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Thread: Beware using PayPal with HobbyKing (and maybe others)
11/12/2019 19:53:19

Thanks John. Putting it in FAQs, as if someone has asked the question, instead of clearly at the point of sale, smacks of sharp practice to me. Why should anybody ask a question about currency conversion when prices are clearly displayed in ££ at checkout?

Has anyone taken a screen shot of their checkout, and then complained to HK, PayPal, or their card company if the price appears different later?

11/12/2019 11:43:00
Posted by John Lee on 11/12/2019 09:59:36:

Alan I think you will find when you get your credit card statement it will have been converted from US$ such as:

screenshot 2019-12-11 at 09.51.49.jpg

I've already checked it online, and it's in ££ for the same amount that was on the HK screen. No conversion from $$, and I would be very surprised (and upset) if the printed monthly bill came out any different.

And on the subject of buying things in US$, there's no mention on the HK site of US$ at the point of sale, so I don't see their justification for passing it to PayPal as a US$ amount.

Edited By Allan Bennett on 11/12/2019 11:47:32

11/12/2019 08:22:30

Ok, so it's something that everyone else knew already sad But my credit card has charged in ££ without any conversions from $$, and no FX charge, so it's what was shown on the HK checkout screen smiley

Thread: Exhaust stubs for TN 62" Hurricane
11/12/2019 08:13:22
Posted by Gary Clark 1 on 10/12/2019 21:50:04:

Those look good on there Allan. Definitely much quicker to have a machine smash them out when you are sleeping rather than spend many hours making moulds and so on....


I was thinking of moulds, before your offer, because I do quite a bit of moulding for fibreglass engine cowls, spats, radiators, etc. But those exhausts would have been beyond my capability or patience! Thanks again for your help.

10/12/2019 21:22:33
Posted by Jon - Laser Engines on 08/12/2019 22:04:26:

ohhh they look fancy. can you make bigger ones?

I've sent you a PM.

Thread: Beware using PayPal with HobbyKing (and maybe others)
10/12/2019 21:10:52

The other day I ordered a couple of new LiPos from HK UK warehouse. They came to £49-something, and I opted to use PayPal to pay for them. When the PayPal screen came up, the price was in US$, but I signed in anyway and continued but, when I got to the final step, where it asked which bank or credit card the money would come from, the price was then shown in £ again. But it was about £2 higher than originally. Somebody was making money by converting £ to $ and then back to £, for goods purchased in UK and destined for a UK address.

I cancelled the PayPal transaction and used a credit card instead, and that went through at the advertised £ price.

Thread: Exhaust stubs for TN 62" Hurricane
08/12/2019 21:47:24

Thanks for that tip Chris. I've got several shades of acrylic brown and 'rust', which I was going to continue to play with until I get a good result colour-wise. I'll try your trick with the salt this week, while I wait for my 5S LiPo packs to arrive for it. It sounds like it will give a nice 'pitted' texture.

08/12/2019 21:13:48

Thank you Gary. I haven't quite done justice to the exhaust stubs yet (trying to match faded rusted colour of Old Warden Hurricane), but they certainly look great when installed.


Thread: Unexpected behaviour of SwE in Taranis
06/12/2019 14:47:15

A couple of good suggestions there Gary and Mike, and I'm going to use Mike's because it's a one-liner.

In fact, checking my mixes screen again, I see that that's how I've already programmed SA which is supposed to function the same on channel 5. My mistake was to use I7:Att as the source, instead of MAX, when programming SE, because I'd assigned SE to I7 in the Inputs screen.


06/12/2019 10:40:46

Switch G is my throttle cut, and it's only active on the throttle channel (ch 3). Family business at the moment, but I'll get screen shots later today.

05/12/2019 19:59:37

I've just been programming a new flybarless controller for one of my helis and, to make sure there were no legacy settings that might mess things up, I started with a new model in my Taranis. But I'm getting unexpected behaviour from SwE controlling channel 8:

I only need two of its three positions, so I've programmed !E up as 100% and E up as 0%. That should give me 0% with the switch up, and 100% with it at mid position and down, shouldn't it? But OpenTX Configurator simulator shows that channel 8 is at 0% for up (away from my body) and mid switch positions, and only at 100% for the down position.

I can live with it because voice alerts tell me what's going on, but I'd prefer to have 0% at only one position of the switch. Any ideas what's wrong please?

Thread: Any better ways to store glue ??
04/12/2019 21:14:22

Storing Gorilla glue upside down is not so effective as squeezing the air out, because if there's any moist air (i.e. normal British ambient conditions) inside it will start to go off whichever way up it is.

Thread: Do I need a new charger
04/12/2019 13:34:12

Are you charging in a cold environment? My charger reduces its peak charge voltage to 4.10 if the ambient temperature is below a certain value. This is to avoid its voltage going over 4.20v as the temperature rises. Maybe your charger has a similar feature?

Thread: Use of servo ravel limit to reduce noise
03/12/2019 20:40:05

Whether of not it's not an approved technique for noise reduction, reducing your servo travel in the transmitter reduces its resolution, i.e. from closed to full open throttle is less 'steps'.

Changing the prop is a simpler way to reduce noise, and it can be monitored by the 'powers that be' if they note what make and size of prop is used when doing the noise testing.

Thread: Solar film sales
26/11/2019 20:01:28

I bought a roll of Solartex Antique (or is it Linen?) seconds, described as having a streak running along it, but I can't see it. Not a problem anyway, for it was for a model that's being painted.

Thread: Multi Engine Plane
24/11/2019 21:01:04

Remember that cutting all engines, or at least reducing throttle significantly, is sometimes the best way to deal with an engine out.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
09/11/2019 21:05:22
Posted by Wilco Wingco on 09/11/2019 20:09:29:

Now I am confused. Are we saying that if you only fly fixed wing then there is no need to register????. So gliders and other fixed wing are exempt????? This is too much for my poor 72 year old brain.

No, I think the paragraph that's got your hopes up is the one a couple of posts back refering to 'exempt' aircraft: That is basically aircraft that are less than 250g weight, or control-line. All other model flying aircraft are subject to the new rules.

Thread: How level does SxR receiver have to be?
04/11/2019 21:46:54
Posted by Martin Harris on 03/11/2019 21:26:07:

My stabilised Jeti receiver initialises at an angle in tailwheel models and then works while I fly in any and every attitude. I don't think a small amount of out of level should affect anything...

Depending on how your receiver functions, you may need to trim the model mechanically to use heading hold.

Initialisation is not an issue with the FrSky stabilised receivers so far as I know. The only time you've got to have the model in the correct attitude is when doing a 'self check' (which is initiated by the user during initial setup, not by the act of powering up the receiver), at which point it adopts the attitude of the model as its baseline for self-levelling.

As far as I know the FrSky receivers don't have a heading-hold function -- I've never programmed it or used it, but I stand to be corrected on that.

03/11/2019 20:51:41
Posted by Denis Watkins on 02/11/2019 21:47:18:

Without the wedge, using the sloping floor and

Yes, you can apply offset, but this would permanently apply a push of pull to the elevator, from the gyro, just to fly level.

Always best to have a flying trimmed out model 1st, with a level mount

Then a very small offset can be used to correct any mount discrepeancy

But have never had the need to use offset, these units have worked 1st time

Some of the knife edge lads may use a little offset, as you have the landing gear and cockpit to compensate for

The model will be trimmed mechanically to fly straight and level -- the slope of the Rx mounting surface shouldn't affect its flight characteristics unless in stabilisation mode or self-levelling mode the sloping Rx 'thinks' that it should be level because it hasn't been told it's mounted on a slope, which is what I was surmising the 'Offset angle of auto level' is supposed to do.

Anyway, it shouldn't be an issue now that I've installed a wedge to make it as level as I can. Like you, my SxR receivers have worked so far without the need to adjust any parameters, other than going through the self-check routine.

02/11/2019 20:40:08

Ok, I've made a balsa wedge to make a small horizontal platform to mount the receiver on.

So what is the 'Offset angle of auto level' for? My understanding is that when you do the self check it will take the attitude of the aircraft at that time as being the normal flying attitude for auto-level flying mode.

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