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Thread: Has Your Club Made Any Decisions Regarding The Coronavirus?
13/03/2020 08:44:12

We have a monthly club meeting, and are in the process of cancelling it for this month, then see how things are. Given that the majority of our members are of an age , that are susceptible to getting it and would be very ill or worse. The committee have taken the decision.

Thread: How to set up ailerons on separate channels (T10J)
07/03/2020 08:36:35

Having Ailerons as flaps is easy. page 106 flaperons. no y lead, channels 1 and 6.

07/03/2020 08:33:12

Sorry Hi Tim. not Time

07/03/2020 08:32:35

Hi Time. Look on page 97 in the manual. it`s called aileron differential. but you need a 8 channel receiver

Thread: SC 70 fs
24/02/2020 13:05:29

How are the valve inserts held it ? ICan they can be removed ? if they are letting gasses by. Then remove and re seat using thread lock ?

Thread: Water plane Floats
16/02/2020 16:32:38

Yes Wilco. i have been driving past lots of large puddles this last week. and kept saying to myself . i could fly from there.

Thread: Lost radio contact - Spectrum DXe + Spektrum AR410
16/02/2020 08:42:45

I know the horse has bolted but, always set fail safe to Zero throttle(yes i know it does not have one ) and off set the rudder, That way it can not get too far away if there is a problem. Or does Spektrum not have fail safe on all channels ?. Only ever used Futaba and they have it on all channels

Thread: Binding ikonnic red to aurora 9
29/01/2020 17:37:00

Have you read the instructions for the Iconic Red Transmitter, they are on the Airtek hobbies website.?

Thread: Futaba Conundrum
27/01/2020 21:25:03

Ripmax Charger for the T 6 , 8, 10 Transmitters it has two outputs both 4.8 to 6v £13.99 part No P-FBC32D/4

These chargers are available everywhere

Thread: Broken switch T10J
19/01/2020 19:41:28

Here you are Piers. Rear of the switch. The PCB on the rear holds 2 switches, but has a mini plug that you can remove, just pull. and 3 small pints to de solder and re solder. But make sure you get the same switch or the pins maybe in the wrong order ? if you do not feel confident then any auto electrical shop type of place will do it or a good mate that knows what they are doing. Soldering is not one of my stronger points so. a mate or shop it would be. Ripmax part No Y-T60366 looks like what you need.  £6.75 But RS components they are less than £2 Hope this a help to you.20200119_192003[1].jpg

Edited By CARPERFECT on 19/01/2020 19:45:28

Thread: Trial Flights - Promoting the Hobby
13/01/2020 20:53:58

We have registered, and have had no requests as yet. Due to the fact we have 10 members not renewed for a number of reasons. Two because of the new regs/£9. three because of age 85+ one lost his job,others lost interest and no time to fly. We need members, we are looking to advertise and approach the local Air Cadets etc. I Have explained to a number of members, i at 58 are of a dying breed, a child of the 60`s / 70`s no electronic toys. It was Football, Maccano, push bikes, Kites, Balsa rubber powered Aeroplanes. It will never return to that again. So we need to get the younger ones involved somehow. We have no 10 to 20`s only 3 in their 20`s none in the 30`s, one in the 40`s, 10 in the 50`s 12 in the 60`s 9 in the 70`s and 4 in their 80`s in my club. I have just got allowing drones for want of a better name, to be allowed on trial for the next 12 months, but mornings only, to see what interest there might be out there, We only allow 4 stroke and leccy. I lost the vote on 2 strokes by the casting vote of the outgoing chairman, He is 86. Now we no longer have ASP/ SC/ Magnum engines. the cost of a new OS Alpha 56 at £300 is too much. To get someone new at a young age into the hobby.

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
11/12/2019 19:39:41

Steve J. The Master pilot is always in charge and is the pilot. as he or she is holding the trainer switch, or what ever means there is for the trainer link.

11/12/2019 19:20:06

From the horses mouth. Andy Symons, came to our Meeting regarding the new Regulations, He told us that While training goes on i.e. Two transmitters, Two people, on buddy lead or wireless, then the person on the slave Tx is neither the operator nor the pilot, So then need nothing as far as the law is concerned. So if Someone asked you for a go, and there is only one tx. They need to have CAA or BMFA certificate. No operator i.d. as that will be on the plane/drone to start with.

17/11/2019 14:12:30

Is anyone on here on their committee of their club ? If yes and the club own any planes, have you decided who`s registration number you are to put on ? Or if the club will be applying for it`s own number, someone has to be the responsible person, Who is that going to be?

Thread: How many flyable aircraft do you have ?
06/11/2019 19:19:17

Wot 4

Wot 4 with floats

Wot 4 foam e

Wots Wot

Ulta stick

Black horse gladiator

Black hose renagade

Don Muddyman Flying machine

Piper Cub with floats

HK Skipper xl

Cessna 337 i.c

Hk phoenix 2000

Multiplex Easyglider

Pye waker (RCME Plan)

So 17 in total and all working

Thread: Acrowot XL safety issue
30/10/2019 17:56:33

The males were rolled the correct size on mine, but the female clivises were too big

Thread: SC 91fs will not stop.
30/10/2019 07:41:09

Lots of answers about leaks, but post just says when the throttle is fully closed, First thing to check is the barrel on the carb fully closing, Could just be the end point requires adjusting, when any throttle is closed the engine should still run, until the throttle cut is activated, other wise we would all have dead stick engines while flying. ?

Thread: Futaba 10J NiMh Battery Problems
30/10/2019 07:01:57

Battery dead, new one required, there is no Lipo available to fit the 10j, but Hobby King do a Life battery, had one in mine for 4 years now, with no problem. But you need to make sure your charger will charge Life Batteries, The Hobby King one is Turnigy Nano Teck 6.6 v Transmitter pack £12.24 SKU number 9210000039, or their 4.8v NiMH LSD. AT £5.45 SKU Number 9985000002-0. But your local model shop will stock this one

Thread: Acrowot XL safety issue
29/10/2019 11:00:05

Its not just the Xl models. I have just put an wot4 artf together and while i was putting in the pull pull system for the rudder, as i was taking the slack up on one clevis the other slipped, on inspection all four clivises were too large, i cut them up and binned them, replacing them them my stock

Thread: The Gov't, CAA, BMFA & UAV legislation thread
24/10/2019 20:19:00

So here`s a little conundrum for you all. Two BMFA members in my house. Me and my 24 year old son. WE. yes WE have 15 planes and we share them all. I have an A cert he has not. So come 1st Jan 2020 we will both pay the BMFA subs. I or him will register . Just the one £9 NOT TWO. He will have to pass his A cert or do the online (impossible to fail test). If either of us are ever questioned by the DRONE police.,We are covered. the models will have a reg number, and both will have passed the A test or the CAA test. DOES that all sound correct ?

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