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Thread: Binding DX6i to AR6200
03/10/2019 15:49:36

I have my Timer switch set to Trainer in the setup menu on my DX6i. I have been caught out once trying to bind my AR6200 in that it would not bind until I set the switch to inhibit. Then it binds OK.angel

Edited By Hugh P on 03/10/2019 15:51:37

Thread: Anyone know what happened to Kamco?
04/09/2019 19:44:47

Moved away in 1999 to Cambridgeshire, great flying site at Warboys, right in the middle of an old Pathfinder airfield. Good luck with the revival, I'm sure there is a gap in the market. Regards to all. Hugh.

04/09/2019 15:03:15

I built a Kamco Cloud Rider in 1985 for Colin Booth as part of my resettlement leave from the RAF. I think it was about to go into kit form and he needed a photo for the box!

I remember he had a daughter and son so Iguess that may well have been you Rich.

Thread: New EDF Mini Jets- Jet Provost & Folland Gnat
27/04/2019 08:56:49

Thanks Tony, the Folland Gnat looks great. As I was the Red Arrows Team photographer in 79 (last year of the Gnat) - 81, guess what the colour scheme will be?

Just need a 50mm EDF version of the Hawk now. The smoke pod would make a great holding point for hand launch. Great designs & thanks for the Lysander.

Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
14/03/2019 08:56:23

Maurice Tait of Moreley Helicopters. I wonder how many started out with a Morley?

morley helicopters

14/03/2019 08:35:25

One from the archives. Skyways Chipahawk meet Keevil airfield, Wiltshire. Skyways owner Phil Durrant 4th from left. Happy days, wish I still had mine.smiley

chipahawk meet keevil 1984.jpg

Thread: Building the Nijhuis Lysander
23/05/2015 21:58:56

Well after what seems years (it has been) my Lizze has taken to the air. The bench run SC52FS had enough power to fly the 7.lbs Lysander. With a 11x7 3 blade prop and Covered in solatex. It need no trim but I think it is slightly nose heavy. I put the 5 cell AA pack through the firewall and covered the spats and cowl in 1/2 oz glass cloth to add strength ( and weight). Regards HughP. smileyThanks TN

.lysander maiden_024.jpglysander maiden_033.jpg

Thread: Galaxy Magician builders
14/12/2014 08:52:45


Personal choice and from experience I guess. Nothing but trouble with the first one, perhaps my landings are smoother now 20 years on! Does not change the flying characteristics, I just think it's a great all round aircraft.

12/12/2014 21:00:54

I changed my U/C to blocks in the wings - so much better.

Can be seen on my web page

It really is a great aircraft, great low wing trainer.


Thread: Airsail Chipmunk Kit limited re run.
18/04/2014 11:55:13

Only 50 kits? Where do I put my name down for one? I think there will be a lot of interest in this if it happens.



Thread: How do I download October issue
14/09/2013 19:27:26

David, I tried today to download the September issue for reading off line. I can see the issue and I can read it on line at pocket mags, but there is no download. I have contacted them and have been told - quote "I am sorry to say that there is no download service available to digital magazine, but the magazine which are purchased will be permanantly stored in your account. Best Wishes Dan Brown." I am somewhat confussed.

15/08/2013 21:53:41

David, thanks, after much head scratching I have got there. biggest problem was finding the 'Off Line Viewer'. I must admit was expecting to see the back issues or will they still be available to view via this site after July next year? It will be a great loss if they are removed.

Regards Hugh

14/08/2013 20:46:28

David, I upgraded my subscription as per the inserted page that came with the August RCM&E. This was to allow download to mobile device ( iphone ect) and PC. This is clearly stated on the flyer. I was told that the upgrade would be available for me by the 12 Aug, but as yet I have not found a way to download. Any ideas?

Thread: Galaxy/Pegasus Magician - Lotus inspired extra lightweight Mod's
27/11/2012 20:07:36

Hi Simon.

I must admit I have never used epoxy resin, just the stuff you mix in equal amounts, I thought they were one and the same thing. Fibre glass resin is a definate NO NO. Just test it first if unsure. I'll shut up now and just get on with balsa bashing and keep away from these threads.

26/11/2012 21:15:25

I have never know 2 part epoxy to melt foam, I use the 20 min variety to join the wings and then glass fibre bandage and epoxy , never used a tube or brace unless the plan called for it. If in doubt test on some scrap foam. However NEVER use glass fibre resin (smells terrible, also 2 part) as this will just melt foam like a hot knife through butter. Also a good trick to do is before applying the bandage, dribble hot candle wax into the gap where the aileron torque rods stick out, then apply the bandage and epoxy. This will stop any epoxy resin glueing up the torque rods! You will find a hard edge to the bandage after the epoxy has cured, this is due to the weave of the bandage, simply rub down being careful not to damage the veneer then mask about 2cm away and give another coat of epoxy to fill the weave. If needed do the same again. Finally simply cut around the rod and dig out the wax and you will have a free moving torque rod again and a really strong wing join with a feathered edge to the epoxy covered bandage.

25/11/2012 21:04:22

Hi all

Just to add my thoughts, I have built my 2nd Magician (the first was over 20 years ago), powered by a SC52FS on a 12x6 master and covered in Solarspan she flies a treat. On this version I modified the U/C to use blocks in the wings. I found that the piano wire kept bending around the leading edge on my original. This mod is well worth doing and I think stronger and better looking than the original. If I built another one I would add flaps and increase the size of the ailerons to compensate for the reduced length. Also rudder cold do with a little extra area for stall turns etc. There are other photos in the album. magician 4.jpgHave fun.

Edited By Hugh Philps on 25/11/2012 21:08:32

Thread: Tony Nijhuis 63" Spit
23/07/2011 08:59:26
Hi all,
What servos are you using? Any advice would be a helpfull starting point.
Thread: Building the Nijhuis Lysander
24/05/2011 19:17:15
There seems to be little information on the exta fuel tank that sit's behind the pilot, so while at the Old Warden Mayfly the other day I took this shot. Hope it helps someone.
If you have a specific area of the Lizze that you need a photo of, let me know, I might just have one.

Edited By Hugh Philps on 24/05/2011 19:17:34

Edited By Hugh Philps on 24/05/2011 19:18:36

Edited By Hugh Philps on 24/05/2011 19:18:59

24/05/2011 19:05:34
I got my aluminum localy, so I should be able to get more. Because of its size it is more expensive to post than it is to buy! I'm just hoping that the stuff I have is going to be hard enough. It took a lot of anealing to bend.
Let me know the town that you visit in the UK. If it is local to one of the areas I regualy go to I'll get you some. Ali cost is about £8 for a Metere (enough for 2 U/C ) and postage is likey to be about £12 if I can't deliver it myself.
My Lizzie is a bit slow on the build, but I'm getting there.
Hugh P
17/04/2011 11:16:51
Len, I used a Slec 9oz yellow tank in mine. It has got the center line down a bit, but not a lot. The designer TN used the the inverted SC, and has not reported any engine problems etc. I have a Perry Pump that I might fit if I get flooding problems etc. My build is a bit slow, there are some pictures on my web site .Of interest I have been using a Master Airscrew 11x7 three blade prop on my 5lb aerobatic Galaxy Magician, with an SC52FS (mounted vertical) and the 9oz tank. I get easily 10mins flight times with this set up, so in the Lizzie it should be just fine.
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