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Thread: Managing OpenTX for two transmitters
08/06/2020 14:01:47

Just realised I've got another potential issue: My original Taranis is called 'X9D' on its rear label, but on the front it says 'TARANIS plus'. My new one says 'X9D PLUS' on the rear label, and 'TARANIS access' on the front. So what do I enter as the 'Radio type' in OpenTX Companion's 'Settings' screen? Seems to me that 'Taranis X9D+' is the only option for both of them.

And now I think I've messed things up:  If I try to read from the radio I get a message that it can't find a .bin file;  If I load a file into OpenTx Companion from my PC, and then try to write it to my radio using the 'Check firmware compatibility' option, I get an error message 'The radio firmware belongs to another product family, check file and preferences!'  If I write to the radio without checking the firmware, it seems to go okay, with no error messages.

Edited By Allan Bennett on 08/06/2020 14:10:20

07/06/2020 19:46:11

Thanks Bob. You're right about checking everything -- today I took my newly-updated flybarred TRex 500 to the field to test and, when I tried to take off I found that I had no collective control. All three head servos moved correctly in response to 'aileron' and 'elevator' inputs, but didn't move at all in response to collective, even though the motor did. Tail control worked correctly, as did the gyro gain switch. So a bit of re-programming will be the order of the day for tomorrow!

Thread: Updated my Taranis to 2.1.0
07/06/2020 11:42:06

No, I hadn't seen that, though I've been following another long thread there about the v.2.1 updates. Thanks Kevin. It probably explains what I was experiencing. I'm not going to try again until it's officially released if I have to go through all that palaver. My original Taranis is still on v.1 firmware, and I've never experienced a problem with my S8R receivers, so they'll stay on v.1.x for the moment.

Thread: Managing OpenTX for two transmitters
06/06/2020 20:40:06

Thanks guys. Concentrating on the 'Settings' menu I had overlooked the 'Radio Profiles' one embarrassed

Presumably then a model file created for one transmitter can be loaded and used on another transmitter simply by selecting the appropriate radio profile before writing it to the transmitter?

06/06/2020 16:12:03

The other week I bought a Taranis X9D+ transmitter, intending to use it with v.2 firmware. I already have a Taranis X9D on v.1 firmware. What's the best way to manage the OTX files for these two transmitters? A problem, as I see it, is that when I boot up OpenTX Companion it is configured for a particular transmitter type in the Settings menu, and that info doesn't seem to be stored in the model files. So when I want to work with, say, my X9D+ files I have to check that the OpenTX Companion settings are right for X9D+.

Is the answer to have two versions of OpenTX Companion loaded on my laptop (if that's physically possible), or is there another way to avoid having to check and alter the Settings every time is use it?

Thread: Updated my Taranis to 2.1.0
06/06/2020 15:57:53

Because of last week's success with my RXSR flights, and having flashed several XnR receivers to v.2.1.0, I decided to have a go with the beta version for one of my S8R receivers, since I'd read elsewhere of a few people using it without any problem other than telemetry. The update process itself went fine, and I bound the receiver to my v.2 transmitter, but then I found that all controls were reversed, as were all the switches that I tried.

Rather than faff around reprogramming that model in my transmitter, and reprogramming its stability functions, I decided to flash the receiver back to the current v.1.x firmware, and re-bind it to my v.1 transmitter. Thankfully ground checks show that all seems to be working as it was, including the direction of the stabilisation corrections. I'll wait for the official v.2 release before I try again.

31/05/2020 20:22:28

I flashed my Taranis X9D+ 2019 transmitter to firmware v.2.1 last week, and eventually managed to install ACCST v.2.1 to my RXSR-FC receiver. For the receiver I had to access the ~+- S.Port pads to connect for the download, for I couldn't get the serialpassthrough method to work with the USB port.

Anyway, just posting to say that after five 10-minute flights with it in my 250 racing quad I'm very happy with the result, and more confident about updating my more-precious/fragile models to v.2.1. With v.1.x in the RXSR I was getting at least a small glitch every flight (usually a single beep, and a momentary height loss of about 6" ), but today no noticeable glitches at all.

Edited By Allan Bennett on 31/05/2020 20:22:57

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
29/05/2020 20:37:09

I did the surgery on the RXSR-FC today and soldered three wires direct to the ~+- S.Port pads on the RXSR receiver module. Update then went smoothly with the FrSky STK device. No problems other than the tiny screws holding the receiver onto the FC board, and then the tiny solder pads for the connections. Big magnifying glass helped!

Thread: SPort connection to RXSR-FC board
29/05/2020 20:31:14

Problem solved

Actually I've circumvented the problem! I plucked up the courage to extract the RXSR receiver from it's little mounting box on the FC board and soldered three wires direct to its ~+- S.Port pads, then used my FrSky STK tool to do the firmware update with direct connection to the RXSR S.Port.

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
27/05/2020 20:26:40

Thanks Tim.

Yes, I've seen the S-Port pad on the RXSR-FC board but, not being an electronics expert, I'm not sure if I can connect the 3-wires from my FrSky STK device to that S-Port pad and the nearby 5V and GND pads without damaging something. I've asked the question in this forum (next thread down), on RCG, and direct to FrSky, but no response. After I've finished updating my 'conventional' receivers I'll extricate the RXSR-FC from the quad and maybe even disconnect the RXSR module from the FC board to find the direct S-Port connection.

I know that a v.2.1 is on its way for S8R and am prepared to wait. I don't want to mess about with beta versions.

27/05/2020 13:46:01

Thanks Tim. I've been reading the RCG thread too, and for the past couple of weeks I haven't understood most of the detail. As far as I can gather, most of the problems raised seem to be with telemetry, which I don't use other than on a couple of helis. My most benign models are a 250 quad and a Multiplex Twinstar, but the quad has an RXSR-FC receiver/controller which I haven't figured how to access the S-Port of, and my Twinstar uses an S8R, which hasn't got a v2.1 update from FrSky yet sad

27/05/2020 10:59:23
Posted by Tim Ballinger on 27/05/2020 09:00:42:


All I can say is that if I had an Access Radio I would want to proceed through my own logical test sequence before flying.

Does your caution relate only to the RX8R receiver, that seems to be getting much adverse comment, or to all receivers? I've just got a new ACCESS transmitter which I've updated to v2.1 firmware and I'm transferring some of my ACCST receivers (mainly X8R, X4R) to. Apart from doing normal range-check and function checks, should I be concerned?

Thread: SPort connection to RXSR-FC board
23/05/2020 15:56:16 has clarified my question about the "Forwarding, power cycle to exit" message, but I've tried serialpassthrough again today, trying three spare UARTs in turn, and the FrSky update tool is unable to find my device whichever one I use, even though it's automatically selected the correct COM port. My receiver does not power on when I connect to USB (which Github says is correct), so I then connect external power to it when connecting to the update tool.

So any ideas please, about serialpassthrough or the SPort connection on the top side of the board?

Edited By Allan Bennett on 23/05/2020 15:56:42

22/05/2020 14:47:49

This is not working for me sad

I've got the FrSky update tool working, but it's unable to find the device.

I've followed the instructions in Bob's link, but my first problem is I'm confused by the the message in Betaflight's CLI screen which says "Forwarding, power cycle to exit" after it reports that Port 2 is opened. Power cycle what, and how? The only way to power cycle the receiver is to disconnect it from the USB port, since that's where it's getting power from at the moment. I thought that inputting "Exit" at the CLI line would save the changes.

Anyway, after I've done that, then reconnected the receiver to the USB. I start the FrSky update tool as Administrator, select the firmware update file that I've previously saved, and the update tool correctly recognises the COM port but gets stuck on "finding device".

At the moment soldering three wires to the board to give it an SPort socket seems to be the simplest way to do the update, so is anyone able to confirm, or otherwise, that the method I describe in my opening post is correct please?

21/05/2020 17:04:36

Thanks for that quick reply Bob. Google is indeed helpful, if you know the right search terms! Anyway I've read your link, configured my quad's UART2 to SPort, and installed FrSky's Update Sport program onto my laptop, but it won't run due to .dll files not found, and other errors. I'll have another go tomorrow. Thanks.

21/05/2020 16:17:55

Having successfully (I think) upgraded my Taranis 9D+ 2019 transmitter to v2.1.0 firmware, I now need to do my receivers, and want to start with an FXSR-FC board in my 250 quad.

The RXSR receiver is factory-mounted onto the back of an Omnibus F4 flight controller board, and its SBus outputs are inaccessible to me. But the FC board itself has an SBus pad, so I presume that all I need to do is connect a standard servo socket signal wire to the SBus pad, and the + and - wires to the 5V DC and GND pads on the board, to give myself an easily accessible SPort connection.

I'd rather not just suck-it-and-see, in case I damage something, so can anyone confirm that my thinking is right please? I'll be using my laptop and a FrSky STK SPort tool, rather than the transmitter, to do the update.

Thread: Horus and Taranis X9D Express differences?
20/05/2020 17:11:21

One more question:

As I said earlier, I'm familiar with LiPo and A123 packs and their storage requirements. What about these "Li-Ion" transmitter packs? Can they be stored safely in the transmitter at full charge, like A123s?

20/05/2020 08:30:05
Posted by Peter Christy on 19/05/2020 22:18:17:

Li-Ion (Lithium Ion), LiPo (Lithium Polymer) and LiFe (Lithium Iron - confusingly!) are all different battery chemistries, and must be charged using the correct settings on an external charger. Getting this wrong can be dangerous, so be careful!

Just use the supplied internal charger, and don't worry!



I'm used to LiPo and LiFePO4 (A123), but this is my first "Li-Ion". Since "Li-Ion" is a generic term (the ion part of it could be any chemical), my LiPos and A123s could both be described as "Li-Ion", so it would be nice if manufacturers could be a bit more specific.

Anyway, as you've suggested, and Ron Gray has almost confirmed, the transmitter's internal charging circuit has a balancing function, so I needn't be concerned about external charging. I'll do cell voltage checks from time to time just to keep my mind at ease.

And I'll also put a piece of foam in. Thanks for the responses guys.

19/05/2020 21:24:55

My Taranis X9D Plus SE 2019 arrived today, and I've got a couple of questions about the battery:

1. It's described as a 2S Li-Ion, and it can be charged in the transmitter from a USB supply. But does it get balanced when it's charged in the transmitter, or do I have to take it out and put it on my regular LiPo balance charger from time to time to keep it balanced? If so, is it charged as a LiPo, i.e. about 1C charge rate and 4.2v per cell cutoff?

2. The battery really rattles around in the housing that's designed for an 8-cell NiMh pack. Will it be harmed (overheating?) if I put some foam padding in to hold it in place?

17/05/2020 20:13:59

Thanks Ron. I too find voice alerts a boon, since there's no way I can take my eye off a heli or multirotor in order to look at the screen. With fixed-wing I sometimes can look at the scrren to check the time, if I forget what the last thing was that the lady told me!

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