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Thread: XSR Firmware update error
22/06/2019 08:02:01

According to everything I've seen on the internet, you don't need to press any button when updating the receiver firmware. Usually that only needs doing for the flight controller, and then not in every case. On this integrated device the receiver and flight controller firmware updates are completely separate procedures.

So no, I didn't press any button smiley I went through the update process with another stand-alone receiver, a different model, beforehand to check that I'd got the process right.

Thread: Spinners for brushless.
21/06/2019 21:17:37

Is your motor shaft threaded, or plain? If the latter, you'll surely be using some kind of prop adapter which will have a larger-diameter thread for mounting the prop.

Thread: Real metal on aircraft. Is it a problem for radio?...
21/06/2019 21:11:35

Yes, it can be a problem. To minimise it you need to ensure that your antennae (your receiver, I presume, is 2.4GHz with two antennae) are installed in a part of the model which is not surrounded by metal (or by carbon fibre for that matter). Any conductive material between the receiver and transmitter antennae has the potential to block the signal to some extent. Also make sure that your receiver antennae are at right angles to each other.

Thread: Building the Nijhuis Lysander
21/06/2019 11:56:42
Posted by playtime222 on 20/06/2019 22:52

I saw your tray originally back in 2010 and completely misinterpreted it. I thought the battery lay flat and the pic showed the tray pulled half up with the tab! Figured out the other day it stays at that angle and another post mentions the access hatch in the top but no pics of that though.

The main reason my build stalled back then was I couldn't figure out a battery position I was happy with. I'm very tempted by Terry W's pull out assembly although the bolts will add weight. Not 100% sure yet. If I go with TW's, I need take 3mm off the thickness of the firewall cos I already glued it on and he said he would use 3 x 3mm in retrospect. Still need to factor in an engine mount too.

Starting with the wings on the weekend I expect.

Yes, I don't have a tray per se, simply a fixed box going down at about 45 degree angle. It's sized to take a 5S A123 pack but I know that a 4S 3200mAh LiPo pack will fit in the same space and be the same weight. The Velcro tab is to hold the battery snugly once inserted. Sorry, I'm not at home at the moment, so can't photograph the hatch for you.

As I mentioned in one of my posts, I had to install ballast in the cowl, so I doubt if extra weight forward of the c of g is going to be too much of a problem.

20/06/2019 21:23:58

If you're interested, my battery box and motor mount are shown on page 56 of this thread. The cowl is not removable, but I have a hinged flap at the top to insert and remove the battery.

Thread: XSR Firmware update error
20/06/2019 19:21:37

Yes smiley

Subsequently I've found many posts on various forums from people with the same problem.

20/06/2019 15:51:25

In an attempt to get my XSRF3E receiver/flight controller to report RSSI to my Taranis, I decided to update the XSR firmware:

I soldered wires to the S-port pads on the XSRF3E board, and led them to a socket on the side of my quadcopter, for convenience. I've checked and double-checked, and signal, +, and - wires are in the correct order, and colour-coded so I can't mistake them. I then made up a lead to connect to the back of my X9D+, with the + and - pins at the transmitter end reversed. Again, checked and double-checked. I even put red and yellow paint blobs against the appropriate pins in the transmitter.

Being ultra-cautious I tested the procedure by flashing X8R firmware to an X8R receiver that I haven't yet installed in a model, and that process was successful.

I've loaded XSR-LBT-20170907.frk into my transmitter (the latest one available on the XSRF3E page), but when I tried to flash it to the XSR I got an error message "Firmware update error. Module not accepting download", or something like that. When I tried again I got a message "Firmware update error. Module not responding". When I disconnect the update cable, and power the quad in the normal manner, the FC no longer responds to my transmitter, and the XSR status lights on the board are solid red and a faint green.

It seems like my mistake may have been not disconnecting the XSRF3E board from everything else: It has beeper, GPS, and compass connected, and it is also connected to a PDB where it gets 5v power from. No battery was connected when I tried to flash the firmware, but the strange thing was my LED strings, which get their power from a separate 12v pad on the PDB came on as soon as I started the flash. They're 'dumb' LED strips, so have no direct connection to the FC, but somehow they were getting power, which can only have come from my transmitter via the FC and PDB.

Is there any hope that my XSR isn't permanently bricked?

Thread: Building the Nijhuis Lysander
20/06/2019 12:25:14

Good grief! Is it really six years or more since I was building it? Mine rarely gets flown, but it's still around. Are you going electric or glow?

Thread: Switching Brand
20/06/2019 12:15:30

Another vote for FrSky Taranis. I made the switch from Futaba when I found I couldn't program a throttle-cut on two channels with it (for differential throttle on two motors). With OpenTX on my Taranis it's a doddle but, as others have said, you need a completely different mindset from 'conventional' transmitters for programming it. The associated computer program OpenTX Companion, in my opinion, greatly simplifies the programming, and allows you to simulate before you load it onto the transmitter.

Incidentally, I sold my Futaba receivers on the internet as I replaced them with FrSky ones and, for the most part, made a profit on the exchange!

Thread: How to get RSSI indication from XSRF3E?
18/06/2019 16:54:22

Interesting that nobody seems to have encountered or, at least, solved this problem.

I've been reminded that with OTX 2.2.3 there's now options for telemetry or no-telemetry when binding, so I tried re-binding with the telemetry option, to no avail. Then I found a suggestion that there's a bug in the original XSR firmware (didn't say that it was directly related to my issue though), so maybe a firmware upgrade is in order. The only thing putting me off that is having to extract the flight controller from my quad (which is flying nicely, thank you, apart from no RSSI indication) in order to solder on wires for the connection to my transmitter. I've downloaded the necessary file and parked it in the FIRMWARE folder in my transmitter in case I get the urge to dismantle my quad sometime laugh

Thread: Elevator joiner wire plastic tube bearing
17/06/2019 21:17:16

You're aiming to get the joining wire in line with the centreline of the elevator hinges so, as Denis has said, it should probably be set about half in the horizontal stabiliser and half in the piece of wood that matches the elevator profile.

Usually the tube is not a bearing per se (the hinges are what hold the elevators in place, not the joiner wire) so geometrically, so long as the wire is a loose fit in it, it's not too critical about the exact tube placement.

Edited By Allan Bennett on 17/06/2019 21:19:35

Thread: How to get RSSI indication from XSRF3E?
16/06/2019 19:24:30

I've had two quadcopters using FrSky's XSRF3E board -- an SPRACINGF3EVO flight controller with onboard XSR receiver -- for a couple of years now, but neither of them shows any RSSI indication on my Taranis transmitter. This hasn't worried me since I fly my quads within the space of a football field, and I thought it was a feature of that particular receiver.

Today I lost one of my quads, and a club mate suggested using the RSSI indication as an aid to locating it. This prompted me to look at the XSRF3E instruction sheet again, and I see that it says "In the Receiver, set the RSSI channel to be 8."

How do I do that? Is it something in OpenTX Configurator, in Betaflight or iNav configurator, or in the menus on the transmitter itself?

Thread: Model Noise Level - Interesting Findings
10/06/2019 20:19:36

I'm really surprised at your recorded sound levels for an electric model with a conventional front-mounted prop: At our club all of our glow models meet the 82dBA limit, and at our electric-only site all models (e.g. brushless Multiplex Twinstar, and Foamy AcroWot) fall within a 72dBA limit that we've imposed.

Leaving aside the meter readings, does your WOT Trainer sound quieter to your ears, or the same, as glow models which have recorded the same dB reading?

Thread: Replacement LiPo for T8FG
07/06/2019 12:21:22

I'm sure the transmitter will operate on much lower voltage than 6.6v: It's alarm is configurable for NiMh, LiPo, and LiFe, and the alarm voltage is determined by what's bad for the pack that's in use.

Thread: The Difference a Prop (Pitch) Makes?
06/06/2019 20:08:39
Posted by paul coleman 1 on 05/06/2019 17:53:35:

Hello gents,speaking of props,is it correct that ic props can be used on electric motors,but electric props cannot be used on ic engines?

As already mentioned, yes. But if swapping over, because you've run out of electric ones, you should remember that the glow one will be heavier and, being right at the front of the model (usually!), it can affect your c of g.

Thread: Now that Solartex has gone...
03/06/2019 10:57:35

"Now that Solartex has gone...": It seems to be back, I've just ordered a couple of rolls of Solartrim from them.

Thread: Ink Jet Printing
02/06/2019 20:59:26

I've used both inkjet waterslide paper and inkjet sticky vinyl for decals. For either of them I give them a spray of varnish once the ink's dry, and before cutting them out (so that sweaty fingers can't smudge them). Never mind how clear the backing is, it will still show on the finished article, so its best to cut round the image as neatly as possible, rather than just a rectangle.

Thread: The Difference a Prop (Pitch) Makes?
02/06/2019 20:51:13

What others have said about the effect of pitch is correct, but aren't we forgetting the fact that there's about 36% less power potentially available with the 12x6 prop, based on the measured amps?

If 45A is within the capabilities of your ESC and motor, you could achieve maximum power by going for a larger diameter prop with 7" pitch -- maybe 13x7, but check it with a wattmeter -- if it'll fit without touching the ground.

Thread: Plans
27/05/2019 20:32:09

I would try ironing them with an old handkerchief or other piece of clean white cloth between them and the iron.

Thread: Futaba servos.
23/05/2019 13:29:21

My models don't need a throttle servo, so if I want to use an old or suspect one I put it on the rudder cheeky

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