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Thread: Problems with Spektrum receiver ar6600t
21/01/2020 13:28:24


1. Spektrum Rxs do not come pre bound to the Tx

2. A flashing LED means the RX is not bound

3. No led means no power to the Rx or a dead Rx

4. You are unlikely to have damaged the Rx by inserting the power the wrong way round

5.You do not need a bind plug with this Rx

6.If you have a satellite this should be connected

Check the power supply is correct. I have a had a Speky Rx that died straight out of the box so it's not unknown.

Can you post a photo of your set up?

Thread: Real Model Pilots
06/03/2019 07:10:02

Last time I ordered from them (just over a year ago) they ignored my order on their website and emails but responded to an order through their ebay shop. Looks like the web site is dormant.

Thread: Servo /RX incompatibility?
04/03/2019 18:35:07

I had analogue servo twitching issue with an AR9030, updating the firmware fixed it. Spektrum don't put this in the manual.

Edited By Mr.B. on 04/03/2019 18:35:48

Thread: BMFA subs increase.
18/09/2018 14:38:46
Posted by john stones 1 on 18/09/2018 14:15:00:

Our car park is almost a 100 yds away from one flight line, even farther from our other flight line. I know of flightlines where the people almost fly out their car boots, others slightly further back, is it the proximity or the pilots at fault ? what's the answer to this one ?

BMFA handbook item 13.2 layout of RC flying sites

Thread: Airsail Chipmunk
27/07/2018 08:01:03

Dave, PM sent.

Thread: YS 50 heli engine strip down
18/02/2018 18:33:30

I thought that too after posting, so it's now soaking in glow fuel and I'll try again in a few days. The hot air gun on max got it too hot to hold with welding gloves. To get it hotter would require a butane torch. Or there is a small machine shop nearby by who have a bearing oven.

18/02/2018 14:24:08

I need to change the bearing on my YS50ST heli engine. With YSs to remove the piston you first have to pull the liner out. I have heated it with a hot air gun, domestic oven, soaked it in penetrating oil, pulled it, tried a small peace of wood through the exhaust and transfer ports and pushing with the piston and a brass drift on the bottom of the liner with increasingly big hammers. All to no avail. Any ideas any one (other than to buy an OS)?

Thread: Long wait for car parts
19/10/2017 18:14:08


Your last post identifies what is going on. Your insurer have passed the claim onto a claim handling company. The handling company collected your car, are having it repaired and provided the hire car. They are whacking a healthy mark up on the repair and the hire car which they hope to reclaim from the other drivers insurers. The longer they can spin this out the more they make. Oh,and if they can't reclaim it from the other insurer guess where they will turn. Check carefully anything you have signed. If you were fully comp you did have the right to refuse the claim handling company and insist your insurer sort it out. I bet they didn't tell you that. Push hard to get this sorted ASAP. Claim handlign companies are why premiums are so high.

Thread: Tuning For Flight
10/10/2017 10:19:47

Higher flow through the carb = high pressure difference = carb sucks fuel harder.

Thread: Can't get INTO flat spin
10/10/2017 09:28:22


First, a couple of things. If the aircraft is cork screwing down it's not spinning it's in a spiral dive. And you said "sticks in the corners" you should (for the B test) enter the spin using elevator and rudder only. Spins result from stalling one wing. Therefore the entry must be right on the point of stall. Get high. Really high. reduce power. Keep pulling elevator to stop the nose dropping and slow the aircraft then just before it stalls add full rudder and pull the rest of the elevator if there is any left. It make take half a turn to a turn to develop into a full spin. For the B test you can add alieron now to keep it in the spin. The aircraft will rotate around it's CofG and not crock screw. Difficulty entering the spin can be because a)CoG to far forward b)not enough elevator throw c) entry to fast. Some models spin better one way than the other.

What model are you using?

Good luck.

Thread: Question for John Harper
01/10/2017 10:03:45
Thanks chaps.
30/09/2017 18:36:12


A friend as asked me to make a adapter to fit the exhaust to a old second hand 1.20. I can turn an adpter but how did the exhaust fit? Or is this the wrong pipe for the engine?



Thread: Model selection for "B" test
29/09/2017 07:21:07

Vic, Either model is capable of flying the schedule. Both are just over the minimum weight. Use a model you are comfortable with. I have found it can be difficult to get the foamy Wot4 to enter the spin but it can be done (having demonstrated the spin for candidates a few times). If you want a new model anyway I would suggest going for some thing a bit larger/heavier which will cope with weather a bit better.

Thread: Receiver losing bind with servo use
28/08/2017 22:14:49


I don't think it is 'losing bind'. If it had it would need to be bound again with the bind plug. I suspect that the servo in question has a fault or the linkage is tight and is drawing high current causing a brown out.

Thread: Uniflow fuel tank configuration
07/08/2017 11:51:34

I experimented by converting my FS powered Wots wot from normal 3 line set up to uni didn't make any difference.

Thread: Cowl for a Pup?
09/07/2017 21:24:11

Thanks cymaz. I did find that page, oddly a Pup cowl is not listed.

09/07/2017 20:57:11

I'm been given an old Flair puppeteer which I am giving a new life with electric power. Unfortunately the cowl has been "trimmed" (ie hacked about). Does any one know where I can get a suitable replacement or does any one have one to spare?


Mr B

Thread: DX6e Wireless buddy box question
02/07/2017 20:53:15

Indeed, in pilot link master the instructors trims are applied to the student. If the student applies trim this is added to (or subtracted from) to the instructors trim.

Thread: Secondhand Flair Pup
18/06/2017 18:01:36

My one is 130mm back from the top wing LE as per the flair instructions.


Thread: Spektrum DX6 and ST Salto
01/06/2017 16:33:14

Yes, I was about to add that the only information saved on the RX is the fail safe positions (assuming it is not an AS3X gyro stabilized Rx). The controls will fail safe to the position at binding so if you subsequently find you have to revers the throttle things could get exiting. Not a clot, just something you didn't know that you now do.

"Stand well back" could be my motto.

Glad to hear you got it sorted. To the sky!

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