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Thread: Aldi scroll saw
22/11/2017 16:24:55

It looks very similar to one I bought from B&Q some years ago.

I have a stock of pinless blades and that is what I have tried to use and found it horrible. To the extent of thinking of getting rid of it. The stories above strike a chord!

Maybe I will have to look again and perhaps try some pinned blades.


Thread: Unexpected response
21/11/2017 17:45:59

I bought a permagrit disc at the Nats a couple of years ago and they put some special tape on to it for me so I could put it on my home made disc sander. Ian Richardson told me it was a special very sticky tape and not the sort you can easily buy. I think he said it was of swiss origin.


Thread: new workshop
15/11/2017 21:23:17

I have already ordered the book at kc's suggestion and also the companion electrics book from Amazon.

Incidentally the electrics book is written by Alex Weiss a known model plane designer who produced a number of flat plate aerofoil designs, fast jet types, a while ago for pusher 25s.

I have the plans and am considering electric versions of them if not a conversion to depron as well. A project after the workshop me thinks.


14/11/2017 20:54:28

Thank you all for your helpful ideas. Have moved house now and thinking more seriously about the new workshop.


Thread: Glider's Lipo battery
11/11/2017 19:52:47

The ones I have have been OK for me.


Thread: new workshop
28/10/2017 17:00:34

Not sure if this is the right section to post this but here goes.

Am just thinking about setting up a new wooden workshop. Want to line it to keep draughts out. What should I use?

My choices seem to be thin mdf, plasterboard, plasterboard with aluminium foil on one face, some sort of insulated board such as foam backed plasterboard, anything else?

Cost will come into it, but I wanted to know what others think.



Thread: Can you identify this slope soarer?
26/10/2017 11:48:31

I have a vague feeling that the original article for Howzat showed the model with a "Chris Foss" type colour scheme. Saw the original article recently when sorting some stuff out. That stuff is not available to me at present so I cannot check it.


Thread: Switch assignment chart
03/09/2017 16:08:18

Thank you for that Phil 9. I had forgotten that. Will work on a modified version of it.


31/08/2017 09:32:01

A long time ago I got a pdf schematic of switch positions for my Multiplex Royal Evo. It had data boxes on it that were able to be typed into with values etc. I find it very useful especially when I pick up a model that I have not used for some time as I can see at a glance how it is set up.

I have just obtained a Futaba 10J and wondered if anyone had a similar file they would be willing to share.



Thread: Non Phone line broadband
21/08/2017 08:55:54

Has anyone any experience with broadband supplied to the house over the air and not by phoneline or cable?

We are looking at an area where the broadband is covered by a provider called Quickline via a wireless system.

Not sure about it and would like to find out other people's experience with such a system.



Thread: 2.4 protocols
11/07/2017 13:12:13

Thank you Flight1


08/07/2017 11:46:42

Can anyone please tell me simply what the difference is between T-FHSS and S-FHSS and the other protocols and their compatibility with each other.

Thinking of a Futaba Tx to perhaps go with Align helis.



Thread: Thrift
28/06/2017 20:30:04

With moving house I am required by SWMBO to clear out some of my stuff.

Have been leafing through a number of old Aeromodeler magazines and Peter Miller's name caught my eye.

August 1975 was one instance where he was providing a plan for a c/l stunter called Thrift for 0.19-0.25 sized engines.

In the article he admits to flying for "some 20 years of modelling..."


Thread: slope soarer ID please???
12/06/2017 16:12:27

Have had the blue foam parts in the loft for years and years. When starting to think about a house move I dragged the bits out and have nearly finished an electrified version. Am currently covering it with fine glasscloth and water based resin. Impending house move is taking over though.sadsad

Have just had to throw out my box of little bits of balsa and ply. It was so useful, will be lost without it.


Thread: North East sloping
08/06/2017 18:02:13

Is the Weardale Model Gliding Association still in being? I learned to fly up there out the back of Consett.



Thread: June 2017 RCM&E
15/05/2017 11:33:14

Matt I think maybe I didn't make my point clear.

The point I am making is that there must have been lots more models at the event and it would have been nice to see some of them as well.

It was not about how nice the model shown are. They look really great. Or how well photographed they are. The photos themselves are great as well.

Wish I could take such good ones and build such great looking models.

It was about picture selection for the articles which I suspect does not do justice to all that were there.

Sorry if I offended you


15/05/2017 10:07:38

Liked the new look.

However, and this is something I have noticed before, some of the features tend to concentrate on very few models.

For instance the Great Orme article has 21 pictures of which 3 are of the Magister and 3 are of the same Mustang. Also 3 of what appears to be the same Alpha jet. I do not deny they are superb models but over 40% of pictures in one article on just 3 models?

Similarly in the Delyn Fly-in article 5 of the pictures are of Extra or "Extra look-alike" models including two of the same model. A nice model but an ARTF type.

Could we not have a bit more variety please.


Thread: Electrifying a pedal cycle
14/03/2017 13:28:09


I think I didn't make my point very clearly and muddled it up with comments on Sagan and Hoy.

What I was trying to say was that these presenters rumble along at say 250W, which when we start to consider our models is often entry level stuff.

Therefore what we consider as entry level stuff in models is quite potent on a bike.


Thread: Travelling boxes and wing bags
14/03/2017 10:51:51

Drop me a PM if you want some pictures and a write up I did for a now defunct website.


14/03/2017 10:49:38

I have made quite a few storage boxes and the using coreflute that estate agents make their signs from, also the SPAD website shows how to make planes from it.

I cut and fold and stick it together with evostick and ducttape.

Very good for very fragile indoor type models.

You can get it from your local signmakers and it comes in 8 foot by 4 foot sheets so you can make big boxes if you need to.

One of mine is nearly 2 metres long.


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