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Thread: The Mini WOT 4 thread
27/08/2018 14:54:50
Ive just bought one of these. Not that impressed given its pedigree, but its a small thing so must be forgiven I guess. The wind blew mine over and bent the propshaft...not impressed at the cost of a spare motor!!!

Ill be changing that then.
Thread: Looking for a couple of things...
18/08/2017 20:12:07

Tiling! Thanks


18/08/2017 19:34:27

How do I print all the pages ? I seem to get two to page, which gives one page and a small plan or not-fit-to-page wjhich gives one page and a bit of the plan.


16/08/2017 20:55:15
Many thanks

14/08/2017 19:25:54

Super 60 kit and/or Raydic G84 plans (or refurb job). I might also e interested in a leprechaun by Dick Twomey


Thread: "stiff" motors on a twin set up
10/04/2017 10:17:38

Problem solved...unbeknownst to me the lads had used two dissimilar ESCs! p[roblem solved


03/04/2017 23:39:24

No,no props attached!! We arent exactly new to this game teeth 2

Not sure on ESC brand, probably something from HobbyKing.

Ill let you know what I find

03/04/2017 19:09:44

Thanks guys. No, the thing hasnt thrown a magnet, its a constant stickiness and feels very much like back emf.

The motors are "sunny sky" chinese ones in a homebrew twin. They dont feel tight with no cells attached or until armed....thereafter the sticky syndrome come up. I think its a brake function even though my lad says its not.


03/04/2017 17:09:00

My son has set up a twin motor model and finds one motor is stiff to turn, not jammed but almost sticky. Im sure this is due to back emf or something like that (it does not occurs when at least two wires are disconnected). It only affects one motor. At full chat both motors seem to be giving the same thrust but at partial throttle the "stiff" one lags.

As far as I know there is no brake selected.

It wouldnt bother me me if it werent for the different throttle curves this is causing

Anyone any ideas?


Thread: printing a prop
04/02/2017 13:51:32
Could i have a copy of the file please? Ill give it a bash

Thread: Original Prusa i3 Mk 2 kit
04/02/2017 11:23:38
Had some real headaches with my prusa all of which came down to build issues. So my 3 lads faults.

I am not entirely happy that the software is fully robust but i have to keep reminding myself that the computer in charge is akinto a zx81 i guess.

I found difficulty in getting pla to stick to the bed...pritt stick works wonders

The end result is though the proof...and it is very good. I made the tricerotops head and its immaculate. Im now doing the spitfire andnthat is also very very good.

I increased the nozzle temp, reduced the speed and all is good.

I print the first layers at 10% to ensure they stick. Then ramp up to a higher speed. The faster speeds give a finer finish.

All in all i am delighted with the Prusa, it works fine. Its . Learning curve in leading edge technology.

Id buy anither prusa for sure.

14/01/2017 14:15:37

Sorry for my lack of feedback guys...I see the emails but get little time to respond.

The Prusa kit is superb, it gives high quality prints and is easy to use. HOWEVER... ours (it is my three sons unit really) has developed a fault in that it has a blocked head and so will not feed filament. There is no real understanding out there as to why this happens - I assume it is when certain tolerances come together in one kit). I know the direct cause, but not the reasons! There is a fix, but it's not straightforward. That said, its not a fault unique to Prusa, not by a long way. Its also part of the learning curve - one of the exciting things about 3d printing is that it is all unknown territory...I liken it to the very early days of pc printers...oh how we spent a good half hour waiting for her unclothed form to appear ha ha...only for the paper to jam and the ink to smudge!!!

I cant fix it because my lads have asked me not to - its their printer and they want to do it all, so it comes after school and wont get touched for a week or two.

When it prints it prints superb stuff and we are all very excited about RC parts and aircraft. No doubt about it, the 3D printer has a place in the workshop if not the home.


05/01/2017 18:32:39
Very little. We made undercarriage for a heli, a few toys and then we went on holuday. So far very impressed.

Ive got a morse key file lined up to go and my boys want to go for the spitfire model. Still learning really.

05/01/2017 18:05:13
I now have the prusa mk2. It is good beyond words.

Customer service ditto

Thread: Where are we with 3D printers now?
05/01/2017 18:03:44
It is a fabulous machine. Simply awsome. I use the word as a 54 year old, not as a 20 year old.

Highly recommemded

03/12/2016 08:28:34
Just feeding back...i have ordered a Prusa i3 mk2 from Lukas at Prusa. Good price and a well respected device.

Ill let you know how i get on

Thread: How can I cure unhardened epoxy, or remove it?
10/11/2016 08:17:53
To be clear...nail varnish remover is NOT cellulose thinners. It is acetone (most commonly) or a variant thereof.

Cellulose thinners is quite different. Smells dufferent and is much harsher.

I always use acetone or meths to remove wet epoxy.

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Voting Thread
02/11/2016 22:39:05
Robot. 3
Skywriter. 2
Aztec. 1
Thread: Wayfarer Biplane with camera in cockpit
28/10/2016 16:44:06
Nice video!

You mention the wire clipping...once i was showing off with a mates plane and flew inverted over a fence...the top of the fin clipped it amd i heard it make a bang. He thiught it was deliberate and was duly impressed. I had to walk with stiff legs the rest of that day 😏

Thread: Beware the novice making the Spitfire!
28/10/2016 16:37:01
Use white pva glue or aliphatic resin as glue. Some will advocate cyano (superglue) but as a novice builder id stick with pva (no pun intended)

Where from? Model shops, real or virtual, or use evostik wood glue from a diy store.

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