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Thread: Chris williams ASK-11
15/12/2018 00:01:40

Hi Frank, can I ask what's the weight of your ASK-11 & what's the power train ?
I have a 1/5 scale ASK-14 (see my avatar) built from a kit many years ago. AUW is 88oz, power a 1956 vintage Fox 19 (previously used in C/L stunt models) that was converted for RC using an OS carb, IIRC prop is a Master 8x6. The model's been an attic queen for many years now waiting for conversion to electric.

Thread: Cutting steel wire
11/12/2018 23:16:48

Ron, if I had the same interest in bikes & motorbikes as yourself I'm sure I'd have bought the same or similar cutters. But since I haven't I'm happy using a dremel to cut steel wire & cable.
I also often use pull/pull systems, the fishing trace wire I use is plastic coated, so there's no fraying problem & it's easily cut using side cutters.

Thread: Hangar 9 P47 repair
11/12/2018 23:05:17

No doubt Geoff will wear a suitably soulful expression as he carries out the electric power conversion. wink 2

Thread: Cutting steel wire
11/12/2018 22:44:38

Ron, I don't think many of us need to cut steel bowden cable often enough to justify the cost of specialised cutters particularly when the ends of the cable are going to be soldered anyway.

11/12/2018 22:17:25
Posted by Joe Beavis on 11/12/2018 21:00:36:

The cutters in Ron Gray's post look good. Felco also make excellent cable cutters. You will never regret having the proper tool, as they also cut piano wire more cleanly than side cutters.

Side cutters are only good for "soft" metal they will be damaged first time they're used to cut piano wire & won't last long on steel bowden inner wire either.
IMO using a dremel disc is the most economical, satisfactory method.

11/12/2018 22:06:08

I would silver solder a Z bent piece of bike spoke wire to one end of the cable before cutting it. Then tin the area of the intended cut with a small piece of silver solder & cut with a dremel disc. The silver solder can be neatly filed flush with the steel strands in order to be able to slide the cable through the bowden outer. A threaded clevis connector socket is then soft soldered to the cable. To avoid damaging the plastic outer it's best to use a crocodile clip on the inner to act as a heat shunt whilst soldering the connector in place.

Thread: Voltage sensor
08/12/2018 15:38:41

I bought these FBVS-01 sensors from RCLife. Used with D series Rx's for a couple for pre lipo ESCs on with 3s lipos. One thing to watch is that you only connect to the ESC +ve wire. Don't connect the -ve iwire as it's provided via the Rx A2 plug socket.

Thread: What can I fly on a 2S battery?
07/12/2018 23:54:08

The max power possible from a motor using 2s is doubled when using 4s but the prop size has to be reduced as the max current the motor can take is still the same.

For sports aerobatic models I usually aim for around a motor of 1000kv when using 3s, for gliders I aim at around 850kv in order to use a bigger dia prop. If I want to use 4s it's simply 3/4 x the 3s kv.

Sports models I go for a battery capacity that will give about 6 mins of full throttle power which normaly equates to 10 - 15 mins normal mixed aerobatic/cruise flying.
Gliders about 4 mins battery capacity which will give 6 or 7 climb outs to thermal altitude at full power. I like my gliders to be able to climb to 200m in 30 secs.

I normaly use prop sizes that run at about 80% kv x battery voltage rpm (or less). This is usualy well within the motors current limit.

Thread: The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
07/12/2018 21:52:43
Posted by Bob Smitham on 07/12/2018 01:39:29:

Lot's of advice in those reply's thanks for the input.Hiya Pat I'll fill in the blanks. At the moment fixed wing wise a few hours on a 800mm wing.Now flying wings are very popular with quad flyers as their first foray in the fixed wing world.Why I'm not sure.Maybe just a fashion or more likley a spare multi rotor motor and ESC will power most one meter and below wings.So with a foam wing costing from £5 home built , too around £50 for a fancy model it's a cheap and easy way to give it a try.The down side being if the COG isn't perfect they are a hand full for a beginner.Prior too my wing I did try a few flights on a Bixler a much better option for a new flyer IMO.Cruising at 40kph and hitting 110kph at times with the 800mm wing on a 2204 motor was more stressfull than fun for the first half dozen flights.At the moment a home made foam board plank around 800mm is taking the knocks.When I'm proficient with this model.I have just finished a 1200mm V tial with a 1250kv motor and 5000mha batt.AUW around 2lb.From other flyers who have followed similar path I'm told the larger model will be more akin to the Bixler and easier to handle..My next step is a laser cut kit trainer.I'd like too see how balsa builds are engineered before attempting a scratch build direct from plan.Sorry for derailing thread.

Bob, perhaps it would be best if you started a new thread with the pertinent points from your previous posts & including the details given above.

Personally I think you may have less but different instructional needs from what most of us have assumed. I also think that you may be typical of a new trend of "beginners" who have multi rotor experience but who now either want to switch to fixed wing models or want to fly both types of models.

07/12/2018 21:32:11

I think you're right, Martin.
To find the trend the question should perhaps be "What brand of Tx have you bought in the last "X" months"
The current results must include a number of 35MHz Tx's, which inflates the % of all but Spectrum, FrSky and I think Jeti who have only ever made 2.4GHz RC equipment.
The use of different brand 2.4GHz modules in Tx's may also distort the results.


Edited By PatMc on 07/12/2018 21:54:39

06/12/2018 20:45:21
Posted by Julian Thacker on 06/12/2018 09:56:41:
Posted by PatMc on 05/12/2018 21:23:40:

Don, I don't see how it's any more of a gamble than with the instructor on a buddied Tx.
It was the norm at one time & there were no more training disasters then than there are now.

Having trained many pupils for many years with and without buddy box I would say It depends on the pupil! It is (imo) beyond argument much less stressful for the instructor to be able to take control without having to grab the tx from the student. Some students, and not only older ones, take quite a while before they can fly a circuit anywhere near reliably. Having to repeatedly get the tx back before recovery is annoying to both student and instructor. It is also (imo!) beyond dispute that some students get to a level where they can fly fairly confidently most of the time but can suddenly get 'lost', and that can require very swift response from the instructor. The BB is much faster!

Once the pupil is getting to the landing stage the buddy box is the only way to save some of the arrivals that may not rekit the model but will most probably end proceedings for that model that day.

Some students also find it helpful to use a neck strap and recovering the tx in a hurry becomes virtually impossible.

So yes, it's possible to train without but the buddy box is an instructor's best friend (imo!).


My advice was based on the information that Bob, the person asking for advice, isn't a rank beginner. He has been flying multi rotor for 4 years and a 2 lb AUW foamy for an undisclosed period. He doesn't say which foamy or what the 6lb model he wishes to progress to.

I'm not saying using a buddy box isn't desirable or even the best option, only that it isn't a necessity, especially given Bob's experience with the probability that he won't need extensive instruction.
However depending on what the model is that he intends progressing to it may be that an intermediate trainer would also be called for.

Perhaps Bob can fill in the blanks re what the foamy is & what the 6lb model is.

05/12/2018 21:23:40

Don, I don't see how it's any more of a gamble than with the instructor on a buddied Tx.
It was the norm at one time & there were no more training disasters then than there are now.

05/12/2018 18:55:26
Posted by Bob Smitham on 04/12/2018 18:01:40:
Posted by Steve J on 04/12/2018 10:11:48:

Posted by Bob Smitham on 03/12/2018 19:00:11:

Entering this side of the hobby from the multi rotor/Foam side of the hobby(4 years in).


Would any qualified trainer be using a Taranis for buddy boxing.

If you have been flying for four years, why would you need a buddy box?


Hiya Steave.

Am I being over cautious perhaps? Just a little worried with the jump from a 2lb AUW foam all in £60 build up to the 6lb months in building balsa at least double the cost model.

After the time and money invested I would be a bag of nerves with a heavy ic powered plane.

In the event that your choice of Tx can't be buddied, why not ask the instructor to check the model over & perform the maiden flight. Then, if & when he's satisfied that it's OK, you fly subsequent flights with him standing by as per pre buddy lead days.

Thread: circlips on servo linkages
04/12/2018 20:27:23

I've use them for years on several models, always with either piano wire inner, or metal bowden cable inner, or bike spoke end of pushrods. Never used threadlock & never had any problem.
If anyone told me he'd banned them at my club I'd tell, as a very experienced modeler him to foxtrot with Oscar.


Thread: Wing bag material
03/12/2018 20:17:12

During & just before the winter sports season it's worth checking on Lidl & Aldi for snowboard bags.

The ones I have are about 66" long, 13" each end, 17" across centre, strong, zipped end to end, with back/belly straps, shoulder strap & a zipped accessories pouch. They were only around £6 or £7 but I can't remember which store I got mine from.


General arrangement, accessories pouch over centre.

back straps.jpg

Back & belly strap.

shouler strap.jpg

Belly strap moved to shoulder position.

Thread: Is it possible to create a tiled print out from a pdf file?
03/12/2018 11:28:45

Nigel, in the printer properties options have you selected "borderless" ?

02/12/2018 12:39:45

There seems to be an echo in this thread.

Thread: How to fill a TE / aileron gap ?
01/12/2018 17:14:04

How large ?
On a 60" trainer a gap of around 3-4mm almost certainly won't make any noticeable difference to handling or aileron effectiveness..

Thread: Do you weigh your lipos (I think you should!)
01/12/2018 16:40:48

Should have gone to Specsavers smile d

teeth 2

Thread: Taranis limiting servo travel
30/11/2018 23:48:30

Stephen, here are a couple of principles I apply when setting up spoilerons that you might find helpful.

To get the most combined aileron+spoiler travel as well as the most applied torque over any part of this travel it would be best if the servos are moved over their full available end to end limits.
In the "Model Setup" page scroll down to "Extended Limits" & press enter. This will allow the outputs to be increased up to 150%. Before starting any spoiIeron/camber mix I set the aileron servos outputs to a little under the max % that brings the travel to it's end point, obviously the same % each way for both servos.

I use a switch to enable landing mode that then allows a slider to control the spoiler action. The landing mode also switches on a coupled aileron - rudder mix [about 50%] to compensate for any loss of aileron authority caused by the spoiler action during the landing.

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