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Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
06/03/2019 16:43:59

Try A3-L hobbyeagle gyro from Bangood at£17.00, these are very good simple gyros and can be seen on you tube controlling a me109.

I had one in a Fokker d1 and that transformed it particularly on take off. Very simple to set up



16/01/2019 12:26:52

Unfortunatly due to ill health ,I am stopping building for the foreseeable future , and have a Me109 kit and retracts untouched kit so if anyone wants one please contact me.


Peter harvey

16/01/2019 11:11:54

glynn, sent you a private message


16/01/2018 16:48:51

Having received my big brown cardboard box, admired the contents and gleaned as much as I can get from the plan and the paperwork I see that Richard forecasts that his model accurately copies the originals in that the take off is , putting it mildly,variable,I once built a Fokker d8 which because of a high stance and very forwards u/c would take of in any one of 360 different directions, irrelevant of where I had pointed it, often giving me stern looks from other club members to the effect that ours was NOT a free flight club and some of the older members were in the heart attack zone. and would I stop causing distress as the plane took off behind me,finally, as I use Spektrum tranny and Lemon receivers, I found out that Lemon provides a small and cheap gyro receive which I swiftly purchased, fitted it for normal operation but gyro on the rudder only and proceeded to try, what a difference , much gain on the rudder kept the Fokker on a pretty straight track and the gyro was switched off when airbourne.

Peace returned to our little field, and I was no longer heard refered to as that little Fokker, no not the plane, YOU!!!

It might be worth a try


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22/12/2017 14:52:09

Ron , that was a good idea, I for one will want a sound system, if we can get a few others perhaps Andrew will do a deal with us


Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
15/12/2017 10:16:02

That's what I did , I also removed circa 4 mm from the end of the silencer which helps considerably with fitting the cowl.

I have some silicone tubing , from just engines, which fits over the laser silencer and can if wished be fitted after the cowling is in place and doesn't look out of place. .

The throttle cable exits through the wall of the exhaust deflector .



Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
04/12/2017 21:09:52

Nigel, never tried a sound system, but it sounds great (no pun intended ), when you get it up and running could you give us an intro into how you do it, it would be much appreciated by someone like me who has just dabbled with the dark side



04/12/2017 17:22:21

and the east german judge gives the model G 10.0 and E 1.0

happy building


Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
28/11/2017 12:03:10

When I did this it just needed a slight smoothing, as I covered with Tex it was not really visible as I trimmed the undersurface up to the edge of the strip and the top covering went over the rear edge and over the joint on the underside



21/11/2017 16:45:17

Ron , I put a copy on page 4 of this thread the drawings can be enlarged up to full size, both la7 and la5


21/11/2017 16:23:51

will dig out the magazine and send you a copy


21/11/2017 09:14:48

I did it the other way and made a dummy firewall 10mm thick in front of f1 to fit the cowling, this helped as with the Laser 80 the cofg came out in the correct place, balanced my strengthening of the tail end, as per the very first build ie adding 1/16 ply doublers under tail seat


Thread: Warbird Replicas Bf 109 club.
04/11/2017 09:19:05

Hi Richard, take the question mark off my name , will be having one as G model


Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
29/10/2017 12:55:39

not yet but on the smaller version I have no down or side thrust and that flies well.The surpass should be grand and easier to install than the laser which requires a larger cutout for the silencer,

on the smaller version I had a 52surpass and I left the silencer all within the cowl, a short piece of silicone tubing fitted over the silencer and this protruded through the cowling and could be removed before taking off the cowling

tubing from just engines


29/10/2017 09:49:50

the ply plate , the base of the fuel tank bay is also epoyied front and back to f1 and f2


29/10/2017 09:44:20

cimg4436.jpgcimg4435.jpgcimg4437.jpgcimg4437.jpgHOPE THESE PHOTOS HELP, THERE MUST BE OTHER WAYS TO DO THIS, BUT THIS DOES WORK


Edited By peter harvey 1 on 29/10/2017 09:47:41

29/10/2017 09:21:56

Bob , which engine are you going to use, by the way if my explaination above is not clear, I will try to send photos.

in addition to the above, how you fit the wing will also depend on If you are fitting the false leading edge to the wing, I have also removed the point at the front and added a piece of 1/4 ply across the front through which I have drilled the hole for the dowelling

hope this is clear enough


29/10/2017 09:03:51

what I have done is to add some bracing between f1 and f2 in my case 1/4 x1/2 spruce, two pieces about 2" apart

and on the edges of the f1 and 2 , these also act as support for the cowling at the bottom, you are right about the trimming of the fus sides, I have also added some fillets between the side ply doublers and f2 and some extra filleting between the top of the crutch and f2, so it is well supported horizontally and at the side and with the bracing at the bottom between f1 and f2, together with the additional 1/4 ply plate behind f1 the complete structure is quite rigid and strong.

leave the final trimming of the sides until you have finished the wing and can present it to the fus, but you also have to ensure it is cut back to fit the cowling


Thread: "Preowned rx's"
28/10/2017 11:31:42

just ordered 2 more 6 ch receivers with diversity from Lemon on line shop costing £27, their website is

Lemon Rx Online Shop (Xenon Electronics Limited)

delivery is usually 7/10 days


Edited By peter harvey 1 on 28/10/2017 11:35:17

28/10/2017 10:30:31

The difference is that the dearer item has a diversity aerial which is essentially two different processors and it uses the best signal, this means that it has the reception that you would expect if you had a satellite receiver attached, but don't worry it will still work well provided you still have line of sight and are less than 1000m high

I have used both and had no problems and our field is near Stockport and a large micro wave transmitter , we had quite a lot of glitching occurring when most people were on 35meg, and some when using orange, but not now we are using Lemon

Good Luck


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