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Thread: Model Radio Workshop/Mike Ridley
27/03/2015 11:08:52

Had a problem last weekend with one of the slider controls on my Tx.

Sent it off on Moday am using the local Post Office to Mike Ridley of Model Radio Workshop as he is the service agent.

Had a call from him yesterday morning to discuss the uprating of the software that I also requested.

10.00 this morning there was a knock at the door, Royal Mail with my Tx back to me.

Super service from Mike and also from Royal Mail.

Very well done by both, thank you.


Thread: chris foss centiphase
05/03/2015 09:55:53

Am currently thinking about a Centiphase or an Aquila. Would probably put an electric motor in the front though as I live in Lincolnshire.

One thing I have not yet decided for both is whether to go with the original aerofoils or go for somthing more modern that is easy to build. Some form of RG14/15 or SD 7055 for instance.

Have original fill size plans for both and a Centiphase canopy.

Have a slightly damaged HiPhase in the garage with a home brewed balsa fuselage as I broke the GF one a long time ago.


Thread: Am I being cynical ?
05/03/2015 09:47:43
Posted by Peter Miller on 04/03/2015 08:56:39:

I used to think I was a cynical old man but I was told that I was just a realist

No, You are not being are a realist.

From George Bernard Shaw:

The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.

Peter consider yourself an accurate observer.


05/03/2015 09:46:12
Posted by Olly P on 04/03/2015 12:56:04:

A certain F1 champion flies R/C helicopters....

I understand the Haslams of motorbike racing fame have a garage full of model helicopters


Thread: DC source for lipo charger
26/02/2015 10:13:35

If you want a simple to make mains powersource for running battery chargers I would strongly recommend the following.

Pop over to the RCMF forum and find the thread on high current power supplies.,90276.0.html

It give allegedly 47A at 12Volts. I run several chargers off mine at the same time but do not get anywhere near the current capacity.

The basic power source is easy to find on google with plenty of suppliers. The work you need to do if you do not want super high currents involves spade connectors from Halfords and a spare futaba type servo plug.

All instructions are given in the thread or an associated article that is on the forum site.



Thread: SUKHOI
01/10/2014 20:39:00

I note with interest that one of the workers has what appears to be "Sukoi Aviation Plant" printed on his tee shirt in English.


Thread: Howard mettcalfs F4 phantom.
21/09/2014 09:17:00

I have both a Tornado and an F15 kit in the loft, Am currently considering what electic motor to put in it for a build this winter, after all the real one is sometimes referred to as the electic jet. The foam wings may be a little the worse for storage so will make a built up wing for it and put servos in the wings.


Thread: Transfering airfoil to paper online
26/08/2014 13:59:49

This is one I have used which printed out my foils exactly as I wanted.

All online, nothing to buy except the paper and printer ink.


Thread: SBEC/UBEC/Voltage Regulator???
07/08/2014 09:47:04

If you have the right kit the problem is easy to solve.

First off install a freshly charged battery and connect it via a wattmeter.

Hold the model tight and run the motor at full throttle see what amps are being drawn.

Shut throttle and disconnect.

Take lipo capacity in Amp hours and divide this by the current drawn by the motor.

eg 30amps drawn from a 2.2Amphour lipo (2200mAh) that gives 0.073 hours maximum motor time. Multiply by 60 to give time in minutes. This gives 4.38 minutes or approx4 mins 20 seconds.

Since you do not want to fully flatten your Lipo and only want to use it to say 80% Take 80% of the 4 mins 20secs Approx 3mins 30 secs.

Put this figure into a countdown timer on your Tx where this timer is activated by opening the throttle. Use these settings when you fly and the Tx should beep at you when it is time to land.

There is some conservatism built into this. First you have only used 80% of the Lipo capacity. Second the amps you measured on the ground will drop in flight so the maximum amps in flight will be lower and so you will use less capacity. All this is to the good for Lipo life. It also leaves sufficient cacity in the Lipo to plan your landing properly without the motor cutting at the wrong time or the BEC shutting down.

If after such a flight you see how much Lipo capacity you have used you can tweak the flight time to make best use of the capacity.

Note that unless you fly at full throttle all the time you can usually extend the flight time a bit and still keep the safety cushion.



When you ha

Thread: Who is still flying 'Classic' electric airframes?
29/07/2014 09:42:01

I drag my Multiplex Twinjet out occasionally. If that counts.

Thread: "Useful Power"
29/07/2014 09:40:40

An interesting way to look at this would be to look at equivalent electric motors to fly a model.

The power of those is pretty easy to calculate from Volts amps and efficiency.

Compare that to what the IC engine is supposed to produce and you get an idea of useful power and you can compare that to what the makers tell you the engine will produce.


Thread: Painting a Foam E Wot4
06/07/2014 19:11:22

I didn't paint my Wot4 foamie but I used colourful parcel tape instead. The stuff came from Staples some time ago when Zagis were in fashion. There are lots of colours.

It sticks very well, was easy to apply and could be done very safely on the dinner table!!!!

I also used it on my Fun Cub with equal success.

Just a thought.



06/07/2014 19:10:43

I didn't paint my Wot4 foamie but I used colourful parcel tape instead. The stuff came from Staples some time ago when Zagis were in fashion. There are lots of colours.

It sticks very well, was easy to apply and could be done very safely on the dinner table!!!!

I also used it on my Fun Cub with equal success.

Just a thought.



06/07/2014 19:04:48

I started about a year ago with indoor flying and was recommended a Twister Scale co-ax heli by Nitroflight Models in Rotherham on the basis that if I wished to progress to "real" helis I should start with a 4 channel model.

Thank you Nitroflight as it did get me started very well. I am still flying it but have added an Ares Chronos FP110 fixed pitch heli now. I am coping with this, just!!! Flying circuits and very rough figures of eight.

As someone who always thought he was not coordinated enough to cope with helis and somewhat long in the tooth as well I have been delighted with both models and my progress. Both come with Tx and battery charger so apart from extra batteries I have not needed anything else apart from a few spare blades for the Twister and they are cheap.

The cost of both would come in at just about £100 and spares are available.

I would recommend these without hesitation on the basis that if they work for old uncoordinated me then they should work very well for a young person with better reactions.



Thread: Useful Objects n stuff in the modelroom...
26/06/2014 07:10:20

Cotton buds used to paint fuel proffer/polyurethane varnish/sanding sealer/dope in places where finish is not important. For example inside cowls on ARTFs that are not fuel proofed or where you need to stick "sticky velcro" on to wood and wish to seal it first.

Throw away when you have finished. Cheaper than thinners to clean a brush.

Thread: Newbie : Identifying DC Diesel Engines
26/06/2014 07:03:17

I have a Spitfire which has a green head which is what your 25mm green headed ones could be.

Thread: Free Glue Grab Weekend
23/05/2014 11:25:21

Yes please.

Thread: Motor Down/side thrust
01/03/2014 18:36:57

What I do is to mount the motor on to the former and then put the former and motor into the fuselage loose with no glue. Then get a fixed blade propeller and put that on the shaft. Then jam the motor into place using foam packing. Then using a long string from the back of the fuselage and the prop set horizontal set the former with the packing so you have the correct sidethrust that you want. Note that if you use a 300mm (12 inch)diameter prop, measure to both ends of the propeller and the difference is very large. About 10mm or 5mm per centre line to tip for say 2 degrees. That is very easy to measure. Ensure to jam the motor tight at the setting you want and then carefully turn the prop through 90 degrees and do the same with the downthrust but measure using the side of the fuselage at the tail to fix the string. Shuffle the packing to hold things still making sure you do not alter the alignment. Drop a couple of drips of cyano to hold in place a let it go off. Remove packing and propeller carefully and fix solidly with epoxy and a few glass tows and the job is a goodun.

Try it all without glue and you will find out that it is easier to do than say.

If you get confident with the dry fit then mix up some slow set epoxy and coat the edge of the motor former before putting the motor and former into the fuselage and fixing the prop on. Then when you have it set and fixed with the foam just leave it to set. Reinforce joint after the initial set has happened and all should be OK. This method has worked for me on several planes.

You can also use the method to mark bolt holes in an engine mount if you are using an infernal combustion engine.



Thread: Balsa cutting tools
21/02/2014 16:53:33

Not a table saw as such but what about an Exact saw from JML as advertised on the shopping channels.

You can apparently set the depth of cut and I think it may have a fence / giude


Thread: What Throw meter / gauge
17/02/2014 15:32:40

If you have a digital caliper use a clamp to hold it upside down and convert it into a height gauge. Calipers recently available fro Aldi £8.99 and has lots of other uses.img_0359.jpg

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