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Thread: Which Glue
27/05/2020 08:24:59
Posted by Ray Wood 4 on 27/05/2020 07:05:00:

Hi Micheal,

I'd go with Doc's suggestions on Gorilla products + Balsa Cement for joining sheets.

Plus I find the Poundland cyano, and epoxy great value 👍✔,

In my experience because it costs an arm & leg doesn't make it any better !

Regards Ray

Edited By Ray Wood 4 on 27/05/2020 07:06:32

Edited By Ray Wood 4 on 27/05/2020 07:07:09

Unfortunately cheap is cheap but when you require strong structural adhesives you do get what you pay for. Next youll be recommending fish glue ( which is actually very strong but flexible)

Thread: Angular Contact bearings
20/05/2020 22:12:45

The 63 bearing is about 2mm less in width than the 70 and also the crankshaft is very different as it uses a crankshaft ring as well , I know the rings are fitted to the bigger engines and was surprised when removing the crank to find a ring there as well on this size engine, The crank case is also very different to allow the full enclosure of the rear bearing and to also allow the sleeve for the crank ring to run in. As is normal, when I removed the bearing not the slightest sign of corrosion , If it weren't for the fact I had removed the bearing then the bearing is in reasonably good condition however as its an angular contact it's hard to see how much wear it actually has, and i dont refit used bearings

20/05/2020 21:49:51

I now remember why I dont use the forums on here much. Thanks to those that have offered genuine help and also messaged me, the bearings have now been delivered, fitted and work beautifully,

20/05/2020 21:43:24

You had too much too drink? Otherwise keep of the caffine cheeky


Edited By Jason Channing on 20/05/2020 21:44:30

Edited By Jason Channing on 20/05/2020 21:44:54

20/05/2020 11:20:50

Hi Nigel. I belive the later engines have changed and the FZ 80 has along with the 70. My 63 are normal.

20/05/2020 08:17:47

Hi Barrie, thanks for that Simply bearings had 1 in stock which I bought yesterday , Probuild dont have much stock and I finally remembered SMAC importers in France who have stock

20/05/2020 06:34:27

Sorry stephen The question was where can I buy the bearings not whether you approve and as you you cant read im not letting you near my engines thanks heart

19/05/2020 19:47:31
Posted by Stephen Smith 14 on 19/05/2020 19:07:50:

Not sure why you would think angular contact bearings would be better for a rear bearing as it's the front bearing that takes the axial load

I guess YS engines know what their doing when they build engines..............

19/05/2020 06:22:34

Thanks for the reply. I have tried bearing boys and they don't have any simply bearings have a budget one in stock. Probuild have sold out. Hi Barrie the bearing is for a Ys 80, from what I have seen all their engines now have these.

18/05/2020 21:30:02

Does anyone know where to buy NTN 7001 bearings (not 6001) as most companys I have spoken to dont have any in stock. I have a few 6001 but particularly want 7001 as these are for the rear bearing and from my experience work much better than the 6001 .

Thread: Silicon conformal coating for float plane electronics.
17/05/2020 09:02:34

Use this on all my racing quads that go anywhere near water, damp ground and it works superbly, and its easy enough to peal off. downside is that its expensive but not as expensive as PDB;'s and flight controllers.

Thread: New gas engine break in
06/05/2020 22:25:33

Castrol R is semi Synethetic with the main base being Castor oil, with Synethetic additives, Castrol M or Shell M are full Castor.

Thread: Laser cutting
06/05/2020 18:03:46

My air assist is running of a 50 litre compressor in the workshop and it works a treat , bloody well in fact , 3 mm nozzle attached to the laser and focused around 10mm from the focal point and at 10 psi, Huge difference to the cutting, I also lifted the work piece to be cut around 2 mm from the base wood and this way you can see when the laser is cutting through the last layer.

Thread: Wing section
06/05/2020 09:56:35

Thanks I have Profil and tracfoil which i use for dxf file to the cutter and both are superb in what they do . From what I have read the 7037 looks to be what I am after for lift drag and aerobatic wise.

Thread: New gas engine break in
06/05/2020 09:13:07

Don't trust or listen to anyone who thinks fuel burning is a controlled explosion, If you are getting explosions / Detonation in your engine it will be destroyed pretty rapidly.

Whilst running your engine on mineral oil (which I used to do)It's also poorly lubricating your bearings and especially the caged roller bearings.

Thread: Wing section
05/05/2020 22:22:23

. From what I've seen the SD 7037 is meant to be very popular, not sure how it would work on a wing.

05/05/2020 22:03:04

I've got a weird sense of humour. But I'm working on where you think I'm building a triplane.

05/05/2020 21:23:06

Would some one give me some ideas for a wing section for a RC Glider flying wing. looking for best lift drag, Basically I want to build a quick wing and try out some laser cutting, and experiment with a few other bits, Cheers

Thread: New gas engine break in
05/05/2020 15:24:27

Never yet had an engine where the fuel explodes ?????????????, For running in Just use good quality oil from the start , mineral oil does nothing to the engine except promote wear which isnt the same as bedding to metals together. I used to use mineral oil for running in but dont do it anymore as it doesnt do the engine any good.

Thread: Solarlac Thinners
05/05/2020 15:16:06

If I remember correctly Cellulose thinners is non polar and is not compatible with Solarlac , try a non polar such as 2K thinners,If you mix cellulose with solarlac and leave for a while it will separate.

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