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Thread: Wind screens
05/02/2020 08:00:13

I made frames for a couple of my windscreens by cutting a lengthways slot in a piece of small aliminium tubing. After bending it carefully to the profile of the deck to which it was to be mounted I then glued the perspex (probably from a Sainsbury's orange juice bottle) into the slot in the frame. I then filed the underside of the frame slightly flat, to get a better surface for bonding to the fuselage deck.

The frame holds the perspex's shape better than just gluing it direct to the fuselage, and provides a greater bonding area for the glue.

Thread: Peel Ply Issues
31/01/2020 04:43:43

An interesting thread. Up until now I'd only known peel ply to be used to prepare a surface for bonding another layer of resin to after the first layer had cured. In fact I thought it delayed the curing of the resin surface so that the next layer would bond. So how does that help in finishing a surface? Excess resin has never been a problem for me; I just stipple it on with a brush until it looks completely soaked but not flooded, doing one layer at a time.

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
28/01/2020 07:44:39

That message from BMFA also mentioned a delay in production of the optional credit card type membership cards.

Thread: A long time since i did this.....
22/01/2020 21:40:42
Posted by Allan Bennett on 18/01/2020 21:26:37:

I can't imagine anything keeping its shape with only "a few layers" of 25gr tissue. I've just checked my Flair Magnatilla cowl, and it weighs 68 grammes painted. With electric models one often needs more weight up front anyway.

I mis-spoke. It's 38 grammes, not 68. Okay, it's much heavier than the one McG showed, but lighter than the Magnatilla's original aluminium one, so needs some lead in it to keep the c of g right!

Thread: Capacity checker accuracy?
22/01/2020 20:19:47

As you mention, some batteries have quite a flat discharge curve (as measured by voltage), so it's difficult for any meter to give an accurate measure of capacity other than by discharging to, say 3.5v and then measuring what's put back when charging it. The only checker I use in the field is one that gives me per-cell voltage readings.

To decide what my flight duration should be I keep a record of how much is put back into the battery when charged, and then maybe adjust the duration of my next flight based on that info.

Thread: A long time since i did this.....
18/01/2020 21:26:37
Posted by McG 6969 on 17/01/2020 21:22:31:

@ Allan,

. . . . As for using 50 up to 200gr tissue, I imagine you're building parts for full size aircraft, not even Ultralights...

Allow me to wonder how much one of your cowls would weight?

For our - say up to 1:6 scale toys - all we do need is a few layers of 25gr/m² tissue... maybe one layer of 50gr at the end, if you're getting a bit paranoid...



I can't imagine anything keeping its shape with only "a few layers" of 25gr tissue. I've just checked my Flair Magnatilla cowl, and it weighs 68 grammes painted. With electric models one often needs more weight up front anyway.

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
18/01/2020 21:16:46
Posted by Andy48 on 18/01/2020 12:43:35:
. . . I think you are being very optimistic to believe manufacturers could possibly test every conceivable situation in the real world. I've had no end of updates with all sorts of equipment. Cars for example, nearly every car I've had in the last 10 years has had a software update. My year old Ford Transit motorhome went in for an update last month. Think how many Transits they sell a year. . . .

Oh dear, I am living in the past! My car is almost as old as my transmitter (well, 15 years), and has never had a recall or an update, or a breakdown. It's going to be a shock when I have to buy a new one surprise

Thread: Futaba Jack Plug
18/01/2020 21:08:45

It might be worth getting in touch with Ripmax. They have a few own-brand chargers suitable for Futaba radios. It seems that Futaba use different plug/socket diameters depending on whether your transmitter uses NiMh or lithium battery. Also, the charger itself needs to be a different type for the two different battery types.

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
18/01/2020 11:57:52
Posted by MattyB on 17/01/2020 13:28:08:

I can see your point Allan, but that's not really comparing apples with apples. Your 30 year old Futaba was almost certainly not a digital 2.4GHz TX, but an analog 35MHz predecessor.

True, I'm really just moaning that in the past we never needed to upgrade anything -- it just worked first time out of the box, and kept on working. Maybe I exaggerated the age of my Futaba slightly (can't remember when I bought it), it has both 35MHz synthesised and 2.4GHz modules, and still works with my remaining couple of 35MHz and FASST receivers.

A lot of the 'upgrades' are for regulatory reasons (e.g. EU LBT), but I wonder how many are because manufacturers have released equipment that hasn't been adequately tested in a real-world environment.

Thread: A long time since i did this.....
17/01/2020 20:47:16

I think the only thing I don't do as you've described Tim is I don't use a gel coat. I don't see the need for it, as the quality of the finish is determined by the final painting. I use West System 105 resin with slow hardener, and use 50g cloth for my first (outer) layer followed by one or more layers of 200g cloth. I lay them all in one session, and haven't been aware of any problem with gravity-induced bulges. I stipple the resin into the cloth with a 1/2" brush layer by layer, and have never had the need to squeegee the excess off with a credit card, as I often read about in forums.

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
17/01/2020 08:44:50
Posted by Andy48 on 16/01/2020 22:22:36:
Posted by Allan Bennett on 16/01/2020 20:40:24:

Thanks for the heads-up.

I never updated my old Futaba firmware for over 30 years.

Blimey, I'm surprised the valves are still working.

laugh Keeps my hands warm in winter laugh

16/01/2020 20:40:24

Thanks for the heads-up.

I never updated my old Futaba firmware for over 30 years. This is the kind of thing that's making me sometimes wish I hadn't moved over to Taranis. I don't see why I need the upgrade -- everything's working fine for me -- so I'm going to leave things as they are. The lack of how-to information with the announcement is unhelpful.

Edited By Allan Bennett on 16/01/2020 20:41:14

Thread: When to Maiden your first new build?
11/01/2020 21:28:43

I always wait until it's completely finished. Otherwise, if I fly it 'naked' and it flies well, I might lose interest in doing any more decoration/detailing. If I've built in accordance with some reputable plans, and have got the c of g right, I'm unlikely to need any significant physical alteration to make it fly well.

I agree with Paul Marsh's warning too.

Thread: Electric Flair SE5a
11/01/2020 21:22:16

I use a stand-alone BEC in mine, but only because I'm using a Jeti Opto ESC -- a hangover from brushed motor days when ESC interference was a problem. I use a 5S A123 pack (same weight as a 4S 3200mAh LiPo) beneath the motor, and needed lead in the radiator until I added two transducers for a sound system laugh

Thread: Epoxy
01/01/2020 12:36:47

I've experienced a 'rubbery' result from time to time, and put it down to incorrect proportions when mixing from two separate tubes. Of late I've been using the type that's in two connected tubes with a single plunger, and seem to be getting more-consistent results.

In winter one problem, in my unheated workshop, is it's sometimes too stiff to come out of the tube, which can contribute to incorrect quantities being used. A quick blast on the tubes with a hot-air gun has the contents flowing nicely in no time.

Thread: Silhouette vinyl cutter files sharing
31/12/2019 20:40:36

Thanks for that Steven. I'd never heard of reverse weeding, or even the term "weeding" in this context, I've checked it out on Google, and will try it next time.

Thread: Your experience of Banggood delivery time?
23/12/2019 20:19:03

My Pixhawk FC arrived today and, as some people have mentioned, the packaging was flimsy; just an anti-static bag within a grey thin plastic postage bag. But it seems to have made it in working order without any visible damage. I note that its value was well under-declared -- either that or I was well over-charged for it laugh

22/12/2019 20:14:04

Well, looks like patience is all that's needed. The Post Office web site now shows my order is in UK and on its way to my local delivery office, even though Banggood's web site still says it's leaving China. So maybe in time for Christmas smiley

18/12/2019 15:40:57

My shipping method is "Air parcel register" and, as I said, the Post Office web site recognises the tracking code, and says it's en route, so delay is probably not Banggood's fault. Maybe one clue is in GrumpyGnome's post above, that just because it's coming by air doesn't mean it's coming direct. Probably delays occur at hubs such as the Middle East and/or Europe mainland.

So, I'll just have to be patient.

18/12/2019 13:42:43

In the middle of November I ordered a flight controller from Banggood. Since 19th November it has been showing on their web site as "Shipped" and since 3rd December it has been showing as "China item Leaving overseas". I know their web site suggests we must allow up to 60 days for delivery, but two weeks from (presumably) putting it on an air freighter seems a bit too long.

A check of the GPO tracking system shows only that it's leaving China and they'll have more info when it arrives in UK. So what's your experience time-wise after your order has got to those stages?

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