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Thread: Diesel fuel - local
16/08/2018 00:03:25

Surprised Southern Modelcraft didn't get a mention.
They don't ship but I used to get their fuel at some of the shows when I used dirty power. Their diesel fuel's about half the price of Model Technics.

Thread: Opentx 2.2.2 flashing problems
13/08/2018 22:46:27

New Zadig in place & Opentx 2.2.2 now loaded, even changed the version number as per advice in Martin's manual. teeth 2

Thanks Chris & Peter for the help. thumbs up

Thread: Fed Up!
13/08/2018 21:38:22

Don't forget it's Champions League games tomorrow, Europa League on Thursday & a Championship game of Friday thumbs up

Thread: Opentx 2.2.2 flashing problems
13/08/2018 20:27:07

Chris, my attempts at flashing have been with the Tx switched off.

Excuse me if I double check you're instructions as I'm a bit nervous of doing getting this badly wrong, I've heard of a few people who have had to rescue their Horus from an apparently "bricked" condition after being a little careless when changing firmware etc.

I should download the latest version Zadig from the second link in Peter's post.
Plug in the switched off Horus to a USB port, then double click on the Zadig.exe file.
In the Zadig options select "show all devices", choose STM32 Bootloader -
I'm not quite sure about "then install the WinUSB driver" Is this a clickable final step in the Zadig dialog box ?

After this I assume I should repeat the firmware update procedure as before via Companion ?


Edited By PatMc on 13/08/2018 20:28:21

Thread: Dual Ailerons
13/08/2018 17:15:12

You can use a Y lead. The servos need to operate the same way as the connection to the horn will be from opposite sides of the servos.

Thread: Opentx 2.2.2 flashing problems
13/08/2018 00:23:58

I updated Companion 2.2.1 to 2.2.2 then after a few false starts managed to flash the matching firmware to my Taranis XD9.

Every time I try to flash the Horus I get this message :

flash fail.jpg

any suggestions anyone ?

This is the first time I've tried to flash any firmware to the Horus from Companion since changing from FrOS.

Edited By PatMc on 13/08/2018 00:24:55

Thread: Stolen airliner
12/08/2018 22:22:32

Richard Russell seems to have picked up his "training" on game simulators.
The part of the flight training that the 9/11 terrorists had was on aviation simulators, as is normal for pilots seeking commercial licence qualifications.

Banning "simulators relating to full size flying" would set commercial aviation training back 60+ years as well as take away a valuable safety testing tool.

12/08/2018 20:22:11
Posted by Tom Sharp 2 on 12/08/2018 20:09:33:

He had learned to fly on simulators as did the 911 perpetrators, makes me think simulators relating to full size flying should be banned.

That's not correct. The 911 attackers took flying lessons in Florida, one already held a commercial pilot's licence, he took a refresher course.

Thread: EU. LBT
10/08/2018 15:37:08
Posted by MattyB on 10/08/2018 13:49:09:
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 10/08/2018 11:10:07:

Important point - Any V8 or D series gear imported or sold pre the 2015 change remains legal to use in the UK.

So if you use a V8 or D series Rx, which you bought last week, and if someone wished to prosecute you for a non-compliant Rx then the onus would be on them to prove that it was purchased post 2015? How could they do that?

See above post... I don't think they could, especially if you had bought them from a UK supplier who was selling them complete with a CE mark. The risk is to the supplier in the main; the only concern as an end user would be if somehow it was proved your TX module or RX was non-compliant an bought after 2015 it might be used by the insurers to get out of covering you. Again, highly unlikely but not a zero risk.

The same criteria would apply if bought from any retailer in EU & EFTA.

If it was proved your TX module or RX was non-compliant and bought after 2015 but carried CE mark then the supplier would be guilty of misrepresentation & fraudulenly applying the CE mark.
Even in the event of a false CE mark, any insurance company using this to get out of covering you would have to have the Rx tested to demonstrate that it was not compliant.

Edited By PatMc on 10/08/2018 15:44:29

08/08/2018 23:20:20
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 08/08/2018 23:09:44:

We'll just have to agree to differ then Pat - altough if you are right, I have absolutely no idea what the legislation or the imposition of LBT would be about if you can just ignore it!

Also bear this in mind, I can buy a 200mW video Tx and have it shipped to my UK adress - still doesn't make it legal for me to use it in the UK. The supplier will simply defend thenmselves by saying "how I'm I supposed to know where the buyer was planning to use it?"


Simples, he doesn't sell it with CE certification.

08/08/2018 23:17:13
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 08/08/2018 22:57:51:

No, that's not quite what I'm saying. As far as I understand it would be legal to sell a non-LBT Rx, but only for use outside of the EU.

So, T9 could sell a non-LBT to a cusomer intending to use it in say Iceland. But it would be illegal to sell it to you or me intending to use it inside the EU.


BEB, I think you have this wrong, as per my previous post.

Forgot to mention, in common with many other Horus owners, I've chosen to have D8 mode available on the internal module of my Horus X12S.
Now that definitely doesn't fall into grandad's territory & I'm confident that no law is being breached. wink 2

08/08/2018 23:02:02
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 08/08/2018 22:03:15:

Yes but surely T9 are selling into an international market on the internet, so they can sell non-EU legal stuff to buyers outside the UK - hence why they have it. But not to us - that's my point. We can't buy equipment that breaks the law surely?

While I wouldn't use the term "grandfather rights" personally, I can understand the point Peter is making - basically if you bought it before the rule change you can still use it.

Within the last 6 - 12 months I've bought a DJT module in order to use first generation V8 Rx's with my Taranis, a V8R7-II Rx, a couple of V8R4-II & a D4R-2 Rx for use in lightweight models. All purchases were from T9 or other UK retailer (none from HK) all shipped to my home address & carrying CE marks with VAT quoted on each sale. There can have been no doubt they were all to be used in the UK. The CE marks tell me that the vendor hasn't broken any law selling them to me & that it's perfectly legal for me to use them in the UK.

I didn't buy before the rule changes (re LBT) so "grandfather rights" has no bearing on the legality of their use.

BTW my elderly X9D Taranis has EU compliant LBT firmware with D8 mode available.

08/08/2018 21:51:02

I take a different view from BEB & Peter.

T9 only supply CE certified RC gear which is your guarantee it's legal to use. The Delta, D series & V II series Rx's they sell can be used with a Taranis X9D that has been set up in Opentx Companion to allow access to D8 mode transmission. I've seen nothing to suggest that this is illegal but if you have doubts then for £23.40 you could plug in a DJT module (from T9, which of course means it carries CE certification) to do the same job.

Since the all of the Rx's mentioned are current, I don't see how "grandfather rights" (BTW a British legal concept, pre EU) come into play.

Thread: Accurate Stick Cutting - What's the Secret?
01/08/2018 22:37:03

Make a few of these from scrap hardwood strips. Size to suit the balsa strips you're using for the fuselage framework. I mark with a scalpel but cut witha razor saw.






I think the photos should be self explanatory.

Thread: What is it/
01/08/2018 19:55:26

I don't see any sign of a CE mark or mention of CE certification. I've a feeling that the facility to switch to illegaly high outputs would rule any certification out.

BTW can someone explain to onetenor how to post links.

Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 01/08/2018 20:03:42

Thread: phase 6
29/07/2018 11:12:58

On his website he says the sports version uses a semi-symetrical section. I think it's more likey to be Eppler 374 or based on that. At the time the P6 originated the E 374 was a popular "kipper" section.

Edited By PatMc on 29/07/2018 11:13:26

Thread: Nice and gentle
28/07/2018 23:04:23
Posted by KiwiKid on 28/07/2018 22:39:56:
Posted by PatMc on 28/07/2018 15:44:53:

Just out of interest have you any idea of the location ?

The vid was shot at Perranporth, Cornwall by John's long suffering and very talented wife. She does the editing too.

Thanks for the info, KiwiKid. thumbs up
Somehow I had a feeling it was in Cornwall, which is just about as far away from my location as is possible & still be in England.

John's wife is definitely very talented in making & editing the videos.

28/07/2018 22:55:38
Posted by Pete Willbourn on 28/07/2018 22:00:13:

Thanks Pete Miller,

at one time I had 2, mainly cos nobody wanted them,! they are /were a bit big for times gone by !

I did think at one time of putting a Merco 61 on the pylon but there was not enough clearance for the prop !


Many years ago a clubmate, who was in the model trade, turned up with a Leprechaun at our club field. He'd acquired it ready made then modified it to take a Merco 49 bolted to the nose.
At the time I was the only glider flyer in the club so he asked me to do the test flying. He made several abortive attempts to hand launch the model but the engine cut either as he launched it or as he raised the nose to launch it. He opened the needle to richen the mixture before each new attempt. It turned out that he'd installed the tank under the wing on the CG position to avoid changes in trim as the tank emptied !
With a bit of field surgery we managed to re-position the tank somewhere in front of the wing LE but still a fair distance back. Then by using the tried & tested method of tuning the engine with the nose raised wink 2 we managed to get it running reliably albeit with a very rich setting.

I dunno what it weighed but it was heavy, had a slow climb & was sluggish on the controls - it flew like a barge. All in all it was an unpleasant handling model.
I believe the owner later removed the motor & flew it as a slope soarer but lost it downwind somewhere on a Scottish moor.

28/07/2018 22:21:14
Posted by Peter Miller on 28/07/2018 18:33:19:


The original Laprechaun did have the wings on a Pylon. The fuselage was a different shape and the tailplane was almosst on top of gthe fin.

I would call that model very much "Based on" Leprechaun or even "Inspired by"

Peter, John Woodfield says as much in answer to one of the queries posted on Youtube.

Here's a couple of scans of the plan presentation article from the March 1950 Aeromodeller :



28/07/2018 15:44:53

Superb model, nicely shot & edited video in a great setting.
Very watchable, thanks for posting, Steve thumbs up

Just out of interest have you any idea of the location ?

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