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Thread: 0.4mm spring steel wire
08/07/2020 00:59:56
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 07/07/2020 06:29:47:


Don't forget it's supposed to be a real rocketship.

These things went up in an incredibly fast vertical 'rotating on its axis' or tight spiral ciimb reaching several hundred feet in a few seconds. Junior 60's or Ladybirds they aren't. (At our site we have a few free flight enthusiasts who still build such things and it is still an active competition class.)

That guy making the OZ comment about a 'reduced thrust' Mills 0.75 is losing the whole idea, though he does mention they sometimes used a Oliver Tiger 2.5 cc (though the ultimate would have been a Super Tigre G15 glow). The Gaucho is what we would call a 'hotliner' today. and a very hot one at that.

You need about a 300-500 Watt motor to get the correct 'historical' (and still existant today) performance, it's the entire point of 'pylon' models.

Richard, I think you're being a bit over-enthusiastic on the engine power level of the day. The Gaucho had a long nose compared with most other FF power duration models of the time, which ruled out the favourite competition 1.5cc Olly Tiger Cub. This meant either shortening the nose or using a lighter 1.5cc. Most keen competition flyers would have turned their noses at a KK kit anyway but the average occasional competitors would have used a cooking pb 1.5.
The AM10 & AM15 were the most powerful PB 1 - 1.5 engines commonly available (the AM10 was actually more powerful than most 1.5's) they were about 80W & 120W max respectively, even an Olly Cub was only around 130 - 150W. A few keener people used one of the lighter .09 or .15 glows. I never flew FF much (CL combat & Stunt were my main interests) but remember lending a mate my KB Torp 15 & Fox .15 ( Around 190W on a good day & using 15% nitro) for a pair of Gaucho's he used in a local comp.

I agree the Contest Kit's Calypso 50 was a better comp model than the Gaucho.

Thread: Motor Ident?
04/07/2020 21:27:56

IMO it looks like it;s the 1250kv version. It would be easy to verify by measuring the rpm & supplied voltage with no load.

Use a couple of strips of self adhesive tape that are a contrasting colour to the motor body in order to measure the rpm.

Dividing the rpm by the voltage will give the kv.

Thread: Can I use an ESC & LIPO for BEC only?
02/07/2020 22:42:13

David, I don't think that you have created an album. There should be "n photos" under the number of forum posts you've made if you had.

Have a look at this thread that explains creating an album.

Thread: Ben Buckle Majestic Major help
25/06/2020 00:01:26

Robert, engine on to engine off was a binary event when these models were free flight. They relied on being trimmed for one power setting but we now have throttle & elevator. If a model is pitching up unduly when power is increased it's probably nose heavy &/or over elevated. Being overpowered won't help you could try the old FF trick of fitting the prop back to front.

24/06/2020 20:50:19
Posted by Robert Welford on 24/06/2020 17:25:26:

I've re-engined it with a Laser 70 and installed my radio gear again with an elevator servo in the tail. Surprisingly the CofG is within the range indicated on the plan.

I flew it last week for the first time. It has no downthrust and minimal right thrust and I found that it has significant pitch changes with power and requires right rudder trim. I put in a some nose weight (~500g) and it made no difference. Once trimmed at low power setting it was fine.

You should move the cg rearwards then re-trim to reduce pitch changes caused by power changes.

Thread: Junior 60 Cowl
24/06/2020 15:31:33

SW this blog I did of refurbing & converting my Jnr 60 from ic to electric in 2012/13 includes some photos of the the cowl & battery position etc.
If you need any clarification just ask. thumbs up

Thread: SK3 Quandry
18/06/2020 23:24:02
Posted by SIMON CRAGG on 17/06/2020 16:58:23:

I am trying to stay within spec, especially the amps.Does it matter if I go over the Watts?

No, the winding resistance for this motor is given as .037ohms, therefore at the max current of 42A the power dissipated as heat = 42 squared x .037 Watts = 65.27W
This is independent of the applied voltage.

Thread: Horus RTC battery
18/06/2020 19:48:33

The X12S

18/06/2020 15:55:24

The Horus hadn't corrected overnight or when left on for about 20 minutes in a bedroom this morning. However left it switched on in the garden sun lounge the time & date were correct when checked after about 30 minutes.
Since the Taranis doesn't have GPS I've switched off the RTC adjust option.

I'm now wondering if selecting this option increases the drain on the RTC battery a) when there's no GPS b) when there is GPS.
If the drain is increased in b) it may be best to de-select the option once the clock has been updated.

18/06/2020 00:28:16
Posted by Geoff S on 17/06/2020 23:49:40:

I'm on version opentx-X10-2.3.2 (a97962c5). dated 2019-11-16.

In Hardware, Battery Calibration (which currently a steady 8.13v) is followed by RTC Batt (currently 3.03v), then Check RTC Voltage (just a check box, which I have checked) then Max bauds (400000 - a bit up on the 110 baud teletypes we had at work )

So I don't know about your X12. Perhaps Mike Blandford can explain.


I'm hoping to find time to upgrade to version 2.3.n in the next few days. As mentioned in another post we've had some family health issues ongoing since last October so making time for model activities isn't a high priority.


18/06/2020 00:16:17
Posted by Peter Christy on 17/06/2020 22:37:47:

GPS signals contain a very high accuracy time signal, so maybe the "Adjust RTC" option allows it to update automatically from a known source. The standard clocks do drift a bit.

A PC can also do this using a timing signal from the internet, so this would make sense. However, I don't have a GPS unit so I can't confirm.

Your mixed results maybe to poor GPS reception indoors? You probably need a good signal for it to work properly.



Pete, I was guessing that's what it might be about, my car's clock also uses the time signal from the GPS. The first time I tried the Adjust RTC option on both Tx's when switched off then back on the time & date actually reverted to the low battery default T&D. I then unticked the option on both Tx's re-set the time & date & all was OK.

The Taranis doesn't have GPS but the Horus has so - tried again later this evening with the option ticked - set the correct D&T on the Taranis - it's held the setting OK.
Deliberately input wrong date & inaccurate time on the Horus - so far it hasn't corrected either but this is indoors, will see if it makes corrections tomorrow.


17/06/2020 23:35:04
Posted by Geoff S on 17/06/2020 22:34:23:

In the X10: Press 'Sys', then page through to 'Hardware'. It has 'Calibration' at the top but scroll down and you get 'Battery Calibration' followed by RTC Batt and it shows the voltage (mine's 3.04v now but was about 0.5v with theold one).


Geoff, that's where I looked. There's nothing after "Battery calibration", in fact the battery reading is changing & flickering continuously making any adjustment impossible.

Seems a little odd but the battery calibration is done in the "Radio Setup" page with no sign of RTC Batt on that or the "Hardware" page.

I have both Tx's on version 2.2.2 maybe when I upgrade "RTC Batt" will appear at least on the Horus.

BTW my Taranis is very old, it was one of the first batch that T9 imported.


17/06/2020 22:18:41
Posted by Geoff S on 17/06/2020 15:56:26:

My new batteries arrived this morning (I ordered a spare). I chose Panasonic CR1220 as known reliable product - at least I hope so.

Hi Geoff, snap !
But I had ordered 4, also Panasonic CR1220.
My Taranis & Horus X12S both needed their RTC batteries renewing (+ 2 spares). The cost of the 4, including postage, was 25p more than a single Energiser CR1220 would have been from Halfords!

The Taranis is one of the first batch into UK. I changed the battery about 2 years ago so the original lasted a reasonable time but the replacement was dubious quality one that happened to hand.
The Horus is only about 2 or three years old so no a good life span for the battery.

Changing the Taranis battery was simple & I followed John Salt's Youtube demo for the Horus without any problems. thumbs up

I notice in both the Taranis & Horus radio setup menu the GPS sub section has a tick box option "Adjust RTC".
Do you know what this option does ?
(I've been playing about with the option with mixed results.)

Also in the opening post you mentioned that you checked the RTC battery through the "system hardware option". I can't find this option in either the Taranis or Horus X12, can you give me any pointers please ?


Thread: Taranis X9D & Horus X12S version updates
14/06/2020 20:41:14

Thanks for all the replies thumbs up

I've installed Companion 2.2 and I'm now reacquainting myself with the Horus before I start updating it & the Taranis.

Thread: British Nats in the 60s
14/06/2020 20:28:34
Posted by Peter Christy on 14/06/2020 12:05:10:

Interestingly, Sheila Scott's Commanche ended up being owned by Max Coote, then the proprietor of RipMax. It was damaged beyond repair following an engine failure shortly after take-off from Elstree, though all the occupants survived un-injured.

What is left is on display in a museum in Scotland somewhere! A sad end to a beautiful aeroplane.

Scan down the page thumbs up

Thread: Taranis X9D & Horus X12S version updates
13/06/2020 12:08:58

Due to family health issues I've been virtually unable to commit time to maintaining building or flying models since last October.
My Taranis & Horus are on version 2.2.2 installed in July 2018, the laptop I was using back then is kaput & don't have OpenTx Companion in it's replacement PC.

I'd appreciate advice on whether to install the latest version 2.2.3 (?) in the Tx's or just stick with 2.2.2. Also which version Companion to use.
My free time is still fairly limited so I don't want be committed to changes that may be time consuming.


Thread: Aeronca Sedan
12/06/2020 22:53:38
Post deleted.

Edited By PatMc on 12/06/2020 22:55:26

Thread: Diesel vs glow on a .5cc engine
12/06/2020 22:38:56
Posted by Alan Gorham_ on 12/06/2020 17:40:38:

An 0.49 glow is its capacity in cubic inches. Therefore its capacity in cc is 0.8cc.

Alan, 0.49 cu in = 8 cc wink 2

Thread: Dangerous
11/06/2020 00:08:20
Posted by Peter Jenkins on 10/06/2020 23:36:37:
Posted by Geoff S on 10/06/2020 22:37:55:

I assume Barrie Lever considers anyone using a Frsky radio a low calibre modeller with a poor reputation dont know


It seems to me Geoff that anyone using Frsky radio apparently needs to know that you have to assign numbers to each Rx used.

No we don't.

Thread: Junior 60 Electric Version
06/06/2020 17:58:31

Glad to be of some help. thumbs up

I always prefer to have tailplanes or complete tail units fixed to the model by some removable method but never by rubber bands.
Just had a quick random check and found that out of 17 of my models : 3 have the tail permanently fix as a unit ; 8 have removable tailplanes with fixed fins + rudder ; 6 have completely removable tail units.

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