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Thread: What's flying over your house
17/09/2016 17:12:18

Just had the BBMF Hurricane and the BAE Anson overhead. Families day at Brough. Saw Typhoon displaying in the distance.


03/09/2016 11:58:03
Posted by John Privett on 02/09/2016 19:15:25:

I hope you gave them directions back to the nearest coast, Martin - they were clearly lost!

Doesn't the Coastguard now provide the heli rescue for the mountain walkers etc since we sold out the RAF service? So if Martin is located Peak District or Pennines or the like they could have been on that mission or practice for it.

We have a base at Humberside Airport and I often see the helis charging off inland towards the Peak District.


02/09/2016 10:57:16

At flying field yesterday. Saw two bombers. One a low flying Tornado, nothing unusual there, here in North Lincolnshire. The second I took a quick glance at and saw twin fins so thought BBMF Lancaster, again a frequent visitor to our skies. Took a second look and decided it might not be a Lanc. I think it was a B25 Mitchell. Somewhat unusual that.


Thread: Acro Wot Foam E
26/07/2016 19:37:15

img_0534.jpgI use the sticky tape as used for a Zagi or similar.img_0533.jpg

Thread: What's flying over your house
25/07/2016 20:40:14

Hurricane yesterday, presumably the BBMF one as we live in Lincolnshire.


Thread: Field battery for charging lipos
25/07/2016 20:37:05

Get a normal car battery from a scrapyard. They are usually pretty cheap and if they do not last too long then you get another cheap one.

Probably just as good as buying a special leisure battery.

By the way if you are going to transport the battery in your car then get a plastic box to put it in. A cheapie from cheap shops. Then if it tips it does not spill acid inside your car. Destroys carpets at the very least. Do not ask...



Thread: Prop ballancer which one to buy.
18/07/2016 07:22:46

Look on YouTube. there are some very good videos there. I found the Horizon Hobby one very good. If I remember rightly it uses the Dubro gadget.



Thread: Multiplex Easy Glider PRO RR - wing joiner problem
07/07/2016 16:33:12

If you have a suitable piece of thin brass tube you could sharpen the end and insert into the hole. When you get to the obstruction push gengly and turn it to cut the glue out of the way. Like you would use it to cut a circle in a piece of balsa.



Thread: eneloop completely discharged.... and charged again
01/07/2016 12:21:30

I seem to remember that trying to charge these packs at very low currents means that the delta peak gets ignored. To get a more reliable delta peak detection you need to be charging at about 1C or more.

If that is the case then that could be why it never finished charging in Martin's case.

Perhaps the more knowledgeable would care to comment upon this?


Thread: Cheap fireproof box for LiPos
23/05/2016 20:41:44
Posted by Manish Chandrayan on 23/05/2016 14:01:47:

I store LiPo in old used ammo cans

procured for scrap. The LiPo's go into a LiPo bag and then into the ammo can

I use one of these and have lined it with some scrap mdf I had. I then made some dividers from an old thick cardboard box in a grid style and each liposuction slots into its own pocket.

By the way do not forget to insulate the lid as well as sides and bottom.


Thread: JST plug current capacity
07/05/2016 19:15:42

With a bit of Googling I think I have found my answer. It would appear to be 3 Amps so they will be no good.

I am suprised that my heli flies on just 3 amps, 33W or maybe blade are over using the connector.

However it will not do for the job in hand. I think I will split the wires on the lipos and put higher capacity connectors on and make up a conversion lead that I can leave on the heli.

Then all should be good.



07/05/2016 18:43:39

What is the current carrying capacity of the little red JST plugs used on some models.

I have some lipos with these on for use in my Blade 200 heli and I would like to use the lipos in another model.

Use of the watt meter tells me the motor in the other model is drawing about 10 amps.

Will the connectors handle this without problems?



Thread: What could I throw off the Orme?
13/04/2016 20:10:46

You could try a yeti from 4Max. It has been brought in as a zagi replacement as they do not seem to be available. Reviewed in one of the mags recently,both rcme and qefi. Electric version available as well.

Am currently recovering my old zagi at present. It has futaba 128 servos in it so you can tell how old it is. Recovered my electric powered one last year.


Thread: Workbench model stand
08/04/2016 12:42:46

Just Engines for the o ring set?

UTube for the timing stuff I might guess. Most things seem to be there if you search


06/04/2016 18:58:35

Have a look on the overlander site at the blue Eva foam model stand. I have one and am very happy with it. Maxg

Thread: 3D printing - a home production revolution?
05/04/2016 15:45:39
Posted by Erfolg on 05/04/2016 13:50:31:

The RR system sounds dead easy. Although in reality i suspect a lot more involved than a simple description implies.

Taking the process at face value, it seems no different to say adding metal to a worn shaft, as an example as an additive process. Or another way of looking at what is being done, a form of continuos casting. Both of these approaches, suffer from the generation of a grain structure, that is not ideal.

Continuos casting casting often getting around the issue by having a rolling mill type operation to create a favourable structure.

I am assuming that RR has been able to develop a process that has long range order at the atomic level, as in a single crystal structure. As these structures are significantly stronger than the common structures found.

I keep hoping that RCM&E will run an article, or a series on the various aspects of 3d printing, as there does seem to be lot of potential, as well as whatever the limitations are. Never mind the machines themselves, the computational aspects. Seems a big subject where most of us, if I represent the majority know nothing, other than a headline and some vague notions.


Yes Erfolg you are right, it is in principle no different to building up a worn shaft, whether that be by oxy-acetylene, tig welding or laser. The process merely needs a heat source and a material source. What is different in the metal 3D printinng as used by RR and others is the precision of the very small heat source in a focussed laser beam and the precision with which you can manipulate the beam by robots and software.

I can see where you are going with your thoughts as to grain structure but not all as cast structures are not fit for the purpose for which they are used. If that was the case you would never use a casting and that is definately not the case. I do not know whether the RR additive manufacture has long range order but if it is not necessary then just use it as is. Single crystals are not desireable in all instances even if they are in the hot end blades. In reality single crystal structures are often weaker than their multi crystal counterparts it depends on how you want to use it.

Like you I might like to see a series of articles on the type of hobby 3D printing to give me a much better idea of the technology.


05/04/2016 11:25:05

This is slightly off topic but still associated with 3D printing.

Rolls Royce are now using it albeit in metal, particularly high temperature alloys for their aero engines. Lasers are used for heat sources and metal powders as the material. It is known in their case as additive engineering and they are now designing parts with this production method in mind, as a way of avoiding wasteful machining of high cost alloys. Turning high cost metal into swarf is not good economics.

Here is another thing that lots of people on this forum should be interested in but perhaps not willingly!

A company I am associated with is looking at scanning people's hip and knee joints and then using that data to fabricate replacements that will fit the recipients body exactly without forcing the body to adapt to a one size for all which is where we are at present.

Just thought you may be interested.


Thread: wing rib help wanted
19/03/2016 10:35:39

Have you tried Belair.

Alternatively Dylan Reynolds who is a frequent poster on here.


Thread: Using a desktop PSU?
16/03/2016 19:27:00
Posted by IanN on 16/03/2016 18:50:23:
Posted by Craig Carr on 16/03/2016 18:36:40:

Got my server psu from eBay.

Ditto. Mine arrived earlier in the week

Does anyone know what - if any - connectors are commercially available to plug onto those "blade" connectors? If so what are they called and where can you get them from: I've done a general search with no luck

Could obviously solder to the blades or use croc clips, but wondered if there was a more elegant solution?

I got some car blade type terminals from Halfords. Soldered big wires to these and pushed them on. The server PSU I used can apparently supply 48 amps which is way more than I want. I fed the output leads to a small plastic box that has a number of 4mm banana plug sockets for outputs to the chargers. Have used 4 chargers at one time using about 16 amps and all has worked well.

The jumper plugs needed on the small pins to sort the outputs is just an old servo plug with the plastic shroud taken off and the wires joined.


Thread: 'Automatic' Windows 10 Upgrade ?
12/03/2016 15:45:58
Posted by PatMc on 11/03/2016 21:31:26:

With one of these I could upgrade Win7 to 10 then dump Vista on the other PC & replace it with Linux for me to play around with.

I upgraded my wife's old laptop which was on Vista when she got a new one. It now runs Linux Mint very effectively.

I also have a very old Toshiba XP laptop which must be about 10 years old. I got it second hand. That is also running Linux Ubuntu very effectively as well.

Linux seems to be a saviour for old PCs provided you are willing to take the risk with it and put in just a bit of time to learn new jargon etc. and how the OS works.

I am not a computer geek just an average curious user.


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