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Thread: Slipstream Sbach 342 coming out of retirement?
30/06/2020 17:38:38

There are some small splits in the spats that need repairing. I am using my tried and tested method of fibre glass cloth.



Left aside to dry ready to rub down and spray paint. I am thinking of using the red that matches the film covering. I am also going to next remove the U/C and refit a G/F version and refit the wheels.

30/06/2020 17:35:17

Next on to work on the spats. I removed the decals ready for re-painting and a sticky residue was left on the surface.


I recently bought a bottle of this stuff that cpmpletely cleans the mess off!


27/06/2020 15:25:19

To the business end of the plane. I drilled out the original mounting holes to fit my dowel infills. and stuck with 30 minute epoxy.



That's it for this session. I will do some work on the U/C and spates next.

27/06/2020 15:22:46

Next recover the elevators where the studded horns were drilled.



same for the underside of the elevator. Repeated both sides.


27/06/2020 15:20:09

First I thought I would remove the tubes that were used for the pull/pull elevators as I will be using separate servos in the tail.I recovered with matching film covering.



27/06/2020 15:07:46

Last job to finish off the cowl using small nut, bolt & washers and blue thread locker.


Thread: How Windy is Too Windy
26/06/2020 10:05:11

Well to be constructive on this which is why you are asking the question. For there are two aspects. What wind is flyable in and more important what strength of wind is at the limit of your enjoyability.

For instance my +60cc aerobatic models are perfectly able to fly in 15 mph winds, but I can't say I ENJOY it.

10-11 mph is the limit of my enjoyability, but then it's horses for courses. I tend to follow the guidelines of the heavier/bigger the plane for stronger winds and vice versa for calm days. I know others will offer different advice, but this is just one of my quirks!

Of course gliders are something different  - some will fly in gales!!


Edited By Adrian Smith 1 on 26/06/2020 10:07:29

Thread: Is the hobby dying/dead
25/06/2020 16:29:51

In answer to the OP, definitely NO!! smile d

Thread: Slipstream Sbach 342 coming out of retirement?
25/06/2020 16:27:10

All glued in and weighted while it drys overnight.



I think I will probably introduce some small nut and bolt fixings to secure the finished job and making it look like a large radiator.

Next job after that is to work on the motor box wall.

25/06/2020 16:24:27

Too hot for me to fly today therefore into the cool of the work shop. Started by cutting the cowl gauze to shape.


Made sure there is some overlap.


Then marked where the glue will be. I am using Araldite in this instance.


Thread: Weston Capiche 140 Refurb
21/06/2020 16:21:02

The servos by the way are HiTec mg 5625 which operate at 9.6 kg/cms at 6v so they should be ok for this type of model I guess.

21/06/2020 16:18:23

Had a check around the servo arms and it's difficult to see if there is any play on the spline not obviously so. Any way I have replaced them with Hitec arms that have a securing bolt as well as the arm screw.


Looks and feels better so I will test it all again in the near future. The servo arm screws appear to be the right length as far as I can see and also screw in tight.

21/06/2020 09:48:00

Denis, your point about the servo screw length is a valid one and I will check that too. yes

21/06/2020 09:45:09

To answer your questions, gents.

They are "in theory" according to the packet when I bought them a while ago, compatible with Hitec servos. I would have used the ones that came with the servos themselves, but they weren't long enough. That's when I raided the spares box. When I fitted them the replacements seemed tight enough, but clearly not in this case.

As to the servo arm screw. I do an all round check before flight which includes tight screws on servos which I did in this case therefore I am pretty sure it's not that. Where servos are embedded in the tail feathers I use blue thread locker during the build to make sure they don't come unscrewed.

I will try and get down the work shop later (it's 3 miles from my house near the airfield) and see what's what and report back to you guys.

20/06/2020 18:35:25

Thanks for your thoughts, Ron. I think you have certainly confirmed my initial feelings. Back to workshop on a rainy day then ......Ho Hum.

20/06/2020 15:41:24

Well went to the field today to do another test flight. All was well until i did some fastish rolls after 2 minutes. The plane started to behave as though badly out of trim and became very difficult to control. My first reaction was a CoG issue. How I got her down undamaged I don't know ... but managed it. A quick look showed the elevators were fine as was the rudder. However, the starboard aileron was badly out of line with wing and the other aileron with the stick centred. The servo arm looked to be misaligned. Anyway put that right and tried again. Same thing and another stressful landing. Same issue with the servo arm. I am now wondering if the arm is not quite tight enough on the spline and any high alpha move is enough to displace the arm on the spline.

Oh well at least she lives to fight another day. I will change both aileron servo arms from plastic to metal when I am next in the work shop and then see what happens. The servos are Hitec usually pretty reliable. I am almost certain it's not the TX trim playing up as all my other aircraft in the memory are fine. I will study both video clips I took at the time to see how things developed, but I am not sure I will learn much. Watch this space .......

Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
17/06/2020 16:18:46

Looking good and engine sounds sweet too, Ron. Good luck with maiden.

I must admit watching you go through the starting process it reminded my why I converted to electric! wink.

I am no engineer of course and I accept it would be sacrilege to to use anything other than an I/C motor in the Lavochkin. yes

Thread: Slipstream Sbach 342 coming out of retirement?
14/06/2020 14:55:03

As I am going for lightness for the electric conversion I found a suitable C/F undercarriage in my spares to replace the original dural one. Yup I know it is Extra 300 style and not Sbach shape, but it's going to have to do.


Hopefully some more progress later in the week as tomorrow & Tuesday look like flying days.

Edited By Adrian Smith 1 on 14/06/2020 14:55:36

14/06/2020 14:51:17

I had and hour or so to play with therefore I decided to make a start on the cowl. The top half is reasonably ok which meant I am going to spray the black underside first as that's a bit rough. Masked up first after a rub down with fine wet & dry.


All sprayed and put aside to dry and harden before doing a bit on the white on the top. A bit of seepage, but I will address that later on.


11/06/2020 21:51:46

Thanks for the suggestions, Cymaz & Andrew. Not sure which way I will go yet. I will quite likely go the electric route in any event as I am happy with the performance of my other 60cc size conversions.

Thanks for the photo, Paul. Interesting that they are still around in use. I will be fitting in the job on it between flying days (Monday & Tuesday look good at the moment) , therefore I guess it will be a slow progress re-conditioning.

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