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Thread: P-47 Topflite Kit build
27/02/2012 19:30:51

I have been keeping a blog of the build. I started this build back in November last year (2011) I am at the same stage as Towlie's build but thought I would post it today.

Anyhow here it is:


After reading the printed manual over the last few weeks I feel this kit is more my level, well sort of. There are a few areas that I will need to learn such as skinning as one example but will teach me the skills needed for the P39.

So the kit also has the cockpit and engine radial kits along with unitracts retracts including a retractable tail unit.

Engine Choice:

It just has to a four stroke engine.

I am currently researching the Laser 80 or 100 but wonder if the laser 80 will be under powered, saying that the Laser 80 was a choice for Andy but he had plans to reduce the weight of the aircraft so maybe the 100 is better for me. I was also considering maybe a saito or os engine but have to look at these.

A few suggestions from Andy who I brough the kit from have put the Laser 80 to an auw of 11-11.5lbs so the Laser 100 would be a better bet but has a longer stoke of 26.9 over the laser 80's 22.2 and would turn a bigger prop at lower speeds and would also take care of any weight that may get added to the build :whistling:. The deciding factor will be down to fitting in the cowl without a need to have any engine parts hanging out in the breeze.

The plan suggests 3-1/4" to 3-1/2" wheels to fit easy but 3-3/4" to if built well. I will need to track down the main wheels and tail wheel in scale for a P47.

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Thread: Top Flite P-47 Thunderbolt Gold Kit build
24/02/2012 23:19:05


It would seem we are around the same stage in the build. Thanks for the photos they will help for sure. My tail retract unit is all alloy.

My Laser 100 arrived today and is a first for me with a four stroke. I plan to run it in in my Hanger 9 Piper Pawnee 40 and get used to it before flying the P47.

At some point I will post up my blog on the build.

22/02/2012 18:29:01


I have found the build fun and at times a little frustrating. I have nearly finished the fuse which I would say is around 80% finished. I am intrested in how you have installed the rear tail wheel. I have the unitrack p47 retracks with retracting tail wheel that I brought with the kit from a club member.

I know how I am going to install the tail retract unit but am at a loss of how I can attach the retract servo and steering controls so they work without fouling each other. This is why I enjoy building etc.

Thread: In at the deep end (?)
22/02/2012 08:58:43
I did the same as you feb last year. I wanted to take my A-cert but only had a 36" model that was too light for the Test. I built a Whizzza from plans and a pile of balsa. It was a challenge at times but great fun. Now I have started a Topflight P47.

Thread: Top Flite P-47 Thunderbolt Gold Kit build
21/02/2012 19:08:06

Some very good progess on the P47. I have a Topflight P47 on the board that;s around the same stage as this one. Nice to see another one.

Thread: P68c help
26/06/2010 14:18:31
Well picked this p68C up yesterday with a 3D400. I'm looking for advice on this model if anybody knows anything about it.

I fly nitro helis and planes but am new to electric planes and this being a twin?
So how do I work out what size motor I need and which speed controller I should and should I use a speed controller for each motor.
I am thinking of using a AR500 in it and need to which lipo for the motors.
Cheers Mike

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Thread: Wot Trainer
16/05/2010 06:02:08
Yesterday was a good day.... Ran the engine in at the field but the ax kept loading up at idle until it was spotted that the the plug was an 8 but a 3 would be better and the hotter plug made the engine run about right . Then of it went for its second maiden the wind was up around 10mph but no problems had to go around three times on finals as she would not slow down enough but landed very well.... Not me flying though but I did take the controls for some figure eights and race tracks...
Very happy............
12/05/2010 07:00:14
Well I put a tank of fuel though the AX yesterday.... Ran it up to 3/4 throttle for a minute followed by adjusting the needle from 2 turns to 1.1/2 turns every 10 seconds as per the manual. I will go out a put a second tank through at full throttle again adjusting the needle every tens seconds until she runs out of fuel. Then if the weather is good on saturday with help from my fellow club mates will give its second maiden.
07/05/2010 18:03:58
Well I got some Formula Irvine contest 10% today as suggsted by my club mates for the OS 46 AX. So at some point over the next few days I am going to have a go at running it in as per the instructions. etc. Cant put it off any more
28/04/2010 10:12:08
Yep I think I will get some 10% as 20% is bit keen but is fine for my Redline 53 in my Raptor. I have used model technics before and I think that stuff has a good level of castor oil in it so lub would ok.  My local hobby shop stocks it over in addlestone.
I might tomorrow go out and try running in the ax with the 20% to get it ready for the weekend. Not sure of the best way to run it in as I not the best with model engines as I have only been flying my raptor since september last year?.
27/04/2010 19:01:04
I agree buddy best to play it safe and not risk decking it. The engine is a OS 46 AX the hand books says 5 - 15% I think, but heli engines need more lub as they run high speed  so the lub content should be ok in optifuel 20% but I will check first. What make of fuel would you suggest as I think 10% might better?
Also what throws are you using?
27/04/2010 14:32:36
Looking good there Phil.... I do like the nose wheel setup over the tail dragger. Nice build photos and info. Mine has not flown since its maiden crash. It is ready to go but needs the new engine running in. Should really go out and face the task but its my first os abc type engine and I only have some optifuel 20%?. Not sure which fuel to use.
10/04/2010 08:05:02
Sounds like the same problems I had, My tail fin threads were also damaged and the nut would not hold so best to remove the film a little and epoxy the tail and rear wing in place but check it is all square first.
Have you tried undoing the control rod nut a little in the body by the servo tray where the rods come through and allowing the rods to settle that helped me with my rods.
I found my CG was spot on but some people have found it to be a little forward and needed to use weight in the tail.
I found it best to set it as a tail dragger as the nose wheel is a little weak as well as pointing the nose down a little to much for me when on all three wheels allowing the prop the catch to dirt/grass
07/04/2010 08:38:55
Well i think even though my kit had just arrived in the shop that day which was only four weeks ago it must have been a 1st gen kit with the control rod tubes reversed.
I found many problems on my kit such as in my post above. My tank was a 200cc but I put a 270cc in but you could get a 300cc in there.
To be honest I should call ripmax and point out all the problems I had!!
05/04/2010 12:13:45
I have not flown mine yet as our trainer flew it for me and crashed it on a dead stick landing. Same thing with my Raptor SE titan that was also crashed on its maiden by our heli trainer.
Seems anything I build seems to crash on its maiden even though I have been told I build them very well.
03/04/2010 18:46:30
Check the location of the control rod tubes in the manual and the plane before installing as mine were incorrect and I did not notice until after I had installed the rods and could not work out why they seemed back to front. You may also need to undo the screw a little that holds the control rods in the fuselage by the servo tray to allow the rods to move free. I also found that the rods very very tight and the servos buzzed when trying to move which is not good.
The servo that controls the throttle is a little to close to the the control rod exit so use the thinner wire for the steering control as the larger rod is too stiff in the pipe
Next check the balsa on the side of the fuselage by the tail as mine was split and I have replaced it.
At my club our trainer took it up for the first time and he loved it but on landing he ripped off the undercarrage on a light landing and there was quiet a bit damage so I would suggest getting some nylon nuts and bolts and drilling throught the metal undercarrage leg between the current bolt holes and using these bolts instead.
You may also need to cut down the wing tube a little by about 1inch to fit and use some wax on it as mine was very tight to fit then might be a good idea to epoxy the wings together but that depends if you have the space to carry them joined.
Next check the rear wing is straight as the small bolts do not have enough power to hold it as to tighten them enough started to warp the tail fin so you might want ot epoxy this straight but this may cause more work if you crash it.
Thread: Trex 600 ESP with odd behaviour
24/10/2009 08:31:02

I had this when bulid my old 600 ESP, turned out to be the pinon screw had stripped and the pinon was moving around. Pulse came when the pinon mesh became to tight. but maybe on your heli the mesh is to tight and binding a little and needs re-setting.
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