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Thread: Grumman American Cougar
25/04/2020 22:45:58

Hangar One Kit if you are interested. I've built a couple of kits from this supplier and very happy with the quality

Thread: SIG Rascal 110" refurb and electrification
08/04/2020 23:53:12

I had a pair of the 72" Rascals (or whatever they called it that week), the first with a .52 4st, and the second electric. The electric was by far the better flyer, just went so well. Always wanted the bigger one, one day maybe

Thread: Round the pole
29/03/2020 06:54:12
Posted by Phil Green on 29/03/2020 02:30:05:

We fed the controllers with AC, and for each slot, one of the two cars would have a diode in series one way, and the other car with the diode reversed, then a 100uF cap across the motor. The two controllers for that slot also had opposing diodes, so one car ran on positive half of the AC and the other on the negative half, giving completely independent control of the two cars through the same slot.

That is a brilliant idea! So simple, but effective.

Thread: DH Tiger Moth 1400mm
20/03/2020 03:41:33

You're doing a great job, I've wondered what this kit would be like to build.

Thread: Upgrading Windows7 to Win10 for free
04/02/2020 05:11:25

During the life of this thread, i upgraded Win7 to 10, then suffered a HDD failure. A SSD replacement sorted that, and then with the resulting "why not" opportunity thus presented, installed Linux Mint after the suggestions in this thread. Very happy with it so far and not planning to change, so to those that suggested it, thanks for the tip.

Thread: Lost mojo
01/01/2020 05:40:45

Condolences Fly Boy,

Let me share a not dissimilar story: A couple of years ago i was working on a Sagitta glider kit, which had stalled at about the covering stage for a short time due to the usual everything getting in the way. This was coupled by losing my mother to breast cancer (63). Again, other priorities but a couple of months later after I went out to the shed, and just started tinkering. Next thing I had the covering iron out, and had it done quick as anything. The colours were inspired by the local Breast Cancer charity's colours/logo and kinda just happened without too much thought about it and it's probably the best iron-on job I've ever done.

Best wishes.

20180210_162835 - copy.jpg

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
06/11/2019 09:24:16

To all those who won't take the test because they're too worried out getting it wrong, not knowing the right answers etc... Keep Calm and Carry On. This test is ridiculous. It took me about 2 mins, (maybe 1.5). I did not read the preamble blurb which no doubt contains the info one might wish to read. I'm not a BFMA member, and answered purely on common sense. Anyone who actually can fly can answer this and pass. Do not give up because of this nonsense.

P.S. I'm in New Zealand, so this has no relevance to me.* Just wanted to have a look at what it's all about. I can understand the upset about change, we here had some major changes to our our CAA rules a few years back which did not help with model flying popularity. Our politicians aren't much better than yours either.

*I'm now registered to fly in the UK!


This question annoyed me, because as the pilot, this has no relevance. All of these questions are possible responses from members of the public. why chose one? and moreso what the public think, on a question aimed at the pilot, is irrelevant. A very poorly written question.

Thread: Protecting a plan
22/10/2019 10:56:23

1. I get the plan copied and only ever work from a copy to prevent inadvertent damage to the original.

2. Local hardware store has cheap disposable clear plastic drop cloths for a few bucks. One is big enough to cut into about 6 workbench covers.

3. Also a user of the steel/magnets, minimising holes and tears in the work surface.

Thread: Boddo's Biggles Biplane
22/10/2019 08:30:44

Re John Bisset's post above.


The top wing looks quite good without the tank!



Pics all from "The Tiger Moth Story" by A.E. Bramson and N.H. Birch

Edited By Dale Bradly on 22/10/2019 08:31:17

Edited By Dale Bradly on 22/10/2019 08:48:53

Thread: Best Heating Option For Your Hobby Shed
25/09/2019 04:51:28

yes mine was just like that. I'm (trying) to heat a large insulated shed that would be about 6m x 6m, but is certainly not airtight so i seem to lose as much air as i heat. (I only run it a 100% power and never get the shed to a comfortable stable temp, and it might have been 2-0° outside) The change to the manual controller was suggested by a colleague who has had a couple of these type units.

24/09/2019 10:56:12

I picked up one of the so called 8kW units. I don't believe the heat output is anywhere near 8kW. Runs fine though. I replaced the controller with a manual one, and i am certain i got a slightly higher heat output at full power.

Thread: Hangar One
23/08/2019 10:23:59

Have built the the Sagitta, and currently working on Dennis Tapsfield Spacewalker from Hangar One. Excellent cutting and wood selection. I'm definately a fan, but note the shoe is on "my" foot here as down here at the far end of the world shipping is local and we don't have ready access to the stuff you guys do! Note they are short kits only, no hardware or strip, sheet etc, although they will add anything extra to the box if you ask of course.

Thread: Anyone for a Tiffie?
17/06/2019 07:39:16

Excellent to see another Typhoon on the build. I built this one a few years back and love it. If you want to read about my dramas with weight, (and maybe learn from my mistakes) check out my partial thread:


I'll be following along the read of yours

Thread: E-flite Sea Fury
18/09/2009 08:12:58
I have one, flying with 400w on a 3S. It is ballistic, giving the club stryker a run for it's money.
unless you fly off concrete, ditch the retracts. not worth it, and just do not work on grass. not worth the weight penalty, and bendy wire legs just cause it to flip over.
Hand launches easy, and belly lands real easy. (ditch the missiles too).
No need at all for rudder (with no retracts), leave the weight off.
Great flying plane, but a little pricey for foam (compared with GWS), but i am in New Zealand, so we have greater freight costs.
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