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Thread: Ancestry. com.
16/08/2018 09:43:13

My wife and I bought each other the Ancestry DNA test for a Christmas present a couple of years ago. Had a very interesting set of results back . A very worthwhile gift for each of us.


Thread: Cork Tiles
16/08/2018 09:38:17

I have used a building board of two layers of cork tiles on a blockboard base for years now. One thing I do is to cover it with a layer of thick lining paper as used for walls. I put it on with wallpaper paste and when it gets tatty I damp it to get it off and put another layer on. Means that I have a new board for every new model and the paper stops the tiles being impregnated with glue etc. You can also draw centre lines and the like on it when building.



Thread: Greatmate stand
04/08/2018 10:30:50

Not too sure on all the bits but I think that the yellowspade like thing bottom right is a Tx holder.

The yellow round things are to put round magnetic trays on to stop little bits dropping on the ground.

Some of the square tubes are probably extenders to make it for bigger models etc. and to mount the Tx and magnetic holder stands

You could use the big tee pieces with a bit of chipboard as an extra workbench. That is what I have done.



Thread: Get rid of wiring!!
10/04/2018 12:09:44

I am sure that it is not for us as yet but is more for military and aerospace in the near future. But that was how it was with 2.4 some years ago.

I just posted it for interest to show how things could go in the future.


10/04/2018 09:51:16

Saw this which came from an organisation in which I have an interest, The Welding Institute based in Cambridge.

This could be the way we go in the future.

Anything to get rid of the tangle of wires I always seem to end up with in my models


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 10/04/2018 10:21:51

Thread: Lidl Sander
03/02/2018 14:26:31

I made one a long time ago from a washing machine motor. Has an adjustable angle fence. Would not want to be without it.

I use a permagrit disc on it and with that it is superb.


Thread: 10J Binding
27/01/2018 13:53:32

Thank you again Dennis for your second post. It got me to thinking.

I have now found that the Link information on the used memories is revealed if yuo swap the transmission protocol. For the used memories I needed to swap the protocol to T-FHSS Air to get the link information. Tried a reset on those memories and whilst it deletes the programmed information it does not delete the link info.

If that is the case then I think that I can only use those memories with T-FHSS Air since if I change the protocol the link info disappears and it will not do a link with the S-FHSS protocol that I need to use with the heli I am trying to programme.

I guess now that those two memories are lost to me until I wish to programme something with T-FHSS Air protocol but at least I know that the memories are not irretrieveably lost which is what I first feared.

Will go back to trying to programme the heli later. By the way it is a T-Rex 150 which has a built in S-FHSS Rx built into its electronics which is why I need to use this protocol.

Thanks again


26/01/2018 18:15:24

Thank you Dennis but that procedure does not work.

In step 3 the link line is -------- and not an ID number or a No Link message. From there on it does not work.

As I said if I go to an unused memory it does say NO LINK and then works. But I cannot make the transition from ------- to NO LINK which is what I want to do.

If it is not resettable then the 30 model memory will only work with 30 Rxs so if you have an Rx go down you have lost a memory.

I cannot believe that is the case. I do not mind if a full reset wipes everything as I am trying to programme my first model into the Tx

Thank you anyway


26/01/2018 16:58:51

Have bought a 2nd hand TX and the previous owner had cleared all his models from it. So far so good.

I have set up a new model on a previously used memory but the memory will not allow me to bind a new receiver to it.

The menu says go to model select and go to Link and hold button down for 1 second and it beeps when it goes into link mode. The menu shows ----------- but it does not beep or go into link mode.

If I go to a memory that I believe has not been used and do the same thing it says No Link and when I press the button it tells me to turn the Rx on. This is what I expected.

How do I clear the link in previously used memories please.


Thread: Mike Trew ASW 20 (Traplet)
08/12/2017 13:39:42

Sorry about that. Hopefully this will work.


It is for the longshaft motors from Xpower on the Topmodel website. www.topmodelcz .cz note the extra cz in before the full stop.


06/12/2017 12:36:44

Have a look at this page for motors. The long shaft option could be useful. I have one fitted to a Multiplex LS3 that is still in build.

If you do go for this make sure you get the prop centre as well.



Thread: Dihedral in flying wing design?
29/11/2017 19:33:31

This site may be of help.


Thread: From Lysander to Lightning
23/11/2017 21:06:26

Oh dear. Still I am sure you will emjoy it. I did.


22/11/2017 16:44:00

The thread title is the title of a very readable book about Teddy Petter. It is by Glyn Davies and published by The History Press.
For those of you who may not have heard of him he designed the Lysander, Canberra, EE P1, became the Lightning, then finally the Folland Midge and Gnat. All very inovative designs.
Well worth the read with a sad ending.

Thread: Recommendations for good sunglasses
22/11/2017 16:37:03

Not sure if I remember correctly but isn't there a problem with polarised glasses and the Tx screens?

If you do try polarised ones try them with your Tx.


Thread: Aldi scroll saw
22/11/2017 16:24:55

It looks very similar to one I bought from B&Q some years ago.

I have a stock of pinless blades and that is what I have tried to use and found it horrible. To the extent of thinking of getting rid of it. The stories above strike a chord!

Maybe I will have to look again and perhaps try some pinned blades.


Thread: Unexpected response
21/11/2017 17:45:59

I bought a permagrit disc at the Nats a couple of years ago and they put some special tape on to it for me so I could put it on my home made disc sander. Ian Richardson told me it was a special very sticky tape and not the sort you can easily buy. I think he said it was of swiss origin.


Thread: new workshop
15/11/2017 21:23:17

I have already ordered the book at kc's suggestion and also the companion electrics book from Amazon.

Incidentally the electrics book is written by Alex Weiss a known model plane designer who produced a number of flat plate aerofoil designs, fast jet types, a while ago for pusher 25s.

I have the plans and am considering electric versions of them if not a conversion to depron as well. A project after the workshop me thinks.


14/11/2017 20:54:28

Thank you all for your helpful ideas. Have moved house now and thinking more seriously about the new workshop.


Thread: Glider's Lipo battery
11/11/2017 19:52:47

The ones I have have been OK for me.


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