% expo on the elevators and 25% on the ailerons. No formula here just a finger in the air job.

With lipos fixed just behind the main spar the CoG is a tad rearward, but no vices noted. One thing that puzzles me is that while the upright flat spin proceeds normally, when I go into an inverted flat spin the first couple of rotations are quite normal and slow, but the next couple of rotations speed up noticeably before returning to normal speed. This is without any fresh stick inputs. Don't understand that one, but it's interesting to watch though!

The other observation is that while the Turnigy CA 120 motor does the job well it's a bit irritating that the prop shaft is only 30mm long and the thick hub on the prop only just fits on. However, I noticed that DualSky is now advertising the new GA8000 motor for 80-120cc aircraft. The prop shaft is 40mm which is much better and would also accommodate a 5" spinner too. Shame there is not any in the UK yet. I still think that she would probably benefit from a 14S set up too, but that would mean a new charger and 7S lipos ..... something I am not ready to do yet. Sticking to the 12S set up for the moment.


Edited By Adrian Smith 1 on 22/09/2020 21:51:51

Thread: Futaba charging plug - tip positive or tip negative?
02/09/2020 15:18:00

Thanks, Denis. Appreciate it. I think I must have one of the more modern leads. Anyway thanks again. yes

02/09/2020 14:52:35

I know this probably an obvious question relating to the Futaba mains charger. Is the charging jack tip positive or tip negative, as I can't see how to establish this?

Thanks, as you can see one never stops learning? dont know

Thread: Essential RC's videos
22/07/2020 12:32:23

Well Dom I love 'em!

Most of it I will never attempt, but I ENJOY the clips. Keep up the good work.

Thread: Swann Morton blades
20/07/2020 11:27:28

+ one more for 10A blades thumbs up

Thread: At last! Finally got out for a maiden flight
12/07/2020 09:54:04

Just a bit of feedback on performance et al after 11 flights. Firstly, the Turnigy CA 120 seems well up to the job and strangely appears to be quieter in the air than my DualSky 60cc equivalent motors. It may say more about the propellor size though, but I am not sure. I have been using a 28X10 prop although I am considering using a slightly bigger one as an experiment. I think the set up can bear it. Given the price of 'em I need to be sure in doing this.

The other observation is she flies very well in windy conditions and holds the line and is rock steady. While I am using Overlander 10000 mAh x 2 lipos in a 12S configuration I am sure using a 14S set up would improve things further. I would firstly have to buy a new charger as mine (UltraPower Quad) will only charge up to 6S lipos, although it will accommodate up to 10000 mAh lipos. And of course different lipos would need to be sourced. I am not ready for that type of outlay just yet as I am happy with how she behaves currently. Safe duration is around 6 minutes before calling landing which is enough for me, although I accept this will not satisfy the majority of flyers.

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
11/07/2020 19:12:23

Cracking! yes

Thread: Top Flite P51 - 65" span
07/07/2020 19:33:49

Neat, Peter. Funny how such a short clip masks hours of toil. yes

Thread: Chris Foss Xtra Wot
07/07/2020 19:30:00

Congrats on the maiden, Ron. Looks good all round. See what you mean about the tail skid! laugh

Thread: Bj's Modellflyg videos
07/07/2020 19:24:24

Good to see some flying in wet weather, Bjarne! Jets are not my "thing" , nevertheless nice to see the flight envelope and a young lad showing his skills.

Thread: Slipstream Sbach 342 coming out of retirement?
07/07/2020 12:39:08

Right, all re-conditioned and ready for fitting out for electric or I/C.



Good for quite a while now as she is a decent sound airframe.

Thread: Top Flite P51 - 65" span
05/07/2020 15:26:02

I knew you would sort it in the end, Peter. As for videos I upload the clip on to youtube first (reasonably quick if you have a decent upload speed) , then copy the youtube link into the MF thread URL box icon (car?) on the second row third from the left that shows up when you start a new post. There are other ways that it can be done, but it works for me. yes

Thread: Slipstream Sbach 342 coming out of retirement?
03/07/2020 15:23:05

Slow progress. Anyway I trimmed off the surplus GF and wet/dry sanded the spats.


Now for non-I/C applications I really like to use Holts auto gloss colours as the finish looks really good. Therefore out came the red paint to spray the spats.


Really pleased with the finish. Set aside to dry before adding some spare decals. Then I am ready to put her all back together and then decide what to do. I did think I might put some electric gear in her, but I already have one active 60cc Sbach 342 which is a Goldwing model. I know for a fact the SlipStream Sbach 342 is a great flyer and deserves some regular use. It is now ready to have I/C or electric applications added. I am debating putting her on ebay at some point as I am running out of "shop" space. It will be a wrench, but it may come to it. More pictures when I have finished the final details.

Edited By Adrian Smith 1 on 03/07/2020 15:24:03

Thread: Top Flite P51 - 65" span
03/07/2020 11:53:22

I feel your pain, Peter. I have had jobs in the past that have driven me up the wall. Even when I seemingly found a solution I was not happy with it again and went back to the drawing board. We are a tenacious lot we modellers and I am sure you will come up with something to solve it.

Thread: Slipstream Sbach 342 coming out of retirement?
30/06/2020 17:38:38

There are some small splits in the spats that need repairing. I am using my tried and tested method of fibre glass cloth.



Left aside to dry ready to rub down and spray paint. I am thinking of using the red that matches the film covering. I am also going to next remove the U/C and refit a G/F version and refit the wheels.

30/06/2020 17:35:17

Next on to work on the spats. I removed the decals ready for re-painting and a sticky residue was left on the surface.


I recently bought a bottle of this stuff that cpmpletely cleans the mess off!


27/06/2020 15:25:19

To the business end of the plane. I drilled out the original mounting holes to fit my dowel infills. and stuck with 30 minute epoxy.



That's it for this session. I will do some work on the U/C and spates next.

27/06/2020 15:22:46

Next recover the elevators where the studded horns were drilled.



same for the underside of the elevator. Repeated both sides.


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