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Thread: ASP 70 FS un-usual wear
30/04/2014 10:31:05

Thanks Bob.

I did wonder if the bearing could have enough movement to cause the damage. So far the bearing seems ok, once the replacement ones arrive I will compare them.

The engine did not seem noisy to me but then the last set of bearings to go where on a two stroke which to me is far easier to here than a four stroke.


30/04/2014 09:38:34
That's my question Bob. I have always felt uneasy about this, as you say I do not do this to my car engine, could this possibly have caused the damaged.


Edited By MikeS on 30/04/2014 09:39:04

30/04/2014 09:28:23

Removed the conrod and found no damage other than where contact with foreign object and the casing. Piston pin ok. So I need to remove the bearings to completely rule them out but its looks either manufacturer swarf or dirt ingres somehow.

Is it possible that a hot run could cause contact between conrod and case from a cold start. When starting my four strokes I run the at full throttle for 30 seconds to warm them up. I was advised to do this.


Thread: what do you listen to or watch while building?
30/04/2014 08:02:26

Watching Walking dead or Game of thrones on my tablet.smiley


Edited By MikeS on 30/04/2014 08:03:51

Thread: ASP 70 FS un-usual wear
29/04/2014 13:34:40

Cymaz. I have heard of that tip but never tried it. Yes the low end I adjusted, I am still puzzled at what seems to caused the damage.


29/04/2014 11:51:13

Cymaz its possible. The engine ran fine right up until it started loading up at idle and moving the low end screw had no effect. If not for this I would have not stripped it down and carried on flying. My point is the engine had bags of power and run well.

So far I need a new Piston, Piston ring, Liner, and two bearings as might as well change them. Already up to six notes. if I need much more I'm not far off a new engine.


29/04/2014 11:38:51

Steve I thought that but after removing the liner and piston found the piston ring in one piece. The piston is bad.



The bearings feel and look to be in good order. No missing bearings or cages. I am starting to wonder if dirt has made its was in. I also wonder if it is my engine after care that may have caused it.

After a session with my four strokes, all ASP, 70, 91 & 120 I remove the rocker cover and run oil down the tappet rods to get oil inside the engine as the breather pipe behind the cowl. However after stripping down the engine I see this that the rods have cam followers so the oil will take for ever to reach the engine. I have always put after run oil in all my engines since my two stoke days.

Liner removed


I am yet to check the pinon for cracks etc.


Edited By MikeS on 29/04/2014 11:39:22

Thread: Tonight; My First Crash.
29/04/2014 11:26:05

Sorry to hear of you crash Chris.

The amount of times I stalled my Pawnee with a good power setting inverted when I first was flying it. I still do it now but this time planned. Does sound very much like a stall and and yes stalled my trainer many times when first learning to fly in the early days.

Build the next model, go fly, have fun


Thread: ASP 70 FS un-usual wear
28/04/2014 21:37:08

The head looks ok on closer inspection and those valves need a clean.



However the inside of the liner looks bad. Those lines are on each side of the liner however compression is good. The engine bearings did not make any noises when running but i still need to get the liner out.



Edited By MikeS on 28/04/2014 21:37:41

28/04/2014 12:55:36

Started to strip down the engine but need to get the liner out but it is stuck. Will have to put in the oven for ten minutes. I have noticed on the inside of liner very fine lines from top to bottom you can feel with you nail.

I am thinking small particles have got past the ring as some minor impact marks in the head. Will get some photos up later.


Edited By MikeS on 28/04/2014 12:56:04

27/04/2014 13:01:34

OK Martin I will strip it down and and have a look.

Thanks Mike

26/04/2014 23:40:19

E.D, I thought that it looked like swarf in the photo but it is a small piece of cloth from cleaning out the inside of the case looking for any small metel peices.

The bearings look and feel ok and no noise when running the engine, I am still try to figure out what has caused the damaged. I could imagine a broken bearing cage causing it but can find anything inside to confirm that. The engine ran very well unitl it started to load up when at idle.

No amount of adjusting the low end has had any effect.


24/04/2014 18:55:37

After each flying session I put afterun oil through as I do all my engines. I was surprised to see the scraped metal markings and possible rust.


24/04/2014 17:16:58

Having a strange starting problem with my ASP 70 FS lead me to checking everything from the fuel tank to engine bolt tightness.

Having the back plate off to check the bearings I noticed metal wear marks which looks like the con rod has been hitting the inside of the case.

Heres a photo,





Edited By MikeS on 24/04/2014 17:20:30

Thread: What would you like, I'm paying?
16/04/2014 08:34:39

I had so many emails offering me money by cheque from my uncle in Nigeria. Not sure why but the cheques never arrive and it so disappointing. surprise

The amount of times I put in an order for a Audi R8 and then cancel you wouldn't believe.wink


Thread: Helping Hand or Not !
15/04/2014 09:49:06
Close call Doug, Could see a club whip round happening. Lesson learned I'd say.

Thread: What's the main radio brand you fly?
15/04/2014 09:38:16
Using my Dx8 as my main radio but have my Dx7 as back up. Plan to get a Dx9 at some point.

Thread: Wings n Wheels Model Spectacular (28th/29th June)
13/04/2014 17:35:08

I believe Steve has a model ready for the show. Shame he crashed but it happens to us all.


Thread: cleaning model
13/04/2014 17:31:44

I second wet wipes.


Thread: Another Hobbyking tale.
13/04/2014 17:24:31

I have personally given up on Hobbyking. This is a shame as they have some good prices and nice items but I have had to much hassle over a £14 order which hobbyking caused the problem.


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