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Thread: Anyone for a Tiffie?
23/09/2020 21:26:10

Trevor, did this progress further?

Thread: Replacement Cowl
23/09/2020 00:07:16

+1 for Fiberglass Specialties. Ive made a couple of orders from them. The product is top quality, better than the OEM. By the time you add a spare cowl (you know you'll need it in a couple of years) and something for the next project too, and then compare that with setting up yourself with produce something similar, it's pretty cheap. And I'm in NZ, so no cheap shipping for me.

Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
20/09/2020 09:32:52

I'm in. 46" Tony Nijhuis Spit, built when the mag article came out. Gave several years great service, but somehow i got something wrong with the firewall, so the motor mount was moved, and washers packing it out. Ran on a OS 25LA, which was a little lacking. Bought a Leo .28 for it, and then one day i started refurbing the fuse to sort this out, and lo and behold 10 years later it hasn't progressed beyond that first day, so thanks for the motivation!


Thread: switching of main lipo battery
09/09/2020 19:17:11

Phil can you post an appropriate circuit diagram of that hyperfet switch pls?

Thread: Brian Taylor P-51
09/09/2020 01:12:53

Danny, enjoying this P-51. One day. Wont be of your calibre. Also have the Hurricane. Much fun. (Yours was a bloody good read too!)

Gary there is another BT Spit, slightly smaller (64.5" Mk IX i recall) and simpler (fixed gear, no flaps), would be a good teeth-cutting project.

Thread: Cub Undercarriage
03/09/2020 07:51:53

Appreciate the effort to draw that up Nick, but it seems the Carbon Cub gear is "a size too small".

We got any 60cc machines out there?

02/09/2020 19:49:28

Nick, thanks. I'll see how that compares with my project

02/09/2020 19:48:07

Thanks for the suggestion but I'm not going to construct that, preferring to bolt on a premade unit

02/09/2020 10:29:15

I'm building a Tapsfield Spacewalker, and want to put a decent scale Cub style u/c on it. Trying to find decent options available out there.

Do we have members with these models with the scale u/c options who can tell me the mounting dimensions please?

Hangar 9 Carbon Cub 15cc (HAN506517)

Hangar 9 Cubcrafters 60cc (HAN526024)

I am aware of the Robart 690 but I deem that "non cost effective".

Any other suggestions for a scale u/c to suit about a 6" wide fuse?

Thread: NGH 17cc petrol what to put it in
28/08/2020 21:00:50

I've got one in a 72" Harvard and it goes bloody well, almost too much power. I'd happily put it in any scale/warbird looking for a .91 4st or thereabouts.

Thread: Painting glow engine blocks?
23/08/2020 11:43:53

Like a bought one

23/08/2020 08:04:01

My black OS46FX above runs like a sewing machine, and had 4 excellent flights today with no problems at all. The motor turned heads at the club. (not just because of the colour, it was also the only IC powered model thats flown there for some time i think).

Most happy with the result.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
23/08/2020 07:56:37

Recently acquired an unstarted Airsail Chipmunk kit from the local auction website. A fun build, if a little old school and over engineered in places. I understand the rights to these went to the UK, i do hope they go back into production.

Converted to electric, (made the whole canopy removable for a battery hatch), and raked the u/c forward a bit. Fuse is glassed, wing covered in ceconite. Used the included placcy cowl as a plug and made a fibreglass copy. Otherwise as per plan, except for a heap of small bits and pieces of wood left over as the instructions were a bit unclear in detail. Is in a "based on" scheme, but isn't a copy of anything specific.

Will be a while before it flies as i'm a bit out of practice with scale stuff.


Thread: Finished at last RCM WAyfarer
19/08/2020 08:06:35

Excellent looking model

Thread: Painting glow engine blocks?
12/08/2020 09:46:32

How timely you asked!

I have no idea, but am about to find out.

Recently gave me old Sig Somethin' Extra an overhaul, which included giving the OS 46FX a coat of gloss black powdercoat.

The powdercoater reckoned it will do it no harm, and possibly help shed some heat better than plain aluminium. Plenty of fullsize, and Saito engines, have it done. It looks the part, and owes me nothing if it doesn't work. And i got it done for free (on the proviso i report back to him on how it worked!)

First engine run, and first re-test flight as early as this coming weekend, I'll report back when done.


Thread: Old newbie
11/08/2020 11:15:29


10/08/2020 17:19:39

Re steel, never been, nor do I forsee a problem. YMMV.

Dont seal before iron on covering, nothing to be gained there.

10/08/2020 07:35:32


This pic is approx "front on" to the gear leg, and shows a couple degrees or so of toe on the gear door. (i.e. you can see the grey outer paint, not the green inside).

A couple of other pics that might be handy. (Note i didn't put on the triangle inner doors), and i think my doors might be shorter than scale. No anoraks have ever pointed out the difference, but i also don't compete in scale competitions). Note also i built a three piece wing, so my inner spar will be different to yours.




09/08/2020 22:31:00

This photo was missing from the other forum. 2x solid steel cannon barrels in black!

img_20140824_105642 (2).jpg

09/08/2020 21:50:20

Hey Frank, more than happy to dredge up other photos etc if you require. I enjoyed building it, and it is a great flyer. Sing out if you need anything else.

I don't recall any down/side thrust, i'll pull it out and check someday soon. I did build it "as per plan" so would have done whatever that said.

The wheels on mine sit well and good both retracted and extended, (90° retracts, Eflites i think), following the plan.

The doors do have some level of "toe in" on the struts when extended, probably why the gear is so draggy. I'll photograph this too.

I would take pains to build up all the tail surfaces as light as possible, (I recall there is something like 12mm solid for the rudder?), and build everything as light as possible. I'd also give serious consideration to iron-on or tissue/dope for covering, i glassed mine which i prefer on my models but wouldn't next time. Again, lightest tailwheel you can find. Mine is castoring (not steerable at all) and it's ground handling is surprisingly good. Aileron servos as far forward in the wing as possible. elevator/rudder servos right up front. Consider pull-pull.

The morals of the story: 1. Put every effort into getting weight down. 2. Put every every effort into getting what weight you must have forward. 3. In that order, because there just isn't anywhere forward to put balancing weight!

Don't let this put you off, it is a great flyer and a great design. I just built mine heavier than TN did, and paid the consequences.

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