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Thread: Best Plane You Have Owned
17/02/2018 21:52:30

Two models stand out, both superb,hard to say which was the better model. First model was a Sid King designed Radio Modeller plan built "Pussyfoot",I built and flew loads of them! The other outstanding model was an enlarged Don Stothers design of the "Krier Kraft Acromaster".I flew it for years,sold it to a clubmate,and he wrote it off first time he flew it. It flew so well I've just built another,it's just awaiting painting..........................Mal

Thread: Excerpt from Aero modeller 1971
16/02/2018 14:54:14

Wasn't it Pylonius who wrote a very amusing article about a Doug Spreng model,I think it was the " Twister",in which he argued ,in a comical way,about Doug's aerodynamic theories. He gently mocked Doug, including intentially spelling his name wrong in a very comical article. Pylonius,(who was he ?) always wrote a very amusing item,and was very clever in his use double meanings.................................Mal

Thread: Traditional Materials - Paxolin
14/02/2018 19:33:51
Posted by Peter Miller on 23/02/2012 08:32:49:

Tufnol is much, much stronger. IT is made from frabric not paper. There was an engine that used a Tufnol disc valve. Not sure which engine, may have been an ETA 29.

the Amco 3.5 bb used a Tufnol rear rotary disc valve........................Mal

Thread: Build a model from twisted wire?
24/11/2017 21:26:01
Posted by Tony Kenny on 24/11/2017 21:12:39:

It's non -alcoholic Question still stands though, why can't light weight twisted metal be used to create an airframe?

Not quite twisted wire, but does anybody remember the 'Frog Pioneer',an all alloy model built in a normal modelling manner,but all components,stringers,longerons,wing ribs and otherparts were either light alloy,plus the occasional plastic item,held together with special clips.This was,bear in mind,not an ARTF,but was assembled by the modeller.How successful it was I don't know,I never saw a completed model,if I recall correctly,the price was on the high side.........................Mal

Thread: 1965!
14/08/2015 13:27:30
Posted by ron evans on 14/08/2015 12:39:04:


This one is Shauns and has a Rand, but generally Fleets came with a Controllaire 'Ghost' actuator.

Edited By Phil Green on 14/08/2015 12:59:38

I had a Fleet radio with a Rand LR3 actuator,but it came as a one-piece combined actuator and r/x,but the r/x was uncased,with a separate deac. I part-exchanged it for a second-hand OS ten-channel reed outfit,with Climax Digimite servos,at Roland Scott's original shop in Bolton. That would have been in the late '60's...........Mal

Thread: C of G For Control line models
14/11/2014 21:04:19

Hi Danny,

sorry but you're completely wrong with what you are saying,I can only assume you misunderstood what you have read or heard from other c/l fliers.The bellcrank position is most important to the model,as it is the pivot for the model's flight attitude. The bellcrank pivot MUST be behind the c/g,and the lead-outs should be at 90 degrees to the flight path of the model.Having said that,a small amount of of lead-out sweep-back will do no harm.The further forward the c/g,the more line tension will be generated,and conversly,the further back the c/g,the less line tension,plus of course the model becomes more sensitive to elevator.................................Mal.

11/11/2014 11:08:32

Hi Steve,

the normal place for a safe c/g position on a c/l model is on the front line position { i.e. level with the front lead-out from the bellcrank}. I think you will find that to be a satisfactory position...............Mal.

Thread: 1st Round Voting Thread
16/10/2014 16:32:43

1st funfighter

2nd atom special

Thread: Wanted - Webbit - Plans and Instructions
07/09/2014 20:59:58

Hi all,

I don't know why AlanJ hasn't mentioned that a set of plans will be on their way to him tomorrow morning.I sent him an e-mail and he telephoned me on Friday evening and the sending of drawings was arranged.I thought he would have let the forum know to save anybody else the hassle of finding the plans............................Mal.

Thread: Laminating curved sheets of balsa
21/08/2014 17:19:35

Hello Mike,

the method I always use in similar situations is to glue the first layer in place,and let it dry,as you have done,then to glue the second layer using PVA glue,and to hold in in contact with the first layer using masking tape as strapping. Give it plenty of time to dry,as there is little exposure to the air towards the centre of the lamination....................Mal

Thread: How low is a low pass?
25/01/2014 01:58:15
Hi Ken, yes, that's Sally B in her earlier 'plain metal' guise,she was later painted into her present olive drab finish due to combat corrosion to her ali. skin........Mal
24/01/2014 16:55:39
The late Don Bullock was well-known for 'scraping the deck' many years ago with Sally B..........stunning flying ! He sadly lost his life low rolling a Douglas Invader at Biggin Hill.
Thread: What shall I build using this as a powerplant?
18/12/2013 10:02:06
Hi Martyn,
the Pitts at 72" span sounds just about perfect for your engine.I flew for years a 72" biplane with a st 3000,and it was an ideal powerplant.The model was a 1/4 scale Krier Kraft Acromaster,which weighed about 16 lbs,the power was more than adequate.Point the nose in a vertical climb,it just kept going up.I sold the model to a club-mate,who wrote it off on his first outing with it ! The model was so impressive,I've nearly completed a copy of it........Mal
15/12/2013 12:16:20
Keith Mitchell of the LMA described converting the ST 3000 to petrol.It was many years ago in,I think,scale modeller quarterly magazine.He used four of them in his Lancaster.It may be worth finding the article,or maybe contact the LMA for information.......Mal
14/12/2013 23:27:14
Hi Martyn,
fabulous engine,I used one for years (still got it) in a 1/4 scale biplane of 72" span.It never missed a beat,and I could almost guarantee a first flick start.I ran mine on straight fuel (i.e. no nitro) with 10% oil content.You must be careful to set them slightly rich on the ground,as they unload and lean out quite a bit in the air.They will convert to petrol,but I never bothered to do that,as has been stated , they are fairly economical,and the straight fuel with low oil content doesn't cost a fortune,plus of course,they are quite a low-revving engine.........Mal

Edited By mal brewer on 14/12/2013 23:28:06

Thread: buying from the US of A
03/12/2013 21:26:49
Hi Ben,
you will be hit quite hard importing from USA,you will be charged import duty,(unknown amount,but normally about 2 1/2%,vat at 20%on the entire cost including postage,plus the royal mail handling charge,which was ,I think,?14 last time I used them.It's not cheap!!..........Mal.

Edited By mal brewer on 03/12/2013 21:27:30

Edited By mal brewer on 03/12/2013 21:28:15

Thread: Looking for inspiration
13/11/2013 23:32:38
Posted by Percy Verance on 11/11/2013 21:28:52:

Hi Mal

Re the Hampden. The name Peter Anderson seems to stick for some reason........

I do recall reading somewhere that having flown the model competitively for a full season, he'd sold it to someone who then passed it onto a museum.

Peter Greene? Are you a Fleetwood Mac fan Mal? smiley

Edited By Percy Verance on 11/11/2013 21:33:55

Hi Percy,

you're right ,I am ! However,I think you are probably correct in remembering the name as Peter Anderson,I seem to recall that name myself. I also have it in my mind that he actually built two of these models,the first one powered by Laser 70's,and a later,larger version with Laser 100's.Not definate on that,but it seems to be in my memory for some reason.......................Mal.

11/11/2013 21:21:13

P.S. I've always wondered how you'd bale out of the Lightning without wrapping yourself round the tailplane....... answers on a postcard please.......

Edited By Percy Verance on 11/11/2013 20:48:56

Hi Percy,

by coincidence,there was an ex-p38 pilot on a tv programme last night,and he was saying how hard it was to bale out of the aircraft. The recommended method was to invert the aircraft,and drop out,probably quite difficult with a damaged aircraft in the heat of battle.

The modeller with the Hampton was ,I seem to recall, a chap by the name of Peter ............... not surre of his surname,was it Greene ? A very succesful model.........................Mal.

Thread: For those of a certain age
25/09/2013 13:36:18

Hi Colin,

yes I,m sure Mike Hawthorn would have 'got on with it',he was a real gung-ho character,mind you, he became disillusioned with racing after the death of his best friend,his 'mon ami mate' Peter Collins, in the 1958 German grand prix.During the 1950's, le mans was the major road race in the world,and I used to follow the race on the radio broadcast. The jaguar was, to me, the finest car in the world,and their feats at le mans legendary. There was just nothing else like a 'D' type jaguar,and their drivers were all household names.And yes,I'm still a jaguar man,got a real scruffy 3.8 mk2,but it still goes well,and sounds fabulous.........Mal

25/09/2013 12:39:43
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 25/09/2013 08:40:32:

I've got so interested in this that I've had a look on-line to refresh my memory and find it was 59 when Mike died, not 58, but it was a Mk2 Jag. Also I was way off beam on the location, it wasn't Arley in Worcestershire, so I don't know why I'd fixed that in my head! It was near Guildfor

Mike Hawthorn's accident was in 1959,I seem to recall it was either january or february,and it was shortly after he had retired from racing,as reigning world champion,I believe britain's first grand prix champion.His car was a 3.4 litre saloon,known then as the 'compact' jaguar. After the introduction of the improved copact jaguar,which was known as the 'mk 2' jaguar,the earlier saloon,like Mike was driving,retrospectily became known as the mk 1,but it was never known as this while it was a current model.There was a lot of talk and speculation at the time about his car having experimental tyres,also maybe a hand throttle,both of which were suspected of being factors in the accident,but nothing became of these rumours.Ironically,with respect to the le mans tradgedy,the car Hawthorn was overtaking on the guildford by-pass was a mercedes,so in both tradgedied,a jaguar and a mercedes were involved.Anothe story was that mike,being a patriotic englishman,would not have let a german car out drive him. Incidentally, mike hadn't long to live in any event,as he had a serious kidney disease,anyway a tragic end to a flamboyant character

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