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Thread: DX8 help.
31/08/2014 13:09:44

Have ordered a couple of the Turnigy lipos, very good price. Had a look at the settings in the DX8 and will change it to lipo once they arrive. Thanks again.


Edited By MikeS on 31/08/2014 13:10:15

31/08/2014 06:34:40

Thanks all for the help, low voltage alarm is set at 4,3v. Interestingly had a pm from a chap who had the exact same symptoms and reports replacing the battery fixed the issue. I think I will get a Lipo replacement and see if it does sort out the problem.


Edited By MikeS on 31/08/2014 06:35:11

30/08/2014 19:47:44

My trusty DX8 has devolved a strange problem. I have the original nimh battery which is around two years old installed. Fully charged it shows 5.6v on the screen. This quickly drops to 5v.

When the screen shows 4.9v the tx will vibrate rather than beep as it shuts down from being Switched off, at 4.8v the screen goes blank and the tx vibrates and goes unresponsive until you switch it off.

At the moment I am thinking maybe a bad cell in TX pack?.


Thread: Wings & Wheels 2014
25/08/2014 14:48:58

Getting in was ok, left home at 9am and was setup and ready by 11:15. However we left after the Vulcan along with everyone else and took over two and a half hours to get out of the car park. Wasn't too bad as watched the rest of show from car.

25/08/2014 12:00:37

Went to Wings & Wheels 2014 yesterday and had a great day. Tried out the new 70 - 300mm lens with the Nikon D3200. Tried some new settings which helped with the changing light conditions.

Well here are some of planes that flew.

Grob Tutor G115


grob tutor.jpg






WW2 collection, P51, Spitfire, C47 and B25













Edited By MikeS on 25/08/2014 12:06:27

Thread: Have a Rant
23/08/2014 21:10:50

Dave I noticed the date as well. Thought it was a by far ahead.

Thread: Seagull Grob Tutor G115
23/08/2014 21:08:30

Glad to hear its fixed Tim. Will start on mine soon but too busy flying.wink

Thread: Have a Rant
23/08/2014 20:53:47

I have fun with drivers in their Audi's, BMW's etc. They all sit up my back side while I do the speed limit but I hold them up until the road splits at the traffic lights. As normal they get in the clear lane next to me and give me the stare. When the lights change they fly off to prove a point.

However my normal looking Honda Accord vtec is a de-badged Type R and sits at 220 bhp, their faces are a picture in my rear view mirror until the next lights where they just stay in lane behind me.wink 2

Thread: Seagull Grob Tutor G115
17/08/2014 15:31:08

Had a good day with the Tutor

But the last flight with what seemed a greaser of a landing ended with the Tutor bouncing and taking the the front firewall off.

The tip of the front wheel spat went through the bottom of the fuselage.


A fair bit of work to repair.


Edited By MikeS on 17/08/2014 15:36:38

26/07/2014 08:45:10

With the grass now being kept short at the club I pulled the Grob out of storage to see how the nose wheel handles.

No issues with it as the ground is harder, dry and the grass is short. As long as you do not bounce on landing then it seems ok.

However a new issue today. I did two flights the first was fine with a good landing and I was very pleased with the Grob.

Second flight was an event. Four minutes in I had been trying a new move. You fly the Grob straight up vertical and as the airspeed drops away you give a full right rudder then left rudder to spin the Grob so it now points nose down just as the Grob stalls and starts it decent down.

It's looks great when done right, however as mine climed up and power was reduced the canopy departed from the Grob.

Not just the canopy it's self but the complete upper assembly. This is one of those times you find yourself questioning as to how well your flight pack is attached and did make the right decision on how to retain it in. Well yes I did.

I pushed the nose forward and reduced throttle to idle. Flaps down to full and did my best to reduce height expecting the now exposed airframe to be damaged from the rushing air. The engine cut causing some expletives from me so no choice but to land where I could.

Got it near to the runway but still a little high and not many options left before going over our boundary to the race course. Split decision to go for the tall grass and let it go in. Gutted.

No damage to wings etc but some glue joints split around the canopy area. The canopy also not damage from its fall but was missing it's screw mount lugs which where still of course in the airframe. Lack of glue again. The engine ran perfectly when restarted.

I have reglued both mounts, here is the before photo with mount back in place showing damaged to wood.



Photo of second mount with 30 minute expoxy.




Edited By MikeS on 26/07/2014 09:35:56

Thread: Farewell and thanks!
06/07/2014 06:44:02

Hope you enjoy your new venture but also hope come back to the forum. Never like to see someone leave. Mike

Thread: LiPo. RX Battery
02/07/2014 06:14:36

Agree with removing the Lipo. I also use as a rx batt along with a bec and treat then no different to my flight Lipo.


Thread: Seagull Grob Tutor G115
20/06/2014 00:29:36

Very well done Terry. Sounds just like how mine handles. Mark, I see you have joined the club with loosing a leg I also have the epoxy on standby. However my Tutor is grounded for the time being until I sort out the nose leg issue.


Edited By MikeS on 20/06/2014 00:30:16

Thread: Model flying photos you're proud of
16/06/2014 16:03:31

Not the best photos but I do like them.

I like the this photo. to me it sums up what our hobby is about.



Low over the threshold just before going in to a prop hang



Nice inverted pass




Off like a scalded cat




Tucking the wheels away




Edited By MikeS on 16/06/2014 16:18:33

Thread: Summer's here! Who's been flying?
13/06/2014 16:42:31
John. Yes the cub is very nice and alas not mine. It has a Saito 150 I believe and Colin who owns flies it very well.

13/06/2014 07:00:49

Went down the club with my trainer, P40 and daughter. I had asked Jessica If she could come down and take some photos of the action, she has just finished her A level photography at college. The day turned out hot and calm so great fly conditions . I had a dead stick with my trainer at around 16ft of the ground, one member shouted " you will never get that down " but it floated on, did a turn and landed no problems on the strip. Well here's some Jessica's work.

My P40 and BH Stuka


Colins 100" Piper Cub


Coins Piper Cub


My 40 size Trainer


My H9 P40B attempting a Farnborough Pass


More P40B



Sbach 342


Think this was a Sukhoi


Hectors Biplane





Edited By MikeS on 13/06/2014 07:01:36

Thread: Be careful out there
12/06/2014 07:44:02

Hope he makes a full recovery. Safety in our hobby is paramount and a good set rules set up by the committee which everyone follows should be setup. At my club I have seen rules broken by members all the time even by those of the committee. I fly with safety in mind and try to fly to a good standard. However accidents do happen. Fingers crossed for tomorrow.


Thread: Covering wings after glassing
08/06/2014 08:14:51

If you mean with the Monokote type covering then you could but why glass it first if you going to covering it. I would spray it.


Thread: who is at fault?????
08/06/2014 07:13:56

It happens. I brought a Bluenose P51 which from the reviews built into a nice model. Mine however the wings where slighty to big to fit to the fuselage and the wing bolt holes would not line up. Sent it back and swapped for my P40B.


Edited By MikeS on 08/06/2014 07:14:33

Thread: setting up a ASP 52 4 stroke
08/06/2014 05:23:01

The fuel breather pipe on the newer ASP four stokes connects from the engine crankcase nipple to the back of the carb intake where there is another nipple. In the few years I have been using them I have not suffered a blocked tube.


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